Friday, October 30, 2009

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I today found out my direct link to "Post a comment" on my blog site has been disabled. Hopefully it will be corrected shortly by my friend, Billy D.


Obama: We've Had Enough of the Same Old Thing

That's what Obama said as he was running for the presidency. He was right. He and the most left leaning Democrats are trying to shove ObamaCare down the throats of a largely pathetic citizenry. This bill, Pelosi and the liberal Democrats is touting, is an outright grab of more government power over the people and the private sector. This 1990 pages of "how do you interpret it attorney legalize" (it mentions the word "shall" 38 times, no I didn't read it but Republican friends did) will supposedly cover 36 million additional people, up from 30 million a few weeks ago. It will cost the taxpayer an additional $1.055 trillion over a 10 year period.

Still unclear is whether the 36 million Americans will cover 10 million or more illegals that many feel will be granted amnesty by the administration sometime after passage. I hope enough Democrats will have the courage to vote against this bill until it is reworked to delete domination by the expanding U.S. government.

Representative Aaron Schock is hosting a Health Care Townhall Meeting Monday, 7:00 - 8:30, at Five Points Washington, 360 N. Wilmor Rd, Washington, Il. I'll not be able to attend because of the County Board meeting at the Court house Monday evening.

Merle's Musing

We had a open meeting covering progress of the museum. It appears, as I warned it would be, one large CF. No building by Caterpillar or the museum will start before sometime near the middle of 2010. Money not raised as promised by the "big hitters" plus other things that Mark Johnson, speaking before the Optimist Club called a "mess". As I gather my information I will give a more complete report.

Monday evening at 6:00, the County will hold a Meeting of the "Committee as a Whole" at the Peoria County Court House, Rm. 402. If you live in Peoria County and think this doesn't affect you, think again. Projected cost as I last heard was $41 million; whoops, just opened my latest mail and costs have escalated to $50+ up from $29 million less than 8 months ago. (As posted in the JS by JS Reporter, Karen McDonald) of which the county BelWood fund may have from $3 to $7 million available to build, the rest to be bonded out over 20 or 30 years. BelWood anticipates collecting around $1,800,000 in property taxes next year. Further funding of B-W comes from County subsidizing Social Security, FICA, etc., $1+ million in 2010. A total of approximately $1.2 million plus direct property taxes of $1.8 million in 2008.

An article in the WSJ on 10/22/09, title "The Chicago Way" starts with a line from the "Untouchables", "They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago Way."

With Rahm Emanuel (See my blog of 11/05/08, titled "Rahm Emanuel - A New Deal for the New Economy" promising to use a baseball bat to knee-cap is nothing new for Emanuel, the Chicago Gang of Eight, and Pres dent Obama. Who are they knee-capping this time? The National Chamber of Commerce who has shown a lot of backbone to stand up to this all encompassing administration. For the cheek of disagreeing with the Democrats on climate control and financial regulation, it was reported the Oval Office will neuter the business lobby. Right away, Nike and P & G, who both do a lot of business overseas out of Obama's regulation canceled their membership with the Chamber, Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett slammed the business lobby as "old school" and "they'd be wise to seek better protection", wrote Kimberley Strassel of the WSJ on 10/23/09.

This administration will attempt to stifle all dissent by every tool at their command. This summer, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, (who I had a chance to meet, talk to and listen to) criticized the wasteful use of stimulus dollars. Obama cabinet secretaries sent letters to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, one letter stating "If you prefer to forfeit the money we are making available to the state, as Sen. Kyl suggests, let us know". If we believe that Obama, Emanuel, and his ilk aren't preparing an enemies list, we better read up.

Just in, Muslim Faleh Almaleki of Arizona ran his car over his daughter saying she was becoming "to western". Alameki fled to Atlanta where he was captured trying to board an air flight to the U.K., a hot bed of Muslim radicals. His daughter is in the hospital in serious condition.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world", said Margaret Mead and that was before roadside and dirty bombs and anthrax.

Peoria City Proposed Property Tax Increase - Peoria County Proposed Tax Increase Comparison

The City of Peoria announced today in the JS their proposed and estimated property taxes for 2010. It should surprise no one that the amount is an overall 7.77% increase over last year. The overall amount of property taxes the city anticipates collecting will be $44,797,266 compared to $41,567,470 in 2009.

Peoria County anticipates an overall property tax increase of 2.1% over 2009. The overall amount the county anticipates collecting from property taxes will be $26, 047,637 compared to $25,512,352 compared to 2009.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the city. Think what amount of property taxes they will be collecting 10 years from now as I believe 7.77% will grow and compound every year.

Our County Administrator Patrick Urich believes he can hold our growth rate in the 3% range.

Think about it because you will start seeing rapidly increasing Peoria Public School District #150 taxes, even though built with bonds; these bonds will need to be paid off through revenues or taxes, guess which one, the new $100-300 million sewage system, the possible increases from the Peoria Park District to pay for the $27+ million zoo, the continued pay-off of the RiverPlex and other projects such as hotel expansion, etc.

TransPort, the EDC, the CEO Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, the Innovation Center and the "angels" had better start bringing some tax-paying businesses in town at a faster rate than they have done over the past decade. Population in the City of Peoria appears to be shrinking and overall County population has shown little growth over the past decade.

Do I sound like a broken record? If I do it is only because I do not think too many people are as concerned as they should be. Especially with Caterpillar subtly indicating that they see most of their growth overseas in the near or far future.

Remember Peoria County Sales taxes on most products go up Jan.1, 2010, museum or no museum. Also, remember,that all the people making "rosy" predictions have almost totally guaranteed jobs with pensions and health care benefits.

I'll close, in case you think the market doesn't affect almost all of us, the Dow closed 250 points down and the NASDAQ closed at it's lowest level since March. Is this the recovery the "best and the brightest" have been promising us?


al-Marri Sentenced - Back in Society in Five Years?

Judge Mihm said in rendering a sentence not as strong as a low level drug dealer or an ordinary citizens using an unregistered gun to protect themselves, "al-Marri was a risk to 're-associate with the people who brought him here'." (Peoria)

Judge Mihm also said "I don't believe you are a lackey. That would insult your intelligence and to the commitment you made when you came here (Peoria) as a sleeper agent for al-Quaida. I believe you have not totally rejected what you did, and that you would do it again after you go home, (where is home and how long will he stay home?) whether here or somewhere else. That remains to be seen."

I doubt whet er he stays in Peoria unless some left leaning liberal professors at Bradley recruit him to teach here. More likely if he stays it will be in Dearborn or Detroit where he would be welcomed with open arms.

After the weak sentencing of the "family" man; nice picture of he and 4 of his 5 kids, (where was a picture of his wife?) that appeared today in the JS, al-Marri will spend his time in prison on "good behavior") while he quietly recruits other bitter inmates to his Jihad against the stupid infidel. The picture in the JS was a nice picture same as the worst Mafia leaders would have taken with their families.

It is difficult to determine where this administration is leading us other than government domination, but there is no doubt that the citizenry will be easier to handle as we grow more pacifist and apathetic. I wonder how many letters of marriage proposals this terrorist bent intellect received while he was at GITMO? If he is still married to ONE woman, many would not care.

Let's hope that Judge Mihm's decision doesn't set a pattern of sentencing of terrorists now lucky to be tried under a civilian court of law. Civilian instead of military? How could Obama get away with that?

Wake up, America.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Islamabad Assassination

Gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on a Pakistani army jeep killing a military office, fanning concerns that Islamic militants have deeply infiltrated Pakistan's major cities, was a story in the WSJ on 10/23/09.
"These miscreants are running wild. They're are everywhere. To me, It seems that if they want to kill, they kill him," said Muhammad Azim." The 42 year old lives near the site and was walking to buy groceries when it happened. This Muslim, who evidently wants to live a normal life in peace says it all. It is the radical Muslims and the other Muslims who don't speak up and do not particpate in intra-ethnic activities that are the greatest concern to Muhammad and myself. The Muslims enclaves in the big cities are a worry just as are the blacks dominating our inner school systems, our prison systems and welfare programs.

Think this can't happen in the U.S. 20 years or sooner, especially with an expanding poorly educated and skill lacking unemployed? From Muslim enclaves in our large cities like Detroit? More people will be walking because we will continue to have more poverty as the poor and the unemployed will be unable to find sustainable jobs in the U.S. Especially, if our current (and past) administrations force more and more companies overseas. Just pass the Cap and Trade Act in its current form. Pass the Unions Fair Vote Act, (fair? don't put me on) let the government take over health care, keep raising taxes, press everybody to "buy American"; read "Congress Wants a Trade War", by Burton G. Malkiel, in the WSJ, 2/5/09; release more imprisoned people back to society, many of them without a promise of a job and no skills to hold a job, many without a clue as to what to do other then continue the trade they honed while in prisons.

Wake up, United State opf America.

Most Stupid Headline of the Day

Al:Marri: Danger or devoted dad?, appeared in the JS today under the by line of Andy Kravetz. I believe the news page editor sets the title of the major articles. Whoever takes credit for the header is is pretty far left leaning.

