Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Humphrey Bogart Fans? Read "Casablanca" by Noah Isenberg

"The Life, Legend, and Afterlife of Hollywood's Most Beloved Movie". Interesting read.

Mark Steyn, Author of 'AFTER AMERICA' May Be the Best Political Pundit of This Century

This book, published in 2011, says "get ready for Armageddon".  Frightening. enlightening and factual. Must read for ALL who are concerned about the future of this once great country.

Optimistic about America's future? Don't be, says Steyn. "It's not just our looming financial collapse. it's not just a culture that seems to be on the fast track to perdition, full of hapless, childish people who think government has the answer for every problem; it's not just America's potential eclipse as a world power because of the drunken sailor (not politically correct, Mark, ha, I say) policymaking in Washington--no, it's all this and more that spells one word for America: Armageddon".

I'm regretful that it took me this long to find this book, but 6 years later it reflects the condition of our country today.

Jason Chaffetz, Rep.Utah Is Joning Fox TV As a Contributor Effective July 1

Good news. I met Senator Chaffetz when he spoke before a large gathering in Brandon, Fl, I tagged him as a Presidential Candidate in 2020. To my knowledge, he has done a good job in Congress and is an outstanding individual.

We will watch and listen.  Fox made an excellent choose. I hope to live to see the day he runs for President of this slipping country.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

County, City, Park District - All Controlled by Democrats

While the City is non-partisan, never-the-less, it has a Democrat attitude Council. You can also expect the two entities to try to work more closely as County Board Chairman Andrew Rand is alleged to be a housemate of one of the new prominent members of the City Council.

Recently, a JS "reporter" stated that the City and County had been trying to combine services to save money for the past 5 years. This shows how so many reporters write lies while being claiming to be "fair and balanced". My accurate records, a one inch thick file,  show that efforts were being made before year 2000. I served on a joint committee of 2 Councilmen and 2 County Board members 10 years ago, Mike Mason headed up a consolidation committee 16 years ago and many efforts, some successful to combine were mad before the year 2000.

Sheriff McCoy worked to combine public safety with the City to little avail.

Interesting when you consider the very poor financial status of all including an all Democrat Peoria Park District.

JS Says Former Peoria County Sheriff, Mike McCoy Retires

Well, if he retired, why did he quickly take the position of City of Washington, Il. Police Chief? Republican McCoy received little fanfare and little or no accolades for the commendable job he did under trying circumstances in Peoria and Peoria County. Why did he really leave Peoria? The JS never interviewed him to ask why but it is alleged that the REAL story as to why he left Peoria is the fact that a Democrat  controlled Peoria County Board cut his budget to the point where he felt he could not continue to protect his territory to his satisfaction.

In my 10 years on the Peoria County Board from which I RETIRED, (the JS said I 'stepped' down) the attitude of Democrats was that if there was a % budget cut, the Sheriff's office should receive the same. Despite the fact that we housed one County department in a separate building, had two offices we did not need, took the Hanna City Correctional Center abandoned property and money draining 42 acres from the State, (it costs somewhere in the vicinity of $100,000.00 to maintain while providing no benefits to the County) gave employees raises during hard times while the public sector tried to survive, sent 2 Democrats on a junket to Hawaii and voted not to accept a low bid from a local reputable contractor because he failed by $100 to meet "prevailing wages" (cost to the taxpayers $30,000.00) and was constantly overstaffed in other departments). Twice or more did the County offer retirement incentives to workers who took the money, yet service to the community did not suffer.

I wish Sheriff McCoy the best in his new County and his position of concern of safety for the residents.

JS Asks, "Why Can't the Ranks Rise Up? (1/27/16)

Stupid question but what's new with the Left Media. "Madigan is as much to blame as Rauner", says the JSEB.. Really? Good gosh, gol-darn, what the hey, goodness sake, gee whiz, Hot news just off the press. Rauner of course is a Republican while the "going bankrupt State of Illinois" is CONTROLLED BY THE DEMOCRATS and abetted by Democrat news media, dominating the State and Peoria, Il.

