Monday, October 31, 2016

Democrats Sue Republicans For, Now Get This, VOTER INTIMIDATION

IF the Republicans are intimidating minorities, many 'minorities' don't even know the name of the person for who they are voting so intimidation would be pretty tough to do. They are told by their "handlers" to 'just dial the all Democrat button'.

IF the Republicans do any "intimidation"  ha, ha, they have certainly have had good Democrat mentors.

A Loser's Lament

"If I don't, someone else will". No, I do not hire illegals. A fencing company once sent an illegal to do build a fence for me. I asked for credentials. He had none, not even a drivers licences for the pick-up he was driving.

I sent him back and cancelled my contract with the well-known local fence builder. The owner called me and raised Kane. But he knew better than to try to sue me.

My Dad came here legally through Ellis Island. I do not blame the illegals. I blame the system and that is another huge reason I am voting for Trump. Trump knows there is a better system of returning the 11-15 million illegals here. It will certainly not be on a "wholesale" basis. That is his politically talk. But I am in favor a wall that illegals can't go under or over. I'm in favor of what the Border "Control" people want. They know better than anyone.

Do illegals pay taxes? One thing is for certain, they pay sales taxes; at least most of them do..

Don't let Hillary fool you. Hillary truly wants our borders open to all. Even Democrats should realize that illegals are taking jobs away from them.And helping clog our security systems.

Yes, some of my well-known acquaintances hire illegals. Sorry for the label but then anyone hiring illegals have legitimately earned it.

Peter Thiel Tells It Like It Is In His Support of Trump

This brilliant Silicon Valley entrepreneur says he strongly supports Trump because he knows that Trump will bring this country back to normalcy. He is very much aware that Hillary is the "same old" as Obama, Reid Rangle. Pelosi, Blagovich, Madigan, Durbin, etc.

Look him up and read or listen to what Mr. Thiel is saying and vote for a man who is trying, in a not political correct way, to bring some sense of normal into peoples lives again..

The LAST thing we need in this country are more "politically correct" leaders.

Hillary Whines - Why Pick On Me This Close to the Election?

Oh, my. Then why did Hillary pop the "bimbos" (groupies) might be a better word) out of the woodwork right before the election?? And, Hillary, it IS  true that you and Bill like some women better than Donald? Why, Bill even had sex with them and you didn't object.

Is this why some women are campaigning hard for you to stay "close" to Bill???

Comey knows he blew it. Now he is making amends. Of course, you covered up. You should be headed for trial.

Never in history has such a crooked and corrupt person run to "lead" our country.

So sad.

The Scandinavian Seer Reports

Saturday, October 29, 2016 October 29, 2016 - In 1929 this date is known as Black Tuesday the biggest stock market crash percentage-wise in U.S. history. Now 87 years later we are witnessing perhaps the most bizarre Presidential race since the Country's founding 240 years ago. What to make of the FBI Director Comey's decision to re-open the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email and server 11 days before the Election? Comey did so against the objections of his boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Why did he buck protocol? Certainly the new information found on Huma and Carlos Danger's laptop is significant for Comey to take this unprecedented step. But also, I think, Comey felt guilty because he knew he bungled the original investigation that appeared from the start "that the fix was in". And when evidence was destroyed, immunities granted for no reason, and no Grand Jury convened it was obvious this was not handled like a typical FBI investigation. So without that history I think that Comey would have waited to act on the new information until after the election but he felt his professional integrity was at stake by waiting. What to look for going forward - As mentioned AG Lynch is Comey's boss so she knows what Comey knows. And President Obama is Lynch's boss so he knows what she and Comey knows. Watch how aggressive Obama handles this. If the evidence is thin he will come out swinging for Hillary big-time. If the evidence is hard not so much. It's also interesting to note that Huma signed a FBI letter in 2013 that said she would release all Hillary related emails in her possession. How does she escape prosecution from that? How much will Hillary be hurt and Trump helped in their quest for the Presidency. Much remains to be seen but I think Trump will match or exceed her in most professional polls (many polls have a political objective) before the election. So he will be the favorite going into the election. That means for him to get to 270 electorate votes he has to overcome 4 to 6 percentage point deficits he currently faces in States like Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Michigan to get elected. Stay tuned it's history in the making. The Scandinavian Kid Posted by Ross Amundson at 6:24 PM

Monday, October 24, 2016

Margaret Carlson - A Democrat Man-Hater

Trump wouldn't touch u with a 10 foot pole. You are known as a super--bitch. Those who read you must have nothing else to do. I read u once and that was one too many times.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Socialist Leaning Media Reports Half-Truths In Their Headlines and Few Facts in the Details That Most Democrat "Readers" Don't Read

It's all bad about Trump. The lying, corrupt Clinton's get a pass.

So sad. I've got my /Trump signs up. Have you? I know, it will do little good as Illinois is a Democrat lock. And will be bankrupt shortly after four more under Hillary.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Believe It Was Hillary Clinton Who Tried to Kiss me on the Mouth While Her Hand Was on My Knee

It was a few years ago when I was on a flight to Brazil, yes, I've walked the beach of Ipanema and seen some flesh exposed that SHOULD HAVE STAYED HIDDEN. I'm not sure if this was the time she collected $225,000.00 plus expenses to speak in Brazil to declare she would open our borders to all. The wretchedly poor, the diseased, the drug barons, the gangs, the criminal, hey, let them in and we'll all party.

At the White House, of course.There would be no such things as immigration agents. People from Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, Argentina, Central America, anyplace, would be able to stroll back and forth across our border.

Oh, she was talking about "free energy" flowing across our border. Gee, it's easy to get confused these day. I understand.

But I digress. Yes, I'm sure it was her now that I see her Botox face everywhere, I'm sure it was her. She said she was married to some very important politician who was a "womanizer" and she told me she was very supportive of female equality and hinted she was might be inclined to 'cheat' a little herself.. What's fair for the gander was surely fair for the goose was I believe the way she worded it. as she gave me a seductive smile. But when she stood up, I lost interest even though her hand on my knee and kiss on my cheek felt good at the time.

But now, I'm thinking. Did she molest me. Sure, probably, maybe but I don't need the publicity now so I'm not going to "press" it , this close to election. It would be so unfair to this 'nice lady".....I'd love to vote for her, but you know their are some issues on which we disagree.


Hillary on Kardasanigan Show

That figures. The show and Hillary are of the same ilk. When surfing, if I com across "that stupid show", I zip right past that station. The show is 98% crap and Hillary is the perfect fit to be invited to further disperse her lies and corruption.

Sure, Trump Finally Used a Teleprompter

Hillary really didn't need one. Her lies are memorized. Trump and his speech writers did a "helluva" great job. His supporters hustled him off the stage and away from liberal left-wing reporters.

Great job, Mr. Trump. You looked like a President. You are a man who supports the private sector You are the only one who can save this country from total destruction. Hillary will create jobs alright, just like the failures of FDR in creating PUBLIC JOBS during thee NINE year GREAT DEPRESSION. ended only by WW2.

Unless, of course, our country is destroyed through Cyber-Space attacks, the left-wing hateful media and all the money spent by NASA CRASH LANDING BILLIONS  OF DOLLARS ON MARS.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Disastrously Growing Nation Debt

Our National Debt rose $237 Billion in the last 22 days. The Atlantic says Clinton has already broke her pledge of "No more increase in debt". The Treasury estimates the national Debt will rise 9 Trillion under Hillary with her socialist planning and 5 Trillion under Trump in the 10 years starting Jan.1, 2017.

Better be preparing for the next Great Depression. While it will differ from the Great Depression that lasted from 1930-39, the effects will be similar. Growth in the private will decline while growth in the public sector under Clinton will grow similar to the great plans of FDR. Trump is the best hope for less growth in the public sector and more growth in the Capitalist sector.

