Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Heart Problems. President Trump? No Big Problem - I'm 92 - Read On

Darin LaHood, pass this message on to the President. Thank you, Darin, and I support your efforts to make 'America Great Again'.

On December 27, 2004, I underwent a triple-bypass. In October, 2005, I traveled to Palm Desert, CA. to compete in a Senior Tennis Tournament. I was 79 years old. I won my first singles match in three sets ending about 4:00 P.M. At 9;00 A.M., the next morning, I was on the court to play my second round of singles. I lost my first set, led 5-3 in the second set and retired because I was to play doubles at 2;P.M. We lost 6-4, 6-4 largely because I 'ran out of gas, Three sets in 24 hours.  In 2005, I won the local Tri-County doubles and repeated that in 2010.

I played and won my last match in Florida at the age of 90. I did not stop playing because of fear of heartt failure but  because my heart arthymia of 30 some years, finally caught up to me. As did my inherited neurapathy. I' m going on 93; have congenital heart failure for 20 some years, I had prostate cancer, bladder camcer twice, (I haven't smoked in over 40 years) and plenty of stress.I still am active, no Depends and no cane.

I select my food carefully but still eat most anything but FAST FOODS. Lay off the Big Macs. If I live to be 100, you can invite me to the WH  I'd be honored.

In the meantime listen well to your Doctors.

Pere Marquette and Marriott Courtyard Construction (JS, 4/25/12)

The JSEB wrote,."Construction of a new hotel in not lacking in justification. Absent from Peoria's Downtown is the kind of upscale Convention hotel that East Peoria has, for example, in it's Embassy Suites, with business ostensibly being lost because of it. Arguably, such a hotel is needed to protect the cit's enormous investment in the Civic Center over the past three decades. This page is no fan of these taxpayer-provided inducements to the private sector, but the way business is done these days, no new hotel or major renovation of the flagging Pere will likely occur without some public involvement".

Ok, 6 years later the Pere is still 'flagging', the Civic Center is projecteed to lose half a million this year and the taxpayer in the near future is going to be a bunch of sad sack saddled with NEW taxes from every publiic taxing body.

Dreamers and Consults back in June 2002, the City paid a planner $65,000, the Stae of Illinois, paid $65,000, thee Civic Center board pledged $50,000 and the rest of the $250,000 cost.

16 years later we still have some od the same Dreamers and more of consultants and where are we?

Good question, .Answer; stuck and going sidewise and more downhill. The 2002 consultant compared us to Ft. Meyers, Fla. and the dreamers bit.

We are still trying to make 'a silk ourse out of a sows ears'. No offense intended to the soos.

Retiring, Thank Goodness, Jeff Flake Is am Arizona 'Major 'Nutcase'

His retirement helps clean the 'swamp' in D.C. Thanks, Jeff

Teddy Bear Society

Quotes from Anthony Daniels, a British Physician, 6/6/17 in WSJ. "Another source of comfort for terrrorists is that after every new atrocity, the police are able to arrest multiple accomplices. That suggests that the police knew the attackers' identites in ADVANCE but did nothing - in other words, that most of the time terrorists can act with impunity even if they are known. Here, then, is further evidencee of a society that will not defend itself seriously. THIS IS NOT JUST A BRITISH PROBLEM. The April murder of a policeman on the Champs Elyees in Paris was committeed by a man who had already tried to kill three policeman, who was known to have become fanaticized, and who was found with vicious weapons in his home.

The authorities waited patiently until he struck.

One day this country will say 'thank God for Donald Trump'. My statement.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top WH Medical Examiner Said Trump Did 'Exceedingly welll' on His Cognitive Tests - 30 out of 30

Last I knew that is 100%. We 'intolerables' knew that but he was scheuled to take these tests and did so with results disparging to his haters.

Corey Booker - Black Democrat Congressman Slams DHS Secretary

Hey Corey, blacks have come a long way in the last 60 years. U'all should slow down in ruining your and their futures.

DHS; 73% Of Terror Related Barbarians Since 9/11 Were Foreign Born.

Democrats and militant blacks and their ilk, won't believe this fact. "Open the borders to all who want to enter the United States of America", said Hillary and her ilk.

My Boo-boo

SH "Trump Said' countries were Somalia, on the East Coast of Africa, Haiti, in the Carribean area, and El Salvadore in Central America.

Sorry as I mis-identifyed their locations. I caught my own error.

83% of Democrats Believe Trump's Probably 'NOT' SH Comment Was Racist

According to an MSN poll - plus 10% Republicans. Figures somewhat close to the % of Republicans that didn't vote for Trump.

Facts are not understandable by a lot of people. Majority of books in libraries and book stores best sellers are fiction books.

Trump's popularity on the rise. So close the gov down Friday. Little effect on myself or any of my near families. They run private businesses and will still be mobile. Since about 44% of all adults work for the gov.,and vote mainly Democrat; they will be most affected.

They can write thank you notes to their Demo representatives.

Dick Durbin, A 'Swamp' Democrat Senator Should Acccomplish Something.

He learned how to hone his ability to lie with a straight face. Whether Trump actually called some North African countries like Somalia a shit-houses or shit-holes, our President was pretty much on the mark. Why are so many fleeing North Africa and trying to get and getting into Europe and the United States of America?

