Monday, October 03, 2016

Billionaire Immigrant Endorses Trump

Maybe the JS Democrat will print this. Surely the JSEB knows that Clinton is the far worst of the two candidates.but our local media is highly prejudiced. Hope the voters will know the facts.

Even with Trump not paying taxes, he shouldn't lose but a few votes from the least knowledgeable, What was the nasty term Clinton used to describe these voters?,  voters of which there are over 40% oF those 'REGISTERED".  Any accountant know that you can legally deduct certain losses from many years past to offset gains. Even a fool like me know that. I, too, have not paid any income tax for the last 4 years as I write off investment losses.

It's legal and lawful. You elected people to the House and Senate and I dare them to change the law BECAUSE EVERYONE OF THEM DOES THE SAME. Trump couldn't even change the laws if elected president. And if Congress did it there would be a general uprising.

Boy, today's media is tremendously prejudiced,

Too sad..

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