Saturday, April 29, 2017

What Happened to the OIC Group Partly Financed by Peoria Taxpayer Dollars??

I hear from being a SUSPOSEDLY thriving Peoria enterprise it is now a basically on-line operation operating out of a small office in Tazewell County. Whether the Peoria County $25,000.00 loan was ever paid back, I do not know. The City of Peoria also lent $25,000.00. Whether it got our money back, I do not know.

Morton Community Bank lent $65,000.00 and in a letter dated 3/25/2009, sent to the then EDC, encouraged Peoria County to lend $25,000. .

Information from Peoria Next relayed through Bradley University.

When I established my business, now by far the largest of it's kind in Peoria, all I received from the City was harassment by Ray Becker's control over Ernie Russell of the Peoria Fire Dept..

Excessive Rain and Cold Weather a Setback to Farmers

You won't see much written about this sorry situation in our local rag. Why not? It would cut down space for page after page of desperate and now cheaper newspaper advertising.

In spite of too much advertising and not enough TRAINED sales staff, I suggest a minimum of 10 business failures in the area by 12/17. You won't read much about these many of these failures like IRepair that was to bring dozens of new jobs to Peoria. What happened to them? Like the HIGHLY TOUTED FIRE FLY. Gone, WELL, rEMNANTS OF fIRE fLY STILL REMAIN ON gALENA rOAD   and I'm told bankrupt. sORRY, MY COMPUTER WON'T LET ME CAPITALIZE THE FIRST LETTER OF THE ABOVE WORDS????

On 2/24/08, a long departed JS writer headlined, "iRepair's success is validation for Project Springboard, stating how the company had so many offers to locate their headquarters in so many major cities but selected Peoria. (and what happened to 'Project Springboard"??????)

The same writer, in a second column, "Wake up economic developers" warned how close we were to losing iRepair and the great work Peoria Next and the EDCCI were doing in getting IRpair to locate in Peoria rather than Birmingham or Nashville..Ho, ho

Wonder how much taxpayers lost when iRepair, long gone, disappeared; period..Oh, it was financed by private dollars. Sure and so was the Peoria Riverfront Museum if you believe in Fairy-Tales.

Marcher's Protest Trump's Actions on Climate Change in Tampa. Fl.

Need I tell you that Tampa always votes Democrat. So surprise??

I'll say it for the 10th time, OF COURSE THERE IS CLIMATE CHANGE. Always, has been and will always. The dreamers are pursuing the wrong cause because it is human nature of dissidents to 'bite the hands that feed them'.

Tump's First One Hundred Day Speech - Fox TV and CNN - What a Difference

Fox was all enthusiasm with smiles all around (I love Justice Jeanie Pirro) while CNN was all pout faced with a forever sore loser attitude. I watched it all and loved MOST of what Trump said.. Accomplishments? Very many, and yes, many were by his Executive Order. Trump is a businessman now turned political. He didn't properly assess that every Senator or Congressman has the same power of one vote per each'

He probably was "stabbed in the back" by House Speaker Paul Ryan (whose power is waning) and his replacement for ObamaCare was flawed by people like Ryan. Eventually, there will be changes but not as drastic as Ryan was able to sell to Trump.

Back to the speech. I rate it an A and one of his best. That he shunning the correspondent dinner to show his direct appeal to the commoner. And in the rural City of Harrisburg, Pa. Yes, I have blogged before that their is a bit of egalitarian and populist in the The Donald, and yet, that is not all bad.

He again hammered the biased and Democrat Leftist mainstream press and i loved it. It will be interesting to see what is written in the the Peoria Journal Star Democrat tomorrow. (23 out of 26 days, the JSEB has featured cartoons degrading Trump) I do give the paper credit that they do print edited LTE's (The all Democrat Journal Editorial Board (JSEB) edits all 'Letters to the Editor', especially those written by people they don't personally like) supporting Trump. Many wonder why the paper doesn't talk more about how the Clinton Cabal would have done SO MUCH BETTER.  Ha, ha.