Even the Mafia leaders were known as devoted to their families. So was Charles Manson. But if you read all Kravetz articles, you will note a leaning towards the oppressed. However; Phil Luciano got it right in his column on 10/23/09, "Al-Marri let off easily? Terrifying". Thanks Phil for getting it right. I wonder if Abu Usamah At-Thahabi, the former immam of the Islamic Center at 1716 N. North St., near Peoria High, was a friend of Al-Marri and whether they may not have plotted together. Abu, as you recall was quoted by the now departed Michael Miller then of the JS, on 1/13/07, as saying that "It has come to pass that the Christians and the Jew, America, the U.K., France, Germany, they have come against the religion of al-Islam. We want al-Islam and the laws of Islam to be practiced. We want to do away with man-made laws. Muslims shouldn't be satisfied in living in other than the total Islamic state. Whoever changes his religion from al-Islam to anything else, kill him in the Islamic state. If the immam wants to crucify him, him he should crucify him. The person is put up on the wood and he's left there to bleed to death in three days."

Abu lived in Peoria and was the spiritual leader of the church on North St. While living here, Abu was the "good dad" who in March of 2003 preached to dozens of Muslims that "all we as Muslims want is fairness and equality. We don't want people to think we are un-American. Or encouraging subversive actions. We are not preaching t our community a message of hate toward non-Muslims or America."

Sure, and if frogs had wings they wouldn't be bouncing around on the butts. Thank our god that Abu now lives in England or did where the Muslims are taking over London much as they have taken over Dearborn, Mi and are trying to take over New York City. Maybe that is one reason so many New Yorkers are fleeing New York such as they are fleeing Michigan and Illinois.

What should be of a concern that people like Abu and Al-Marri were once considered to be friends of people still living in Peoria. Who know what the church on North street is preaching these days? Who is their Imam?

I will never believe that Al-Marri, who lived in Peoria, a good family man who was captured in an E. Peoria Motel, came to Peoria without like thinking contacts and I question where are they now and what they are discussing. To make America a better place? Hmmmmmm.

Hopefully, the FBI knows. I'm not bothered that there is one less radical immam in Dearborn, Michigan? But, I believe the FBI screwed up. With proper planning, he should have been taken alive so he could have been charged and put through serious questioning, no different than any other ethnic group who threatens our country.

To Judge Mike Mihm, put al-Marri someplace where he is never a threat to our country again.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world." Thanks for reminding us, Margaret Mead.

Juvenile Detention in Peoria County

On 6/15/09, JS Columnist Pam Adams wrote "Steering Kids Away From Violence", stating that in 2001, 704 juveniles were detained in the Peoria County/City Juvenile Center of which 72% were black. Updating Ms. Adams figures, in 2008, 182 Caucasians, 666 were blacks, 10 Hispanic and 1 Asian were detained. Through October, 2009, 131 Caucasians, 419 blacks, 9 Hispanics and 3 Asians had passed through the system.

What is also staggering is the amount of juvenile Child-Care days of 15,777 in 2008 with 11,343 already in 2009 though October, 2009. Mostly one parent kids. This child care is at tax-payer expense. Steering kids away from violence and dis-respect is an ongoing process. And black leaders telling their kids, black, white or other, that they are products of "victimization" hasn't worked and won't work.
But how do kids know these things if they can't read and TV, computer games, and cell-phones are their major sources of information?

Are we doing a very good job of it? The answer is no. Kids do not learn much about fair discipline in homes these juvenile offenders come from. Kids see that they can get away with violating the establishments rights, common folks rights, classmates rights, daring teachers to discipline them and other care providers until they run into problems with the real law. At that time, it is often too late for them to change there prevailing destructive attitudes.

Volumes have been written, hoards of professionals have addressed youth about avoiding trouble including the W. Haywood Burns Institute, mentioned by MS. Adams. Nothing will work until kids understand to respect themselves, respect authority, respect the rights of others, earn self-esteem and learn to read and communicate. A lot of concerned adults have spent years of their lives trying to reach these kids only to have others ruin a lot of their efforts. And a many adults who should know better are responsible for the ruination of many younger peoples' lives.

We are not gaining on crime prevention and we will never make progress where success is determined by one's earthly possessions and fame. Yet honestly earned possessions are absolutely necessary. Success can only called be called "success" if lives are led for the benefit of one's own self-respect and the respect of others in a law-abiding, less greedy, society. And learning enough, including how to work and hold a job to provide for a starter two adult family. We are a long way from that society and the having enough mentors to lead the way. We adults, have just as far to go in reaching that goal as the juveniles.

No, Ms. Adams and thousands of other, lock them up and throw away the key does not work provide good "outcomes". 93% incarcerated eventually return to the real world if that's what we can call the "real" world they re-enter today.

In many cases, re-enter to what? And whose problem is that?

Sorry, deny all you want but we have met the enemy and the enemy is "us". It's the problem of concerned adults. Are there enough of them? Probably not, we appear to be most interested in ourselves.

Change as adults. Otherwise, don't expect kids to lead us out of "problemed" communities.

FBI Screw-up?

In the news media today was the report of an FBI raid on the home of a black leader of a Detroit Mosque, (Actually, Dearborn, a hot-bed of hate for America.) Luqman Ameen Adbullah, previously know as Christopher Thomas, was shot and killed. The FBI conducted a raid on a suburban warehouse and two Detroit homes, arresting 6 people and killing the imam.

The FBI says, the imam fired first, killing a police dog.

Abdullah was imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque and was connected to a group know as "Ummah", a brotherhood that seeks to establish a separate state within the U.S. that would be ruled by strict Islamic or Sharia law. They also preached violence against law enforcement.

The FBI had built years of evidence against the imam and what they described as a criminal gang run by U.S. converts to Islam.

I'm not second guessing the FBI shooters but the imam would have have more value to them for information on his and his groups activities if he were alive rather than dead. Videos should show what happened in the raid. Right know I believe Tasers or other stun weapons would have been better than bullets.

The establishment of Islamic communities ruled by Sharia law is more than a possibility in the U.S. Never doubt that small groups of a committed people can change the world.

Peoria Charter School Community Forum


Peoria Charter School Initiative to Hold Public Forum Featuring Students from the Chicago Math & Science Academy

Peoria, IL . The Peoria Charter School Initiative (PCSI) will host a community forum on Thursday, November 5, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Peoria Civic Center, Rooms 401-403, featuring students, teachers, parents and administrators from the Chicago Math & Science Academy (CMSA).

The event is open to the public and will provide the opportunity for community members to learn more about charter schools and ask questions of the CMSA team. CMSA is one of the top three charter schools in Chicago, with every graduating senior from the class of 2009 accepted to college. Approximately 15 students from the class of 2010 will be in Peoria visiting Bradley University.

The November 5 event will also provide an update on PCSI's efforts to establish a math, science and technology charter school in District 150. On a recent bus trip to two charter schools in Chicago, including CMSA, parents of District 150 students returned stating, "We've got to get this done in Peoria" and "I saw a lot of what I'm hoping for with my kids." Another parent said, "We're failing our children if we let this (Peoria charter school) initiative die."

Currently scheduled to open in August 2010, Peoria's charter school will be a District 150 public school open to any student who applies and is selected through a lottery process. It will initially offer grades 5-7 and add a grade each year, ultimately serving grades 5-12 with a maximum of 600 students.

PCSI has submitted its final application to the District 150 Board of Education, which is expected to vote on the charter school initiative in December.

For more information contact: Jeff McCombs, 309.696.9887 or via email,

All IRS Employees Honest? Not!

According to an article in the WSJ today, the Treasury's inspector general for tax administration said on Neil Caputos Fox Business Network, that his staff has found at least 53 cases of IRS employees filing "illegal or inappropriate" claims for the $8,000 first time home buyer credit.

It is more than evident that a large number of "people" will cheat from home, classroom, in transactions, through government to get ahead. As Fox TV channel reported on their recent series "American Greed", people cheat because they think they can get away with it and everybody's doing it.

Why would people trust our government? Elected and appointed officials lie so much to get elected or appointed, it becomes part of their human nature. Depending what group they are addressing or making promises depends on the group they are addressing. They are not consistent. When wrong, they adamantly deny they are wrong.

The Republicans attack the Democrats and vice-versus but when they get in power, they do almost exactly the same thing. That reminds me. Andy McKenna for Republican Governor? I think not. However, OI will support a Republican and my person of choice base on known facts, is Dan Proft.

No wonder people who think they are honest are angry. The question hangs like the last leaf on a fall tree, are the angry people honest, in what they say or do?

So sad.

Home Buyer Credits Wide Open For Fraud

As typical with a majority of government sponsored stimulus plans, the Home-Buyer Credit plan is wrought with fraud. According to the media, tens of thousands of "people" (I call them cheaters) submitted fraudulent claims meant for first time home buyers. More than 500 people under 18, including a 4-year-old boy, had their names on applications. Mom and Dad, if you can call them that, probably put the 4 year old because they made more than the allowable yearly earnings.

"As a "refundable" tax credit, it guarantees the claimants sill get cash back even if they paid no taxes. The credits cost is running about a billion a month and $15 billion for the year. Also, even when employed by an honest buyer, it's another distortion that drives capital into housing and away from other more productive uses. For America's tens of millions of tax-paying renters, its another subsidy they provide for their neighbors to be able to sell their houses (to these first time buyer) at a higher price." (WSJ, 10/29/2009)

Most of the stimulus plans put forward this year are deeply flawed with the law of "unintended consequences" running rampart.

Privileges of the First Lady?? - Quite Excessive

I have decided to take down my earlier blog of the same title. I had asked the reader to comment on my blog site what was true or false in this email forwarded to me. Only one did. Others sent me hate emails instead of quoting on my actual blog site what was proven or they felt was in error. These emailers didn't say much about what was true. Why didn't they put their comments in my blog comment section? Most mailers did not acknowledge the last half of the email plus my year old blog, was true.

The original author of the said the "facts" that were wrong on Laura Bush and other first ladies were added without his consent, probably to make Mr. Williams look bad.