Ask travel agents how many black 'leaders' people, white people like Durbin are visiting these places while people in certain N. African Countries are actually dying from disease and starvation and drowning while trying to GET OUT?  Most of their politcal leadeers are rotten to the core.

Durbin, like all Trump haters, is a member or the Democrat party that had decimated D.C. for 16 out of the past 17 years. He will do or say anything to get in front of the left-wing Socialist leaning mainsstream media and spout his practised venom.

He loves, like all Democrats and militant blacks  'preaching to the choir'.

And try to embarrass Trump who Democrats are finding it  harder and harder to do. Because Trump knows he is on the right path to make  'America Great Again'.

Hate This Country? Get Out

Or try to understand, which they won't, that our President is first, trying to screen out the bad guys while welcoming all good guys who bring needed skills to this country, second, get more people off welfare that are ABLE TO WORK, third, stop the ILLEGAL entries to this country. Fourth, deport illegal criminals.

One thing this country doesn't need, and Trump know it, is more unskilled people here. We have enough unemployed that don't need to work because of the genoristy of our government and certain social groups and churches.

Jorge, who was notifyed by the Obama Administration in 2009 that he was going to be deported. If Obama had not ben such a Socialist, Jorge who have gone back to Mexico volunarily and applied for legal enry. Republicans should not be deeply concerned about the agitators.

These splinter groups haven't voted Republican since the Reconstruction era.

MLK - Would He Have Met With Trump? You Bet?

I suspect MLK would be spinning in as grave if he knew what today's set of Socialistic black leaders are doing to the people he loved. There is no Martin Luher King to lead this ethnic group upwards today. These leaders' are a sorry bunch including the whites who are also Socialists.

Most all who claim MLK would NOT have met with Trump are a really sorry bunch of losers.

So sad. Fortunately, there are many blacks who are making strident movement forward.

Message To Jorge

When first ordered to be deported because you entered this country illegally, you should have then, not 9 years later, returned to Mexico and applied for rentry. Obama would have given you fast passage to re-enter and apply for citizenship.

To his sobber and Trump haters, if he still has a job and family in the U.S.A., he will be back after he enters this country LEGALLY.

I suggest the whole family return to Mexico, where I'm sure the social workers and the government  will get you all a job and you can return to this land of 'milk and honey', as a family..

Monday, January 15, 2018

Put U.S.A. Culture First

A little diversity of opinion is nice. It gives us some perspective into our own values and why we have them.

I am fascinated by people from other cultures who complain that they want Americans to accept their cullture The question is: Why should Americans accept their cultures instead of them accepting ours?

Take Saudia Arabia as an example. Try to bring alcohol to Saudia Arabia. My neice was a Lufthansa stewardess; she told me Swiss citizens have to cover the the cross on their passports when they arrive. There is not one official church in Saudia Arabia.

Some of these cultures have religion-based laws, female genital mutilation, polygamy, marriage to underage children ,honor killings and other "cultural practices" abhorrent to American values.

When I was sworn as an American citizen, I was required to pledge allegiance to this country. These are not empty words. We stand during the Pledge, as we do to the national anthem, put our hand over our hearts or render a proper salute.

If you won't do that, why do you want to live here?

Written by Dr. Rida W. Boulos, Retired M.D. (6/17/17) as appeared in the Journal Star

Amen,and thanks Rida for speaking out and being my friend.

Democrats To Skip Trump's State of the Union Address

No problem. Most of those who will not attend have a sickness called 'hate' and instead of walls and immigration laws, they want OPEN BORDERS.

So sad.

ALCOHOL Is a Drug - Overdoseing On This Drug is Fatal in More Than Just a Person Killing Or Dying

This drug tears up families. I have first hand knowledge. I do not use anything worse than Lorazepam which helps tame anxiety and must be sold by a Doctor's prescription.

Addiction to any product must be called a disease. We need more intervention and education than eradication because it is PROVEN that eradication helps but seldom. And the cost of eradication in beyond reason.

Addiction can seldom be cured. Most any happening that the former addict feels is not right for them makes for any easy excuse to slide back into old habits. So many do not want to be cured. Mental health is most usually a major part of an addiction problem.

Again, so sad

DACA Deal? Demos Don't Want to Comprimiise? Why Not?

Easy. DACA recipents all vote Democrat.

Gallup Poll - Trump Has Highest Approval Rating Since July, 2017

He has earned high ratings and his ratings will continue to rise as some people come to their senses.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

PlasticSurgeon Clinics - Are Any Of Them Publicly Traded?

If so, I missed out on investing in them also. Sorry I sugested IMAX and Taser. You were ok if you got in and got out quick. I'm hoping there will be more Class Action suits against these poorly managed LLC companies who stretched the truth so much to managements financial advantage.  Just got in on one litigated settlement started 13 years ago but now finally setteled. I doubt whether there will be much left for me after the legal eagles take their shares..

Seldom wise to invest late in a Limited Liability firm. I invested in one in Peoria called the Peoria Baseball Chiefs who play at Dozer Baseball Park since about year 2000. I investeed in 1992 and had I known they were planning to move towards downton, I would never have invested.  (Don''t really think Cat wanted to put their name on the park after it went unamed for about 5 years).I only lost $48,000. Maybe in another 20 years Baseball will return big time to Peoria.