FDR, while creating much good while in office, did NOT stop the Great Depression. WW2. DID.

Islamic Political Contributions

Clinton leads in KNOWN contributions with $41,000.00.  The next top 10 politicians to so far receive contributions from Islamic groups are all Democrats..

No surprise. Remember, Muslims exceed white birthrates by more than 3 to 1. The do-gooders among us do not understand.  Most Muslims lead an entirely different life style than most of us. Especially those who adhere to the REVISED Koran.

If the corrupt Clinton wins this election, Republicans will be outside looking  more and more each election year

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Will I Support Hillary As President?

That is a "horrifying thought". Someone who will double the efforts to make this a Socialist nation?

Absolutely not.

Last and Final Debate - No Winner As Most Voters Had Already Made Up Their Minds

Yes, although those polled had already made up their minds, some fence-sitters probably now have made up their minds. The liberal media will make 'hash' of the Donald tomorrow on his closing statement, "I will make up my mind whether I will or will not support Hillary if elected". Of course he will support her on what she does that is best for the majority of  citizens, while being her most vocal critic on what she will do while trying to destroy Capitalism. But to say he would before a massive audience would be to tell his supporters he would support four years of  of the disasters Hillary and the Democrats will inflict on this already unstable nation.

Hillary spoke as one might a career politician would speak and Trump did not. Which should be expected. He was a businessman whose well paid advisers, did just that, advised him on every step of his his career. He took advantage of loopholes created by the 545 politicians and the millions of other bureaucrats. He said as President, he will work with his business oriented advisers (especially those who had had to meet a payroll) to close many of these loopholes. He will not close laws that allow so many of us to carry losses forward or half the people in business today would be the only survivors who never had a money losing year.

Neither will Hillary close that loophole because it is really not a loophole but a necessity. FDR did not end the Great Depression with his hoard of new governmental bodies he created. The Depression ended when WW2 started and the private sector factories went into mass production hiring untold millions of men and especially women.

I believe the debate will cause those who support Trump to support him more strongly and Vice-Versus with Hilly's supporters.

I still am of strong belief that Trump would be by far the best of two not the best candidates for POTUS.


Chicago, Il. May be the Most Crime Ridden and Corrupt City in Our Nation

Chicago has 50 Aldermen. ALL OF THEM ARE DEMOCRATS.

And "people" want to elect another corrupt PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Are we becoming just another ruined country in this once beautiful planet? Are we as a nation, going crazy??