The last half of the document is true and was reported in various medias including National Review. I blogged on it a year ago without receiving any emails or comments saying I was wrong. As a reminder, volumes of false information was sent out on all types of media making far more accusations against the Bush Administration in his first year of office; yes a year because he started planning before November of last year, albeit, evidently not all planning was done for the best interests of the country.

That Obama ran on a program of deriding the rich, I thought he was at least obligated to cut expenses at the oval office. It appears he hasn't and that Michelle has approximately 20+ "helpers", about the same as Hilliary and Laura.

It is apparently true that people helping the presidents wife have grown substantially by all first ladies since the 60'.

That this administration has a great problem of telling the truth is obvious on the front page of today's JS. Truth, like beauty appears to be n the eyes of the "beholder".

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dan Proft - Gubernatorial Candidate News Release

I more than agree with you, Dan. Andy McKenna is absolutely not the future of a revived Republican Party. You are the only Republican candidate running who represents a break from a failed past.

Merle Widmer


October 27, 2009


Andy McKenna: Mayor Daley's Candidate for Governor

(Chicago, IL) – In response to Andy McKenna’s announcement this morning, conservative Republican candidate Dan Proft released the following statement:

"Andy McKenna’s entrance into this race clarifies the choice Republican primary voters have. We can nominate a candidate beholden to a small group of affluent political insiders who give money to both parties. They win when Republicans get elected; they win when Democrats get elected. Either way, you lose.

"Or we can nominate a candidate willing to take the fight to the establishment politicians of both parties, those who are concerned only with peddling influence and dividing up other people’s money. We can nominate a candidate who will fight for the people who play by the rules in Illinois for a change.

"The McKenna family has donated thousands of dollars to Chicago Democrats, including Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan, Dan Hynes, Rich Daley, and Dick Durbin. They have also donated thousands of dollars to Republicans and the Illinois Republican Party.

"Andy McKenna has taken indicted Springfield powerbroker Bill Cellini’s infamous ethos to heart, ‘When we're in, we're in, and when you're in, we're in. We're always in.’

"As Republicans, we have been down this road so many times as a party. Every time we allow the bipartisan combine to select our candidates, we run into a dead end. We cannot make the same mistake again if we want to not only win elections, but also bring about the system-change reform required to make Illinois economically viable. We cannot hope to un-fix Illinois before we un-fix our own party.

"I am the only candidate willing to make a clean break from our ignominious past; to hold cynical Chicago Democrats and complicit Republicans accountable for what has happened on their watch; and to chart a future focused on expanding opportunity for people who play by the rules in Illinois.

"As State Senator Matt Murphy, who is running on the McKenna ticket, said a few months ago, ‘People are looking for a new face to take us in a new direction, especially on the Republican side…They want to see somebody who can represent a clean break from the past.’

"Sen. Murphy is right. And that is why Andy McKenna is absolutely the wrong candidate to lead our party and lead this state."


Monday, October 26, 2009

A Must Read especially the campaign by the League of Women's Voters about stopping ObamaCare a potentially disastrous bill working its way toward passage.

Dick Morris, seen frequently on Fox News, is my favorite.

Did you read Jonah Goldberg's column on the editorial page in yesterday's JS? Match what he said to my recent blog.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

60 Minutes Tonight - Health Care Fraud

Medicare fraud is costing this country more than $60 billion a year and very little is done to stop this fraud. Watching this program tonight made me ill; this widespread and easy defrauding of the taxpayer, should make most of us ill.

The government can't run Medicare and Medicaid, can't run Amtrak, can't run the Post Office, can't run veteran's health care, can't maintain our highways, etc., why in the world would any sane person want the government to run a national health care system?

As Andy Rooney said tonight, they all cheat, the government, the hospitals, the insurance companies, many of the doctors and many of the patients.

So sad.

Peoria County $3 Million Lead Grant Failure

As reported in the JS today by reporter Clare Howard. There is a lot more to the story than what Ms. Howard reported today. It was a screw up by more than one public body spending taxpayer dollars. Ms. Howard needs to talk to County Health Director Greg Chance who was not involved in the screw-up and other people having knowledge of what went wrong, such as Don Cavi, City Health Department, Brian Gulley, Grants Manager, PCCHD, Peoria County Administrator, Patrick Urich and the Director of PCCEO. Also, ex-County Board Chairman David Williams who witnessed some of the follies from the sidelines. Why we did not get the $3 million grant renewed is not a mystery. The original $3 million awarded by HUD, 2006, to Peoria and the $750,000 awarded by the County for lead abatement (approved by the Executive Committee of the County Board on May 25, 2006, David Williams, County Board Chairman) fell into a political tug-of-war including some misunderstandings, union wage rates, lack of cooperation, too many Chiefs, and failures to act in a business like manner.

The record will show that I and other board members have been unhappy with the way this $3 million grant was handled and apparently HUD was also. Also for the record, the County Health Department has it's own board, it's own budget and County Board has only one Member on the PCCHD.

Better yet, the JS should send Ms. Howard to our Health and Environment Committee meeting this Wednesday at 3:00, Rm 402, Peoria County Court House. I'll help her get some better answers than she got from the people she contacted about this failure to secure funds for the City with the most lead poisoning problems in the state.

Health and Environment Chairperson Lynn Pearson statement in the news today was what we all know. Ms. Howard did not get into the "meat of the matter". The truth should be made public. Terry Bibo, JS reporter did get some of the facts published on 2/11/09, "Window for lead cleanup closing fast", 'Peoria County stands to lose $2 million in funds as October deadline looms'.

David Williams is running for Bonnie Hester's board seat and I wish him well. As past County Board Chairman, Williams put and kept the county representing the best interests of the entire County.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Hate Nuts

No, I don't hate our president, I and a whole lot of others fear what he is trying to do or has not done in the 10 months he has been in office. I just want him exposed for what he is. A charismatic demagogue who is very skilled in oratory and a skilled blame-shifter. I suspect if he is going to be reelected he had better "change" his ways and become the leader and unifier he promised to be. I've certainly questioned his ring of "friends" and many of his appointments. Nothing I have ever written on my blogs have derided him on the color of his skin. After all, he was born of a white mother.

Of course, others have attacked him in every way possible just as they attacked George W. Bush and every president before him. As an example, Abu Usamah At-Thababi, former spiritual leader of ICP church at 1716 North St., was captured on video in England preaching that "Westerners are pathological liars," just as he called then President Bush a pathological liar. Abu, by the way had changed his tune from when he was in Peoria where he called for tolerance.

More on Abu and former Peorian Muslim alleged terrorist in an up-coming blog.

Former President George W. Bush was attacked repeatedly in rhetoric, in cartoons, in the media, movies (think Michael Moore), viciously, personally and physically. Now comes Ernestine Jackson, head of the local branch of the NCAACP being quoted in the JS Special Section today, "Look at what is happening to Obama. People could disagree with Bush, but they were never disrespectful." What say?? She continues, "In my opinion, what we are seeing now is because of race. We are seeing a whole different dimension. It's interesting and it's discouraging. People think they can use names that are totally derogatory and say call it freedom of speech."

I agree with Mrs. Jackson but to say Obama's criticism comes because of his race is merely playing the race card to defend his many failures, especially failures of his pre-election promises. As WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan writes, "the problem isn't his personality, it's his policies."

It's time for certain black leaders to get off their high horses on race and join the overall community in trying to get this country back on track that it started to fall off long ago under Clinton, Bush and now Obama. When Bush faced the aftermath of9/11, it became his problem, no matter who was to blame before. Now Obama faces problems and they are his problems. (Haven't the the Democrats been in power in Congress since 2006??) And as Ex-President Harry Truman reportedly said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." If you don't believe Truman was vilified after he successfully brought the WW11 to an almost abrupt end and Lincoln before, during and after the Civil War, I suggest reading more history not just the sorry lot of many slaves.

I fear that Obama's failures will be attributed to people "picking" on him because of his race. It's unfortunate that people of all ethnic groups have been "picked on" over the century's; leading examples; Jews, Japanese, Mexicans and Chinese. It is past time for people of all colors to stop blaming every failure on the "race card".

Racial extremists cut both ways no matter the color of ones skin. All presidents were and are protected from physical damage from hate nuts. Most of us use logic in our criticism of our leaders and look in appreciation of those who are contributing to the betterment of society and the overall welfare of our country. And, also, with a great interest in the freedom of all the oppressed in other nations.

Let's all not be so thin skinned. We all get "picked on". And eventually the "white race" will be a minority race anyway. But black people may remain minorities forever in this country if some of their leaders don't change their ways, their actions and their thinking.

My Dad had a saying of "don't cry wolf too often because soon no one will believe you."

Right on, Dad.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oberhelman to Replace Retiring Caterpillar CEO Owens

The Heartland Partnership announces today "According to a Caterpillar announcement Doug Oberhelman has been named Caterpillar Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2010. At the June 2010 meeting of the Board of Directors, he will be elected Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, succeeding James W. Owens."

See the full story tomorrow in the Journal Star.

Landesman Mocks Peoria Again

"Man who once mocked city's arts scene will kick off 'Art Works' tour here", so said the JS today. Landesman, head of the National Endowment for the Arts, is on a 6 month tour starting in Peoria to show how cultural centers act as economic stabilizers in otherwise crumbling communities.

"Crumbling communities?" How dare he put that label on Peoria? We only have a 10% KNOWN unemployment rate and at just one KNOWN government funded company in dire financial straits. Maybe two.