Waiting out of interest only, for them to announce attendance for 2017.  Figures didn't look too good in the box scores but not to worry fans, the City Council has the money to bail them out again.. The Club could be sold but probably not as long as Fites, Rocky, Chapman and ??are members of a 'ficticious' board.. (Ha,ha)

But what the hey, it was just money. Rocky has done financially, though. Pete was disappointed in attendance and finances but he got a statue of himself.

Senator Perdue, Thanks For Helping Set the Record Right

To paraphrase a Bill Clinton remark, "What is the defination of oral sex", what is the defination of shit-hole. I welcome all Trump attackers who are attacking or President over his vocabulary, should play back some existing tapes of former President Lyndon Johnson.

Didn't make much news back then and of course Johnson was a Democrat disliked by his own asassinated Democrat President.

Haiti's horrendous situation is, of course, now lost in the news.

Believe Democrat Dick Durbin, one of the establshment that needs to be removed;  he is part of the 'Swamp' jn D.C. big on telling "tall tails' and is a consumate lair.

Fake News An Enemy of the People - Always Has Been. Why Would It Change Under Trump?

Need ot be a 'rocket scientist' to figure that out. I've met and listened to Flake while I had a home in Arizona. At least in part of the Flake family, he is properly named.

Iranian Revolts Smashed??

Probably, if the military didn't join in the revolt with them, it's dead and so will be a lot more protestors. Many will never be see again ever and there will probably be some public hangings.

Why don't so many unhappy minorities in the U.S. A move to some of these happy countries and live happily everafter?

I've read a lot about the events leading up to the overthrow of the Shah. I recommended one book to my readers that detailed how it was almost impossible to express and opinion during the revolt as so many different factions with different motives might kill those on the wrong side.. That revolt and I suspect this revolt was had some inspring help through our Secret Service oganizations who have spies in every counry worth being on the map, Haiti included.  I hired an Iranian whose father was a General under the Shah. His fanily and the Shah made it out of the country and were welcomed here.

Sorry to offend some of my readers but differences in intrerpretation of  religous tomes and legends are perhaps the major reason for the choas in the Mid-East. That choas is heading in our direction rapidly.

Out President is CORRECT in being more selective. Of course, we need more legal emigrees from Europe. Again, one doesn't need to be a rocket scietist to figure why?

Mis-Leading Advertising That Mis-lead

I'll use filling stations that advertise a cost per gallon of gas at a low price in large size numerials and underneath in small print it says, 'cash only'. Big in Florida where there are so many seniors.

I'll use Krogers in the area (soon to be less of them and rumored expansions on hold) where grocery items are advertised in large print 2 for $5.00. Underneath somewhere it will print $2.50 each.

We suckers are born everyday.

"Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie Weeny, Little Bikini" Almost Stopped "Barely Thong"

SpellCheck not working. Sorry.

Almost, it stops with just an adhesive patch. Of course, one doesnt need to wear panties or anything under an outer garment. Or go topless or naked even in public. Legal in the U.S.A. Sure, in Clubs that check your age but charge no daytime admission. In other countries? Yes, I know from having enjoyed the beach of Ipanima in Brazil and a beach in Souther France. And a hotel roof  at Monte Carlo and a Jamacian Beach. And a whole bunch of other places I have never been.

So why this women's movement to gradually show more skin; from long, loose garments up to their neck, to the show as much of skin as legal. Women can wear clothes as tight as they can and that is legal. (I've often wondered how a woman with a big butt could possibly squeese her body in what would appear to be uncomfortable).

Sure, I'll be told 'not your problem, Bud so buzz off" I understand that but in a way it is to me and all men or boys and many kids of most gender. ( I need to say 'most' because it is no longer proper to say male and female)..

Makes many females to feel good about themselves, (remember the line from on old song, "you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else") compare their bodies with other women or attract other women or men. Or get an overall body tan.

Stop wearing loose fitting clothes and go to skin tight garments?  Re-read paragraph two.

I oppose rape in any form. Molestation or grabbing a breast or pubic area without a woman's permission or if she hasn't patted the male's butt first is a reportable offense. Right then , not years later when the offender has risen to NATIONAL PROMINENCE.   One pat on the butt I see as not a great problem. A man rubbing a woman's butt is a problem or as previously stated if the woman hasn't rubbed the male first. Being kissed on the mouth without a womens approval can only be done if her head is grabbed by both hands. BUT IF THE MALE IS STOPPED RIGHT THEN, I BELIEVE COMPLAINTS OF THIS TYPE WILL BE TOSSED BEFORE A JUDGE.

These things happen in public? SLAP his face, tell him off, or leave the area. Years ago, I was sitting and talking to two of my friends, one A nice looking crippled woman when a smart-assed bigshot out of Chicago asked the crippled woman to dance. She said no several times but he persited.. When he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her up I got up and knocked him under the table. Getting up, he threatened to sue, we went to a restuarant to cool down. He never sued.

