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"Legal Corruption" - Read This Book and Some May Reconsider 'Smoky' Joe For Demo P

"Secret Empires", by Peter Schweizer. "How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends".

Most high ranking politicians are legally corrupt. This book will open the few who read it , eyes.

So sad that people no longer read books likee this.

Reality Winner - 5 Year Prison Sentence Not Long Enough

Two bad she doesn't live in North Korea. She would never again see the 'light of day'.
If I die before 2020 I'll probably die because I'm sick of people like her. Big deal she served in the NSA. Held a 'can't fire me' government job all her adult life.

Most groups she loves like ISIS would have  beheaded her.

Too bad.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Thanks, JS Editorial Board for printing the State of Florida action in sealing my arrest record. I never really fought the charge because I knew that no Judge would find me guilty of anything. I did need an attorney to represent me in Court so I hired a lawyer whose sign I saw, paid him one time fee, appeared before a Judge in 2014 who did not find me guilty. Then I had to wait three years before I   could petition the State of Florida to seal the record. Cost $75 for paperwork and $10 for new set of fingerprints at the Peoria Police headquarters and received notification that my request was honored as I was not guilty of thee 2013 charge and had no previous arrest records.

The State of Florida can legally set up 'sting' operations. So I was not found guilty based on the merits of thee charge. I did not spend any time in jail as I posted my own $110 bond.

Thanks to all who supported me including my family and some relatives. Thank (ha, ha) to Jim and Jerry Stowell who made sure all the media's in the Peoria area knew of my arrest two days after the embarrassment. Their Dad, Joe, told me recently, that he considered me as his friend. We have been friends since 1956.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Black Professional Football Athletes Patriotic? Not Very Many

Review professional athletes playing sports. Few blacks play Professional tennis. It is a thinking game. Few play baseball, those brown skinned players consist of just a few so-called African Americans. A short time ago, the total was 8 out of 700 or more Major League Baseball players. Baseball is more of a thinking game. What about golf? What, one black, Tiger, playing in the major golf tournaments?Golf is a thinking game. Basketball? More of  size, athletic ability and brute strength than a a thinking game.

Yes, all sports require some thinking. Those who cannot think do not remain in any sports for a long time. Boxing may be an exception. (Think George Foreman, both a patriot and a thinker. Ali, not patriotic at all.)

Then their is boxing which requires certain skills and strength. It is dominated by brown-skinned people. In women's boxing, I have yet to see a black champion.

Soccer is certainly not dominated by either black players worldwide. It seems to be that only football is dominated by black players. Football requires of blacks mainly size, speed and brute strength. Do they read serious , factual and different views on their history? No. Comic books, playbooks and news and TV about themselves as well as liberal left-wing headlines about some real but mostly exaggerated black discrimination. Worse now than before the Civil War and after the 1960'. Most have never read a true history book unless it was published by a militant black.  Toni Morrison, popular among black women and their white sympathizers, wrote realisticly but whe also is a writer with a dim view of the future of the black race.

How wrong can she be?

When a black football player builds a multi-million dollar home, the architect usually specifies bookshelves. Then, the millionaire black player has his agent go to Barnes and Noble to buy 100[s of books at random to fill the shelves so he looks intelligent on TV.

This I know. If I was a young white drafted with black NFL ex-football or current players, I would want to be behind them, not in front of them in a legitimate war.. My patriotism has never been questioned.

Theirs has.

Most of the black professional football players,  have no love for the country; the country that has made them rich. Without working. I am hesitant to call 'working out', work.

Now the NFL owners are being questioned about their patriotism and rightly so. I do not plan to watch any professional football this coming season.

Period and so sad. No, I am not a racist. Check my records while in school, in the armed services , in business and in retirement. Do I think that a disportionate number of  black as well as many white so-called leaders are racist?


their sympathizers, was down deep, a very militant writer..