Anyway, Trump will turn out to be the best President in many years. I only wish to live long enough to witness.

Over and over, I write that NO poliction can ever fulfill more than half of his promises. Doubters ccan look u[p promises made by "fixtures' on the Peoria City Council have made over all the many years they held office. A budget that was o show an one million deficit, surprise!!, turns out to be a $6-7 million deficit.

The Peoria County deficit may be in line now but way out on a limb by 2020 without the usual tax and fees increases.

More taxes and less efficiency. (But a lot of talk about more 'efficiency').They are coming all around in Illinois and Peoria. I see my property taxes have INCREASED by $300+ when WE were told there would be no increase. And you haven't ween anything yet.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Worries About Illegal Mexican Laborers Being Deported

"Native Americans aren't willing to work that hard" says one vineyard grower. What's new. I've been saying that for 50 years or more.

Of course, our natives don't want to work. The government has been their 'caretaker' and "bleeding hearts" have been over compassionate in so many instances. They sure aren't going to work when they were never were required to even pick up their rooms, mow the grass, pull the weeds, nor plant and harvest a garden.

Or repair and paint. I an sometimes harsh on the public school system (still am) but I have always known "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

Their will ALWAYS BE THE POOR. Some poor by no fault of their own but 80% have never learned HOW TO WORK.

Hannity Suing "Serial Harasser". Good

Now his accuser, a woman of course, says "he didn't sexually harass me but he was 'creepy"'. There are a ton of creepy women and men and others out in cyber space or whatever. What a bitch. Sue her for all she is worth.

The Wall

I rarely support Chuck Schumer but i believe that Trump should let the Wall cool for awhile as thousands of illegals are leaving this country voluntarily over worry about jobs in the U.S. and deportation. No wall will totally stop illegal drugs from entry. Hire more border security officers as planned and see what happens.

Yeah, a majority will say "but you promised it". like I have said many times, no politician ever lives up to his/her promises. Think of David Leitch and Ray LaHood, Bud Grieves, Dave Ransburg and Mayor Jim Ardis. Throw in former Illinois Governor Blagovich, now in prison over requests and promises he never got fulfilled.


Dis-Honest Media

First Hundred Days "Artificial"? Of Course.

I figure the President has more than 1200 more days left in his administration. Plus he has had numerous problems to deal with from divisions within his ow party, Democrats and the mainstream media resistance to almost his every move from a better health care system, public safety, illegal immigrants, Syria, North Korea, wire tapping or some kind of wireless intrusions, Iran and rising drug importation. (When you read about 10 tons of cocaine being interdicted, know that 10 times that amount made it through safely).

Or perhaps explain to me how so many jobless youths, mainly black youths, are wearing a lot of gold, hanging out at the Paradice and driving expensive cars here in rural Peoria????

There were only two real choices for President. I and the informed voters chose the better of the two.

Suck it in and stop trying to destroy the America Trump is trying to repair.

United U.S.A.? Never Has Been United and Never Will Be

Most students and younger people have never heard of the Loyalists actions to prevent the patriots from breaking us away from England. Many do not understand the real reasons of the Civil War that certainly did not unite the people of this country.

Just 2 examples.  I'll throw in abortion, the wall and Vietnam. And ObamaCare and legalization of Mary Jane. Must have left out the divisions like the Republicans and Democrats and the division within each party.

Criticize Trump for not uniting the U.S? Oh, he promised. Every politician that EVER was elected to office found out he could npot unite his compatriots on everything he/she promised.

Good grief. It is impossible to please ANY of the populace ALL the time.

I Cast my Score On Trump's Hundred Days - An A-

Facing 175 mile wind-streams created by mainstream media, all Democrats and a well-meaning but sorry sounding bloc of Republicans, he has done an amazing job. His first year will be sensational. That he could accomplish 50% of what he would like to accomplish, would in itself, be a miracle.

I, like many other, do not agree on all his moves. If Planned Parenthood locations are run properly, they render a great service to mostly unmarried black young women, poor white and people of any color (and some young men) with little education, no work ethic and no meaningful job and from a drug society. I believe Trump's action stems from his V-P who has strong support of the right and far right wings of the Republican Party. It's possible that PP can do their job without Federal Funding for some of their needs.