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scaming - How it is Done

Pause Seek 00:0000:40 iVolume CCHQFull ScreenPolice Bust Phoney IRS Call Centers Recommended for you: 5% Off iTunes Gift Cards | | Sponsored These scammers had called me so many times that I knew their script. They always introduced themselves as IRS officers with inconspicuous American names, like "Paul Thomas." They called to collect the $6,000 I owed the IRS. And if I didn't pay, they threatened to send the local police to arrest me. They were unconvincing. I didn't understand how this scam could work on anyone. But a quick search led me to a couple in Tennessee, a student in Virginia, and thousands of others who'd been taken in. There was something about this scam that worked — and I had to find out what it was. So I got further and further into the scam. At first, I played along for a few minutes and then hung up. After a few days, I trolled them with the vast amount I learned about their operation. Then, on a hot mid-September day, I decided enough was enough. I was going to get to the end of this scam. That's how I ended up talking to "Steve Smith" for 30 minutes. He was a senior investigations officer — the actual person who walks you through how to send them money. I learned that his secret is maintaining an aura of authority. That's how he optimizes fear. That's how he gets people to suspend logic, drive to Walgreens, and buy iTunes gift cards to pay the IRS. The scam takes advantage of the most vulnerable people. © Provided by So I was quite satisfied when, a few weeks ago, Indian police arrested more than 70 people in connection with this scam. The subsequent news stories gave me a fuller picture of this operation. I learned there were nine call centers employing 770 people. I learned that each employee talked to more than 100 Americans a day — and three to four of them would make payments. I learned the scam netted about $150,000 a day. But then I got this link from a friend, which was mesmerizing because of the pictures. I couldn't stop staring. They were mostly young men, about my age, being led away by authorities. I couldn't help but wonder how many of them I had talked to. I couldn't help but wonder which one was Steve Smith. And for the first time, I wondered if most of them were just desperate people reading scripts. © Provided by Stage 1: Trying to gain back power by trolling the scammers The hardest thing about phone scams is that there is little recourse you can take. Even if you don't fall for the scam, they waste your time, over and over again. It got so bad that I started live-tweeting these calls: Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n 2) Man on the other end, Joy Smith, says I owe $5,188 because of miscalculations on my taxes. 10:26 AM - 12 Sep 2016 Retweets likes Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n 3) And if I don't sign up for a payment plan, the local police will contact me an imprison me for five years. 10:26 AM - 12 Sep 2016 Retweets likes Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n 4) So I told asked if I could brush my teeth and get ready for they came to my apartment. 10:27 AM - 12 Sep 2016 Retweets 4 4 likes The only way I knew to gain back power was by trolling them. One time, an agent named "Paul Thomas" called and began to read the script. But I had heard the script dozens of times, so I started to say it in unison with him. Then I asked for his ID number. He got angry. He claimed the IRS didn't have employee ID numbers, so I told him my ID number — D4598. From that point forward, every employee at this call center seemed to have an ID number. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n Fake IRS dude called again. I took notes from last time, so before he could read his script, I read it first. 8:46 AM - 14 Sep 2016 2 2 Retweets 15 15 likes Another time, a woman named "Sarah Jones" called and started to read the script. Again, I said the script before she could even start. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n Got another call from the fake IRS. This time, "Sarah Jones" yelled at me: "I'm not here to entertain you, alright?" Then hung up. 11:41 AM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 6 6 likes At some point, I had wasted so much of their time that I thought they would take me off their call list. But they called again and again. Stage 2: Learning how they create and leverage authority There were many flaws to this scam. One was that it was almost always an Indian man in a call center, which made it hard to believe their names were "Steve Smith" and "Joy Smith." The other was that they clearly read off a script, and were trying to get through their lines as fast as possible. You could hear the steady hum of their colleagues doing the same. But over the next few months, they refined their technique. The scammers started introducing themselves by name. They assigned themselves ID numbers. They had a system that kept track of how much money you owed; that way, if you called them back, they were able to repeat back your balance. And they cited Section 7201 of the federal tax code, which is the actual section about tax evasion. In short, they professionalized the scam. They found ways to implicitly suggest they were authority figures. I knew how this worked. The summer after my freshman year of college, I was back home in Kansas, trying to make some money. I found an ad in the classifieds section of a company looking for sales representatives. I showed up to a storefront and interviewed with a tall white man in a tie. I gave him my résumé. He gave me a job. Then he guided me to the back of the store where I met my dozen colleagues, mostly in their 40s and 50s. Everyone was sitting at desks separated by dividers. The only things on the desks were phones and call sheets. The manager took me into a side office, and we practiced sales calls. He gave me a script. "Hello, my name is [say your name], and I'm calling to ask about where you get your drinking water." The script went on to describe how important it was to drink filtered water, which we could deliver to their home. © Provided by Then the manager said something I'll never forget: "The most important thing about this job is sounding professional." I made a few dozen calls. They all hung up on me. At lunch, I sat in the break room with my colleagues. Some of them had been there for years. One man in a yellow tie gave me a tip: Tell your customers the water is filtered through reverse osmosis. Stage 3: Finding out how they scare you — and make you suspend logic On September 14, the scammers called again. The scammer this time was "Jeff Demer," and he had the unfortunate luck of calling me after I had eaten at Chipotle, which tends to make me moody. He read the script. I played along. Before he finished reading, I told him I wanted to pay immediately. "Do not interrupt me!" he said. I let him finish reading. Then he asked me if my tax fraud was intentional or by mistake. "It was intentional," I said. "Uhh, great. Since it was a mistake…" I imagine their script looked some like this. © Provided by He said I could either fight this in a federal courthouse or I could resolve the case right now. I said I would pay now. Jeff said, "Great. I will transfer you to my senior officer." Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n OMG, they called again. I'm getting transferred to a "senior officer" who will help me arrange monthly payments to the IRS. 11:47 AM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets likes That's how I met "Steve Smith." From what I could gather, Steve really was higher on the totem pole than Jeff. It seemed like there were dozens of low-level scammers calling people, and the people who agreed to pay were forwarded to these senior employees. Steve said I should go to an authorized government payment center. I said I didn't know what those were, so he said a Walgreens would do fine. So I pretended to get in a cab. I pretended to tell the cab driver to go to the local Walgreens. I mimicked the sound of the car door closing by hitting my desk. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n I am now pretending to be in the taxi, going to Walgreens to wire him money. 11:55 AM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 4 4 likes He gave me instructions that were unintelligible. So I just assumed he wanted me to buy a money order. I asked him who I should send it to. There was clearly a miscommunication. I knew I had made a mistake. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n I keep yelling: "Mr. Smith, are you there?" And he keeps saying, "YES! I AM MR. SMITH." Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n Nooooooooooo! He asked me what the money order screen said, and I said it was a dollar amount. It was the wrong answer. He hung up. 12:00 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 1 1 like But something must've tickled Steve, because he called back. He apologized for hanging up. And then he said I should go to the gift cards section at Walgreens. Okay, I said. "What do you see?" I quickly Googled images of different gift cards — Home Depot, Lowe's, Amazon, iTunes. "Yes, that one — iTunes gift card," he said. "What is the biggest one you see?" Again, I searched Google Images and found a card that let me put up to $500 on it. I told him there were four of these. Steve told me to grab all of them and put $450 on each one, for a total of $1,800. © Provided by I pretended that I was at a register paying for the cards. "Mr. Smith," I said, "I'm in the parking lot now. What do I do?" He asked me to scratch off the numbers and read them to him. I knew the format had to be correct, because he would check it. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n They called back. They are having me go into Wallgreens and buy iTunes gift cards. $450 on each card. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n I am now providing iTunes gift card number, from a Google Image. 12:12 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets likes 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n He is now verifying the number. Oh crap. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n OH SHIT. It worked. I'm giving him a second card number. 12:15 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets likes I got a rush out of realizing that this was the end of the scam — that it works through this absolutely absurd tactic of getting people to transfer money through iTunes gift cards. But let's stop and think about this: This actually works on a lot of Americans. It's tempting to want to mock those people, but even after weeks of trolling them, the tenor of Steve's voice reminded me of being chided by people with authority — teachers, police officers, and even my parents. I understood the feeling of wanting it to just go away. I gave him two more numbers. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n I'm on the third one! Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n I just yelled, "P as in panda bear!" 12:18 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 4 4 likes But after the third, Steve paused. "Uh, sir…" 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n I just yelled, "P as in panda bear!" Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n He hung up :( I don't know what I did wrong. Next time, I need to go buy iTunes gift cards and then try this. 12:22 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 1 1 like Stage 4: Force them to come up with an end game What I craved in this interaction was a glimpse into Steve's humanity. I wanted to hear some kind of emotion, some kind of indication that he was aware of what he was doing. I wanted to elicit remorse. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n He hung up :( I don't know what I did wrong. Next time, I need to go buy iTunes gift cards and then try this. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n Guys. I'm calling back. 12:23 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 6 6 likes I got Steve back on the phone, but he said he didn't want the card numbers anymore. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n So here's what went down. Dude says, "We don't want any more of your numbers." Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n So I ask if I can buy music with the other cards. He says yes. 12:29 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 1 1 like Then I asked what I should do if the police still show up. "What if they don't believe me? What if they still take me to jail?" © Provided by And I asked what happened to the rest of the debt, since I only paid $1,350 of the $6,000 I owed. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n So I ask if I can buy music with the other cards. He says yes. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n Then he says the rest of the balance is forgiven. 12:29 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 1 1 like I asked him how I would prove this, and he told me the iTunes gift cards would do. I could hear a woman laughing in the background. I protested. I said they wouldn’t believe me — that I needed a receipt. Steve was yelling at this point. 14 Sep Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n Then he says I can show the police the iTunes gift cards as proof that I paid my taxes. Follow Alvin Chang ✔ @alv9n And then he says my taxes are forgiven for the next 24 years. And when I complained, he said I was forgiven for life. 12:30 PM - 14 Sep 2016 Retweets 13 13 likes Stage 5: Justice, maybe They were caught. I assumed Steve was among those arrested. I couldn’t stop reading news stories that had small details of how their operation worked, because it only confirmed everything I had learned. In order to have nearly 800 employees, the ringleaders must've put out ads for "investigations officers," targeted at people desperate for jobs. I imagine these people were interviewed and taken into side rooms for practice calls. I imagined they spent entire days harassing and terrifying random Americans. And surely, some or all of them realized this wasn’t a legitimate operation — that they didn't actually work for the IRS. But I imagine someone told them to stay professional, because that's the most important part of the job. Because that's what gives you power. That's what lets you manipulate people. As for my call center career, it ended after six hours. I didn't sell a single unit. My boss came by my desk and asked how I was doing. I said this wasn't exactly the opportunity I was looking for. He said, "So what do you want to do?" I looked around at my colleagues, leaning back in their chairs, making call after call, trying to convince people their tap water wasn't good enough. There were still two hours left in the day — for me, that was probably 20 more cold calls. I burst out crying. Go home," my boss said, disgusted. "Leave me your address and I'll send you a check." I was just 19 years old. Walking out on a grown man seemed wrong, like I was ditching school. But I got in my car, drove away, and started thinking about what else I could do to pass the summer. Worst case, I thought, I could mow lawns for my neighbors. Learn more When my dog died, I didn’t understand why it felt like a human had died. Then I read the research. Products that promise "detox" are a sham. Yes, all of them. Show this cartoon to anyone who doubts we need huge action on climate change SPONSORED TOPICS powered by Bing 10 Best Cable TV Providers iPhone 7 Offers Senior Dental Implant Plans About this ad PREVIOUS NEXT Go to MSN Home Go to MSN Money Feedback AdChoices AdChoices MORE FROM VOX.COM Vox upsell Why we need to plan for a future without jobs Logo Donald Trump's problem isn't a conspiracy. It's… Logo Election anxiety: Majority of Americans report… Logo Trump says murder at 45-yr high, but… Logo View the full site © 2016 Microsoft

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fareed, You Are A Little Late - Also, You Are a Democrat on a Democrat CNN TV Station

I blogged that a Republican loss in November to the Democrats would likely be the start of the end of the Republican Party. For those Republicans who stay at home or vote for Hillary, it would serve them right. The Republican Establishment has been the bane of those who were once pretty much traditional Republicans with enough common sense to check which way the wind was blowing before we became bull-headed and didn't let the FACTS to get into their way of thinking.(Think Ray LaHood locally)

I have long predicted that the election of another Clinton will set in motion the demand for some type of Revolution within our once great country.

Could the Scary Clinton Appoint Barack Hussein Obama To the Supreme Court?

If elected, there are those who think she could, by hook or crook, and if she has a Democrat Congress, appoint Obama to the highest court in the land? A BLACK LEFT-WING MUSLIM to join 4 other sob-sisters to make a majority of country wrecking jurists? Dear God.

It's Alleged and Mostly Proven That These "Harrassed" Folks, Black Mainly, Have Many Arrest Records

A prominent Sheriff once told me that if we could ship 200 of the Peoria undesirables out of this City/County, we COULD  cut the use of our jails in half.