Collusion? Haven't Seen Or Read Of ANY PROOF After All These Months and at Least a $Billion Spent

Did Putin want Trump to win? I, plus the voters in key states and the Electoral College agreed. Out choice was a proven murderer (Benghazi and Whitewater, most likely both and most likely more), a corrupt individual with a corrupt husband, a lair and a truth-stretch, a budding Socialist calling for open borders, poor before both got into politics and now wealthy and the list goes own.

Would I like to have a soda with the Donald. No. But I wouldn't throw my drink at him like I would the totally crooked Democrat selection to be our Presiden'

To be our President?? God help this countries Democrat leadership to come to their senses.

Trump. like ALL major politicians is a truth stretcher and has a great like for most of the opposite sex (he has never been proven to exploit his so-called sexual appetite, unlike Hillary's husband) while in office. ALL  accusations were made BEFORE his election or even BEFORE he became a serious contender.

I made my choice and would not change it under ANY  circumstance. I see ALL the things Trump has accomplished against a tide more fierce that what hit Galveston 100 years ago.

Fire Mueller, Sessions and more. These people are at least somewhat responsible to deal fair. Get rid of all those before their accusations and belligerent actions cause you more sleepless nights. Mueller's search for 'collusion' has indeed turned into a wide-spread witch-hunt. offering 'immunity to criminals to get at the President that officials like Mueller didn't like from day one. 

And through back doors.

So sad.

Cornholing? How Did the Name Of This 'Game' Get by the Censors???

Look it up in almost any Dictionary. Referred in some as a homo act. For many years, there was a bawdy Alaskan based ballad that had a line in it, "There on the barroom floor,  with his a--h--- torn, lay poor old 'cornholed' John" or Brown of some fictitious name.

I hope this 'game' is no longer televised. What is this world coming to??

My Regrets To Read of the Sorrowful Life Ending of John McCain - His Actions Will Remain Through the Ages

I express my sorrow especially to the family and friends of a brave Navy officer and Statesman. A hero and an asset to a country in awry for many years.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Personal Attacks? I Get Few - Always 'Anonymous'

For the latest anonymous attack on me, I inform 'anonymous on this site that I and my wife, have lived in a RANCH house for the last 28 years. No upstairs in my ranch house. Is there one in yours, or Matt Buedel, you lowlifes??

Also I did not 'STEPDOWN' from the Peoria County Board. I served my FULL THREE terms and advised a North Side Media my intentions not to run for a fourth term TWO AND A HALF YEARS, BEFORE MY THIRD TERM WAS ENDED.

Thier headline? "Widmer Will Be Hard to Replace".My first replacement in 2011 was a loser.

My County Board elections? Seven to zero. My greatest failure was being unable to stop the $6million yearly losing, SAFETY NET FOR THE POOR COSTING $48 million.

So Sad for the taxpayers. My latest successor for my former position representing District 11, Dr. Greg Adamson, is a TRUE WINNER.

Distorted Media Headlines - All Most People Read These Days If They Read

Headline - NewsMax today; " impeaching, lying, etc. THE president" meaning Bill Clinton should have read "A' president The headline misleads half who read it to believe he is talking about PRESIDENT DONALD  TRUMP.


What a sham our media is today.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Edgewild - Quite a Number Of the 228 Homes are Using Cheap Illegals

Mainly to mow grass and landscaping. I had a prominent South Side Fencing company give me a quote on some fencing. I agreed. One day I get a knock on my door and a Mexican or Brown skinned person stood on my porch. I asked what he wanted. He said e was here to install a fence. I asked for identification. He had none. I asked if he had a driver's license, He had none. His truck was lettered ACME something. I told hm to get off my property.

Later, the owner of the fencing company called me all upset. You can guess what I said to him. I never heard from that company again. You can guess what company I am talking about. I would like to see ICE to raid therm but don't believe ICE is working this area yet.

Too bad as a lot of companies in the area are using cheaper illegals.

Headline - IMMIGRANT Charged in Tibbett's Case

First, I am very, very sorry for the family of Ms. Tibbetts. And for her friends, boyfriend and relatives. I am very upset with the DIRTY press by calling ILLEGAL immigrants, IMMIGRANTS.