Cat Stayed in Illinois. Was it the incentives? Or did they just want to get out of a community facing massive problems with NO money.. Boy, people are always thinking of something new. Gee whiz, again.

And with Demos Denis and Syd new on the council and Riggy always going with the flow expect after they vote to buy the water company, Peoria will have a debt similar to the State.

And eventually, higher cost of U.S.A. owned water. No, IA doesn't own the water. A surprise I'm sure, to some of my readers who used to attack me as "anonymous".

Oh, no. I forgot. One bond seller says the City will ,MAKE $3 million a year. And the PRM will bring $16 million of new business into the city as projected by 2 Bradley Economic Professors.

HEY, YOU BRADLEY, GUYS, WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE $16 Mil. I guess Macy's just got tired of waiting.

iRepair -Probably Still In Existence??

Highly touted in the JS many years ago as another small FireFly.sure never made it in Peoria. Haven't heard. Did they make it anywhere????

Pastor Jim Offutt/Peoria-Canton Minister Should Stick to His Profession

Pastor Offutt, sounding like a true #4 Democrat can't figure out why white evangelists stick to Trump. Perhaps the good black pastor would like us to stick to his idol, Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt and dis-honest people to ever have been in a tight race to become a sorry President of the U.S.A.

Pastor Offutt's avid listeners are 98% black Democrats. Your flock supports, as the Traveler Weekly verifies, Jeremiah A. Wright (Vol;. 52, No. 5, May 2017) a confirmed Socialist/Marxist, adores Dr. Cornell West, the Berkeley, Ca. Socialist and possibly Eugene Debs, the Marxist, featured in a cartoon in the Community Word Democrat..

Nice try Jim. Surely you will attend the JS Editor speaking at the Lakeview Library, tomorrow evening whose subject will be "Fake News". Coming from the, JS this should be interesting subject.


Friday, June 23, 2017

The Too Silent Right -- Left Leading the Effort to Destroy the America More Than 48% of Us Love

This week's poll of the popularity of our President showed 48% of those interviewed support the progress and especially the efforts of President Trump. Knowing that the sore and now dangerous left would always try to make the public believe our President is an abject failure, even publicly calling for his assassination, that 48% of us still strongly support him, is remarkable.

If, as Jim Nowlan states his reasons why people are still angry; I am one of those, the silent right must not let the left buy and control all the major medias. (I believe Fox TV is still the most believable major TV media, I do not watch CNN. Their bias is dramatically evident)

If their are to be assassinations, both dramatized and actual, it is past time to remove members of the increasingly violent left from the face of this earth. Perhaps starting with Actor Johnny Depp, the 'comedian" comedian Ms. Griffin, billionaires Andrew Lack and Jeff Zucker, Rachel Maddow, Marxist Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and all "leaders" who are calling for the removal by any means of the man most of us common sense people support.

I have long predicted a coming violent revolution in this country. I ask President Trump to keep the support of all security forces. The right, Republicans and Independents, has mostly believed in tolerance to be the best answer to those promoting violence. However, in a battle for survival between a sheep and a wolf, the sheep will ALWAYS lose.

So sad to see so much mis-information coming from medias that are 80% controlled by leftist Democrats, both in ownership and reporting. Making up their own left-leaning versions of the facts, especially our own local medias.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Did the Democrats Know of the Russian Attempt to Expose the Clinton/FBI Cover up?

Some of my readers like my blogs to be short. Answer - Hell yes. And yet the Demos and their ilk scream about "cover ups".

Cartoon - Best of the Day

It shows a 1947 garbage truck and a 2017 ABC News Panel Truck as a sign of or times.

Trump is so right. The reporters are mostly a sorry lot who couldn't hold a job in the "real" world

The Democrat leadership is so sad. Get my tale the cartoon tells? If my reader is a Democrat "leader", email me and I'll explain the cartoon more personally.

