Friday, February 26, 2016

Journal Star Headline States, "All Not Satisfied With Trump"

Amazing news! Are you sure, Associated Press?? Why, we turnip truck people thought everybody loved The Donald. We though everybody also loved Cruz and Rubio and Carson, and Kasich and Christie and, and, and and.....

Surely the Journal will run a headline, "Not Everybody Loves Hillary". Maybe send a free copy to Socialist/Marxist, Bernie Sanders, who is liked by EVERYBODY that wants more ineffective and intrusive government laden with free handouts. Surely the JS will  put in print that not everybody likes either Hillary and Bernie. Why?, because the JS Editorial Board has put in writing that they are a "Fair and Balanced", unprejudiced newspaper.

Ha, ha, ho.

The Democrat JS Editorial Board hates Trump with a passion. I'm sure they really believe that Hillary's "s--t d--t st---k'. Too bad they can't ask Hillary's old "friend", the long dead Mr. Foster.

All jesting aside, the JS  and AP have an over abundance of left wing columnists with Crown Prince Robinson. or should I say Socialist/Communists leading in print with his/their vitriol and hatred of all Republicans and Independents.

Often using editorials from other newspapers. The column the JS Editorial Board printed from the Republican hating Chicago Sun-Times in near the top in left-wing newspaper reporting.. As we that still reason, it comes as no surprise that Rauner could not win much more than an election as Illinois is really a Democrat state. Another reason Illinois is near bankrupt although I concede that some of the Republicans share a  portion of the blame.

I read the JS at Lakeview Library where I note by the sign out sheets, that few people read the 2 copies of the JS available to the public. I would say that most of the people using the free computers, do not look like the newspaper readers.

I hear the JS charges $.16 per word for Obituaries in addition to additional charges. Interesting. As are the few regular reporters left at our local leading news rag. Most news they print has already been reported.

So sad.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Pope Also Says "People Should Not Fornicate"

More people, including Catholics, are fornicating today than ever in recent history. Also, since Gay Marriage is the law of the land, how does the Pope feel about that?

That we are a most compassionate nation, there is no doubt. It may also be part of our problem of being overly compassionate to some larger sectors of our population,

Do I sound a little like The Donald? As I've stated before, I would like to be an adviser to him. The wall between two countries should never be built. It is not needed. We should build more entry points and patrol the border against illegal entry with drones. Fences are made to be scaled or tunneled.

I am not up for election so I do not have tone down some of my rhetoric. But he is and he needs to start building more "green space" than fences.

Nevada Democrats Caucus - Wow, Less Than 9,000 Though It Was Important To Vote

Correct me if  I'm wrong but approximately 9,000 potential adult voters were in just three major casinos in Vegas at the same time. CNN and FOX were ranting night and day about this MONSTER  election. Wow.

9000 turned out to vote. Peoria at one time had more than 10,000 people watching Bradley play ISU and this new got nary a mention on FOX and CNN.

I'd rather watch Slippery rock and Podunk Colleges play basketball than watch these highly educated analysts, "common-taters", and loud mouthed, Blacks "Smatter"  pontificate.

Blacks Matter folks try to fool the nation into believing that  all the security people, Wall Street and most white people in the U.S.A. are "agin" them and the same are dead set on profiling and shooting unarmed black punks like the punk in Ferguson, Mo, etc.

Trump and his followers are right. Oh, what a mess this country is in. Yes, the stock market is up today and I am up a bundle. That's a good thing today but tomorrow????

Oil jumped today and so did filling station gas prices. When filling station prices go up on the SAME day oil goes up, something is "rotten in Denmark". Oh, that's right, I can't use phrases like that anymore.

Not politically correct. Ha, Ha, Ho.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pope Wants To Do Away With the Death Penalty

When I was in business we used to say people like the Pope, "Lived in Ivory Towers". The Pope should stick to his religious preaching and not how nations should govern their most dangerous disobedients. Which by the way, he and past Pope's haven't done such a great job on sexual abuse. Plus look at the African mess. Didn't all Popes decry and try to ban the use of contraceptives, especially in Africa?

If you can't read between the lines, I can no further explain what I said.

Arrest Made in Las Vegas Murders

I note he is dark skinned. Surprise??

NEWSMAX Says "70% of the People Lost Money Last Year - Did You"

Yes, I did. These figures are about what I estimated. Why do the Establishments think so many registered voters are disillusioned? Even some freeloaders are beginning to take notice. What idiots can't figure out why Trump is so popular? A lot, it so far appears.

As I blogged before. Many long time leaders and many of their followers would rather go down with the Titanic before admitting they are wrong.