If raped and alive, why not report it on your CP IMMEDIATLY?  Why wait to see if you are pregnant, got a disease or where shunned later? Or embarrassed or you really weren't raped, maybe drunk and 'messing' around and got carried away or you really did 'want to go all the way' with this hunk. Or maybe now you checked him, saw him in daylight,  talked to other women who knew him, found out he wasn't the guy you thought he was at the time and  realize you made a BIG a mistake.

Easy to call 'rape' today. Most of the tIme it is real But often to try to get revenge, try to bring the guy off his high horse, maybe you are a Democrat and he is a Repiublican or maybe vice-versa, clear your own conscience, get back in the public eye, or realizing that beauty you had at the time of the 'happening', doesn't last forever. (Why didn't I buy ULTA stock. I saw the wave coming and missed a great 'boomer' fading beauty opportunoity) And the present day efforts by so many to try to arouse eroticism.

I had an aquantaince sent to prison on a charge of rape. On appeal, the new Judge said his convicttion and imprisonment was the worst miscarriage of justice he had ever seen. My aquantance was released but only after being imprisoned for five years.

Some common sense whould prevvail today. Anyone can make a claim of sexual harrassment or any type of unlawful act to the media as they will pass it to the public causing great embarrassment to the sometimes hapless victim. The claim should  be made to legal authorities and not made public until court action.

I certainly have ALWAYS known that rape is usually real. Viscous rape proven should mean a long prison term. Rape caiusing death; I beilieve, an eye for an eye.

Any PROVEN rape is an act punishable by imprisonment. Any charge of sexual harrassment must be take before a judge who must use common sense in adminsteerating the law. As a Supreme Court Justice one said when asked to define porn, his answer was "I'll know it when I see it".

Back to the heading of this blog and the first pararahs. Arousing erotic feelings often lead to dangers for both female and males depending on he situation especially at small parties wher liquor and cocaine, or worse. Passing out while messing around leading to sexual acts and calling it rape weeks, months or years, go back to the preious paragrahs.

OK, I'm wrong on all this. Seldom had a discussion with a woman where what I said was right. OK again, I love most of you but many could look deeply at their feelings toward men. You may be pushing guys and even your own kids, like the actress who is taking her 3 year old son to sexual harassment meetings to mate up with another man rather than mate up as nature and continuation of the species, demands..

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Reporter Asks Trump If He Could Quote Any Bile Verses

Trump replied yes, " Give a man a fish and he will eat it. Deport a man and we do not have to feed him.
Trump: 20.10

Paul Sassone Says Congress Should Try Trickle-up Economics

Sassone says trickle-up economics would be worth a try. But not from this Congress.

May I remind this Democrat Column writer that his party, the Democrats have been in charge of Congress for 16 out of the last 17 years. His paid column was in the Peoria County Chronicle which I sometimes add -Chronicle Democrat.  Note that Democrats have been in control of the  cash strapped Peoria County Board for going on 18 consecutive years.

Sassone has always been known as a creator of FAKE NEWS trying to put the blame on Republicans for any failure.

So sad.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Whoops, One More Factual Blog

White House physcian says President Trump's health is "exellent". Can we now test Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Durbin, the Obamas, Clintons and good old Chuck? Along with Flake, the flake from AZ

Some are questiong their acuity. Acuity is now one of my favorite words. Hope I'm spelling it correctly as just recently added it to my limited vocabulary.

It's Tough Making a Living As a Factual Blogger

And the pay is not very good but the heat generated from some of my haters help keep me warm at night. Haters who read about former President Bill Clinton who had fellato, mis-spelled, I just should have written 'blow job', performed by a young woman who was underneath his desk while he talked with Hillary on one of his secure lines.

Yet their ilk love to throw money to his and her  Foundation. Of course, no favoritism or favors asked but gladly accepted anyway.

Just think which direction our economy would be heading if Bill's wife Hillary had been elected President. Perish the thought. Hope it's still ok to say or write 'perish'. New thought control Dictionarys should be due out soon.

Please, Merle, perish the thought, too.. Besides, your nurse is reminding you it is getting near your bedtime and she had already laid out clean Depends, your jammies and your favorite teddy.

Nite, nite.

A Conversation I Had With President Donald Trump

I'm going to by-pass all the small talk like 'hows your family, your golf game and your relationship with Dianne Feinstein and the Washington Post and get right to the most crucial points. So I lean forward where I can get closer to his face and read his body language and then I ask him the most critical question reporters who cover Washington political news, ask, "Mr. President, Are you a racist"?

I must have offended him because he promptly got up and left the room. I  knew then I had now joined the Democrat press and should have asked him to review his many accomplishments; accomplished while fighting an obnoxious former President, an obnoxious bunch of sore losers, an obnoxious groups of black racists and members of the establisment, donkeys, elephants, embedded bureacrats and a biased FBI. His Press Secretary advised me to leave and thanked me for being so forefront on the BIG issue of the day. Security then courtesly escorted me to the bus station.

Hardly worth the trip from Peoria but what the hey.

Fake news of course, but I have at least the 'guts' to tell my readers like it is.

Trump's Mental Acuity?

Far better than most all of his haters. Enjoy your weekend in Florida, Mr. President. You earn every form of relaxation available. Have some good drives, chips and putts and have a steak and some good ice tea. ( If I recall, you don't drink alcohol) McDonalds burgers? OK now and then but not the best for your health.