Anyway, Landesman is trying to get more money added to his $155 million dollar budget and assembled at the Civic Center will be our Mayor and City Council and approximately 18 other community leaders on November 6. Maybe Landesman can help the City shore up this year's $14 million dollar deficit.

Speaking of deficits, Peoria County will have it's proposed 2010 budget available tomorrow. Any other public bodies budget available tomorrow? It is interesting that a local TV reporter and cameraman came out recently to interview me on the supposedly sad financial shape Peoria County. I didn't bite on the leading questions asked me and the reporters story landed on the floor of the cutting room.


I certainly enjoy the arts but the private sector in Peoria can't even fund their share of the museum. Other than Caterpillars commitment, I see the taxpayer funding 66% of a project 14,000 voted against where the money spent to get these 14,440 "yes" votes tallied somewhere around $600,000 to $3,000 spent by the "no" voters. (However, the art on the fences surrounding the "hole" do look nice.)

But then didn't the "squashed" survey paid by the Heartland Partnership in March 2003 say that Peoriaians would rather go to a sports event than a museum? Yes, it did, copies available. The highly regarded consultant firm was Gruen Gruen and Associates out of Northbook. In their report they wrote, " The potential ability of the Museum to raise $35 million in private funds signals a strong faith in the future of downtown Peoria."

Private funds must have included Caterpillar. Even if so, where are the other private funds that are holding up the project now with ground breaking postponed till med 2010?


The (Almost) Perfect Health Care Plan

Sent to me by a friend. Sorry I couldn't print the attached cartoon. Email if you wish and I will forward it.


Let me get this straight.

We're going to pass a health care plan

written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it,

passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it,�

signed by a president that also hasn't read it, and who smokes,�

with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes,�

overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and

financed by a country that's nearly broke.�

What possibly could go wrong?

No Moore Love Review

A review by local journalist Danielle Hatch titled "Capitalism gets no Moore love" Ms. Hatch writes "Moore is the voice of reason, his narration piping in: "This is capitalism, a system of taking and giving--mostly taking.'"

Sure, I feel sorry for the Hackers from Bartonville. And other described and elaborated to play on people's emotions. Certainly there are sorrowful stories described in all of Moore's movies. There are way more "exceptional" success stories. During the Great Depression, many farmers all around my dad's farm went under. Dad was a survivor. The 11 member family kept track of all income and expenses. In 1934, Expenses were $4063.64 and Income was $4229.32. Every penny was recorded like buying sugar, cocoa, a broom and butter for $6.01. All of us learned how to work and some skills. None of us ever went on "welfare" as known in its proper form. I know some readers will say "what about the GI Bill of rights and Medicare and Social Security?" Sure, they are types of "safety nets" but, unfortunately, the list of requests for government aid never ends.

Then there is Medicaid which is basically the opposite of Medicare.

Moore is a radical dreamer from the far left, describing fictional days when "people had a secure pensions and vacations and could get their kids a decent education without needing to take out a 6 figure loan." What socialistic crap. And many stupid college kids eat it up while on a phone paid by their parents, calling their capitalist or government employee daddy to increase the limit on their credit cards. Or maybe killing each other in friendly drinking contests, shoving matches or deadly prank playing? Where do they get the money? If Ms. Hatch went to ICC, does she know that as early as 2005, ICC was collecting $9.8 million and many other tax-payer funded grants dollars; taxes paid by non- related capitalists or from their capitalist daddies and mommies?

Too many people today seem to think the government owes them a living. Where on the world do these do-gooders think money comes from? Oops, I forget, the printing presses of the Federal Reserve. It's apparent that Moore and a majority in current government believes that also. These "people" are the great equalizers; of course, as long as they get the largest unequal share. I'd like to ask Ms. Hatch if she knows how much Moore is worth personally, does he live in an upscale neighborhood or maybe something similar to a rental home on Oakwood St. on the Southside of Peoria? Does Moore fly into towns and cities or does he bicycle in? Or come by a private bus or taxpayer supported Amtrak? Where does he stay? In a motel? Or an upscale hotel? If Ms. Hatch is a college person, who paid her way? Scholarships, grants and gifts all come from someone having the ability to make a profit to pay taxes. Or do her parents work for a tax-supported government?

Ms. Hatch and the JS did at least print a PROFESSIONAL critics report that the movie is a 2 star out of five and that "Moore's films are always entertaining, but don't expect a balanced report".

Kill capitalism and we kill this country. Tort capitalists? Send them up the river. Tort Socialists, Tort attorney's and corrupt union bosses? Corrupt leaches like some I've mentioned previously? Same thing.

In the meantime some of us had better be paying attention to what is going on. The stock market is booming but always comes a bust. Those paying attention are usually survivors when the unexpected happens. Sob stories throughout all of history, are a dime a dozen, many of these sob stories are made "at home by common ordinary people, right here in the U.S.A." Other, are just plain misfortune. But I don't recall anyone telling me life was a lark. When things went bad in my life, which they often did, I adapted. Seems to have worked out fairly well, considering.

Moore knows how to play gullible youth and socialistic bent others. Like a drum beat.

Democratic ACORN

In an article from the AP printed in today's Js under the title "New ACORN tape released by activists", the writer took the liberty of calling "ACORN a 'Democratic' leaning organization."

Sorry, liberal AP writer, ACORN is not a "Democratic" leaning organization but an organization leaning heavily toward the Obama Democrats.

Big difference as Democratic in the dictionary is described as "favoring Democracy", not favoring Socialism as ACORN has proven over and over. Yes, I agree, there is corruption in all elements of government. ACORN corruption is not above being rooted out and exposed.

More so when they are supported by our president and public dollars.

OBama's War

Our President Obama is both openly and secretly waging a "war" against anyone who speaks out against him or opposes him. Not just the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Fox News, but most of the clear-thinking people in the United States who believe we have a Democracy in our Republic. Even some of our most liberal newspapers are starting to speak up and print the some of the truth that many of us have known since he first started dominating the news with his promises of a "turkey (or maybe a rock now??) in everybody's pot".

His maneuvering should remind a lot of us of what is happening in the parts of Muslim ethnic groups and their "rage" over any caricaturization of Muhammad, dead all these 1400 years.

While most Christians are not happy of any caricaturization of Jesus Christ or of God, we do not issue "Fatahs".

Basically, it is apparent Obama is issuing Fathas to Capitalism and freedom of speech.


Marriott Hotel and Convention Center Opening October 30, 2009

No, not in Peoria but in Normal. The 228 bed unit with 500 parking spaces cost $75 million. Rooms will run from $99 to $299 depending on the slow seasons and ISU homecomings, conventions, etc., when the hotel owners will stick it to the suckers, I mean, outsiders who come to visit.

What deals were made with the City of Normal, I do not know but the city or town is running a $4 million plus budget deficit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dan Proft - Gubernatorial Candidate News Release

October 19, 2009

News Release:
Proft Responds to Victory of Families of Children With Disabilities Over Gov. Quinn and SEIU

(Chicago, IL) – In response to the victory families of children with disabilities won over the SEIU and Gov. Pat Quinn today, conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft released the following statement:

“I congratulate the families of children with disabilities whose brave efforts prevented Gov. Pat Quinn and the SEIU from forcing the unionization of participants in the Home-based Support Services Program administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services. These courageous families have won an important victory for their families and for those in their care.

“Against SEIU bullies and the power of the governor’s office, those who waged this fight were able to preserve the independence of the rare state program that is actually working as promised. It works as promised because it sends money directly to the families of children with disabilities and not through bureaucracies and public sector unions. We should emulate this model in many of our state’s services.

“I especially recognize the hard work and dedication of leaders such as Ellen Bronfeld, Gordon Stiefel, and Pam Harris, all parents of children with disabilities, who were the public face of this fight and represented the thousands who voted to reject an SEIU invasion into the care of their children. And as selfless as was their fight on behalf of their own children, they also won a fight for you and me.

“In this case, the SEIU threw its support behind Gov. Quinn and, in exchange, the governor used his executive authority to pressure families of the disabled into union shops. They organized, clearly articulated an unambiguous message grounded in what is right, and reached out to non-traditional coalition partners around a common goal. And we can too.

“They have shown all of us what can be achieved when the people who play by the rules stand up to the Chicago Democrats and their patronage machine: we can win. That’s the message people all across Illinois should take away from today’s victory, and a message I will take to every voter in this state.”


Heartland Partnership Staff Realignment

To All Heartland Partnership Board Members,

The Heartland Partnership is undergoing a staff realignment and office reorganization in order to be more efficient and more productive.

Rob Parks will become President of the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and step away from the day-to-day operations of the Chamber. She will continue handling advocacy and policy issues for the Chamber and will focus more on regional, state and national issues. Terry Best will take over the day- to-day operations of the Chamber and become the Vice President of Programs and Membership Services.

Kip McCoy will be taking on some of the human resource responsibilities of Heartland Partnership, along with his Heartland Capital Network duties. Kip's new title will be Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Heartland Partnership.

Kyle Ham will be moving his office to the Innovation Center. Kyle will still have Heartland Partnership duties; however, he will physically be located at the Innovation Center to be closer to the tenant companies and the day-to-day operations of that facility.

This reorganization will help the Heartland Partnership family of companies meet the demands of the recovering economic activities of this region, as well as expanding the organization's abilities to maintain our presence in Central Illinois. These changes will begin right away and we hope to have full implementation by October 30th.

Jim McConoughey

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Criminal's View

I have now completed this blog I started on the 16th. Find it in my archives.