Reminds me of a Demo I served with on the Peoria County Board. This person told me that he/she vote counted same as mine. Only difference was I researched the Agenda and didn't come to the Board meetings asking, "What's on the Agenda"?

Could be voting is not all it's cracked up to be.


Juan Williams - Democrat Commentator On Fox TV - Outside Looking In

When he wrote his insightful book "Enough" which I thought "hit the nail on the head', I was in admiration of him. Since then, his brain has apparently suffered a 'concussion' or he has been spanked to hard by Hillary, Jesse, Maxine, Charley, Al, Harry, Barack, the entire Washington Post or our local group of highly prejudiced producers of the JSD, or a person or entity of a similar ilk.

So sad.

Black People - Why do Belligerent Black Skinned People Insist on Being Called African-Americans??

My Dad was born in Switzerland. His family, basically Amish at that time, fled because of what they felt was religious persecution. The family passed legally through Ellis Island. My Mother's Mother and Father came legally from Europe to Canada and then to the United States of America.

Most  black skinned people came as slaves who were treated as harshly in their homelands as most were treated harshly in America and other places. Wherever the cruel slave traders shipped them after buying them from cruel black African hierarchy.

Slavery was hardly new when the first slaves arrived in America. Slavery and slave trading has been going on before the first history was recorded. Slavery, in the same and different forms, perhaps, is still reportedly practiced in certain countries today.

Today, black and dark skinned people proportionately dominate the advertising industry, basketball on all levels, football, Hollywood, play-acting and music, etc. These opportunities would NEVER be happening had they continued to live in their homelands.

Rodney King's ;lament, "why can't we all just get along" will NEVER happen, Racists of all colors do not find it to their PERSONAL advantage to let the "racism" scream abate. Advantages to people of all colors have opportunity to advance in this country, despite it's class system that is usual in white-skinned America as well as all people of any color or ethnic group.

Passed up opportunities to pick the "right" peers, public schools are free, the opportunity to not emulate drug users of all types, good manners, personal discipline and responsibility are easily adopted by observation, the right to vote, legally campaign and protest, seek any kind of job one is 'qualified" for and the list goes on.

Failure is almost always personal. It is easy to blame others as so many are being taught by their "leaders".

Demanding Diversity and Equality is an insult to those with factual understanding. Leadership in most of the black communities. Peoria. Il., being no exception, is best described as abysmal.

So sad. This blog is written by a Swiss/German /American legal citizen. I. too, can be factious.

Wake up, young people, and work to create your own reasonably happy future. No totally sane person ever promised you welfare if you were PHYSICALLY able to work. As my wise Dad always told us kids, "hard work never killed anyone" He worked had and lived to be 94, only dying then of empasymia caused by dust from the machines he used, mainly the threshing machine. Yes, I too, was part of an era young people, especially black youth, are seldom told or TAUGHT.

Georgia - Republicans Big Win

Democrat Leaders in a huff. $23+ million spent on election they lost. Their popularity slipping down the the drain. Democrats placing the blame on Democrats. Democrat party in chaos.

"Nuff" said.

Dershowitz Says......

"In a partisan atmosphere like this, you have to be so careful not to give the other side the ability to claim prejudice," Dershowitz said. "And I think they have given the other side the ability to claim prejudice."

Sessions can order Mueller to include Lynch, Clinton, Lerner, Holder, Rice and even Obama himself in these investigations. Mueller could not refuse. He would have to do it or resign. This witch hunt is by design to keep Trump from investigating the scores of blatant crimes by the Obama regime by tying him up in courts and contrived scandals as well as possibly overthrow his presidency which would take the Constitution down with him.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Wasting Your Time Reading and Watching Today's Pitiful Politics? Read These Books

"Suddenly" by George Will. While Will is not a favorite of mine, this book published in 1990, foreshadows today's world. I believe Will is slated to speak before the Creve Couer Club soon. Book can be found at the Republican Headquarters on Knoxville.