The man being charged for her death is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT FROM MEXICO. Speed up the deportation of ALL who entered this country illegally and BUILD THE WALL,

I'm All Quiet On the Donald

He has done a good job in trying to keep this a Capitalistic Republic. Now I'll wait and see how the Cohen and Manafort convictions and testimony and Trump''s statements all 'shake out'.

Straw - It's Use in a Liquid Get's You Jail Time

Crossing the border IL;LEGALLY  gets you sanctuary, protection, free medical care, a drivers license, free food and clothes, etc.

Yes, as I've said years ago, we are a SOCIALIST counteryleed by the DEMOCRATS like Jerry Brown, Governor of California, the 'land of milk, Honey and corruption'.

Illinois Ranks In Top 10 Most Violent School Behavior

Why? Lack of youth discipline. Don't expect it to get any better under most current leaders in politics.  A drive for a 3rd party may continue to rise on the horizon or a series of major revolutions as I have long predicted either in the late 20's or early 30[s,

Violence in youth leads to violence in adults. Don't believe that the over 2 million adults incarcerated in the U.S. today are there for the use of weed..

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Scandalized Press Print This? Of Course Not

 Forwarded to me by a friend.. Merle

This did not
> appear in the press . .
> .
> On Tuesday,
> April 10, 2018, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide
> football players made the most out of their White House
> visit, and much of it went unreported by the
> media. With past
> visits from sports teams, the media did their best to
> highlight and prop up anyone who would boycott the visit,
> but they were unable to write about that this time because
> NONE of the players
> boycotted! President
> Trump welcomed the team on Tuesday to celebrate their
> National Title that they clinched in January of this
> year.The entire
> ceremony was special, but something amazing happened
> afterwards that the media is NOT talking
> about. After Trump
> lauded praise on Alabama for their amazing victory over
> Georgia in the National Championship game, punter J.K. Scott
> took Trump aside and asked if he could pray for him and the
> White House staff. What happened
> next is the media's worst
> nightmare. A group of
> Scott's teammates, white and black, gathered around
> Trump and prayed together in a beautiful show of
> unity. Somehow the media missed
> this!!!    ON
> PURPOSE.See photos
> below.

2 Attachments

Merle Widmer

5:10 PM (1 minute ago)
to rida

2005 Posts of Interest


Thought Control in Higher Education

John Leo, a writer for the U.S. News and World Report, has an article in the 10/24/05 issue titled “Class(room) Warriors.” He writes about the cultural left trying to enforce political conformity in schools of education. It’s called “disposition theory” and in effect it works like this: education schools have the unbounded power over what teaching candidates may think or do, what they may believe and value. The rules in certain offices of higher education are that all teachers would be judged by “their knowledge, skills and dispositions.” What are dispositions? This edict was imposed by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The NCATE vehemently denies that is imposing groupthink, but the ed schools, essentially a liberal monoculture, use the “dispositions theory” to require support for diversity and a culturally left agenda, including opposition to what the schools sometimes call “institutional racism, classism, and heterosexism.” Predictably some students concluded that thought control would make classroom dissent dangerous. A few students rebelled when a teacher at Brooklyn College School of Education showed Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11 in class and dismissed “white English” as “the language of oppressors.” Five students filed written complaints and received no formal reply from the college. One was told to leave the school and take an equivalent course at a community college. Two of the complaining students were then accused of plagiarism and marked down one letter grade. The two were refused permission to bring a witness to the classroom, a tape recorder, or a lawyer to meet with a den to discuss the matter.

A history professor who defended the dissenting students became a target himself when he wrote an article attacking “dispositions” as a form of mind control. He then faced a possible investigation by an Integrity Committee. Yes these communistic occurrences do happen in the U.S. Enter Philadelphia based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a national civil liberties group that does what the ACLU should be doing but usually won’t. FIRE said that “Brooklyn College must confirm that it tolerates dissent, that it is not conducting secret investigations of its own professors.” FIRE says the college has “disavowed any secret investigations.”