So sad.

Taxes Rising - Read My Factual Blog of 4/27/2005

Titled "Property Taxes Rising - Are Values Real?"

Some of my readers may find all my blogs on rising taxes interesting.. For some reading my blogs on rising taxes may find it too late as "they ain't seen nuthing" yet.

Like me. Two people, "one in bed 90% of the time" stuck in a big house she won't sell or move.

Establishment Republicans Are Now Watching Closely Over the Next Couple of Months

"Sceerd" thats what they are. They should examine more closely how the people they elect to ALL offices are doing and they may note that many of these elected Republicans are NOT in high favor with the few that come out to vote. One out of five registered voters came out in South Carolina. That, alone, should warn all politicians that something is wrong with the system.

Why so few voters? Voters have come to believe, and rightly so, that whatever Republican they elect, turns out to be a big spender of taxpayer dollars. Just look locally at all the "failing to meet projections" projects were blessed by Republican endorsements. Just like the Democrats. Republicans, once called conservatives, are now called by a majority by less endearing names.

As for the Democrat voters. Most appear to be employed in the public sector where their jobs are seldom endangered. Interesting that none of the liberal media exit pollers ever ask whether the voter is employed in the private or public sector.

Prime example of spending money they don't have in the wrong places: money that was in the Highway Bill was deflected by Republican Ray LaHood to an underground parking deck for the museum; a museum destined to fail; deflected away from funds to improve our highways.

Money granted to Peoria County to install a sprinkler system at the now demolished BelWood County Nursing Home, was silently deflected away from BelWood improvements to Consultants and Engineers to build the failing Heddington Oaks County Nursing Home.

Anyone object. Yeah, me.And certainly not our Administrator who was a Democrat but could easily be encouraged to be a Republican if the majority of the board was Republican.

Nice guy, though but so was my Dad, a REAL Conservative Republican.

Why Going Bankrupt Illinois Should Enact Right-To-work Laws

Walker's example emboldened conservatives to stand up to Big Labor and fight for the right to work, literally and figuratively. Michigan, then Wisconsin, now West Virginia have become Right-to-Work states, with Kentucky, Missouri close behind.

Act 10 Five Years Later: Walker’s Wins—and Ours, too! reports on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 reforms, signed into law in 2011.

This reform package curbed the collective bargaining power of the public sector unions in Wisconsin. They could only negotiate within certain limits on pay. They could no longer limit talks on healthcare plans. They had to pay more money into their pension and benefits systems. The unions also had to recertify every year and could no longer take money out of the workers’ paychecks for union dues.
The pandemonium which had ensured would have scared any respectable governor.
Walker stood up to the unions, curbed their power, cut taxes and spending, and put more money back in the hands of taxpaying Wisconsinites. reports further savings for the Dairy State:
The analysis found that the state has saved $3.36 billion by requiring government employees to contribute to their government-backed pensions, and another $404.8 million by opening up employees’ health insurance to competitive bidding, among other cost controls. The savings have been widespread, across state and local governments.  