"A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea" by Melissa Fleming published in 2017 is a relatively true story of a young woman's extremely frightful struggle to escape from Syria to the safety of the free world. While I agree with our Presidents wish that Muslims should be more carefully vetted before entering this country as refugees, this book is a challenge to some mindsets.

"Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy" written by Nicholas Reynolds and published this year, tells the reader about the secret adventures of Ernest Hemingway through the years 1935-61. A spellbinder. Hard to put down.

"El Paso" by Wilson Groom published in 2016 is factual novel of later frontier life in the early and mid 1800's" in the South Western part of the disputed land of what is today our country. (By hook or crook).Featured prominently is the turmoil between large landowners, Pancho Villa and El Padrino for leadership and control.  This book is of special interest to me as my business took me to El Paso and frequent visits cross the border. Also one of my best customers was located in Casa Grande as well as the San Francisco Giants Spring Training headquarters.

"A Single Spy" written by William Christie and published in 2017, takes you to the the depths and the reality of espionage. So realist that it is a book hard to put down.This book gives the reader more insight as to what is being malinged by the mainstream medias.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

"I Expect loyalty"

What would any Democrat President say? Be dis-loyal??? What should be any AG answer? Wait for the next episode tomorrow. What a great sideshow while the country staggers under FAR GREATER PROBLEMS.

Monday, June 05, 2017

JS Hard Democrat Mike Bailey and Crew Have Buried Three Trump Issues Of Which They Agreed

Forwarded to me by a friend. Merle

Our local paper, the Peoria Urinal Star, ripped Trump awhile ago for saying that Muslim "refugees" were destroying Sweden. The day after they ran the editorial the Muslim section of Stockholm was up in flames and a Swedish pollster released data say 33% of Swedish women are afraid to be outdoors alone.

“Young girls tell me they are sexually harassed by newcomer guys both at school and outside of school. They say they do not feel safe in the school corridors. They say they have stopped going home by themselves after school. They say they do not take the bus either.”
“They are called racists when they talk about their reality and what they face” from the staff at the schools, he said. Having visited schools every week for over a year and a half, Lamotte said he has seen the same story play out again and again.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Obese? - A Partially Simple Cure

Every time you feel you need a cool drink, drink water instead of sugar loaded Diet and Regular Colas. Hard to do? Of course. But if you can't change one of the worst and most promoted bad habits in the world, then expect to stay fat and take years off your expected life span.

Sorry, I'm no Doctor but I have a 92 and going life span. Seldom do I drink any sugar loaded drink. Yeah, I protect my health in other ways too. I'm within 15 pounds of my weight at 26. You'll know if you read my older blogs.  Look up "Obesity" by entering the word in the upper left hand corner of any of my blogs.

Chocolate Milk. Does It Come From Brown Cows?

A recent survey indicates that 7% believe it comes from brown cows. 47% are unsure. And many of these people are deriding the President who is trying to make this an OVERALL better place to live..

Left, Far Left, Sore Losers and Tree "Huggers" in Climatic Frenzy

Business oriented people like President Donald Trump more quickly recognize a bad deal and correct it. Thank you, Mr. President. You are leaving the door open for a more fair deal for all Americans. In the meantime, any individual or organization can do what they feel is in the best interests of their constituents. There will always be more elections.

Me? I don't smoke, I recycle everything I can and do not litter. I try not to eat foods that cause me to give off methane gas. I eat very little beef. LIVE Steers give off prodigious amounts of methane gas. One politician of the idiot class claims Trumps action will "kill our children"




Illinois Bonds - Moody Downgrades To One Step Above Junk Bonds

Citing the State of Illinois massive pension debt and huge amount of unpaid bills using up 40% of it's operating budget, Moody's has reiterated what many of us already knew. The State is broke and many communities within the state will follow over the next 4 years.

Yes, Madigan and his ilk are really a shifty bunch or did I misspell the word?

Did the Press Take Note?

