Saturday, August 25, 2018

Black Professional Football Athletes Patriotic? Not Very Many

Review professional athletes playing sports. Few blacks play Professional tennis. It is a thinking game. Few play baseball, those brown skinned players consist of just a few so-called African Americans. A short time ago, the total was 8 out of 700 or more Major League Baseball players. Baseball is more of a thinking game. What about golf? What, one black, Tiger, playing in the major golf tournaments?Golf is a thinking game. Basketball? More of  size, athletic ability and brute strength than a a thinking game.

Yes, all sports require some thinking. Those who cannot think do not remain in any sports for a long time. Boxing may be an exception. (Think George Foreman, both a patriot and a thinker. Ali, not patriotic at all.)

Then their is boxing which requires certain skills and strength. It is dominated by brown-skinned people. In women's boxing, I have yet to see a black champion.

Soccer is certainly not dominated by either black players worldwide. It seems to be that only football is dominated by black players. Football requires of blacks mainly size, speed and brute strength. Do they read serious , factual and different views on their history? No. Comic books, playbooks and news and TV about themselves as well as liberal left-wing headlines about some real but mostly exaggerated black discrimination. Worse now than before the Civil War and after the 1960'. Most have never read a true history book unless it was published by a militant black.  Toni Morrison, popular among black women and their white sympathizers, wrote realisticly but whe also is a writer with a dim view of the future of the black race.

How wrong can she be?

When a black football player builds a multi-million dollar home, the architect usually specifies bookshelves. Then, the millionaire black player has his agent go to Barnes and Noble to buy 100[s of books at random to fill the shelves so he looks intelligent on TV.

This I know. If I was a young white drafted with black NFL ex-football or current players, I would want to be behind them, not in front of them in a legitimate war.. My patriotism has never been questioned.

Theirs has.

Most of the black professional football players,  have no love for the country; the country that has made them rich. Without working. I am hesitant to call 'working out', work.

Now the NFL owners are being questioned about their patriotism and rightly so. I do not plan to watch any professional football this coming season.

Period and so sad. No, I am not a racist. Check my records while in school, in the armed services , in business and in retirement. Do I think that a disportionate number of  black as well as many white so-called leaders are racist?


their sympathizers, was down deep, a very militant writer..

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