Monday, April 17, 2017

Health Bill - 30 Million Would Remain Uninsured? Don't Believe These "Facts" For a Minute

The Democrat majority on the organization that concocted this 30 million uninsured did not publish the facts. Approximately 8 million illegals do not want insurance because they know they can get free health care and don't want to return across the border they illegally crossed.

Right, free health care for all who claim they can't afford it. No hospital can turn down a person who is demanding health care. Another 8 million just don't want to pay anything for health care. Most of them are spending their money gambling, drinking, smoking, and using drugs they don't want to admit. Some are getting usually poor health care in jails and prisons.

Many of them don't want insurance. Period.

Another 6-8 million are under the health insurance policies of their parent, parents or same sex marriages or common law unions.

Most reporters, all regularly employed reporters and upper management at the Journal Star are Democrats. 17 days in a row, the editorial page has published cartoons degrading the Republicans. At least they printed my letter, though edited, and letters like the one Jeff Lickiss and Rida Boulas wrote along with many others who wrote factual letters supporting the Republic and hopefully still a Democracy, now in the power of the Republicans.


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