The article goes on to detail other cases and concludes that you should say what you think ( I suspect within reason) in class and if the administration moves against you, give FIRE a call.

As a parent, I advise you to not send a child to a college or university, unless you know that the faculty presents and allows free discussion on events, past and present and allows dissent or contrary views. Colleges faculties should teach kids how to think; not what to think. Most kids figure it out but some believe in what the liberal left tries to force them to believe. Some professors are subtle in their approach to “indoctrinating” some of their “moonstruck” students. These are the ones who end up in all kind of marches of protest or do stupid actions like burning the American flag. Most eventually become good citizens in spite of their college education. I did.

For those of you with a conservative bent, I highly recommend Hillsdale University, a small school of higher education in Hillsdale, Michigan. Hillsdale is a private school that does not accept any government money.

School Vouchers

An Editorial in the WJS on 10/14/05 reads “Last month the Bush Administration proposed using federal vouchers to meet the educational needs of 372,000 Louisiana and Mississippi children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Up to $7,500.00 would follow student evacuees “wherever they are enrolled.” Democrat Ted Kennedy doesn’t want to give parents the money directly so they can decide where to send their children to school. Keeping the money in “the system” allows him and his teacher-union supporters to maintain their political control.

Democrat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, who sent her children to private schools last year and didn’t support a pilot voucher program for the poorest of the poor in the District of Columbia. Post-Katrina, she’s cosponsoring a bill as part of a larger relief package that would use federal dollars to cover tuition at private and religious schools. Even Democrat Senator Dodd of Connecticut, another longtime voucher opponent, now says he could support them on a temporary basis.

The kids in New Orleans’s Ninth Ward could have used the voucher system long ago. Better late than never.” End of quotes.

As I’ve warned before, we have only so many years left to bring our schools systems up to the needs of the current world. If it takes vouchers, private schools and religious schools, to do it let’s get moving.

Incentive Pay for Teachers

“How One School Found a Way to Spell Success” by columnist Daniel Henninger is an article in the WSJ dated 10/14/05 Henniger writes about Meadowcliff Elementary School located in Little Rock, Ark. He writes, “About 90% of the K-5 school is black. It sits in a neighborhood of neat, very modest homes. About 92 % of the K-5 students are definable as living at or below the poverty level. Principal Karen Carter abhors the term, poverty level, because most of the parents work at one or two jobs. This refusal to bend to stereotypes likely explains what happened last year at Meadowcliff.”

Henniger writes “The school’s scores on the Stanford achievement course rose by an average of 17% in one year. Against the National norm, the school’s 246 students rose to the 35th percentile from the 25th. For math in the 2nd grade and higher 177 students rose to the 32nd percentile from the 32nd. What happened in nine months?

Meadowcliff has two of the elements well established as necessary to a schools success-a strong and gifted principal, and a motivated teaching staff. Both are difficult to find in urban school systems. Last year this public school added a third element; individual teacher bonuses, sometimes known as “pay for performance.”

Paying teacher on merit is one of the most popular ideas in education. It is also arguably the most opposed idea in public education, anathema to the unions and their supporters. Meadowcliff’s program arrived through a back door. No money was available so they went to the Public Education Foundation of Little Rock but the Foundation had no money for her. So the Foundation produced a private, anonymous, which made union approval unnecessary.

Details were worked out using the Stanford test results to determine the bonus pay. For each student in a teacher’s charge whose score rose up to 4% over the year, the teacher gets $100; 5% to 9%--$200; 10% to 14%--$300; and more than 15%--$400. This straight-line pay-for-performance formula awarded teachers objectively in a way that squares with popular notions of fairness and skirts fears of subjective judgment. In most merit-based lines of work, like baseball, it’s called getting paid for “putting numbers on the board.”

Twelve teacher received performance bonuses ranging from $1800 to $8600. The rest of the school’s staff shared in the bonus pool; that included the cafeteria employees, who started eating with the she students instead of eating in a nearby lounge, and the custodian who the student’s saw taking books out of the library to read.

