Sunday, February 21, 2016

Establishment Republicans Are Now Watching Closely Over the Next Couple of Months

"Sceerd" thats what they are. They should examine more closely how the people they elect to ALL offices are doing and they may note that many of these elected Republicans are NOT in high favor with the few that come out to vote. One out of five registered voters came out in South Carolina. That, alone, should warn all politicians that something is wrong with the system.

Why so few voters? Voters have come to believe, and rightly so, that whatever Republican they elect, turns out to be a big spender of taxpayer dollars. Just look locally at all the "failing to meet projections" projects were blessed by Republican endorsements. Just like the Democrats. Republicans, once called conservatives, are now called by a majority by less endearing names.

As for the Democrat voters. Most appear to be employed in the public sector where their jobs are seldom endangered. Interesting that none of the liberal media exit pollers ever ask whether the voter is employed in the private or public sector.

Prime example of spending money they don't have in the wrong places: money that was in the Highway Bill was deflected by Republican Ray LaHood to an underground parking deck for the museum; a museum destined to fail; deflected away from funds to improve our highways.

Money granted to Peoria County to install a sprinkler system at the now demolished BelWood County Nursing Home, was silently deflected away from BelWood improvements to Consultants and Engineers to build the failing Heddington Oaks County Nursing Home.

Anyone object. Yeah, me.And certainly not our Administrator who was a Democrat but could easily be encouraged to be a Republican if the majority of the board was Republican.

Nice guy, though but so was my Dad, a REAL Conservative Republican.

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