I have several times posted that most of the fear in our communities comes from local "terrorists".

Media Headline "Actress Eats in Shower"

Eats what????? With who???  Headline, what BS. We are living in the the hey-day of "The National Inquirer".

One of the Greatest Alleged "Womanizer" of All Times??


Edina, Minn. If He Was a White Man, Would Have His Arrest Made the Media

Heck, no. If we whites, who will soon be a minority, think incidents like this where someone already hostile to the police is ready with a video camera is a rarity, think again. The police and our lives and lifestyles, are under siege that will continue to get worse as the people of color out birth white people.

I walk down the middle of the street, am asked to move to the other side of the street where THERE IS A SIDEWALK and I don't listen and "smart off" to the officer, I'm not only going to get arrested but I am going to land up in jail.

Yes, I am white and very proud of it. When I was 88, I was arrested and handcuffed although I was never jailed nor did the judge find me guilty. It was the first time I had ever been in handcuffs. No whites took to the street on my behalf.

Racism in this country? Even though blacks (just because one is "black" colored, doesn't necessarily make one an African-American) presently make up about 19% of the population, and make up 40+% of committed crimes, their leaders and mostly uneducated (Going to our larger city schools and colleges does not necessarily make one educated) followers are the most racist we have to fear in this country.

DO NOT CLICK ON ''Trump Arrested" It Is Not True and You Will Be Hacked

If you do click, a strange message will come up. Turn Off  your computer and then reopen. and you should be okay.

Probably another Democrat dirty trick. If you are voting for the Clinton Cabal, please no longer read my blogs. You are NOT my friend.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump - Get Back to the Basics of This Campaign - Many of Them Spin Dirt They Can't Prove and Probably Invited

Hardly anything is worse than a woman scorned. You are still a private citizen running for an office that presents itself as a nearly impossible situation. Obama is leaving this country in the worst shape since before the Great Depression. And he still has till March 1, 2017 to do far greater damage.

Bill Clinton, who hasn't shared the same bed with his wife for over 20 years, got 'sucked off'" under his desk while he was President of the USA in the White House trying to conduct the nations business,, committed adultry on many occasions while marrieds to Hillary, I don't blame him for having a separate bedroom. If I would have been married to her, I might have even had a separate house. Jack Kennedy, the Democrat's idol was in Marilyn Monroe bedroom (and Bobby too) shortly before she committed suicide. Eleanor Roosevelt moved out of FDR bedroom shortly after she discovered FDR's relationship with another woman, Eleanor then developed a "strong" relationship with her traveling companion,and the list goes on and on.

Even Eisenhower had a mistress. Petraus, the bst General in recent history, was forced out of office because of an admitted affair. Do you think most other nations who are "eating our cheese' give a damn?

Donald, get back to the basics of what is badly wrong with this country and let the shit flush back to where it is coming from.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Heddington OaksTaxpayer Owned Marketing Failure

On 10.14/11, the Peoria County Board approved the hiring of a West Palm Beach, Fla., marketing firm to promote HO. Wisely, Bob Baietto, Brian Elsasser, Brad Harding, Paul Rosenbohm and Carole Trumpe, all Republicans opposed the move citing the availability of very capable local firms who also sought the job. Mary Ardappple, an elected Republican was the lead promoter of the Democrats who all voted for the out-of-state firm.

$74,000.00 plus expenses were paid and what were the results? 37 empty beds costing the taxpayer around $6 million a year and interest on the bond amounting to an unknown millions of dollars over 30 years.

What happened, Mary, who is not running for re-election?  Maybe same thing that happened to your business??


Washington Post and It's Editors and Journalist - One MAJOR Fact to Consider

Think about who the reader is they are appealing to; they are not appealing to me. I avoid everything they print these days.

Also, I love to walk in to office that has my favorite TV Station playing, FOX.

Dirt- Worms - Politics

The more the "worms" crawl out of the dirt", the more men and many woman will vote for Trump. The latest Rasmussen poll show Trump leading by 2%.

Men are and have been under attack for a long time. Expect a deluge of harassment claims to start appearing in the media. By the way, many a woman including my dear sisters, tried to kiss me on the mouth. It is so easy to  turn your head.

Everybody, ask yourselves why so many women have implants to arouse sensual emotions. I've never "groped" anyone but I have been groped by women. There is such an emphasis on sex in the U.S.A. No wonder robots are being developed to do about anything.  Robots do not have emotions.


Oh I forgot. Some thirty years ago at was on a plane flight sitting next to a comely young blondish haired woman.. We struck up a conversation and suddenly I noticed that that thing between us had disappeared and she had put her hand on my knee. When we departed our flight, she kissed me on the cheek. Can't remember her name but suddenly I remember.

Her name was Clinton and she said she was a lawyer.

Gosh, I realize now that I should has filed a harassment claim. Is it too late? I can keep jogging my memory for more facts. Oh, I don't need facts? You say the media will print it anyway. My, how things have changed.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Pray That Obama Does not Finish His Disastrous Political Position

And this nation is not further ruined by Hillary and the Socialist media. I really don't care what happens to people who are bent on destroying and socializing this country.

Peoria Public School District #150 Raises Salaries

And benefits, and time off, and massive pensions allowing them to retire at 55 and take another job in government that always pays pensions. And retire again at 65. Don't let teachers fool you. MOST of them only teach 9 months. And even that is not true. Deduct holidays, Spring Break, Teachers fun conferences, etc.where they are certainly not teaching.

Some of the poorest teachers will complain,"but you don't know what it's like teaching today". Yes, I do, I've visited many a classroom. WHEN I TAUGHT, WE HAD DISCIPLINE. And after 5 years,  I was making $3600 a year and coaching both HS And GS sports.

My 10 years of government pays me $124 a month. And I worked 12 month out of every year, 16 hrs a week.

Vote NO more TAXES. Just  look at the results!!!!!!!

City of Peoria, Il. Budget Rises But Read On

Wages make up 45% of the budget. BENEFITS MAKE UP 32% OF THE BUDGET.

No new taxes, please vote NO.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tom Brady Walks Out of Interview When "Locker Talk" Question Is Asked

Of course he did. As would all "HONEST' men and women who say nasty things about both genders, sorry 3 genders, often times in the broad definition of lewd talk. Groping, what is the definition of someone being groped who did not slap the groper back if HE OR SHE DIDN'T LIKE IT. Like Bill Clinton said about what is the definition of "oral sex".

He evidently liked it and she evidently liked to give it. But Clinton did it in the White House and most everywhere else and he went a lot further than 'just' oral sex. Hillary supposedly told Bill to stop it but she may just have been too "busy" politicking to be a good sexual partner.

Yeah, correct me on what Clinton really said in his defense. I dare some of my readers, like dumb and dumber, who wrote that I am and was a dumb nobody.

Maybe a nobody but one can hardly call me dumb. Then again, most everybody makes dumb mistakes. Yes, I was once arrested but the judge couldn't find me guilty. Just the media and people who hate me like Jerry and Jim Stowell, etc.

Catholic Group Demand Resignation of Top Clinton Aide Over Embarrassing Leaked Email

Read about the facts yourself. It's out there on the net but it won't appear in the but as usual, it will be played down as Trump's fault.

Don't the Democrat leadership and their aggressive supporting media turn every bad thing that comes up about Hillary as being Trump's fault??

Buffet and Trump Are in Different Businesses - Big Difference

Buffet is an investor who made money on the majority of his investments from day one. None of the common people will ever know whether he made it on "insider' information. But we did know he did have a lot of experienced people helping him.

And he was very smart and wise.

Trump was a DEVELOPER. When you are as aggressive as a guy like Trump, you are going to make some big mistakes. Many developers go bankrupt and never recover. Venture Capitalist people may make investments, like Romney did, and most of these investments go broke but neither Romney or Trump went broke.