Distinction Between LEGAL Immigrants and ILLEGAL Immigrants Blurred By Trump Haters

Take a hard four Democrat socialist like Nick Kristol (who in the h--- is he?). Locally, JS reporter Pam Adams is good at that as is Sherry Cannon. And sometimes the JS Editorial Board.

Those who can' distinguish between legal and illegal, please don't read me. To not be able to distinguish between the two means you are 'dumber than an Ox'.

No slight to any Ox intended.

Those of us who know you know the difference but we don't ;like going along with your FAKE rhetoric to mis-lead the innocent who don't read far beyond the headlines.

As Paul Harvey always said, God bless him, "Now for the rest of the story".. We miss you, Harvey.

House Democrats Who Want To Censure Trump Appear To Be All Black

But then again, I'm color blind and easy to surprise.

Seal That 'Walks Back' Comments About Oprah

I'm color blind  but sometimes maybe I just can't distinguish colors.

Wise Ass Reporter Asks Trump a Stupid Question. The Question- Are You a Racist?

Trumps answer?  He walks away from such stupidity which is exactly what he should have done but he makes news for failing to say no..

Trump a racist? In no way. he just can't tolerate fools and terrorists. Donald, that's what one gets when they enter politics. For many of us with commoon sense, we "iintolerables" are becoming stronger supporters of you despite your faults which all leaders have. Your fellow Republicans have to show indigence because of the next elections, you know.

Maybe you should buy this 'reporter' a free ticket to North Korea where he can spend a day with a Dictator who will maybe treat him or her to a beer and some small talk.

Been me, I'd have said "why don't you stick it up a place on your body where the sun doesn't shine".But you are our  President and you have to calmly take all this shit being dished out by those who were left short of common sense at birth.

Wish I were young again. I'd like to meet up with some of these idiots in bar except I don't drink. Maybe at Wendy's.

About Time To Talk About the Sex Life of Ex-President Bill Clinton and Former Black Idol, Martin Luther King

Lot of blogs today. One might think I'm a little pissed at quite a few b------s.

'Nough said. Read on. Don't like what facts I write? Sorry, I write for those who think somewhat like I do and for myself and possibly my daughters and their kids and their kid's kids.

And to get the crap going on off my mind. And, again know, who cares anyway, that I was never convicted of anything worse than a traffic ticket. Even though Ihave led a much broader life and a much longer life than most. Also that I am an avid reader than most, of both fact and fiction.

And I ccan ususally determine which is which.

Porn Star Photo - Any Prominent Person Would Have Their Picture Taken By Anyone They Didn't Know

Especially if she was a 'pretty woman' or good looking guy. Prominent Larry Kudlow and Bill Kristol had their picture taken with just ME without knowing who I was or caring less. Must have been my good looks. But Trump who the losers thought couldn't get elected,  got elected and the sharks, smelling blood and BIG MONEY rose out of the polluted waters.

And the reporters and a few fiction writers (think Wolffe) who couldn't hold a job in 'real' life, rose out of the floors, smelling money, blood and fame.

Anyone can slander, they don't call it that much anymore, and if one is prominent, common nature would say it's best for the person in the news, to give them the money they seek, rather than let a possible whore and proable slut, (read some biographies of some Hollywood women like 'a Conversation with Ava Gardner', to cost one an election or career.

The picture appears to have eeen taken while Trump was in golf attire. Did the sponsors of this possible tournament or outing know the background of the beauties stationed at evey hole? And did they tell all the players beefore or later at dinner that night. If it was an outing and a fund raising dinner.

Trump Uttered a 'Racist Remark'. Donald, Realize 'They' Are Out To Get You

And succeeding. Everybody is not a racist. Oh, I forgot. Mr. President, stop issuing any remark that involves racism. Only certain blacks and whites and their certain ilk can do this. The left-wing and sometimes no-wing true liberal, Socialistic mainstrream media ,etc., could care less about what 'certain leaders' say in public or in private.. They are out to get you. You are ceating their own circusees to make money from everything you say. They hang onto every word you say and intrepret it any way tsy wish. Someone should have got it through your head that print medias buy paper by the rail car load.

They have found you an easy target and they make a lot of money doing it. Even some of your supporers feel they must play along for fear of losing the next election.

Please try to keep your cool and keep trying to move this country forward. Let them wallow in their own sh--.

They are only speeding up the next violent large revolution that I have so often predicted. President Trump, keep on the good side of the military. I feel the protestors in corrupt and violent Iran can not win without support of security forces of all kinds. In this country, border control dis-illusioned officers are too small to be of much physical support.

Democrat Leaders, Their Ilk, Certain People of Color, With the Assist of 80% of the Mainstream Media, Are Accomplishing

THEY, not our President, are making our once great country, the laughing stock of most of the world. Putin is giggling, yes, he can gigle, liberal France is estatic, Kim is doing cart-wheels, Communist Castro is handing out cigars, (to the rich who keep him in power, of course) England's royalty, losing power as I type, are wringng their hands, the real power of terrorists worldwide, is on temporay hold, hoping an Obamalike, will soon rise to power in this country, China is wondering wetherer to lend us more money or not, Mexico has been largely silenced by he drug dealers who now control most of the country (including the tourist rich Cancun), India is confused as is Japan.

