Sunday, January 14, 2018

PlasticSurgeon Clinics - Are Any Of Them Publicly Traded?

If so, I missed out on investing in them also. Sorry I sugested IMAX and Taser. You were ok if you got in and got out quick. I'm hoping there will be more Class Action suits against these poorly managed LLC companies who stretched the truth so much to managements financial advantage.  Just got in on one litigated settlement started 13 years ago but now finally setteled. I doubt whether there will be much left for me after the legal eagles take their shares..

Seldom wise to invest late in a Limited Liability firm. I invested in one in Peoria called the Peoria Baseball Chiefs who play at Dozer Baseball Park since about year 2000. I investeed in 1992 and had I known they were planning to move towards downton, I would never have invested.  (Don''t really think Cat wanted to put their name on the park after it went unamed for about 5 years).I only lost $48,000. Maybe in another 20 years Baseball will return big time to Peoria.

Waiting out of interest only, for them to announce attendance for 2017.  Figures didn't look too good in the box scores but not to worry fans, the City Council has the money to bail them out again.. The Club could be sold but probably not as long as Fites, Rocky, Chapman and ??are members of a 'ficticious' board.. (Ha,ha)

But what the hey, it was just money. Rocky has done financially, though. Pete was disappointed in attendance and finances but he got a statue of himself.

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