Incredible! For these successes alone, all while standing up to Big Labor, Walker should have been handed the Republican Party Presidential nomination this year.
His courage and foresight to stop the excessive spending and discipline uncooperative labor unions define true and necessary leadership for our country.
Cities, schools, but most importantly citizens saved money:
The savings due to Act 10 breaks down to $2,291 for every household in Wisconsin, according to the analysis.
He noted the savings Act 10 delivered allowed Walker and the Republican-led Legislature to provide $2 billion in direct tax relief to taxpayers.
That’s money for a down payment on a new car, or investment in a new business, or savings for a college fund. More money in the hands of individual Americans does more good than wasted or misspent funds in the hands of weak city or school boards and greedy labor union bosses.
Of course, Walker’s land-mar reforms have faced continued scrutiny, and continuing opposition from illiberal elements.
Plenty of public employees and the unions who have seen their ranks dwindle because of Act 10 have a different take. And mainstream media publications have fed the sky-has-fallen narrative in retrospectives on the collective-bargaining reform law.
So, labor unions still complain about the reforms? Notice that many workers in and of themselves have not complained. More importantly, they have simply withdrawn from the unions which rarely represented their best interests.
The “mainstream” media still paints a dour picture of Wisconsin life without unions. The fact is, every liberal organ—whether press, academia, or otherwise—will buoy their boundless ideals on what should work and how things should have transpired.
These visionary aspirations have neither force nor value in the daily lives of individuals and their families, men and women who strive five days a week to provide for themselves and their future.
And yet, the liberal media complains:
Wisconsin State Journal reporterMatthew DeFour wrote some of the more teeth-clenching pieces in the newspaper’s series on Act 10. He argues the lost income public employees faced from having to pay more—or anything—for their benefits took a big bite out of spending in Wisconsin’s economy.
Baloney. A spokesman for taxpayers, as opposed to a political mouthpiece for Big Labor, reports the truth:
Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance president Todd Berry told the newspaper what others have pointed out along the way, that Wisconsin confronted a $3 billion budget shortfall when Walker took office. The budget fixes at the time helped save untold public-sector jobs and led to lower taxes, ultimately allowing many more taxpayers to keep and spend more of their hard-earned money.
Jobs were saved, the economy started to grow again, and a massive budget shortfall, which borrowing and inflation would have made worse, was reduced to nothing. What might have been, would have been worse if Walker had not taken initiative to reform abusive collective bargaining entitlements.
So, what’s the verdict on Act 10 fives years later?
Wisconsin saved $5 billion without drastic cuts or massive tax hikes.
Local governing boards controlled and reduced costs without diminishing necessary services.
Efficient government has become the norm rather than the exception in Wisconsin.
Beyond the in-state successes, Walker’s example emboldened conservatives around the country to stand up to Big Labor and fight for the right to work, literally and figuratively. Michigan, then Wisconsin, and now West Virginia have become Right-to-Work states, with Kentucky and Missouri close behind.
Even though Walker’s presidential bid failed in 2015, his victory over Big Labor has continued working wonders in the minds of men, fighting for control over their government and overcoming the dissolute, inordinate influence of special interests at every level of the state.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hillary, Along with Bill, Will Be Our Next President if Cruz or Rubio Is Their Opposition

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity" (Albert Einstein) Do thinking people want four more years of  what we have now? In 1992, our Federal Debt was 3 trillion dollars. By 2020, it will be 23 trillion dollars.

Only 20% of the registered voters turned out to vote in South Carolina. How far are we away from a dictatorship? I think my prediction on this blog site was by 2032.

At least I won't be around to see it. I can only hope that soon we will get the right people elected. Going to be harder to do with less and less people interested in anything but themselves."They" say library books are increasingly read. What "they" say, doesn't say, is that the increase is in fiction.

Hard to be an optimist these days. Some will say I never was. Just because I started a company in 1964 that bore my name and is the ONLY company of it's type in Peoria that still bears a family name. Mine.

I sure must be a pessimist.

Trump Supported Original Invasion of Iraq - Of Course He Did. So Did All Democrats But One

Why wouldn't he? He was just a citizen businessman who was perhaps, and I say perhaps, because Saddam had plenty of time to move his chemical weaponry to Syria. And Syria may be using Iraqi weaponry as of now against their own people, mislead by his own government.

Personally, I thought it was a mistake. You can find my sentiments at the time, on my blog site. What were Bill and Hillary's thoughts on the original invasion of Iraq?

Easy question. They both supported it. How did Sanders vote. He must have supported it also as the only Congressperson opposed was from California.

Also, how did Trump know the situation in the MidEast would be so badly mishandled by our administrations?

Media Liberals print half-truths and write that Trump is a fool. So then, is Fox, CNN, and all the left-wing medias. Have you noticed the change in Megan's face over the past 6 months or so?

I have. It is difficult for her to control her hate emotions concerning Trump's triumphs.

Suggest the Republican Elite and Establishment Sleep Naked Tonight So They Won't Get Tangled Up in Their Long Johns and Bloomers

I laugh every time I hear Republicans called Conservatives Ho, Ho. People seldom read where Republican"s Dave Leitch and Ray LaHood were some of the biggest spenders in State and National government. LaHood was the perfect fit for the Obama Administration.

Donald, you have the money  I didn't. But the local media seldom tired of hammering me if they got a chance. When, as a Republican, I defeated the Republican 9 year incumbent woman, the Journal Star ran the same Republican Zan Ransburg supporting Editorial twice in hopes of defeating me.

To their chagrin and most in the Republican Establishment, I was up for election 7 times and was elected 7 times, twice by my peers, once defeating a fellow Republican. The 2nd time, defeating a Democrat old-timer by a  15-3 vote.. As you might imagine, both of these victories, were back page stories although the Manz-Drake controlled Editorial Board printed that they didn't understand how I won.

I can tell them, it wasn't with special interest money. I funded all my County Board campaigns with all but $100 from a friendly Democrat. Yes, I did have some Democrat friends back then. I also left the County Board in 2010 with ALL FUNDS BALANCED.