They watch as the Know-Nothings re-emerge and make it more serious that a woman be patted on her ass, why didn't they slap him or turn their cheek when he tried to kiss you?,  by a former 'friend' or a 'one night stand lover' who they,usually much later, felt he had shunned them, than to negotiating a more realistic approach to global warming, re-assessing the bad Obama Iranian deal, threats by countries hoping to obliterate Israil and do great damage to areas protected by the U.S.A., illegal immigration, never eneding drug problem. Why never-ending? Easy answer, why are stores, filling stations, liquor stores, the internet, etc., all selling liquor, once illegal but now embraced by an oveer-whelming majority. Liquor meant to be recreational, (ha,ha0 with a growing number of alcoholics.

Yes, it is now more important to so many losers and lairs, like Dick Durbin, of Illinois, who thinks it is more important to hold his position than REALLY attack the mental health plague he promised to me personally, to seriously work on 19 years ago. (I'm still waiting, liar)

All world events threatening so many of our ways of life, yet the medias are having a field day knowing that people want more sensationalism' then facts that are non-fiction.

Read on, I blogged a bunch today and I'm now tried and amazed at tthe stupidity engulfing our country.

Spell-check not working.

Haiti is Everything Trump May Have Said About Them.

As a tourist visiting this his poor earthquake prone and corrupt country, we were only allowed to visit one manufacturer. A rum processor. We were told it was far too dangerous to visit where the 'real people' lived and those still alive still live.

And that was about 38 years ago.The Haitians now holding public office in this country know that it is a horrible, stinking place to live. That's why they sought sanctuary here. To rise to power and money. And to never return unless well protected. Sure, there are ALWAYS some good people living everywhere but to repeat Margaret Mead time and time, agin, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed.people can change the world".

Ms. Mead meant a small group committed to GOOD but today we have small goups organizing into large groups who are trying to wreck the efforts of the best President we have had in many a year. While the 174 KNOWN terroist organizations now existing in our country, bidee their time. They believe in Allah and the 72 virgins promised them. (What promises do the the women get? Nothing pomised but maybe each will get a couple of enuchs).

If  CERTAIN  people of color can only complain or threaten, I, and those who think somewhat similair as I, ask them to return to their roots. The changes these 'people' are trying to make is to turrn thois country into a Socalist country. I'm sure living, politics and corruption conditions are much better in all the places where their 'roots' lie.

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'Turn the Other Cheek'? Not In Today's Culture of Violence

We have a President who has a realist view of the entire world. And turning thee other check is no longer an option.He sure doesn't live in an 'Ivory Tower'. Too many people live in 'Ivory Towers'. I first heard that term when I was Assistant Manager in Dallas-Fort Worth and New Mexico when my boss told me that our top managment lived in Ivory Towers in New York. Who sas that company? Sperry Rand.

Ever hear of them today? Well, you won't be hearing much about any Ivory Tower people in the not too distant future. Realism may somedaystrike these dreamers as it has in Peoria, Il., but it will be too late.

Just like it was for once the greatest leader in technology and today virtually extinct. Your comment on Nort Korea's leader probably could have been worded better but the people who live under him must have thought, like in Germany under Hitler, that he is a great leader.

They allowed a small group to grow and put him in power.

Trump Wise Not To Go To London

London is well underway to becoming a city controlled by the radical left. There are more terrorists undercover in London than there are in the entire country of Yemen. As a tourist, I wouldn't set foot in any part of London today. I was a tourist 35 years ago when you could walk he streets at night and visit a bar without any cornern about your safety. I could say the same thing about now dangerous Los Angeles today. 32  years ago I did walk the streets at night when I was in the City taking tennis lessons from one of the greatest players of all times. (He actually set my game back because I couldn't handle the form he tried to teach me. No, I wasn't unteachable.  I tried very hard to learn his methods of success. Later, I found out he lost any tennis teaching job he ever held). 

I sure wouldn't walk the streets alone or as a couple today in L.A.'s  and London's culture of violence. Yes, I know that there are a lot of good people in both cities but as Margaret Mead wrote, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change world".

Terrorists are VERY thoughtful barbarians.

'Racists' Cry 'Racism' - Mr. President, Let Them Cry, They Didn't Vote For You Anyway

For 14 months, they have been opposed to you every move. Try not to let them wear you down. Play some golf like Obama did, eat some Wendys burgers, (My wife owns Wendys stock)  read, watch some television and spend as much time with your wife an family as you can.

Let the 'bit----s, 'bit----' .

Worst losers since the Loyalists of revoluntary days and the Civil War.

President Trump Is Far From Perfect - Neither Where Obama, Clinton George W. Bush, Roosevelt and Kennedy

No one is so why expect any leader to be perfect. Blacks, those who are always complaining should read more non-fiction biographies starting with Martin Luther King; books not written by those who idolized him and could stand to admit his faults. Clinton, Obama and even FDR andJack Kennedy.

President of the U.S.A. Tells Kim Hung Up, That His Button Is Bigger

You know what the wimps, sheep and 'bleeding hearts' would have said. Oh, please, Kim, don't pull the trigger. In real life when that kind of statememt is heard, the 'trigger' gets pulled.