I have long supported crime early on prevention, education and rehabbing, much of my efforts to no avail. I have a lot of information accumulated over many years. Anyone interested in some of it is welcome. A lot of talk about this subject in the County's Judicial Committee without much action.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Peoria Chronicle - Kill the Museum Project Now

For the latest information of the 7 year struggle of the museum to get private investors to contribute the 2/3 investment the public was promised by the Committee and spokesperson, Brad McMillan, read C. J. Summer's blog "The Peoria Chronicle" today.

Yes, 7 years or more. The first article I can find in the Journal Star is dated January 19, 2002: a meeting at which Lakeview CEO Jim Richerson is quoted as saying that "individual" citizens are going to be the key to the 55$ million (now $78 million) project's success. This is not a matter of us selling this project to the public, it is a matter of the community coming together to craft a legacy".

In the end, the museum people spent over $600,000 to "educate" (sell?) the community yet over 14,000 people voted that they did not want the museum especially at that site and with an underground garage and the money was never raised to build it. Why is the land still vacant? It is a failure of 7 years trying to get public support, especially from the "big hitters" who promised to raise the money and weren't even able to fund an endowment of $7-14 million projected as needed by museum supporters and planners.

Summer's is right, kill the project and sell the land to downtown developers. The sale of the land reputed to be worth $7 million will help fund the cities millions of dollar deficit this year and next year.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Illinois Legislative Reform? Or More Power to Politicians?

Email worth forwarding from Republican Dan Pelphrey.


Our View: More Power to Political Leaders? That isn't Reform

Forgive us for wondering why ethics/campaign financing reform is just so darn difficult in a state where money has affirmed and reaffirmed itself as the root of all political evil, with our fair share of devils in the federal pokey to prove it.

On Wednesday the Legislature opened its veto session with the House Executive Committee advancing a campaign finance limits bill championed by Speaker Michael Madigan to the House floor for a vote. While the bill would cap campaign contributions in Illinois for the first time, conveniently it exempts political parties and legislative leaders - like Madigan, chairman of Illinois' Democratic Party, himself.

As of this writing, the full House had not yet weighed in. Because a supermajority is needed for passage, at least one Republican would have to join a unanimous Democratic vote to then move the measure to the Senate. Should it fail, the two chambers could always vote to override the governor's August veto of House Bill 7, which also imposed donation ceilings, if set too high to be considered meaningful reform. Or they could do nothing, which would preserve the sky-is-the-limit status quo and allow Illinois to retain its title as the "Wild West" of campaign funding.

In some ways this rewrite is better than the flawed House Bill 7, specifically in restricting campaign contributions from individuals, unions and corporations to election cycles rather than permitting them every year. (Allowable gifts would still be fatter than federal limits.) But in other ways it's worse, as it strengthens leaders' hands at the expense of everybody else's. That's a deal-breaker.

Indeed, it is silly to pretend that party and leadership dollars don't alter the outcomes of local elections in ways that do not necessarily serve the best interests of the locals. The only exposure most voters have to the candidates is through campaign commercials - which many are gullible enough to believe - and in central Illinois, at least, big money from someplace else buys those ads.

Unfortunately that too often produces representation that is not independent, that is more beholden to those political benefactors than to their own constituents, that is not the best and the brightest that a community has to offer. (Indeed, it's far easier to manipulate the vote of a pushover than someone who has a mind of his or her own.) Arguably it rewards laziness, as candidates have less incentive to get out and meet and raise money from the locals and learn what their concerns are. We need look no farther than last year's 92nd District House race, where the overwhelming majority of campaign contributions to both sides were generated outside the Peoria area.

Might we venture that as a result, state government in Illinois has become an embarrassment, the laughingstock of the nation, wholly incapable of even confronting its most pressing and chronic problems?

Yet the reluctance of the state's legislative leaders and Madigan most of all to put the brakes on their personal ability to dispense funds and favors is almost palpable. "A political party exists to support its candidates. That's what it does," the Speaker said Wednesday, making no apologies. Madigan is clever but misstates the issue, which is this: It's not whether the parties should have influence but how much and at what point it becomes unhealthy, counterproductive to the clean - or at least non-corrupt - and competent functioning of government. We'd suggest we're at that point.

In fact it's always easier to discipline everyone but yourself. That's a theme that seems to be emerging in this six-day veto session, as another proposal has emerged, this one in the state Senate, that would give voters a crack at being able to recall a governor, but not any other Illinois politician.

The conniving can find a way around any law if they're so motivated but that's no reason to make it easy on them. Let's face it, Illinois is no longer the Land of Lincoln but the Pay-to-Play State. Given that, if the people running the show in Springfield can't pass a pro-good government, anti-scandal bill now, perhaps there's just no hope for them, as we approach elections next year.

This email was sent to by
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92nd District Watch | 8835 N. Knoxville | Peoria | IL | 61615

Crime Prevention - The Criminal's View

Quotes from an article "Rule of Law" in the 8/3/1994 edition of the WSJ, written by Charles Colson, himself an ex-con. The WSJ distributed a survey nationwide to all inmates asking them "What could have stopped you from breaking the law?" These answers from the inmates back then are no more surprising today then they were 15 years ago:

Watching TV and seeing people commit crimes - the way it is done, the way it is glamorized on TV - made me think of doing it myself. Childhoods spent in not listening no one. Bored with school. Drug and alcohol addition. Hitting homes with no crime watch district. Bad family life where indifference or terror both reigned. Sexual abuse disregarded. Imitating their peers who were already off in a life of crime suggesting the wrong role models especially within their home.

These are a few of the reasons why they got in trouble with the law. Old news with maybe a few new reasons like widespread cheating, not knowing who to trust and the increase in the use of drugs and growth of more gangs and more members. The public school system that bored them 15 years ago hasn't changed that much. The kids need to be "sold" to understand why school learning is so important to their lives. And there has to be a curricula that holds their interest.

Whoops, I hit enter by mistake and I published this blog before completion. I will complete tomorrow.


In today's criminal climate the average person wants criminals locked without much concern about what happens to them inside. But 97% of those who go in eventually come out. What kind of people will they be then? When they come out they are simply more schooled in more sophisticated crime.

If we want them to be schooled in something more productive, it's imperative we provide them educational and vocational programs. Nationally, the rate of inmates who are rearrested after release is 60% to 70%. But among inmates who receive two years of education, the rate drops to a mere 10%.

Colson believes that one solution to our crime problem is a spiritual one. Across the country, his group called Prison Fellowship - Life Plan volunteers are involved in all aspects of working with inmates, their families and victims of crime. Upon release, Life Plan matches them with a volunteer who works with them for at least six months, which is the period a released person is most like to return to a live of crime.

Colson says that in and out of prison programs for their rehabilitation must be offered. It does not mean coddling them but challenging them to change from the inside, to accept responsibilities.

So 15 years later, everything in this article by Colson remains true. We mainly lock people up with the major concern that they don't escape, kill one another or cause an discipline problems. All well and good. But what happens when they are released, if married, probably divorced, no job to return to and no education while incarcerated? Yes, some en lighted communities with jails and prisons offer learning of vocational skills and educational opportunities. Most do not.

There is a feeling by the average person that why should we train and educate them at taxpayer expense? Good question and easily answered. Is it cheaper to hire more officers, build and incarcerate people who could become productive in a free society? The answer is clear. It is much more expensive to society to hire all security types, build prisons and jails, staff and maintain them, hunt down and arrest, and take care of prisoners than it is to prepare them for the possibility of a live without crime in the rest of their lives.

Don't expect the police chief, sheriff, state police or other security types to rehabilitate and prepare them for a crime-free life possibility. We have hired security and staff to keep the community free of crime. Hunt down and arrest and put them away. It is up to the community. Here in Peoria County we have an opportunity to take the now Peoria County owned 43 acre abandoned Hanna City Correctional Center and turn it into an educational and vocational center for those inmates who will soon be returned to another chance of making it in the world as it exists today.

More on Hanna City opportunities later. Click on Prison Fellowship - Life Plan to learn more what this tremendous group is doing to rehabilitate those that many would write off as lost.

As an aside I did hire ex-cons in my business. One of them had committed a murder in a fight at the age of 17. Last I heard he was doing well, had married one of my better ex-employees, had a family and was involved in technology in the Chicago area.

Peoria, Illinois - Flashback - 5/10/07

"Peoria's Survey Ranking Falls", "City is #125 on list of most desirable metro areas to live", so said the JS quoting "Cities Ranked and Rated" who based their facts on a survey of 400 cities ranked by 10 categories, including our economy, crime rate, quality of education and cost of living. Frowned on was Peoria's lack of air service and entertainment.

The survey said that downtown Peoria was clean, quiet and unremarkable. Hmmm.

How did "Cities Ranked and Rated" rank us in 2008 and 2009?

Today's JS and the Heartland Partnership lauded Peoria as being ranked #5 as the "Best Place to Launch a Business", per a 2009 survey by CNN/Money that breaks down the best areas to live into four categories. Peoria was also 15th in the nation of any size and the only city ranked in Illinois.

Perhaps note was taken of all the empty buildings in Peoria in which to launch a business. Let's hope the Heartland Partnership is getting these buildings filled up. I note Jeff Green is expanding his automotive business into the old Menard building but I do not know whether his old location will become vacant. I'm still waiting for FireFly and the ballpark to take off.

Where were we ranked last year by CNN/Money? Also, the JS footnote gave as a location to learn more about this survey. However, my computer 3 times took me to a PC Repair site when I clicked on this reference. Anyone able to find it? If so, please email me or put a correction in my comment site.