Venture Capitalist may have made investments in 10 different entities. If one made it big like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, ect they made all the money they may have lost on the other nine investments and a fortune on just one success.

Trump has a totally different personality than Buffet most developed through the type of businesses they were in.

Trump is pretty smart and very aggressive. He is not as wise as Buffet but then most wise and smart people seldom run for ANY political office.

I was much the same as Trump except I only had a start of $2500.00 and sold my business for $2 1/4 million in 1992. (In today's dollars, that would be over $5 million). I was aggressive. Not all my companies investments paid off. I lost $125,000. investing in a friends business. He went belly-up and blamed me for not investing more in his business. Typical.

Both Buffet and Trump got early starts. I did not open my business until I was 39. My Dad and Mom were dirt farmers with 9 kids and little money. None of my 2500 came from my folks but later on when I too, faced bankruptcy,(I never missed an employee payroll)  my sister Verna, my sister and her husband, Herb, my sister Pauline and her husband Art plus Jim Lasher, Sr., all helped me out. But I did pay them from 12 to 15% interest and repaid all loans in full.

Buffets life nowhere compares with Trumps' life. And certainly, not mine.

Breaking News - Emails Show Crooked Hillary Praising Russian President Putin

Just out. Now we will see how the prejudiced media reports this FACT. Probably only Fox TV will put the emphasis on when she praised Putin and what she said.

Frankly, Putin is a strong leader. How else could he keep a country 4 times larger than the U.S.A..under control? "Strong" doesn't mean a "good" leader.

The difference between Putin, Hillary and Trump is that Trump will be a strong good leader. If not, vote him out in four years. The Democrats have been in control for a long time and look closely at where we are.

Climate Change Is Real

I've blogged that climate change has been going on ever since Earth was formed. How many times do I have to blog that there was a glacier within a few miles of the town of Eureka, Il, approximately 10,000 years ago .What caused the glacier to expand and what caused it to recede?

Al Gore, Hillary and Bill? Or Chelsea's husband?

Oh, I know. Dinosaur farts. Now glaciers are receding again because of the methane gas gas created by the ilk who go by the common name of "anonymous". They always are 'chicken-shit' types of human "beans", who never attack anyone verbally in person but thinks they can keep annoying us with BS and utter nonsense.

Yes, I read all "anonymous" comments and assign almost all of them to the garbage boxes from which they emanate.

It is amazing how many basically stupid people their are in this country mainly Democrats and Right-Wing Republicans. Their poop comes out through their mouths and part of their brain goes out where their poop should exit.

So sad. It is people like them who are heading this country in the wrong direction.

Socialism. So sad.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

You Must Read the Blogs from John Ruberry's "Marathon Pundit"

"Nuff" said. Find him on my right hand sidebar.

Locker Room Talk - Trump An Easy Target

When I coached, I did not shower with my players. How they talked I don't know but I did hear some rumors. When I played sports, I often heard remarks about women in the locker room or at a bar later on.  I NEVER involved myself in more than a handful of  lewd remarks but I heard plenty of them. If you listened carefully, you knew the names of all the girls or women that "put out" and in some cases what they most enjoyed.

A couple of well-known local business men bragged that as Seniors at Manual Training School, they "made" every freshman that appealed to them.

Yes, both men and women are not all what the Puritans would like them to be. It was pretty well known among the boys that one of my basketball players claimed he "made out" with the HS Music Teacher where the curtains were pulled in front of the stage.

When I was running around as a kid, we would go out as couples or maybe 3 guys and 3 gals, Usually the subjects turned to dirty jokes. I kicked a few in myself, some that I never really understand, but by FAR THE DIRTIEST JOKES ABOUT GIRLS AND BOYS CAME FROM THE GIRLS. Back then, there wasn't much sex going on but a LOT OF TALK.. Talk is a lot less disastrous than the 14-15-16 year old girls getting pregnant and STD's.

Interesting, but a lot of 'things' changed after WW11, Korea and Vietnam. I would say that the biggest changes in 'morals' took off in the 1960's.

However, my Dad's hired man show me copies of pornographic Big Little books. After looking at some of the pictures, I tried to shower in a way that no one could see my undeveloped pubic area. Of course, the kids with the most developed pubic area showed off all they could.

I think a lot of people are throwing stones to cover up events in their pasts that they wouldn't want ANYBODY  to know.

No the 35 (and There Are WHOLE Lot More) Celebrties Who Support Trump Doesn't Surprise Me

Most of the media, including the Peoria Journal Star Democrat, attacking Trump  endlessly are all Democrats or left-wingers including Gloria Allred or actually "all blue) Not surprising me at all.

And the few Republicans with any power whpo won't support a Republican but would rather see the Democrats in power for ANOTHER 4 YEARS are part of the most distrusted group of Congresspeople in the history of this nation.

Oh, I keep forgetting Hillary is a woman and in today's new world, women can't get anywhere because of the outdated glass ceiling. So let's vote for her Pinocchio nose, through which she breaths to expel all those lies out of her mouth.

Of course, Trump didn't say all locker rooms but the semi-socialist press loves to paint with many brushes of the same color.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Reason Hillary Stayed Married is That She Had Her Eye on the Presidency a Long Time Ago