A media source showed Mrs. Hillary Clinton addressing a group while seated in an arm chair. Most interesting as speakers generally stand??


Has anyone noticed the degree of mental instability that has permeated the liberals, particularly in media, entertainment and politics? Every time Trump as much as Tweets, let alone takes solid action to protect and enhance America they get completely hysterical. They yell. They sob. They threaten. They resort to violence. For 8 years citizens actually were victimized and spied on in a manner the KGB only dreamed of ever doing and CRICKETS.
We were sold out to globalists in an "America last" agenda under Obama. Criminal acts were business as usual in the Obama regime. We on the right did get angry but we marched peacefully. We boycotted. WE VOTED. We were civilized even under the threat of a Clinton presidency and the end of our Republic.
Hats off to us. Those that still revere God, country, the Constitution and rule of law. Have a great Friday and weekend patriots!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Trump Trump's Paris Agreement; Markets Hit Highest Levels Ever

Radical Environmental protester's, most of them Socialist Democrats have organized to combat his decision to drop out by 2020. Meanwhile, our President will attempt to start renegotiating the environmental demands that protect large countries such as the worst polluters on earth, China and India. While asking for billions from us to correct other countries pollution problems.

Warning to protesters. Do all the peaceful protesting you wish. However, do not block any street on which I am driving. I've lived 20 more years than I thought and those neer-do-wells,over-educated but still ignorant and wealthy "Block Anything That Trump Does" self-serving traitors to our country well-being, have already lived too long. While applauding Obama's disastrous 8 year destroying this nation.

This country has already spent a trillion or more in reducing harmful emissions. However, methane gas is pollution. How do you stop animals that fart methane gas, including humans, from farting?

Plus climate change occurred dozens of time in recording history. Did Dinosaur farts cause the glaciers that formed the Great Lakes to eventually recede or was it ADM, CAT and Ameren?

Good question, Merle. And thanks for helping stop litter and recycling all your paper, plastic bags, can and glass.

If anyone knows a time and place where protesters assemble, PLEASE let me know. I will, watch, listen and be active. Especially at any Town Hall meetings. Republican or Democrat.

Kathy Griffin - A Poor Example of a Real Comedian

I've heard she is dirty funny. But no Royce Elliott. Pleased to see my heroine, Melania Trump fight back against the stupidity of Griffin, who I NEVER watch. Deceased Royce Elliott was a real comedian who never used dirty words or put anybody down. He just never got the right break to stay in big-time.

Kathy Griffin a comedian? She is a dirty joke. Thanks, Mrs. First Lady, for responding to Griffin's filth.

Poor/Wealthy LeBron James Wail - "Blacks Will Never Be Equal To Whites"

How true. Example - I will never be equal to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ronald Reagan, Rita Kress, Dave Ransburg, Jerrry and Helen Stephens, Gary Bielfelt, Governer Rauner, any Trump, all multi-millioaires, billionaires, Dianne Oberhelman, Dr. Rodenburg, etc.l'l stop now because I could list 2 billion people, I, or most whites would ever feel "equal" to.

The big bully, allegedly using some form of illegal body building drug, should note that 98% of the people IN ATTENDANCE are WHITE PEOPLE making him a multi-multi millionaire forever.

Big bully, did you see him intentionally knocking down and trying to step on an opposition member and have no foul called and no mention of it in the local paper? Of course not, it was black man and black man. If HE WOULD HAVE BEEN A WHITE PLAYER KNOCKING DOWN AND WALKING OVER A BLACK PLAYER, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REPORTED NATIONALLY.
Watch basketball, and you will see big bullies like him shoving and knocking down the player guarding them. Referees now consider it as just part of the game.

Prominent black people should not be railing (and getting big support from the left- wing Democrat newspapers) blacks to hate whites for every real or perceived slight. There are an awful lot of likable black people in this country. There are also devils; both black and white.

Equality and Diversity; words whose intent is seldom properly used.

So sad/