So now the Republicans have the Donald, who does not, to my knowledge call himself a conservative, but a pragmatist, which I once had the audacity of calling myself.

It is going to be a great tragedy if the Trump hating Republicans allow the media and their own mis-guided false pride to cause them to stay at home in November and let the Clinton Democrats further establish their dynasty. Maybe they aren't paying attention to all the polls showing disdain for most Congresspeople.

While I don't believe in some of Trump's rhetoric, ANY Republican would be a better choice than Hillary. (I don't think enough, although close, that U.S.A. voters are ready to go Socialistic and Marxist.with Sanders)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

There is no Doubt But That Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia Was Assisinated

It will probably be hard to prove as there was no autopsy. Unbelievable! Why was there no bodyguard? All Supreme Court Justices must have bodyguards. If Sanders has tax-payer paid bodyguards.Good grief!

Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day - And Not one Candidate for 2016 Election Qualified

FOX and CNN will be the most 2 boring TV Stations for the next 7 month. Over and over you will see and all the bullshit the candidates and analysts can muster.

You are hearing it all from those allegedly smarter than I so I will close my BS out by saying: I am forced to vote for a Republican as I wouldn't be caught dead voting the for the corrupt. lying, murderous and wealthy Clinton's. Nor the admitted Socialist and Marxist other Democrat.

And now Supreme Court Conservative Anthony Scalia is dead. And the corrupt and lying Obama will, with the help of the near Socialist, Harry Reid, attempt to put a far left leaning liberal on the most supreme court of this country.

Please, please,is there no God?

Monday, February 01, 2016

Iowa - One State Out of Fifty

Maybe Trump will learn from his mistakes. The mistakes as I see them are as follows: Missing the final and most important debate in Iowa. #2-Endorsing subsidies for Ethanol and All Bio-Diesel gasoline's. (I have never supported subsidies for corn, oil or sugar cane, etc. Many Iowans who live in cities do not support subsidies of ANY kind. My feelings also as I have criticized this practice in previous blogs under the title "Ethanol"). #3-Alienating so many people. Lot of fence mending to do before the Republican Convention which I hope to attend.#4-Not realizing how many voters believe in God and practice their religion most seriously.Most small town treat religion as a fundamental way of life.I grew up in one or two.

Cruz was correct in his belief that subsidizing Ethanol was improper. He scored more points on this issue than did Trump who may have erroneously thought Iowans "were all farmers".

No. I am not crying over this loss. I don't agree with Trump on building the wall. There are better ways to do which I have described in previous blogs on illegal immigration.Trump did call attention to why this country is sliding downhill which other candidates then picked up more aggressively.

Long way from over but I come back to maybe the key to why he lost Iowa: alienating too many people. Still, he is winning the hearts of many disappointed and angry people over the performance of so many elected officials.Still, Trump has to stop assassinating his rivals. Voters are becoming to savvy. Pointing out their flaws is ok to a point but one can only point these flaws out if he/she is flawless.

It will be a long spring, summer and early fall. If Trump is not nominating, you can count on it that he will not in this election year, try to organize a third party and he won't be saying, "now, now, Junior" just like so many excuse the serious flaws of their children..

I go back to my statement that none of the Republicans, at this point, can beat Hillary, as corrupt as she because so many Democrat voters are used to their parties corrupt officials. Yes, Bernie did well but their are still 49 other states who will find a Socialist as president as "unacceptable'.

Still, it's a "Long,long, time from now to September". This is just the first shot fired. And Trump, not being a politician, has a lot to learn.

Associated Press- Hard Left-Wingers Supporting Bernie Sanders, an Avowed Socailist

They may not out and say it explicitly but if you read between the lines. I read everything they write with the proverbial "grain of salt". The liberal media is one of the problems we have with the state of affairs in this country.

Or maybe they are disappointed that they won't see a third Bush in the White House. To possibly agree with me you have to read one of the most powerful books in print about the Bush dynasty. You will find it by hitting my Search Bar and entering "The Bush Dynasty", find any subject on the upper left hand side of any of my 2800 blog posts.

It's true, Trump can't win the presidency without the support of almost all registered Republicans and a majority of Independents. While I have been for the past 4 years, an Independent, any Republican would be in the best interests for most of the country.

Republicans can count one my vote and most of my immediate relatives..

Those who have have gotten wealthy or at least very well off; or on the dole, and there are lot's of them, are not going to vote for ANY Republican.

Nancy Widmer Cripe Wins Major St. Louis Business Award

See details on my Facebook site. She is a winner. Always has been. Now she is launching a new exciting career. Love, you, gal,