Total cost: 134,000. The test cost $10,000.

The Meadowcliff bonus program is now in its 2nd year, amid more phenomena rarely witnessed in “school reform.” Last years bonuses were paid by an anonymous donor; this year the school board voted to put he pay for performance bonuses on the district’s budget. The teacher union insisted that Meadowcliff’s teacher vote for a contract waiver: 100% voted for the waiver. Another grade school, with private funding, will now try the Meadowcliff model.

The Meadowcliff program has the support of both Little Rock’s superintendent and Arkansas director of education. 100 administrative positions from the central bureaucracy were cut and the dollars saved, 3.8 million dollars, were rerouted back to the schools.

Financial incentives of some sort are needed to stop math and science teachers from jumping to private industry. School districts have to innovate fast because jobs and populations are migrating internally. The district hired 180 new teachers this year and Little Rock has to find a way to hold its best teachers. The teachers seen at Meadowbrook Elementary seemed pretty happy there.”

As I watched and listened to a presentation by District #150 officials to the League of Women’s Voters, I am a member of LWV, on the closing and building of school, I hope that the Board and Administration is looking for ways to raise student performance and keep and attract competent principals and teachers. I know they are but this district cannot afford to wait another day to implement programs that will keep good teachers and attract better principals and administrators.

Where and when and how much money can be raised is a question on most every bodies mind these days. No one wants a property tax rise unless they can see a direct benefit to the community now, because this community is becoming harder to convince that so many projects deemed to be in everybody’s best interest having not worked out to well.

Promising those fleeing the city that help is on the way without raising our already too high property taxes will not hold them unless they see improvement in this school year of 2005-2006. That is where the communities’ interest lies right now and has lain for the past number of year.

Too many projects in this community are dependent on a cash strapped state and federal government. Maybe more wealth people will step forward and finance more of these local projects starting with the #1 priority in the City of Peoria, the public school systems. A good place to start is with a model of Meadowcliff’s financial performance incentives and a Vo-Tech Center staffed with certified teachers and skilled volunteers. We have stalled these projects way too long and the negative results are becoming more visible each day.

P.S. Anyone wanting to read this complete Henninger copy can retrieve it from the libraries or I will fax you a copy. Let me know on this site or send me an email.


Some Observations

Drive to the junction of the new Charter Oak Drive, Allen Road and Rt. 150. Observe the beautiful landscaped sloping roadsides; observe the dirt washing off these slopes, the pieces of the of sod slopes that slide down these hills, look at the dirt washing down these slopes into ditches that eventually drain into the Illinois River. Ask yourself if the entities that designed these eroded slopes had any experience in landscaping? Did they earn a bonus for finishing this ugly landscape job early? Or is this just typical of the designing of some IDOT engineers? Were these eroding landscapes purposefully designed to create more work later on? Is the idea to put more mud in the Illinois River so we can ship it to Chicago or New Orleans? Do these eroding slopes give visitors a good impression of Peoria? Surely I am not the only one that noticed this sloppy job?

On October 13, 2005 a headline in the JS stated “Ameren’s (Cilco) Future is Cloudy.” “Utility officials raise possibility of corporate bankruptcy.” The article quotes Warner Baxter, Ameren’s executive v-p and chief financial officer as saying “If Ameren’s utilities are not allowed to recover their costs through the rates charged to the consumer, a variety of “adverse consequences” could develop. Those consequences could include “the extreme, which could be a sort of bankruptcy situation, and we certainly have no hope and trying to go down that path because really no one wins.”

Flash back to 2004 where a headline in the JS stated that “Ameren/Cilco provided a “lead gift of $500,000.00” to the children’s playhouse.” This playhouse will occupy the remodeled old pavilion soon to be vacated as the Peoria Park District moves their headquarters “temporarily” into the old IDOT building on Knoxville. It appears that Ameren wants to raise the rates to it’s customers to avoid bankruptcy. It appears that the public may pay higher rates to Ameren so they don’t go “bankrupt” and Ameren takes part of our money and gives it to the Peoria Playhouse in their name and takes credit as being the “generous benefactor”. Hmmmm.