I and many others look forward to more businesses and permanent residents to come in and reduce the property tax load on the current residents. Or will they all receive tax abatement's and other incentives for locating here? Since this is a great place to start a new business, why do all of them need to be subsidized? I'm all for new businesses in Peoria but I hope they are all financed by "angels" or venture capital. Better yet, use their own money. And speaking of angels when are these angels coming forth with PRIVATE money to build and endow the new museum? The monied private sector is still waiting for stimulus money (taxpayer dollars) as I have reason to suspect.

Good questions?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time to Grade District 150 Principals

So said Superintendent Ken Hinton, backed by board member Debbie Wolfmeyer, who said she didn't want principals handed raises without any evaluations, which she said took place last year. (JS, spring of 2009 article by Dave Haney)

No evaluations of principals? What was the superintendent doing? Promoting them into "Peter Principle" positions by seniority or race or the color of the classroom? And are they still?

Good grief!

And now #150 is further "dumbing down" the systems by having a committee of which teachers were a part of, to agree that a 50 would be the lowest any kid could be graded "because the administration looked at ways students were "not always putting themselves in that hole of not being able to climb out of." And Hinton said "that once you have so many children getting a zero, it's shuts them down; in other words they know there is no way for them to recover." (JS 10/6/09, Dave Haney)

If anyone in our relatively poor family of nine kids ever got an F, we got the razor strap across our buttocks. I don't recall any of the nine of us EVER ending up in jail or my Dad being reported to DCFS. An organization with a lot of it's own problems. But we did have community schools back then. And the community participated in "goings on" at the local schools.

Good grief again, no wonder so many people are in a depressive mood when they see a collapsing of a past way of life. Yet, on the other hand, we are the ones that got us here. We met the enemy and he was us to quote a phrase.

School Superintendents Don't Matter Much

So wrote William Strawberry on 8/16/04, one of my favorite black columnists in the JS back then. Strawberry wrote, "I don't mean to say that there aren't places where brilliant leadership from the central office has made a difference. I do mean to say that central office leadership isn't the main thing that's wrong with the public schools. What is: Snarled lines of authority, so that those with the responsibility are not always those with the authority or the checkbook, and no one knows who is responsible to whom; the flight of the middle-class to nonpublic schools, greatly reducing the pressure on those in charge to provide resources and to raise expectations; the fact that the school system (like the local city and county government) seems to see itself more of a source of jobs for people they favor as a vehicle for raising a generation of children.

There is, I would add, a lack of passionate involvement of parents and neighbors at the individual school level." (Mr. Strawberry, watch things in Peoria really go to pot when Woodruff High School is combined with Peoria High several miles away)

Strawberry continues, "No, the central office we have been relying on for all these years is a huge part of the problem. Isn't it clear by now how much the fights among school leaders including school boards, city councils and (mayors) have to do with political power--and how little with the education of our children.

And a little unsolicited advise. Lose those national search companies that keep coming up with the same list of marginally successful applicants. Better to spend the effort on making sure that each school has a savvy, committed and accountable principal. An outstanding principal will make more difference, and make it more quickly, than an outstanding superintendent, who will take a year or more to figure out what wrong and which people can be counted on to fix it.

Good luck but I'm too old to believe in school fairies."

Mr. Strawberry was a columnist I always looked forward to reading. Too bad the Journal Star doesn't publish his columns anymore. As to the lack of involvement by parents and neighbors, they have frankly given up on local bureaucracies. The day the larger cities did away with community schools is where the system started it's rapid descent. That along with the rise of militant union leaders have basically killed the public school system. However, I agree with most of what Terry Knapp said except his complaint about a "Caucasian" in charge. In the real world, the overwhelming majority of blacks report to white or Caucasian leadership.

Cash Strapped School district #150 Takes on More Expense

Peoria Public School District #150 just set another example as to why the entire administrative system needs a change and soon. As the news media reports AGAIN today the failures of the public school systems to get kids to even take an interest in basic arithmetic, let alone math. But the new example? The school board consists of 7 non-paid members serving 5 year "sentences", but only 5 of the 7 showed to discuss publicly and vote for a a new leader as per JS Columnist Dave Haney. Haney reports today, "Durflinger will now Lead District 150." Durflinger will be paid $673 a day plus expenses each day he works and probably left unsaid, he will probably be kept on after the Hinton replacement is hired to work along side the new administrator.

To illustrate how weak administration at #150 is, no one was qualified to assist Hinton in his lingering months. The statement by board member Wolfmeyer that moving somebody up would cause a "domino effect" of shuffling administrators, again showing the lack of any majority of the board having a concept of how to run a business.

A Superintendent with a business and financial background would have merely increased the load on the bevy of current department heads in administration making $100,000 plus salaries with fat retirement pensions, vacations, sick leave, not to mention "personal" days off.

Done every month in the private sector that pays taxes, not collects and spends OPM.

Speaking of "sick" this district is sick and I do not see a bright future for the system as a whole. The JS recently ran an article saying Peoria could be a senior mecca. The speaker, being the head of a out-of-town headquartered bank, was probably not aware of all the new taxes and increased old taxes such as will be coming from #150 and a slew of other taxes. Or he is just a money lending optimist.

I hear Ross and Gorenz had reasons to not attend this special event. Then they should have scheduled a "special" meeting. And what a shame that Hinton developed no one under him to move up and assist him for this short period of time before his early retirement. The board should have insisted that Hinton groom an interim assistant.

On August 3, 2007, the HS reported that Hinton would be out 3 months, "Hinton had surgery and has been in and out of work and has yet to return to work full-time. Question: Who ran the district during Hinton's many absences?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Republican Governatorial Candidate Dan Proft

Folks, Republicans and Independents cannot win with re-runs of those Republicans who have been part of a failed Illinois State Government all these years.


Proft Responds to Jim Edgar's Endorsement of Kirk Dillard

October 12, 2009

In response to former Governor Jim Edgar’s endorsement of his friend State Sen. Kirk Dillard today, conservative Republican candidate for Governor Dan Proft issued the following statement:

This election is not about politicians endorsing other politicians. The challenge and opportunity for the Republican Party in Illinois is to nominate a candidate for Governor who can and will provide constructive policy form to the anger and frustration felt by people who play by the rules and who have been gamed by a system set up to benefit and advance the political careers of Chicago Democrats.

If we have a gubernatorial nominee that blurs the lines of distinction between the two parties, then we will continue to lose elections. Sen. Dillard is a perfectly fine gentleman, but he has been a part of the failed go-along-to-get-along approach in Springfield for the past 15 years. Nothing more clearly illustrates this than Sen. Dillard’s decision to appear in a television commercial for Barack Obama during the presidential campaign in which Sen. Dillard offered the following review of Obama:

"Senator Obama worked on some of the deepest issues we had and he was successful in a bipartisan way."

"Republican legislators respected Senator Obama. His negotiation skills and an ability to understand both sides would serve the country very well."

I disagree with Sen. Dillard that either President Obama’s “negotiation skills” or his “ability to understand both sides” is serving our country well.

Sen. Dillard is content to manage the decline of this state. He has voted for tax increases, more borrowing, and expanded gambling—all policies advanced by Chicago Democrats to finance the status quo.

We need a gubernatorial nominee who will take the fight to the Chicago Democrats and present a clear, contrast, conservative reform vision for what Illinois could be and where our state could go if we completely rethought and reordered all of the big-ticket systems in state government, not a single one of which is financially sustainable in current form.

I am the only candidate in either party proposing tax cuts and spending caps to revitalize our economy by rewarding entrepreneurship and encouraging work and investment.

I am the only candidate in either party with a plan to overhaul K-12 education in Illinois to end the discrimination against children based on their address and household income.

I am the only candidate in either party who has a proposed a market-oriented reform to Medicaid to control the program’s costs while improving the access to quality care for Medicaid-eligible Illinoisans.

If the Republican Party wants to win in 2010, we have to define our constituency as the people who play by the rules in Illinois and take the fight to the Chicago Democrats on their behalf with our policy vision.

As far as Sen. Dillard taking up this fight? Just this weekend on the Jerry Agar Show on WGN-Radio (AM 720), Sen. Dillard said, “I can go helmet-to-helmet with Speaker Madigan, if I have to.”

After 15 years in Springfield, Sen. Dillard has apparently not yet seen the need to go “helmet-to-helmet” with Speaker Madigan. And therein lies the problem in Springfield and the fatal flaw of Sen. Dillard’s candidacy.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Noble Obamaism - Peace and the Economy

Forty-six killed by terrorist bomb blast in Pakistan yesterday. Pakistan announces plans to really get after the killers hiding in the mountain caves with Usama.

What's new?

A flashback to the mid-thirties from Leo M. Murray from Belvidere, N.J. writes in the WSJ, "President Roosevelt started the WPA, the CCC, and other make work projects in 1933. Idle adult males started working, sending money home and their families were paying off accumulated bills. Few, if any, worried about the toll on taxpayers. They were getting roads, cleaner surroundings and even substantial art.

The economic turnaround may have been from a very low pre-Roosevelt base, but it was also accomplished in the first term of a president with a sharper focus on where the money went than President Obama, dealing with today's bust, has. Today's working class sees the government spending inconceivable amounts of money on 'earmarks' and other projects whose prime purpose seems to be more like make-work for government employees and power for Democrat congressman, than an effort to restore dignity to the unhappily unemployed."