EXCLUSIVE: Two decades after her affair with Bill Clinton, Gennifer Flowers reveals they'd be together now if it wasn't for Chelsea and how former president confided in her that Hillary was bisexual Flowers's 12-year affair with Bill Clinton was exposed in 1992 during his presidential campaign She bitterly regrets rejecting him when he last begged to see her and says he's the 'love of her life' Launching a career as a sex columnist she says Clinton taught her everything she knows Bill told her Hillary was 'bisexual' and that he had 'no problem with that' By LAURA COLLINS PUBLISHED: 19:15 EST, 18 September 2013 | UPDATED: 07:25 EST, 8 October 2016 e-mail 48 View comments Their 12-year affair madeGennifer Flowers one of the most high profile mistresses in America. Now, two decades after they split amid scandal, the former news reporter from Little Rock, Arkansas wants to ‘sit down and talk’ with BillClinton. In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Gennifer hasspoken of her deep regret at turning down Clinton’s pleas to talk some eightyears ago and revealed her belief that they would still be together today, wereit not the birth of Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea. She said: ‘We have some unresolved issues that it would benice to sit down and talk about now. He was the love of my life and I was thelove of his life and you don’t get over those things.’ 'Let's talk:' When he contacted her eight years ago Gennifer Flowers admits she wasn't ready to talk to her former lover, Bill Clinton. Today she longs to 'Let's talk:' When he contacted her eight years ago Gennifer Flowers admits she wasn't ready to talk to her former lover, Bill Clinton. Today she longs to Gennifer thought that speaking out on 27 January 1992 would be the beginning and end of interest in her affair with Clinton. Instead it shaped the Presidential campaign and changed her life forever Gennifer thought that speaking out on 27 January 1992 would be the beginning and end of interest in her affair with Clinton. Instead it shaped the Presidential campaign and changed her life forever As well as speaking candidly about the affair and its ongoing impact on her life, Gennifer has released previously unseen images from her Penthouse shoot to MailOnline. She was featured in the magazine's December 1992 issue. By then all lines of communication with Clinton had been severed and she had no contact with him for 13 years when he called out of the blue. She said: ‘He called me back in 2005 in New Orleans. Hewanted to put on the hoodie and jog on over like he used to. 'First I was justshocked. He was so adamant about wanting to sit down and talk to me in person. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next The next Playboy bunny: It's confirmed Kate Moss WILL... Who says sex sells? Publisher of Penthouse magazine files... Team Clinton! Chelsea and Hillary join forces at the White... SHARE THIS ARTICLE Share 'It almost seemed like what I had heard of people who were going through a 12step program and wanted to atone to people for various things.’ At the time Gennifer, 63, was recently divorced after a ten yearmarriage. Baring her soul...and the rest: Gennifer in a previously unseen picture from her Penthouse 1992 shoot Baring her soul...and the rest: Gennifer in a previously unseen picture from her Penthouse 1992 shoot La Vie en Rose: Gennifer says she regrets nothing about the Penthouse shoot that appeared in the magazine in December 1992 La Vie en Rose: Gennifer says she regrets nothing about the Penthouse shoot that appeared in the magazine in December 1992 She said: ‘I was scared. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to seehim in my heart of hearts. I was just afraid. But there’s going to be anattachment forever. ‘If we had the opportunity to sit down and visit with eachother in person, I’m not saying the romance would be rekindled but we willalways have something. Whatever you might call it. 'Bill and I would be together today if it wasn't for politics. It was me, Bill and Hillary. Then they had Chelsea and the stakes got too high.' Steve Kroft confronts Bill Clinton over affairs in 1992 Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:00 Previous Play Skip Mute Current Time 0:00 / Duration Time 0:18 Fullscreen Need Text Trust Me I'm a Politician: Bill Clinton appearing on CBS's '60 Minutes' in January 1992 with Hillary looking on as he denies any affair with Gennifer Flowers Trust Me I'm a Politician: Bill Clinton appearing on CBS's '60 Minutes' in January 1992 with Hillary looking on as he denies any affair with Gennifer Flowers The other 'other' women Clinton denied having 'relations' with: Monica Lewiinsky embraces Clinton at a public rally in 1996 The other 'other' women Clinton denied having 'relations' with: Monica Lewiinsky embraces Clinton at a public rally in 1996 It is 21 years since Gennifer’s allegations of along-running affair with then Democratic candidate Bill Clinton became the mostsensational event of the 1992 campaign. The Madonna of Little Rock, Arkansas: Gennifer Flowers at the time the scandal of her affair with Clinton broke The Madonna of Little Rock, Arkansas: Gennifer Flowers at the time the scandal of her affair with Clinton broke On 23 January 1992 tabloid, The Star named Gennifer asClinton’s mistress. Three days later he and wife Hillary appeared on 60 minutes,side by side, flat denying the claim. Six years later Clinton admitted to having sexual relationswith Gennifer ‘one time’ in 1977 in his deposition to lawyers representingformer Arkansas State employee Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuitagainst him. By then Flowers was already well and truly defined by thescandal which had made both her, and Clinton, household names. Apparently driven on by the belief that the ‘truth will setyou free,’ she proceeded to tell her story in a best-sellling book and pose forPenthouse magazine. Penthouse alone reportedly earned her close to $1million in theaftermath of the scandal. She said: ‘I was singing in nightclubs, wearing very sexyoutifts and gowns, a very independent liberated woman. I was the Madonna of myday – in Little Rock.’ On posing for Penthouse Gennifer said: ‘I made the decisionto do it. 'No-one made me do or asked me to do anything that made me feeluncomfortable. I knew Bob (Guccione) would be making me look as good as possible and whatwoman doesn’t enjoy that?' Of the infamous publisher, whose most famous pictures are available to view on the blasts his favorite pictures from the Penthouse archives, she said, 'Bob was just a stud.' But while some might assume that, all these years later,Flowers – who has established herself as a cabaret singer in New Orleans - wouldwant to shed herself of those associations and of the ‘mistress’ title, she haschosen instead to embrace them. She said: ‘Why not? I was a mistress for many years.’ And so as part of what she refers to as ‘the extendedliberation of Gennifer Flowers’ her latest incarnation is as a sex advicecolumnist. 'Mistress Flowers': Sex advice columnist Gennifer says Clinton taught her 'everything she knows' about sex 'Mistress Flowers': Sex advice columnist Gennifer says Clinton taught her 'everything she knows' about sex ‘Ask Mistress Gennifer’ will run daily on –a site devoted to the archives of Penthouse publisher, Bob Guccione. The haul is part of a treasure trover discovered by businessman Jeremy Frommer after he bought Guccione's archives. Demonstrating something of the playfulness that saw hersnare the then Governor of Arkansas she said: ‘I’m going to have to thank Billfor some of the advice I’m going to be giving. 'It will be based onexperiences I had with him. Gennifer in 1996: No longer in Clinton's bed but still in the spotlight in 1996 Gennifer in 1996: No longer in Clinton's bed but still in the spotlight in 1996 She added: 'I wish he would write to me. 'He could do it. People don't have to send their name. 'Really he taught me a lot.' Clinton, now 67, also shared a lot of intimacies regarding his marriage toHillary. They left Gennifer in no doubt that the union is far from 'traditional.' She said: ‘What they have is very strong. 'It obviouslyworked for them but I’ve never considered theirs a traditional marriage.’ When rumours surfaced recently of an affairbetween Hillary Clinton and her transition office chief, Huma Abedin, 37, Gennifer was not surprised. The rumours concerning Huma, wife ofdisgraced former Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, 49, emerged as she stood by her husband in the wake of his recent 'sexting' scandal. Revelations that he had sent intimate pictures of himself and steamymessages to 23-year-old Sydney Leathers - a girl he had only ever 'met' online - finally did for his New York Mayoral campaign last week. Huma Abedin stood by husband, Anthony Weiner, when he was embroiled in a SECOND sexting scandal earlier this year. Prompting many to ask, 'Why?' Huma Abedin stood by husband, Anthony Weiner, when he was embroiled in a SECOND sexting scandal earlier this year. Prompting many to ask, 'Why?' Up Close and Personal: Huma Abedin leans in to advise Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, during an Open Government Partnership event in New York in 2011 Up Close and Personal: Huma Abedin leans in to advise Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, during an Open Government Partnership event in New York in 2011 The scandal broke almost exactly a year after the shamedcongressman suffered a public mauling for the same behaviour. Then, asrecently, his wife Huma Abedin stood by him. This time round Huma’s loyalty raised eyebrows and questionsover why a woman of such accomplishment would stick by a man so apparentlyincapable of change. Gennifer Flowers posing for Penthouse in 1992 - the same year that her affair with Bill Clinton was exposed Gennifer Flowers posing for Penthouse in 1992 - the same year that her affair with Bill Clinton was exposed Gennifer Flowers in 1992 Gennifer Flowers in 2006 Gennifer at her 1992 press conference, left, and pictured in Dallas in 2006, right, when she failed in her attempt to revive a defamation case against Hillary Clinton and two of her fomer aides Gennifer said: ‘I don’t know Huma or the Weiners. I justknow what Bill told me and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexualand he didn’t care. He should know. 'He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.’ Yet however much their roles as mistress and wife cast Gennifer and Hillary Clinton as natural rivals Gennifer claimed to feel a sense of solidarity with Hillary, 65, and would support Hillary’s candidacy for President. She said: ‘The support I would give Hillary is as a woman. I’m one of those women who in so many aspects of my professional and personal life I’ve been out there making strides for women and allowing them to go down roads in which they were not welcome. Clinton in November 1992 and the two great loves against which Gennifer could never compete: Chelsea and Politics Clinton in November 1992 and the two great loves against which Gennifer could never compete: Chelsea and Politics Closing ranks: Clinton is embraced by wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea following the final Presidential debate in October 1992 Closing ranks: Clinton is embraced by wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea following the final Presidential debate in October 1992 ‘I would love to see a woman president. 'And she seems to bethe only one that’s getting close to it.’ According to Gennifer, the promise of the Presidency forherself one day was what bound Hillary to her faithless husband across theyears. She said: ‘Absolutely that was her reason for sticking byhim and he’s going to stick by her because he owes her that. ‘I would have thrown his clothes out on the front lawn butthat’s just me.’ Reflecting on her affair with Clinton she said: ‘The wholeexperience changed my life forever and everything went in a differentdirection. 'I don’t regret telling the truth. It was a defining moment inAmerican culture absolutely.’ The only difference now, she said, with advances intechnology Clinton would have been unable to deny the affair as he did forseveral years. She said: ‘I had recorded telephone conversations thank God.But if I hadn’t had them and Monica [Lewinsky] hadn’t had that blue dress we wouldhave been cast out as crazy stalkers. ‘I think today Bill and I would have texted everyopportunity we got. So I would have had tons of texts from him.’ She also believes that they would be together today were it not for the birth of his daughter, Chelsea, in 1980. She said: 'for a long time he was able to have it all. Then when they had Cheslea and he became Governor the stakes became higher.' Today Gennifer is single. She has been engaged ‘a couple oftimes’ since her divorce in 2005. She lives in New Orleans and sings regularly,though no longer owns the cabaret club where she used to perform nightly. ‘I love singing,’ she said. ‘It’s who I am. That’s who I amtoday I’ve had the opportunity as time has gone on to put things in their placein my head and move forward. ‘But,’ she admitted. ‘I’m still affected by it, the Clintonsin some way every day and every day something happens that sparks a memory. ‘It was a defining moment in American culture absolutely andto an extent I paid a high price for my honesty.’ Read more: Filthy Share or comment on this article e-mail by Taboola Sponsored Links Rare Images of The Clintons That Will Shock You Frank151 Illinois’s Mega-House Will Leave You In Awe. Who Owns It Will Shock You. 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Donald's Great Escape: Trump keeps his campaign alive with... Inside Angelina Jolie's new neighborhood that is so... 'Bill raped me and Hillary threatened me!' Trump unveils... Today show's Savannah Guthrie tells viewers about Billy... Pictured: The group of teenage friends who were all killed... Donald Trump called his pregnant wife Melania 'a monster'... War? What war? Afghan tribe so remote they didn't know about... Will this be the dirtiest debate ever? Anderson Cooper to... Florida girl, four, who was abducted from her bed is spotted... Matthew's destruction from above: Shocking aerial photos lay... ATMs too tall to reach, staircases to nowhere and a VERY... The real winner of the second debate? The internet falls in... MOST READ NEWS PreviousNext ● ● ● Comments (48) Share what you think NewestOldestBest ratedWorst rated View all The comments below have been moderated in advance. T4 two, Land of Oz, United States, 3 years ago When will politicians wise up and stop sleeping with/sexting trashy women??? 192716Click to rate aubreyfarmer, Aubrey, 3 years ago Hillary just loves to flash that satanic hand sign. 1361171Click to rate RIT, Chicago, 3 years ago Who cares, no one is perfect!!! 964190Click to rate Just Saying, Columbia SC, 3 years ago The woman is definitely not your superstar with a body to dazzle it's a healthy body for sure. I feel sorry for someone that would have that low of self esteem to allow a married man to dominate her entire life for 12 years to give her only what time he could sneak away. What kind of woman does that? One that has no sense at all, very trashy and lookhow it ended up for quite her pretty lonely with only pictures to view of her self. Hopefully her husband or man left her high and dry which is what she deserved! 328415Click to rate Victoria, Chorley_Lancashire, 3 years ago Put your chest away and get over it!!!! 277387Click to rate Steve D, Green Bay WI USA, 3 years ago (I seriously doubt they'd still be together now even if Bill had dumped Hilary for her. 120596Click to rate Hank, Paso Robles, 3 years ago People who have too many other things foremost in their minds should never be even close tp the reins of power. Power for them is a means to feed and fulfill their manifold lusts. 30370Click to rate ProudTrini, Virginia, 3 years ago Q. What's the difference between Clinton and Obama? A. Clinton is American, and was at least a [failed] governor. - Your American Daddy , Allentown, United States, 19/9/2013 01:52 yeah - what you wrote made a lot of sense...a mind is a terrible thing to waste. 192234Click to rate What Really Happened, Manchester, United Kingdom, 3 years ago Hilary Clinton is an absolute Globalist monster. Lord help the world if this monster EVER gets in the White House. She is 1000 times more ruthless than Dick Cheney - and look what HE did to the USA.... 2371453Click to rate dazey, Southwest, 3 years ago Ms. Flowers grossly overrates her value as a woman. 486528Click to rate View all The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Who is this week's top commenter? Find out now MORE TOP STORIES BingSite Web Enter search term: Enter your search Search Like Daily Mail Follow @DailyMail Follow Daily Mail +1 Daily Mail FEMAIL TODAY An English rose! The Duchess of Cambridge is pretty in pink in a $530 floral Kate Spade dress as she joins William and Harry to mark World Mental Health Day 'So in love with you': Ryan Lochte gets engaged to Playmate Kayla Rae Reid after nine months of dating The pair started dating in January Hot metal! Bella Hadid heads to club in a see-through chain mail outfit and pasties to celebrate her 20th birthday Certainly turned heads Today's Savannah Guthrie tells viewers about Billy Bush's indefinite suspension for his 'inexcusable' hot mic comments to Donald Trump It was a love story Against All Odds - Phil Collins going back to the love he paid £25m in their divorce. But, as our series reveals, there's one BIG problem... 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Trump Clearly Wins the "Big" Debate