He believes that as we deport many unwanted illegals that a wall is necessary to keep them from coming "right back over".And a wall to help stem the flow of illegal drugs into this country.

Trump is a doer, right or wrong, and he is not to proud to correct his wrongs. Yet he is criticized by the press for changing campaign positions to realistic positions now that he seers the mess he has inherited and "gets a handle" on ever changing world of events. He is the man in charge of political situations instead of private business dealing that have marked his career.

Certainly the protestors have a right to protest reasonably peaceful, should they start turning into mobs, we might experience LA of 25 years ago, all over again. I see in Trump more and more patience but he will NOT permit mob actions which can hasten the physical Revolution I have predicted. Many felt their would not be a Civil War but their was.

So many smart people with so much ignorance among these "smart people".

So sad.

16 Years later, Her Career Fading, Now Recalls That she Was Sexually Harassed at Fox TV

She, I won't give her the satisfaction of using her name, made a remarkable discovery last week that she was sexually harassed when she applied for a job at Fox TV 16 YEARS ago. When she "moved on" in 2014, she praised the company and said how much she enjoyed her job.

Now she sees an opportunity to cash in on an "alleged" charge. Suspect she is a Democrat on the way down the social ladder. Works at CNN. Maybe she believes some extra easy cash will help cover some of her debts or her kids education or her boyfriend or husband is out of their jobs??

I write like I don't believe their is sexual harassment both by women and men, in the workplace.Of course there is. Always has been but nowhere near s bad as it was a century ago.

 I find it extremely odd that the charges against Trump appeared very shortly before his election. And that the charges against Fox TV Republican 'leaners', are being filed yet far left Democrat leaning CNN remains unscathed.

Doesn't bother me because I will ALWAYS prefer Fox over CNN. When I walk into an establishment showing CNN, I ask if the station can be changed to Fox. I don't recall ever being denied.

Polls show that 83% of mainstream media, and you could call the JS in rural Peoria, mainstream barely, if you can get by all the ads which I skip quickly, try to demean Trump at every opportunity.

If their is not an opportunity, they create one.

So sad.

Computer Savvy Person Needed to help Me With My Home Computerr Work

Peoria - North Side. Hours and pay negotiable. References 618-830-5647

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sexual Harassment? Will the Losers Ever Get Over It? Let's All file Lawsuits - Encourage All Your Daughters to Be Lawyers

It may not pay to be a famous male anymore. More than likely, you will be hit by a sexual harassment law suit.  Every woman turned into a bimbo can find a reason and a lawyer to sue the "rich and the famous". Being a woman and almost always white, seems to be an advantage when it comes to negative news coverage demeaning men. Men being charged with sexual harassment by women who flaunt their sexuality at every opportunity. That many charges are settled out of court should not surprise even the dimmest bulb.

Take the case of Bill O'Reilly, one of the best TV political analyst ever. Why should he try to defend himself? He listened to the advice given him by his own attorney and advise of the attorneys representing the organization for which he worked and represented? The charges against O'Reilly and Hannity are "alleged" and not proven in court. Why harm the organization employing you as you try to defend charges, that even though mostly or totally false, are publicized by the very liberal mainstream media in their relentless pursuit of making women superior to men?

Should I have filed sexual harassment charges when a white lady executive invited me to her home to listen to her play the piano?  Of course I wouldn't but the losing ilk, whether in romance or politics, all those Democrats and other women losers charging publicly Trump, Hannity and O''Reilly, have proven that they will.

Have my readers noted that almost all 'alleged' sexual harassment charges are against Republicans and their accusers are Democrats?

These women, if really being sexually harassed or just 'playing a game', could just say no or stop it now, but they can't cause they are the weaker sex.. Ho, Ho.

Expect these charges to expand as sleazy lawyers see an opportunity to make big bucks and a reputation, especially if they win a case or a settlement for a 'scorned woman" who sees an opportunity to boost her falling importance in world events..