In a presentation to the Peoria Park Board on 10/12/05 by a member of the Junior League, the board was told that the annual operating budget of the Playhouse would be $413,100.00 and the Playhouse would be “self-sustaining. Remember that number because at some point the $100.00 may become significant!! (Have I heard the phrase self-sustaining before?) Sounds familiar; was it the RiverPlex?”

An article in the JS dated 12/12/02 and titled “Park (Peoria) officials set to discuss softball site. Passed over project could be a boon to Peoria in 2006.” Park Superintendent Bonnie Noble said “board members have been working on this for several months and this project could provide Peoria with enough fields to host the National Softball Association 2006 regional girl’s fast-pitch tournament.”

I don’t believe I am the only bearer of the bad news that no matter what miracle Ms. Noble is capable of pulling out of increased property taxes and increased fees, no new tournament approved softball fields will be completed in time for a tournament 8 months from now. But some of those hundreds of kids and their families playing over in East Peoria will spend some of their money on the Peoria side of the river if they have any money left when they leave the Paradise, also in East Peoria. A win-win; right?

Probably not.

Now if my friend Dan Daly, you know Dan from the Civic Center board who somehow underestimated costs of the new expansion by quite a bunch, will look up his notes, I believe he will find that a new softball complex was part of the vision that Tim Cassidy, Peoria Park District President, presented to Dan and to the public, along with a vision of a $32 Million dollar expanded African Zoo, a new skateboard park and a financially solvent park district. All this without raising property taxes or selling more bonds than they pay off yearly. (Now around 23 million owed) The “vision” included a financially solvent RiverPlex (lost $7 million dollars in the first 40 months of operations) and the saving of the Peoria Park District from those who wished to destroy the parks. I quote an article in the JS (3/17/03) in which Mr. Cassidy said “elect me and save the Peoria Park District.” Hmmmmm.

Another observation was that the Peoria Park Board cancelled a number of full board meeting this year. A board member said the reason was that they had NOTHING to talk about. Hmmmm.

Just an observation but it appears some things are going wrong with a lot of the “visions” presented to us by some of our leadership. Just an observation.

Well, enough observations for one evening except I might mention that the Peoria County Board will NOT be raising your property tax rates for next year. In fact the rate is expected to decrease slightly. And yes, I will be running for another term on the Peoria County Board because even at my advanced age, I know something about the “fiscal responsibility" of an elected official to the people who elected him.


Take Back the Right

Before we vote next spring and next November, we need to read and listen to all sides of all issue that will be presented. “Take back the Right, How the Neocons and the Religious Right have betrayed the Conservative Movement,” by Author Philip Gold should be on your “to read” list. While this book is talking mostly about the party of which I am a member, it should be good reading for anyone. I will quote some of the statements Mr. Gold makes (he lists an extensive bibliography) that I think are noteworthy:

Gold quotes Ortega y Gasset in his book the “Revolt of the Masses” who writes “If you want to make use of the advantage of civilization, but are not prepared to concern yourself with the upholding of civilization-you are done. For me nobility is synonymous with a life of effort, ever set on excelling oneself, in passing beyond what is to what one sets up as a duty and an obligation.”

Gold says author Bruno Snell noted what happened when the ancients began to question their ways. He wrote “men had very decided notions of what was expected of them. But when human behavior became an object of detailed investigation, many practices which had earlier been regarded as highly estimable did not withstand the pressure of the new criticism.... As more of sections of society became aware of their own merit, they are less willing to conform to the ideal of the once-dominant class. It is discovered that the ways of men are diverse.”

Gold quotes Barry Goldwater “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Goldwater spoke of how “America had lost the brisk pace of diversity and the genius of individual creativity.”

Gold tells the story of a young psychoanalyst, new to his trade and ardent about it’s possibilities, who sought the master for advice. According to the tale, Dr. Freud listened politely, then answered: “Don’t try to save people. They don’t want to be saved.” Wise counsel. Then and now.