President Trump is a street fighter. He doesn't back down to threats when he knows he has the 'upper hand'. When he and his country our threatened and do not have the 'upper hand', he tries his best to reinforce our position, both at home and in the world.

Obama did and always will back down. It's being proven if one is reading the facts and not the crap dished out thru CNN and Rachel Maddow and their ilk, Maddow could have been a ranking officer, if born in Germany in the 30's or earky 40's.

Can't Stand This President's 'Street Talk"

Ok then, most will find out shat is like to live under a Dictatorship which may happen when the REAL revolution starts in this country. I've predicted it and if you follow my 3300 blogs and posts and read some of my 40 printed, "Letters to the Editor", I have been ususally correct in my predictions. I was wrong when I said that I didn't see how Bergners could support two stores in Peoria but I sure wasn't wrong on my predictions about the Peoria Park District running into finacial problems and I blogged early on and agreed with the JS on the mess the City is now in with the hotel situation and the County with thee looming big problems confronting theeir ownership of Heddington Oaks.

No Presideent Donald Trump has no desire to serve as a Stalin, Mao, or Castro.

Congress People Say Immigrants From Countries With Extreme Needs and Poverty Make Big Contributions Here

My question. Rather than critizing our President for saying WHAT IS REALLY THE TRUTH, why don't they go back to their roots with the wealth they made here and contribute the skills you learned here to country of their origin who have extreme needs, like Haiti, Cuba, Mexico and El Salvador, instead of blocking the mind boggling efforts being made to right a sinking ship by President Donald Trump.

Vulgarity?? It is evident way to many people in control of this country don't visit the libraries they fund with taxpayers dollars. All the books are open to all ages and describe any vulgar word or vulgar act can be found in any private or public library.

Like 50 different words to describe a penis in one book. The chapter is called "John's Penis".

Oh well,  let them rant and rave like sensationalists which most of them really are instead  of getting back to doing the things they were elected to do. Support our President, who is trying to call what we used to say, "If it looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, It Proberly is a Duck".

To our President, 'call 'em like you sees 'em .Few have had the courge to do so and that is why the world is in ths shape it is in. You knew the mess you inherited by about 18-20 years of poor leaership. To wake up this country to the mess it is in is why you threw your hat in the ring in the first place.

Mia Love, I Beg You To Go Back to Your Roots.

Haiti needs you badly. Most of us don't.

President Trump, the Street Fighter, I Like Him for One Major Reason.

When someone pisses on him, his country or his family he poops on them. While the OLD guard establihments cringe and the "bleeding hearts" left can't wait launch an attack on him, I and 90% of those who elected him, applaud.

"Sh-- Hole Countries"? Trump Ask Intellegent Question in His Usual 'Street Fighter' Fashion

According to locals like Sherry Cannon who works with her husband, Carl, who both teach under contract with PPS (at least her husband has a contract with PPS) and her ilk and millions of illegals now living in this country came from countries that could be properly described by President Trump.

President Trump says what is ususally 100% the truth and what others like Feinstein, Pelosi and Waters ant their ilk say behind closed doors.

In Sherry Cannon's column in a local rag, she writers a 500 word complaint about this country, while decribing a tour she and her friends took to the Cancun Mexican Resort area. (Just wondering if this tour group was traveling to do a study of other cultures on the taxpayer dime?) Her title "Welcome to America" compares the U.S.A. where according to her, blacks under Republican leaders are sh-- on,  to Cancun. Sherry, Cancun is not typical Mexico. In Cancun they will kiss your a-- to get the tourists money while workers are paid 1/3rd or less doing the same type of work in the U.S.A.

The mainstream liberal left leaning news medias wonder why people want to sneak into this country and out of other countries.

You need to be a rocket scientist to expalin to these 'people'.

Go Donald, you street fighter, you. Call 'em like you sees them and they are what you call them.

I have a question to most Democrats and their bodyguards, the media.. Why don't the Salvadorians want to go back to the country they came from?

Good question, Merle

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Walmart Awarding Bonuses On Length of Time

Do they also award on merit? Good employees make the company succeed and those that are the best should ALWAYS make more money. Otherwise, why just not follow the crowd and don't show anybody up.

But now I'm getting into union talk.

'Nough said.

(Now I hear there is a catch to what they said and reality??)

Florida Gulf Coast University Offers Course on "White Racism"

This "University" should be flooded by protesstors. I encourage anyone offended by this college to lead protests and close the college down for a day. This course encourages minorities to hate all people who were born white.

Phone calls, twitters, Facebook and other rebukes need to be followed with action.

So sad whn thee blacks and other people of color are succeeding in bring the past to the forefront largely because or the propoganda youth is being feed today.

Getting worse while oppportunties for people of color have neever BEEN GREATER.

Peaceful action by show of people offended.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Oprah Would Make a Good Democrat President?

I read that she built a home in a HIGH flood erosion area in California and that home received some damage. She must also be a great environmentalist.

I truly regret the deaths of those who did not evacute soon enough. I understand they were warned but I still regret any premature deaths.

Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Sites For Illegals?