At the expense of a men doing a great jobs in their profession.

What a sad world this is becoming.

Where is Bill Clinton asking the definition of 'sexual harassment' as he asked for a definition of oral sex? Nowhere, because he did more have more consensual sex and he and his 'wife'  are losers. You can be rich and still be losers as politics mad the Clinton's definitively rich.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Doug Derwin is Right - He Is An Idiot

A man who made his millions through the Capitalistic System exposes himself as a Socialist.

How sad we have so many wealthy idiots in this country.

Health Bill - 30 Million Would Remain Uninsured? Don't Believe These "Facts" For a Minute

The Democrat majority on the organization that concocted this 30 million uninsured did not publish the facts. Approximately 8 million illegals do not want insurance because they know they can get free health care and don't want to return across the border they illegally crossed.

Right, free health care for all who claim they can't afford it. No hospital can turn down a person who is demanding health care. Another 8 million just don't want to pay anything for health care. Most of them are spending their money gambling, drinking, smoking, and using drugs they don't want to admit. Some are getting usually poor health care in jails and prisons.

Many of them don't want insurance. Period.

Another 6-8 million are under the health insurance policies of their parent, parents or same sex marriages or common law unions.

Most reporters, all regularly employed reporters and upper management at the Journal Star are Democrats. 17 days in a row, the editorial page has published cartoons degrading the Republicans. At least they printed my letter, though edited, and letters like the one Jeff Lickiss and Rida Boulas wrote along with many others who wrote factual letters supporting the Republic and hopefully still a Democracy, now in the power of the Republicans.


Time to add "Democrat to the "Peoria County Chronicle"

Since Peoria is dominated by mainly Democrats, all three local papers who print more Democrat reading material, should add "Democrat" to their names. Paul Sassone is so disappointed that Trump and Rauner won that he just can't get over being tabbed as a sore loser.

I only hope that he doesn't teach somewhere. On 3/22/17, the Chronicle, for who he writes locally, printed "Bill calls for minimum wage to rise to $15 effective immediately". Typical Socialism for those who want to bring down the ones WHO CREATE JOBS and pay all those worth their PAY AND MORE equaling their merit, down to a socialist system where EVERYONE, WORTH LESS OR NOT gets the same pay.

Back to Sassone. On 4/12/17, again in the Chronicle, he wrote, "Talk of raising Minimum wage growing silent". He writes, " I can't remember the last time I read or heard about the minimum wage, either in raising it or lowering." Is this guy sharp or not???

The words, "or lowering" is a crack at the Republicans.

The overall view of most people who elected Trump is to be paid what THEY ARE WORTH and do not agree that others who contribute less should be paid the same. That is why unions are losing their clot in the PRIVATE sector while holding ground or gaining ground in the PUBLIC sector.

It appears that most public boards are controlled by Democrats, even if some elected positions are labeled "non-partisan".

If the Democrats are so sharp, why is Peoria basically dormant in the private sector?? And facing public sector debts that the locally media want avoid as long as possible as it hurts Peoria;s ALL-AMERICAN  status.


J.C. Penny's Cancels Closures??? Waiting To See What Happens To Sears???

And other "Big Box" stores? Probably.

Himat Batra, Bradley Professor and Former Dr., Rida Boulas JS Editorials

Professor Batra, an avowed Islamic Muslim "teaches" at Bradley University who has the Islamic Muslims  vs.Trump believers, all wrong. (Racist provoking people like Professor Batra teaching young people is another reason I stopped helping fund Bradley).
Professor Batra posted a recent editorial in the JS and last Saturday, a most talented Dr. Rida Boulas, posted an opposing editorial "setting the record" right. Hope my readers had an opportunity to read both and you will see why so many like myself, see the problem with a large majority of Muslim Islamic and staunch Koran believer coming into this country with so many of them attempting to change our culture to their failed culture.

Many came here to find a better life but believe the reason they had to leave their countries is to come here to preach their failed philosophies.And blame us for these massive failures.