Gold quotes Alexander Haig, upon being asked by somebody why he talked the way he did, is alleged to have replied “Sometimes it’s better to be not understood than to be misunderstood.” He may have been on to something.

Gold quotes Liberal Sharon Krause as saying “Four features of honor as a quality of character are elaborated: its high ambition, the balance of reverence and reflexibility, partiality, and the mix of recognition and resistance. The substantive codes of honor may vary.

To the extent that we obscure our own aristocratic capacities and liberal democracy’s aristocratic elements, we deny ourselves potentially powerful sources of individual agency and withhold crucial support for individual’s liberties. Those with honor above all else refuse to believe they are victims of circumstances.”

Gold continues “Neocons are, I believe a transient political and intellectual phenomenon. They have no power of their own. A few hold high-level positions but none hold a genuinely inner – circle position, and none of the present crop has ever won, or could win, a serious election.”

When JFK’s geniuses where being extolled to then House Speaker Sam Rayburn, the old pol listened politely and said “you may be right and they may be every bit as intelligent as you say. But I’d feel a whole lot better about them if just one of them had run for sheriff once.”

Gold continues Neocons don’t run for sheriff, or anything else. They are Idea Men. They think Geostrategic Big Thoughts. And they are ever more hated within the conservative movement. Some find their arrogance unendurable. Other wonder if their commitment to Israel might not be a bit too ardent, especially since so many of them are Jewish. Most of the Neocons have the same arrogance that led to Vietnam. Whatever we do is good because we do it. And we can do whatever we please.”

Gold continues “The first generation of Neocons brought to conservatism-or could have brought-exactly the kind of humane aristocratic sensibility and demand for responsible excellence that conservatism needed.”

Gold quotes writer Robert Kaplan from his book “The Coming Anarchy”---a condition demanding the sternest of Pagan virtues and no delusions concerning the redemption of others. There will be resources to fight over, especially oil and water. Religion will also be a global casus belli, especially between Islamic minorities and Christian and other majorities and Islamic majorities from Egypt to Indonesia. In truth, all these struggles, and more, interlock. And since 9/11, and certainly since the United States undertook to redeem Iraq, America has groped for a new way of understanding the world encompassing these struggles, and our role in it.”

Gold concludes “we must take back the right to be citizens, effective participants in the public world. This is how we must learn to live, once again. And this is what; above all else, a new conservatism must strive for.”

Anyway, the book is worth reading. Most of the above reflects my own feeling.
However, there are numerous statements by Mr. Gold that I would doubt.

I’ll close with quotes from Cal Thomas in today’s JS: “Many people are drawn to power less to advance certain policies than for ego satisfaction and future job prospects. Bush needs contrarians on his staff and he should meet with “average” people as often as possible.”

What goes on in our highest ranks of government reflect what goes on in our cities and local communities. Does anybody out there believe that the Civic Federation, The Chamber of Commerce Executive Council, the Peoria Park Board, the Zoological Society, the Museum Board, the Peoria Public Library Board, the Civic Center Board to name some of the most prominent, I’ll exclude political parties and some unions, would have average people or ESPECIALLY people with contrarians views on their boards?

Isn’t the way societies are run is by all agreeing with the ones who have the power and the gold or for those who have other peoples gold with charismatic or “gang type” leadership qualities who can lead people into act of violence; those people who ordinarily wouldn’t smash police cars, burn buildings and loot? For these “leaders” once an idea is conceived, there is no turning back no matter how wrong or untimely the conception.

As you read this, millions of people are planning to rob you, kill you, or harm you in endless ways and turn this planet into utter chaos while a too large part of our citizenry sit slumped at their desks, bored by their teachers and their lives, watch endless hours of mindless Sitcoms and endless baseball, football and baseball seasons. Other millions are working hard preparing themselves to succeed for the benefit of mankind, especially in the United States; people both in this country and all across the world. Many of them do have your best interests at heart; many don’t. Those of you involved or not involved, had better hope we have more students and adults’ preparing themselves to be good citizens and leaders in the United States. Much information suggests we are “losing ground” to many other countries.