I am totally opposed to both. In the upper leftt-hand corner of this blog and all my blogs find "Search Bar'. Type in "Illegal Immigration". You will bring up most of my older blogs on this subject. You don't need to agree. But then people disagree on A WHOLE LOT OF ISSUES.

Also, a lot of people lack common sense. As my farmer Dad used to say, "They don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain". That was truee on the farm back then but of course this is not always true as many people work in the rain but you get probably get the idea.

Kellly Clarkson - Three Cheers For Light Spanking Her Young

Maybe someday this country will wake up again that disciple, almost everywhere but in the prisons, has broken down. My Dad and Mom's nine kids were raised with the admonishment "if you got a spanking in school, you got one at home, no questions asked".

My generation if considered to be one of the best ever.

Discipline in this country is broke. We have been seeing the results with most our prisons and jails filled to capacity. And this is just the beginning as more blacks and Hispanics mainly, and many Caucasions, etc., show disrespect for authority with regularity. People who should be and once were  in jail are back on the streets because their is no place to put them.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Oprah May Run For Prsidency in 2020?

Republicans would hope so. All this country needs is a comedian talking-head Sociallist Democrat to lead this country.

Go Oprah. Republicans - help get her nomiinated.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Equality - All People Are Equal Under the Right of Law and the Enforcement Thereof

That's where it ends and the ways of the Democratic world have USUALLY PROVED this statement to be true. Whether the laws are always enforced remains to judges and juries. Unfortunately, enforcement is not always equal. For those who feel they are above the law, if properly enforced, (which includes arrests and CONVICTION) are not to be idolized. Unfortunately they are IDOLIZED far too many times.

Look no further than Hollywood fiction and non-fiction performers and producers who mostly set a terribly wrong example to youth and those older.. Read, "Ava Gardner, The Secret Conversation", by Peter Evans and Ava Gardner and written in 2013 or many of the non-fiction books written by Peter Evans

Or re-read. "To Kill a Mockingbird"  by Harper Lee. written in

Equal Opportunity? Yes and no. Anyone who doesn't want to learn by studying, listening and reading different viewpoints, has the OPPORTUNITY to be President, Governor or leader, regardless of gender or ethnic group, for things of value, but they will seldom succeed if their efforts are based mainlyon ethnics, gender or collegiate degree.

Equal opportunity is being taught wrongly by most who teach and by leaders of many ethnic groups. Equal opportunity as interpreted by our Constitution, is to be earned, not because of gender or ethnic group.

The situation with a majority of our educational groups, is a sad situation. Those "progressives" are failing in their efforts to teach how to think.therefore mpost cmmon sense is ignored in their teachings.

Wage Equality - What a Joke

Socialist way of thinking. Not ell people are equal in performance. I owned a company for 28 years. I believe I am intitled to this comment and OBSERVATION. This knowledge has nothig to do with race or gender. It's called PERFORMANCE.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Sessions, Trump Both Wrong On Marijuana Law

One news report says that only 8% of our population uses Marijuana, or approximately 2,600,000 users in 50 states. That means Illinois has approximately 51,000 users. I estimate that Chicago and suburbs have twice that number alone.

Where do they get this illegal drug? Please, let's not be stupid. Anybody reading the JS, reads that there are shootings every day in Peoria. Fortunately most of  those shooting, are not skilled in the use of firearms. The major reason for these shooting involve gangs fighting over territories..

Of course, everyone, including the users, know that the use of most any type of drug is harmful to ones health.

But so is alcohol which is legal and sold to more that half the adult population. 15,000 deaths on the highways every year alone involve the overuse of alcohol. So are deadly legal tobaccos.

Trump and Sessions are heading for an early exit from their positions despite all that they have accomplished in 2017 if they OVER enforce some things that people do, illegal or not.

How many highway deaths are caused by the use of Marijuana? Maybe 20 a year.

Trump and Sessions say enforce the law. I say, CHANGE THE LAW.

And, no, I am not a user. Period..I just a modicum of common sense. As for the big news about an occasional bust or arrests on the highway. Figure one out of a thousands. Illegal drugs are BIG money and and all involved are willing to take the risk.

Sears Holding Corp, Closing 39 More Sears Stores

That announcement was made today. I fear for Peoria but I believe that at least another big box store will close this year. The announcement also stated that over 50 more K-Marts would be closed sometime between March and April of this year.

Back in 2009, a money magazine called Peoria one of the best places to launch a business. The magazine IB would like to make Peoria the best.. That is probably true but 8 years later we seem to be going in the opposite direction. Why? Was this a major failure of our elected officials to recognize priorities and foresee the future?  In my 3300 blogs I have often asked for elected officials and major movers and shakers to be sure of whether big money was being spent on the right priorities.

Sorry, but we have made major mistakes and the results are clear.

We have plenty of open space and vacant buildings. We don't need more.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Michael Connelly - Author of Fiction Combined With a Lot of Facts

"Two Kinds of Truths" and "The Crossing", both are worth reading if the reader is interested with what is going on in the real world, past and present.

Also, Brad Thor's, "Use Of Force", is a thriller along the same lines. I found all three books hard to put down once I started reading.

I read in large print these days and found these books at Lakeview Library.