Dr. Rida Boulas sets the record straight. Thanks Dr. Rida, who is also a star senior tennis player and a very realist American Muslim and a friend. (As I mentioned before, my attorney is also a Muslim)

Dr. Batra should indeed teach the history of the Middle East and what REALLY went wrong. He should also be a student of American History, who with all it's faults has proven to be a far better place to live and enjoy our laws and freedoms..Even Dr. Batra and all Muslims should realize that simple truth.

Reasons for United Airline Problem

"Seniority over talent and an  instruction manual that doesn't allow an employee to use 'common sense'. as quoted in a NewsMax article. Nuff said.

Seniority over talent is another reason why this country is moving rapidly toward Socialism. Comnon sense? We all lack it at times.

Friday, April 14, 2017

NCAA - Take Steps To Abolish and Replace This Wealthy and Archaic Organization

This organization tries to destroy North Carolina over an extremely stupid debate over Restroom use while sponsoring and endorsing events in Communist China and Communist Cuba.

The bathroom debate, sponsored mainly of Republican far right wingers, is so stupid while ignoring far more important situations in this country.

I do support the Democrat stance on Planned Parenthood. This organization, when operated properly, is a huge assert to cities like Peoria, Il. Trump will remain silent on the issue because Pence is the darling of the religious right.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

12,500 Illegals Were Stopped At Our Southern Border in March

That figure is down under Trump. But think of how many evaded being caught. The Wall is proper as illegals attempt entry from many different countries, not just from Central America.

The Wall will pay for it's self over a lengthy period of time. Pay for itself in many different ways, including less time spent arresting and jailing so many people..Where Mexico fits in paying for it is unclear. but there is no doubt that something will be worked out as Trump is a doer, not just a mouth though he has a pretty good one, too.

The "bleeding hearts" are going to lose more battles than they attempt to win. So glad. I;m sick of them.

Goldman Sachs Set Price Target For Caterpillar at $120 a Share

Charges against the company will probably be settled for around $2 billion. Market outlook is good, says Goldman. Peoria should stop attacking Caterpillar. look at all the good things they have done for the area over all these years.

And around 12,000 employees still work for CAT in the Peoria area.


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Billy Dennis, Original Peoria Blogger, Passes on Way Too Young

It was Billy who encouraged me to start blogging years ago. From the time I started till now, my 'not politically correct'  blogging cost me many friends and acquaintances.

Of course, I outlived most of my real friends. So far.

While our political views were some yards apart, we both believed that this community has been undeserved in factual and interesting new reporting since the days of Charles Dancey.

I think Billy always admired me. I thought well of him and am saddened at the thought of his passing so early in life.

18% Registered Voter Turnout?? Voters are Dis-Enchanted With Our Politicians and Our Bureaucrats

A few voters have learned that power corrupts;,this knowledge passed on for 3000 years  Politicians and politics have turned into a deadly game. Anger has turned to hate. Debt will continue to rise; consumer, politics, social program, entitlements, and most businesses. Pension, long out of control, National debt rising over 2 BILLION dollars a day and growing.

Immigrants of all kinds, mainly Muslim, then Hispanics, radicals of all kinds including jobless, drug dealing blacks and whites, "bleeding hearts" and terrorists including 'wannabe terrorists', are changing our way of life into their way of life. Nuclear threats from outside our borders and bomb threats within; over 5 million people in this country would kill you if they thought they could get away with it, discipline totally shattered. Our mainstream press struggling to survive, will print or say anything to arouse the populace who largely know little about this history of our country and the other nations. The media know that the average reader or viewer will always remember the headlines not not much of the content which most generally tell, at least, 'the rest of the story". (Gee, I think I just committed plagiarism)

Spend a day at LakeView Library and count the number of people that enter the stacks and come out carrying anything but fiction and romance novels. At the end of the day, count the names who signed up to read our major local news rag. I do. Average about 5 readers per paper. Why.  Little news, mostly attacks on Trump and advertising. and the obits, which they usually print twice to make sure that person really died and is not a hoax. (plus more bucks to keep the rag in print").