And Merri Spaeth of Dallas, Tx. writes "Speaking as a small business owner, I can tell you that business, especially small business, where most of the jobs are, can and will hire quickly, and it's a big 'if' today, taxes are competitive with the rest of the world. This means lower taxes, simpler taxes and much more consistent tax policies. No 'tweaking' and raising back and forth every year. We do not need another government funded 'temporary' or 'targeted' tax credit. That's an invitation to more government mischief.

Business are not hiring because we have no idea what the next year will look like."

Not to worry, Merrie Spaeth, we know the Federal Government is still hiring and will be hiring for at least another three years. And don't worry about new taxes; they are coming at warp speed from all sources, many in disguise, from all levels of the public sector.

The economy? 15,000,000 laid off or fired with predictions this figure will grow. Locally, the museum committee promised new jobs to stimulate the economy while spending $640,000 or more on educating the public how to vote on the referendum. The referendum passed by less than a 1% margin. Now the committee says wait till next summer. Construction costs and all costs will then most likely be higher if the administration promised recovery is real.

Now that the Olympics in the U.S is a dead issue, after the Nobel Peace prize winner is through being wined and dined, after some sort of a nine hundred billion health "plan" is foisted on the middle class, a presidential "decision" is made about how to win a peace in Afghanistan, maybe our president will have enough time to get real about our stagnant economy.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Peoria Riverfront Museum Update

No Museum construction this year. No Caterpillar Visitors Construction this year. Why not? The private sector hasn't come up with the money they promised the county before the county agreed to put the issue on a referendum. Now officials are saying that no ground on either project will be broken until the middle of 2010.

Missing is the promised $3 million endowment fund; assumed $5 million endowment fund. Short is at least $6 million of the promised $10 million by the CEO Roundtable group. (Promised approximately 2 years ago) Missing is at least $4 million to complete the underground parking deck. Since $556,000 was lost last year on pledges and investment losses were considerable, there is no available knowledge how much private dollars have shrunk since 6/30/08. Those figures from June 30/08 through the end of September, 2009 are available and it incumbent on the three County Board Members who now serve on the museum committee to make that information available to the full board now. I'm sure our administrator has the figures as does our liaison, retired Caterpillar Executive, Mark Johnson.

In July, the JS reported that the museum still lacked $5 million in private and public funds. It lacks considerably more than that amount unless the figures made available by our administrator are incorrect. I suggest my figures are correct and the private sector is waiting for the taxpayer to fund more of the cost that has been apparent for some time.

Brad McMillian stood before the County Board at the time we voted on whether or not to put the question on a referendum and assured the board that the public would only be required to put up %33 of of the $78 million cost of the building. It has appeared for some time that the opposite would be true.

Mark Johnson, Liaison from the County Board to the Museum Committee called the negotiations between the City, County and the museum committee, a "mess". However, it is not only the negotiations that are the main reason for any progress going forward. No it is the lack of promised private funding many of us suspected from the beginning.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Merle's Musings

Congratulations to Debbie Adlof for nine years of publishing the Community Word. Always some good columns in her paper, especially the November issue featuring "Straight Talk" with Roger Monroe. Roger grades the school board correctly..Bill Dennis, with his "City Beat" vents his ire at the City and School Board..Bill Knight puts it all in perspective with the lyrics of "Trip Around the Sun".

Dolores Klein bemoans the lack of women's rights. Suggested reading for Dolores would be "Murder in the Name of Honor", by Rana Husseini, featuring stories of a Muslim radical tradition that is surfacing in the United States in increasing numbers as radical Muslims clamor for Shaira law to exist along side our established law. Our laws of treat murder of women as murder. Rana Husseni tells real horror stories about some Muslim tribes where it is a tradition to call murder a family "honor killing" that often allows the "honor protecting killer" to walk free.

As more Muslims inhabit this country more demands will be made by growing ethnic groups, demands that most of you will hear about, such as the demand for two Muslim religious holidays for the New York Public School System. If Bloomberg assents, I suggest that all religious holidays be removed from the public school sector or declare a holiday for every religious group in the United States where the number I'm told is approaching 10,000.

I read today that Dr. Gorenz is not running for reelection. He says the 6 years he will be completing added on to a new term of 5 years is just too much. The Peoria County Board just approved a 6 year appointment to the county. What slightly insane legislators set these ridiculously long terms? I'm trying to find out on the County Board level. Dr. Gorenz would do the community a service by asking why school board terms aren't three years or four at an absolute maximum.

Big Al is as happy as "a possum eating bumblebees", an old farmers saying, figuring the hotel deal which puts the Peoria City taxpayer in risk of up to $81 million, payments to be made on principle ($39 million)and interest up until year 2032 if the development fails.

If the project fails would the developer be on the hook? Do you think failure is not an option? The developer is a businessman. The City eagerly accepts responsibility up to $81 million that in "days of yore" would have been private capital risk. The JS reported yesterday that the developer is seeking $7 million in tax credits, (also taxpayer dollars) that according to City Councilman Gary Sandberg would probably take the developer almost completely off the hook and put the burden on the taxpayer should this ambitious plan not "pan" out.

Hey, as one county board member said "nothing ventured, nothing gained". I agree, but politicians always find it easy to risk OPM and very little of their own.

Edison schools are always coming under fire from the union. Not because they don't outperform IF ADMINISTRATION selects the right principal, but because Edison type and Private Charter Schools are IN DIRECT COMPETITION to the union's stranglehold on the public school sector. I see where the retired president of the local teacher's union is leading a drive to seek an injunction to stop the closing of Woodruff High. Why would I suspect the union's biggest concern is the loss of dues paying teaching jobs?


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Michelle Malkin and Dan Proft

Michelle Malkin is one of the best columnists and a most outstanding guest speaker on national networks; look her resume up on your search machine, She is amazing. Both Michelle and Dan speak my viewpoints.

Merle Widmer

October 5, 2009

Michelle Malkin Takes Up Dan's Fight!

Conservative Columnist Shines Light on Quinn and SEIU

October 5, 2009

Today conservative columnist Michelle Malkin took up our fight against Gov. Quinn’s Executive Order to unionize personal support workers of disabled children. Citing my press conference last week on her blog, Michelle shines a light on Gov. Quinn’s cynical ploy to payoff his public sector union financiers in SEIU with his intrusion into the homes of families with disabled children.

Writes Michelle:

"Roughly 3,500 people in Illinois receive state funding to assist someone, usually a family member, at home with a developmental disability. In June, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn signed an executive order approving collective bargaining by “individual providers of home-based support services” — effectively busting open the doors of private homes for the Purple Shirts of the SEIU and other union competitors hungry for new dues-paying members.

"The home-based workers weren’t seeking a collective bargaining agent.

"But unions were targeting them…

"Who will fight the SEIU and its power-hungry union competitors?

"With a few exceptions, Republican officeholders have been asleep at the wheel — or worse, on the union dole themselves:

"Today conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft joined families with disabled children to protest Gov. Pat Quinn’s Executive Order 09-15 which provides public sector unions SEIU and AFSCME the ability to unionize providers of services to the disabled under the Home-based Support Services Program administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services. In many instances, the persons who have qualified for assistance as home-based service providers are the parents of the disabled children."

If we are serious about protecting and providing for the most vulnerable in our society, then we must stand with families playing by the rules to provide for their disabled children.

Proft News Release -


October 6, 2009

Andrzejewski for Corzine?

A Republican in Illinois Owes a Republican in New Jersey an Apology

Adam Andrzejewski owes the Republican gubernatorial nominee in New Jersey an apology. In an utterly bizarre email to his supporters yesterday, Adam criticizes so-called “New Jersey Republicans” for discounting his unoriginal demand that candidates release their personal financial information.

Specifically, Adam is angry at State Sen. Bill Brady for calling Adam’s mundane challenge for candidates to release their incomes tax returns a “gimmick."

Adam’s email then takes a weird and wholly unnecessary detour to insult and undermine Chris Christie, a reform Republican who is fighting the good fight to take the governor’s mansion back from a toxic Democrat political machine led by one of the most partisan, disreputable and well-financed Democrats in the country: Jon Corzine.

From Adam’s email:

"As for today's message, we'd like to share with you the dangers of nominating a 'New Jersey Republican.' Recent news from New Jersey - a state ravaged by the same bad policies put forth by Illinois Democrat political class over the last 10-15 years - illustrates what happens when the Republican candidate runs a content-free campaign of platitudes and warmed-over sound bites. A 14 point lead evaporates. … Nominating an Illinois version of a New Jersey-style 'Christie' candidacy isn't going to cut it."

What is the point of this outburst? How does this help our party?

The most peculiar aspect of his email is that Adam criticizes Christie for not proposing tax relief. Guess what? Neither does Adam. In fact, Adam recently said during a joint appearance that we shouldn’t cut taxes.

I am the only candidate, of either party, in this race who has proposed specific tax cuts (and permanent spending caps). So while I agree with the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board that Chris Christie would help himself by offering specific tax relief proposals, I am more concerned with the lack of similar proposals from my opponents in the Illinois governor’s race.

Adam is a novice in Illinois politics—and it shows. Even after announcing his candidacy for governor, he didn’t know what the breakdown between Republicans and Democrats was in the Illinois General Assembly. (Watch his interview with Public Affairs host Jeff Berkowitz with the relevant exchange beginning at 8:55.) This is an important detail for a potential governor who wants to actually move ideas through the legislative arena.

As a U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie won convictions or guilty pleas from 130 public officials, both Republican and Democrat, without losing a single case. His record frankly is more impressive than that of anyone in the Illinois race, including my own. He is now in the fight of his life against Gov. Corzine. So what good does it do for a fellow Republican, with no skin in the game, to hand ammunition to New Jersey Democrats to score points against fellow Republicans in Illinois? Ready. Fire. Aim.

