Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dan Proft - Gubernatorial Candidate News Release

October 19, 2009

News Release:
Proft Responds to Victory of Families of Children With Disabilities Over Gov. Quinn and SEIU

(Chicago, IL) – In response to the victory families of children with disabilities won over the SEIU and Gov. Pat Quinn today, conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft released the following statement:

“I congratulate the families of children with disabilities whose brave efforts prevented Gov. Pat Quinn and the SEIU from forcing the unionization of participants in the Home-based Support Services Program administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services. These courageous families have won an important victory for their families and for those in their care.

“Against SEIU bullies and the power of the governor’s office, those who waged this fight were able to preserve the independence of the rare state program that is actually working as promised. It works as promised because it sends money directly to the families of children with disabilities and not through bureaucracies and public sector unions. We should emulate this model in many of our state’s services.

“I especially recognize the hard work and dedication of leaders such as Ellen Bronfeld, Gordon Stiefel, and Pam Harris, all parents of children with disabilities, who were the public face of this fight and represented the thousands who voted to reject an SEIU invasion into the care of their children. And as selfless as was their fight on behalf of their own children, they also won a fight for you and me.

“In this case, the SEIU threw its support behind Gov. Quinn and, in exchange, the governor used his executive authority to pressure families of the disabled into union shops. They organized, clearly articulated an unambiguous message grounded in what is right, and reached out to non-traditional coalition partners around a common goal. And we can too.

“They have shown all of us what can be achieved when the people who play by the rules stand up to the Chicago Democrats and their patronage machine: we can win. That’s the message people all across Illinois should take away from today’s victory, and a message I will take to every voter in this state.”


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