TV has long been a wasteland and getting worse. Advertisers are desperate and clog all the major stations, especially sports events which are the most watched of any other kind of TV media.. Newspapers, magazines, fantasy print, etc, all are contributing to the Socialism of this country...

Studies show that 15% of our workforce works while under some influence of alcohol. Other drugs rank lower. Inflation in many areas is already here. Congress is deadlocked, The Democrats, the MAINSTREAM and their ilk will do ANYTHING to thwart Trump's every move.Those against them. Little common sense in politics today and consumer spending especially on children.(One Christmas, my present was a bag of marbles gift of the traveling Watkins "medicine" peddler) is on the rise. Retailers may not see it that way but watch what iss happening on the internet.

Robotics will replace some millions of worker in the next decade adding to the unrest.

I know Ardis, IB and the major 'movers and shaker' do not agree with me. That's okay. I was once an optimist when I built my successful company, the only name standing in Peoria after 50+ years have passed since I opened in 1964, a poor farm boy "off the turnip truck" with 2 employees and $2500 mostly borrowed and a $2500 line of credit. My name still stands on the nameplate of a local company now doing $20 million a year and growing. "Frick and Frack" said I know nothing, printed on "Emerge Peoria" blog 4 years ago.

Probably true. I'm sure, as staunch Democrats, who couldn't meet a payroll of three, believe they are right.


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Drexel University Knew of George Cicerariello Racist Views BEFORE They Hired Him

Why would you send your kids to Drexel University when they have racist nuts like Cicerariello as a teaching professor? Look up on the internet to see exactly what he said and writes about anti-whites and white genocide.

This country will continue to decline if dangerous extremists like this nut are left to continue to tear this country apart/

Companies MUST Make a Profit To Provide Jobs

Get it? Most Socialists don't. They would like to operate a hug commune. I certainly agree that all companies should help the communities around them to live well. They can't stop drug inflow and heavy alcohol consumption but they can help support preventative measures.

I sold my company to a local consortium. They, like I,  support the communities they service.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Millions of "Elite" are Using Marijuana - Don't Want the 'Peasants' To Use

Sad but true. Cocaine is far more costly, yet tons of it arrive in the U.S.A. monthly. Not many of the lower class or using it. if so, not for long; they are usually in jail for theft or dead.

Elected officials, "get the cob out your butt" and do what either states have already done.

Legalize for both medical and recreational uses. Don't you realize people are using it, legal or not? Liquor prohibition was a major failure too.


Suggest reading my blog, "AFSCME Union", dated 6/30/2009 and my blog "Suppressed Local news - Financial Shortfall at Peoria County", dated 6/23/2009.

All my old blogs can be read by entering the title of the blog in the search bar found in the upper left hand of any my published blogs.


Ray LaHood's Earmarks

Of the many he made including taking $5 million from the Highway Stimulus bill and putting that badly needed repairs money in the failing PRM underground garage, he also used $2.5 million from federal defense funds for bankrupt FireFly Energy. (which I strongly opposed) He also earmarked $26 million in 2006 in defense funds to Caterpillar. JS, April 26, 2006.

Remember, one of the major faults of our Federal Government, besides corruption, is "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". Besides, elected officials are OBLIGATED to bring back our dollars that Washington should have never taken in the first place. Unfortunately, this dollars generally go to those who spent the big dollars to get people like LaHood elected and reelected.

In 2008, Biofuels Manufacturers of Illinois had "shovel ready" land near Mapleton rezoned for their plant. I believe that company today has an office in Bloomington, Il. No plant that I am aware of in Mapleton. I believe that they never "broke ground' anywhere. It is my belief that LaHood directed Stimulus money to that LLC company. My question is that why few people ever pay any attention to what happens to their tax dollars after they are grabbed by our government

I have a GREAT problem with your and my money taken by government agencies and is then used to help finance private enterprise and speculation..Elected officials say they must do it because if they don't, other cities like E.Peoria, will.

It's called "rob Peter, pay Paul.

So sad.