Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Prostitution - Rumored At All the Strrip Clubs in Creve Couer, Peoria and Woodford County (Kappa)

Guys don't pay $150-350 for 15 to 30 minutes with a girl to take her to a room with strict privacy to talk politics. Prove it at Elliots or Club Caberet.  Club Caberet is rumored to be owned by Joe Miller and his son, Joe, Jr. is the overall manager.  Girls and guys come from all over. Police Chief King of Creve Couer could care less and most politicians could care less as the acttion is indoors, not on the streets. Most of the high paid prostitutes were never on the streets.

Rumor is that a guy used to come down from Chicago an pay $1000 to use a special room at Club Caberet till closing time.

Only had 3 threats if I publish names. A black stripper at CC named Cookie claims she dates Peoria's most advertised WC atttorney. He is single and can date who he wants.  Most anyone with money can date a stripper.as long as her husband or BF doesn't mind. Bear in mind that strippers aren't required to be to be tested for VD and background checks, if any, are made. Reports of thefts are not uncommon.

As many believe. Most strippers are NOT prostitutes. Most of them come from sad situations and can not hold a real job. Mostt have made bad marriages, have children to support, little or no child support from their ex's, and cannot afford sitters.

Solution? Since there will ALWAYS be a need for prostution, legalize it and let the taxpayers benefit.

Nuff said..For anyone wanting to make snide comments, no I am not a virgin.

This may be my last post unless someone tries to sue me.

Not Well, Call.Skinner. Play Each Day As Wake Up.

Nice to have known all those who have follwed me on my blog site and my clumsy use of Facebook. Sorry for those added as new friends. Maybe give me a call. Would appreciate it.