Monday, March 23, 2015

Widmer Seeks Libel Attorney

I am starting the process of seeking a libel attorney to sue a local corporation and at least one individual. Please email me the name of a firm you might suggest. Legal firm location does not matter.The corporation I plan to sue headquarters is not in Illinois.

Contact me by email. My email is listed on this page you are viewing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Bladder Cancer Licked?

Read me on Facebook for more details. Thanks to all of those who supported me through this nine month ordeal. I was always ready to accept what the results could be but I wanted to live long enough to have the only arrest, of which I was never convicted, cleared from my record, which it eventually will be.

A final lab report is due in 6-9 days as the scope may have missed something. I also have my heart valve problem but I have been blessed by not having physical problems that would have prevented me from still being alive and active. My wife, a strong supporter, has been a most helpful in seeing that I eat right and exercise. And my heartfelt thanks goes to Dr. David Rodenburg who saved both our lives.

Chris Reynolds New Bradley AD

My congratulations to my friend Chris. Chris, I wish you the best. The Bradley Board has made a smart decision to hire a local and a good selection to head sports programs that lost $18 million last year. I believe Chris will give Bradley basketball a badly needed shot in the recruiting arm.