So the nation wrecking medias go on immediate attack, bringing in attacks that are so far irrelevant to Trumps's boastful remark about his powers, even defending Hillary Clinton representing a 44 year old man eventually found guilty of raping a 12 year old girl. Sure, someone had to defend the man but Hillary could very well have said"not me">

A Clinton trying to represent herself as the only political power who can protect the rights or women. If the Democrats are so women rights conscious, why haven't they done more to break the commonly expressed "'glass window'?

Reminds me of an old saying, "Jack Spratt could eat no fat; his wife could eat no lean". If you don't see the significance, well then I'll explain, Jack was thin, his wife was fat.

Trump is thin com[pared to the "fat" of the the unrelenting attacks of the socialist bent media.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Vote Yes For More Taxes IF It Means Safer Roads - On TV Ads Today

What a bunch of hogwash. We have an overtaxed community and some, if not the worst, roadbeds, curbs and sidewalks in the country. With 3 accidents I came across near the intersection of War memorial and Knoxville this week, one of the most dangerous intersections in Peoria. Money wasted by the dozens upon dozens of millions of $. I need to stop being redundant.. If you are interested to know about the waste, you could read some of my 2900 blog posts.

I attended the first referendum presentation. 8, yes, 8 others attended, most appeared to be in favor of more taxes. This County is Democrat controlled. More taxes means more union jobs. While the Republican Establishment keeps shooting themselves in the butt.

I really don't think people want to do more than "talk" about these unfortunate days. Vote for Hillary and you will see how dozens of billions will be wasted in 4 more sorry years.

Knoxville and War M will never be improved no matter how high taxes go. That safety issue should have been addressed 30 or more years ago.

So sad.

Peoria - Did You Know?

In June of 2002, the JSEB, under the guidance of Barbara Manz Drake, condemned Ray LaHood and David Leitch for waffling on what would have been a disastrous, tax sucking billion dollar highway to Chicago. A highway that would have benefited some of Peoria's elite and stuck the middle class with the additional ta  taxes'

Both changed their minds on the billion dollar route and promoted spending $600 million to expand RT. 29, which IDOT said was an impossibility.

If they looked into the entire political life of these two lifetime politicians, they might better understand why this State and this Country are both basically financially bankrupt.

Now LaHood gets credit for RT. 74, a highway that FOREVER divides Peoria. One highly paid consultant hired by the City of Peoria years ago stated that this highway was a major boondoggle and would stifle the growth of the City. He felt the Highway should have 'ringed' Peoria adding spokes like a wheel to City Center. He was so right as now the Peoria is the description of major sprawl.