My advice; get involved in the politics of this community and this country, hopefully as a conservative and a liberal; of course, in the OLD meaning of the two terms. If you have no interest in your community or your countries politics and promote the status quo, don’t complain about the decisions made by our Neocons, our aristocratic, our selfish and our poor or bad leadership. Try not to make public opinions in criticism of the country you profess to love; these opinions when appearing in diverse medias, give our enemies the backbone they lack. Our enemies use our own words and actions to kill those we wish to save. Many of them do plan ways to kill us; Neocons, liberals, conservatives, far left and far right “leaners” and poor or disadvantaged people. Our enemies will make no distinctions. Sorry.

But we hope we can always keep the right to disagree. But we are obligated to do more than just complain. In many countries such as in the Middle East, you do not have that right even to complain; or many other rights.


How Sports Helped Mold My Life

Even though I spent at least forty

Friday, August 17, 2018

School Bus Drivers in Great Demand

Why? When all types of discipline enforcement broke down creating a nationwide 'reign of terror', supported by lousy parenting, wimpy judges and money grubbing attorneys, so did discipline on school buses.

Even on buses that are chaperoned, the chaperones are too busy on their CP's and chatting up individual or small groups of students to pay attention of what is going on in a big bus.

I seen it first hand. But I would drive a school bus for $80,000 and authority to use a small horsewhip.

Probably won't get any calls because I don't belong to a Union and they think I have an arrest record. Which I don't and will sue anyone who prints that I do and I find out about it,

Stabbing Reported the First Day Of School.

2nd Amendment foes should now campaign to ban all knives, And don't forget baseball bats, BB guns and slingshots.

Weather Too Hot In D.C. For Politiians To Attend Crucial Hearings and Votes??

Most prominent among those missing entirely was Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois. Maybe he was home studying mental health problems that he promised me he was "working tirelessly" when I met with him in D.C. in 2004.

???? Durbin is more mouth than action.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Pearl Jam? I Hear It Tastes Best Spread on Moldy Bread

Liked best by radical Left-Wingers.

Books That May Anger, Surprise, Sadden or Disapoint You - Must Reads For Those Who Are Still Learning

Some factual and some combining fact and fiction. Most hard to put down.

"A Kim Jong-Il Production", by Paul Fischer
"Marita - The Spy Who Loved Castro", a Memoir by Marita Lorenz
"The Imperial Cruise" A Secret History of Empire and War, by James Bradley
"Political Tribes", Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations, by Amy Chua
"Green Sun", by Kent Anderson
"Down the River Unto the Sea" by widely read Walter Mosley
"Flash Boys", a Wall Street Revolt, by Michael Lewis

Some real 'schockers' here. All at your local Libraries

I find reading less streesful than blogging in the latter years of my life..

An Apology To All Dogs

Donald, dogs are man's best friends You were right, Omarosa is a  'lowlife' but you should have used 'rattlesnake' instead of 'dog'. Please apologize to all dogs.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What DO People Say 'Off the Record'??

This bitch tapes THIS president and the press makes a BIG deal of it. All people, no matter their position, make crude remarks and most tell crude jokes when they are 'off record'. All I could say to this bitch it to get a REAL life.

She should have heard Former Democrat President Lyndon Johnson 'off record' Most filthy mouthed president in modern history.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

LeBron James - Soon to be a Billionaire Who Only Made it Through High School Because

what teacher would fail him?? Story is he never read more than Comic books and newspaper articles about 'how great thou art'. He gets all this publicity about money he gave to build a school. (it's proven that how new the school is has little to do with FACTUAL learning).

He will make close to 100 million this year but he is still an overgrown, pill taking, thug.

Jim Stowell Divorced

RUMOR only is that his wife was having more than cordial relations with a Doctor. Jim was the guy, colluding with Bill Dennis to cause considerable anquish despite the fact that I was NOT found guilty in July, 2014.