Adam criticizes others in this race for lacking ideas, when he has exactly two of his own. The first, that we should all release our personal tax returns, is hardly ground-breaking. The second idea is that transparency is an end in and of itself, rather than a means to an end. California is one of the most transparent states in the union – and look how that’s working out.

I have been unsparing in my criticism of fellow candidates. I have no problem with spirited critiques rooted in policy choices or policy ideas. But I do it with my own thoughts and my own ideas, and I make sure that my criticism is well-founded. To go after Chris Christie, a man who has done more to clean up New Jersey politics and put more corrupt public officials in jail than almost anyone else, as someone bereft of ideas is just strange.

Chris Christie is running against Jon Corzine, one of the most odious Democrats from a vile political machine that rivals our own. I'm with Christie. Adam, who are you with?


October 6, 2009

Andrzejewski for Corzine?

A Republican in Illinois Owes a Republican in New Jersey an Apology

Adam Andrzejewski owes the Republican gubernatorial nominee in New Jersey an apology. In an utterly bizarre email to his supporters yesterday, Adam criticizes so-called “New Jersey Republicans” for discounting his unoriginal demand that candidates release their personal financial information.

Specifically, Adam is angry at State Sen. Bill Brady for calling Adam’s mundane challenge for candidates to release their incomes tax returns a “gimmick."

Adam’s email then takes a weird and wholly unnecessary detour to insult and undermine Chris Christie, a reform Republican who is fighting the good fight to take the governor’s mansion back from a toxic Democrat political machine led by one of the most partisan, disreputable and well-financed Democrats in the country: Jon Corzine.

From Adam’s email:

"As for today's message, we'd like to share with you the dangers of nominating a 'New Jersey Republican.' Recent news from New Jersey - a state ravaged by the same bad policies put forth by Illinois Democrat political class over the last 10-15 years - illustrates what happens when the Republican candidate runs a content-free campaign of platitudes and warmed-over sound bites. A 14 point lead evaporates. … Nominating an Illinois version of a New Jersey-style 'Christie' candidacy isn't going to cut it."

What is the point of this outburst? How does this help our party?

The most peculiar aspect of his email is that Adam criticizes Christie for not proposing tax relief. Guess what? Neither does Adam. In fact, Adam recently said during a joint appearance that we shouldn’t cut taxes.

I am the only candidate, of either party, in this race who has proposed specific tax cuts (and permanent spending caps). So while I agree with the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board that Chris Christie would help himself by offering specific tax relief proposals, I am more concerned with the lack of similar proposals from my opponents in the Illinois governor’s race.

Adam is a novice in Illinois politics—and it shows. Even after announcing his candidacy for governor, he didn’t know what the breakdown between Republicans and Democrats was in the Illinois General Assembly. (Watch his interview with Public Affairs host Jeff Berkowitz with the relevant exchange beginning at 8:55.) This is an important detail for a potential governor who wants to actually move ideas through the legislative arena.

As a U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie won convictions or guilty pleas from 130 public officials, both Republican and Democrat, without losing a single case. His record frankly is more impressive than that of anyone in the Illinois race, including my own. He is now in the fight of his life against Gov. Corzine. So what good does it do for a fellow Republican, with no skin in the game, to hand ammunition to New Jersey Democrats to score points against fellow Republicans in Illinois? Ready. Fire. Aim.

Adam criticizes others in this race for lacking ideas, when he has exactly two of his own. The first, that we should all release our personal tax returns, is hardly ground-breaking. The second idea is that transparency is an end in and of itself, rather than a means to an end. California is one of the most transparent states in the union – and look how that’s working out.

I have been unsparing in my criticism of fellow candidates. I have no problem with spirited critiques rooted in policy choices or policy ideas. But I do it with my own thoughts and my own ideas, and I make sure that my criticism is well-founded. To go after Chris Christie, a man who has done more to clean up New Jersey politics and put more corrupt public officials in jail than almost anyone else, as someone bereft of ideas is just strange.

Chris Christie is running against Jon Corzine, one of the most odious Democrats from a vile political machine that rivals our own. I'm with Christie. Adam, who are you with?


Peoria County Budget Balancing Efforts - 2009 & 2010

Last night the entire County Board met as a "Committee of the Whole" to listen to our administration dialogue with us as to how to meet the current deficits and the forging of a new 2010 Budget.

Much of what transpired is available for viewing on the website. Also in today's JS by Karen McDonald. Also quotes from my interview with WMBD TV at 6:00 PM.

We are going to balance the budget in as fair a way as possible. We are still in a recession, a rather strange one, with the stock market having some hefty gains, while 15 million workers are on lay-offs or have been fired, the overwhelming majority from the private sector. My position is that administration and the board saw or were warned that the recession would eventually hit Peoria and when it did we had to make changes quickly. I personally was assured that we had a lot of safety valves.

As our Financial Officer, Eric Bush. outlined where we were in the \ downturn and speculated whether it would go up / as fast as it went down or would have a U shaped recovery or a shape described in the WSJ today, a part of both.

My opinion on the recovery; part of both with maybe a longer flat time frame marked with short lived ups and downs.

Governments seem reluctant to stop spending on non-essentials because they can not decide whether to go deeper in debt (sell more bonds) and have a world-class county (shades of our State and Federal Governments), or a safe-to-live-in ocounty with affordable fair taxes, a county healthy and clean, good public schools, compact growth, and jobs that pay a livable wage.

Options made available to county workers were early retirements, wage freezes, reduced wages, shorter working days or weeks, vacation days, layoffs or other actions to balance not only this years remaining budget but the budget for 2010 due to be presented to the board in November. For the board and administration? Stop spending for non-essentials. Do not raise taxes or take on more "iffy" projects. (the Museum and the $41 million BelWood) For administration itself; the same options as presented all others. Our administrator has also said he would forgo next years raise as did County Clerk Steve Sonnemaker and Treasurer, 'Tripp' O'Connor.

Board Member Bob Baietto asked that consolidation discussion and voter's review of the need of all elected positions in the County, be put off to another time.

We meet again this Thursday at the Peoria County Court House, 6 PM, fourth floor.

"Honor Killings" - Islamic Muslim Murderers

"Murder in the name of Honor", when a life is worth less than honor, by Rana Husseni is highly suggested reading for those of you who are adamantly against the abuse of women. Many are aware that as more un-enlightened and often un-educated fundamentalist Muslims settle in enclaves of our larger cities in the United States, there will be more demand for Islamic Law to exist equally with the laws established by our fore fathers.

While the Netherlands struggles to determine if the killer of an Afghan woman, murdered along with her 10 year old daughter, should be prosecuted according to the standards of Dutch Law or Islam, honor killings continue here in the United States.
Many of these killings are masked as suicides, some are as young women feel they must take their own lives before being killed by members of their own family. Even attempts to escape from honor death often do not succeed as these women are tracked down by their relatives and killed along with any children they may have borne.

The law covering so-called "honor" killings vary in different countries. Sometimes a killer will serve no prison time or as little as three month.

Read this book. You will be dismayed at the horrific killing, the "reasons", the inaction of Muslim leaders and judges and yet be encouraged by the actions of Muslim women like Rani Husseni and so many others (also, Hirsi Ali is a Muslim heroine who I have blogged about her unbelievable situation)to bring to light ancient horror systems and the heroic efforts to bring these killers to true justice.

"After the Prophet" by Lesley Hazelton, the epic story of the Sunni-Shia split, encapsulating much of the history from Muhammad's rise in 623 AD to be the leader of the Muslim world---to year 2009. "Placed squarely in the volatile intersection of religion and politics, history and current events, the vividly narrated 'After the Prophet' is compulsive reading--and an emotional and political revelation for Western readers', quoted from the inside cover of the book."

A must read.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Obamacare Summation - Further Move to the Left

Subject: worthwhle reading
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 20:24:32 -0400

Subject: worthwhle reading

The Obama Health Care Bill & Dangers to the Constitution

Michael Connelly ( ) is a Constitutional Lawyer and has read the entire health care bill and has some comments, not about the bill, but about the effects on our Constitution. It's a broader picture than just health care reform.

Once this sort of thing happens, it will be irreversible.


Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats and most of them will not be health care professionals.Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled.

However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people and the businesses they own. The irony is that the Congress doesn't have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with. I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

The paragraph below is really frightening

This legislation also provides for access by the appointees of the Obama administration to all of your personal healthcare information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th

Amendment to the Constitution protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide.

If you decide not to have healthcare insurance or if you have private insurance that is not deemed "acceptable" to the "Health Choices Administrator" appointed by Obama there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a "tax" instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn't work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the "due process of law.

So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much out the original ten in the Bill of Rights that are effectively nullified by this law. It doesn't stop there though. The 9th Amendment that provides: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;" The 10th Amendment states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control.

I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea.. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights. Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to "be bound by oath or affirmation" to support the Constitution. If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

For those who might doubt the nature of this threat I suggest they consult the source. Here is a link to the Constitution:

And another to the Bill of Rights:

There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

Michael Connelly

Retired attorney,

Constitutional Law Instructor

Carrollton , Texas

Forwarded to me from my first wife, mother of our three children and helpmate.

Merle Widmer

Michael Connelly

Author of "The Mortarmen"
and "Riders in the Sky: The Ghosts and Legends of Philmont Scout Ranch"

I also teach law courses via the Internet through colleges and universities worldwide. To find a college or university near you, go to Education To Go's Web site at .