 And, of course, he was never hired back.

Maybe Leitch, who always talked a good game while blaming the Democrats for ALL the failures in Springfield,  will get the disaster for which he was the major cheerleader, (as he was on Firefly) the previously owned State of Illinois Hanna City Correctional Center, renamed after him once Peoria County figures out a way to get out from under this half a million yearly taxpayer supported boondoggle that has no real value to anyone but the Sheriff' and staff using one small area as a shooting range. More on this later.

The City spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to promote "Eagle View Biotech Business Park" and the "Rivers's Edge Redevelopment Initiative", back in 2006. I will blog, God willing, about other ways the City wasted your money and another reason why you should vote for NO NEW TAXES.

Hillary Blames Hurricanes on Humans Causing Global Warming

Her Pinocchio nose is now longer than the "highway to Chicago" had USDOT and IDOT been mistaken and built..

Bet she knows little about eons old nature complexity.

Possible she does, but lying is her prime attribute. Plus staying in a marriage while her husband is getting fellatio while talking with some other government officials probably engaged in similar activities. .

So sad.

The "Ferguson Effect" - Is it Real?

Despite denials by "those who would lead us" the Ferguson Effect is real. Officers are afraid to use their guns against criminal minded blacks mainly because they are afraid of the negative publicity they would receive.

Is is unfortunate that those criminals that kill or try to kill are not killed themselves instead of just wounded., People of color or white such as the teen who killed the 33 year old policeman last night are still alive not only after causing such huge grief but also the taxpayers millions of dollars over the remaining years of their miserable lives.

Lack of discipline, lack of respect, no work ethic, etc., and and an overly compassionate nation has led us into a situation of which there appears to be no current solution.

If those of you that want to lead the Clinton Cabal in a further grab for power, believe that Hillary Clinton is the answer to the growing massive problems of law and order in this country then I and those who can think factually must further our efforts to create a party that can bring this country back from the nearing 'cliff of disaster'.

Trump is the Republicans last answer, just like Ripley's 'Believe it or Not'.

Trump is the most politically correct candidate possibly in the history of our country.

And, no, he never ever said ban all Muslims as a 'stand alone" statemeent, if only people could learn to read more than the sensation grabbing headlines and the first paragraph of a socialist bent media and their socialist and prejudiced reporters.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Kaine - Rude, Crude and Abrasive

And the highly paid CBS "Reporter" had no control over the "debate". Kaine interrupted constantly while hogging 65% of the allotted time. Why is it that on both debates, the Democrats get to go first, putting the Republican on the defensive from the get-go?

Also wonder what the good-looking "Moderator" had to compromise to get the job that she handled terribly.

I watched the entire debate. For people who understand facts, Pence won hands down..

Kaine as possibly a President? What an ass.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Trump's Tax Write-offs Pale in Comparison to Hundreds of Democrats and Republicans

You won't find that information in the PJS. Why not???????? Media and others seem to forget Trump is just citizen Trump, successful businessman. Same as Bill Gates and Warrens Buffet. What they all did is PERFECTLY LEGAL. Under Obama, Bill Clinton and half a dozen predecessors. .

Republicans - Listen Up- Support Trump or Your Party is "Dead in the Water" PROBABLY For Ever

I know a third of your party leaders are very greedy, another third is "bull-headed", I'm sorry if I insulted any bull, and the other third has more common sense and obligation to save this county than the other thirds combined.

You say you don't like him ? Join the crowd. You just like Hillary better?

You surety know that many former Republicans who are now now Independents like me, think your party is sick and maybe won't survive in the next 8 years or myaybe considerably less.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Beware of Virtual False Kidnappings Or All Other Phone Scams

Read the story of Wendy Mueller. Then be prepared to delay and ask questions if you get a distress call asking for money quick or else. Lots of questions..That's what I did when someone tried (and failed) to scam me. I reported it to the first policeman I saw. He said "happens all the time" and drove away.

Obama Says "He's a Perfectly Reasonable Guy"

Joke of the day. Tops all.

Heddington Oaks - 214 Bed Facility

174 beds filled in June 2916. Mary Ardapple, my questionable successor on the Peoria County Board, and a strong supporter of HO insisted on having an "out of state" marketing firm be hired at an approximate $80,000 figure. What went wrong Ms. Ardapple??

The County Board evidently does not have an administrator for HO. Why not? Hopefully I will have an Opinion in the JS soon to shed more facts on what went wrong at Heddington Oaks.

In case your interested, HO collects $3.1 million, or thereabouts, each year from property tax owners yet admits residents from other counties who do not pay taxes to support HO.

Administrator #Three Leaves PRM - Nationwide Search Will Start for #4

So the JS reports along with mis-leading information. Remember the Peoria Riverfront Museum was sold promising 240,000 visitors per year. (and an IMAX, a 15% discount for County residents and a promise of adding $16 million a year to local business. In 2015, it drew less than 160,000. It supposedly made a profit but stated "they had to draw less money from reserves (Endowment) than the year before".

A profit? Hmm. Also not mentioned is that Peoria County, who owns the PRM building, has already spent $500,000 on the building just this year through the month of June.

The object is not to make a profit but to serve the populace. They are only missing by 80,000 a year. The ball club that cost around $23 million, drew a reported 270,000 people. The Museum cost somewhere around $99 million

Peoria will someday be known as the City of "Missed Projects" and the 3nd (the 2nd home is Florida during the winter) home of dozens of out of State Consultants.

Plus the leader in all States in Committees that are formed like leaves.Anyone remember "Vision 20-20), "Disrrict #150 "Master Facility Planning Committee, formed in 2005, TRANSPORT. Southside Development Committe, COG, etc.?

First Tax Referendum Hearing Drew Nine Plus Staff, One Reporter and One Camerman

16 people total. Held in a large gym with voice sounds reverberating off all solid surfaces, figures on a distant screen, no mike or roving mike, plus speaker did not repeat the only person who spoke up so that I could not hear what was said.

The City did not show unless they came after I left.

Next informative session is Oct 3.

Peoria County Chronicle Reports On the STATE of Illionois

"States debt 'mind-boggling, jaw dropping', at $45,000 per person share who file income tax statements in illinpois. About 6 million. The article is written in the September edition by Kristin Danley-Greiner of the Illinois New Network.

Dear God. Peoria's only partial salvation is if Cat builds their new headquarters building in this city. Chances of them doing that? I'd say factoring in all whys and why nots, I'd say about 50-50.

Iranian Bank Could Not Have Been Booted From Trump Property

Without a lawsuit which could have dragged through the courts for years. Dear God, is the media propaganda getting to be similar to the Hitler era??

Billionaire Immigrant Endorses Trump

Maybe the JS Democrat will print this. Surely the JSEB knows that Clinton is the far worst of the two candidates.but our local media is highly prejudiced. Hope the voters will know the facts.

Even with Trump not paying taxes, he shouldn't lose but a few votes from the least knowledgeable, What was the nasty term Clinton used to describe these voters?,  voters of which there are over 40% oF those 'REGISTERED".  Any accountant know that you can legally deduct certain losses from many years past to offset gains. Even a fool like me know that. I, too, have not paid any income tax for the last 4 years as I write off investment losses.

It's legal and lawful. You elected people to the House and Senate and I dare them to change the law BECAUSE EVERYONE OF THEM DOES THE SAME. Trump couldn't even change the laws if elected president. And if Congress did it there would be a general uprising.

Boy, today's media is tremendously prejudiced,

Too sad..

A Big Name Jock Endorses Clinton

Which means absolutely nothing. Many big name jocks needed individual instructors or they would have been flunked. Many took the easiest courses. Some courses in many schools were added to the curriculum so people like LeBron could graduate.