Wednesday, December 03, 2008

George Shadid

Veteran Democrat politician George Shadid has petition gatherers out working for him. Appears he is going to challenge Ardis for Peoria Mayor.

I did not sign his petition. Shadid and Bill Halstead picked Jehan Gordon?? for the Illinois State Legislature and County Board member Phil Salzer and now retired Board member Jim Thomas appeared in TV ads supporting Gordon.

What the hey, she's female, black, young, speaks well, is aggressive and good-looking. What other characteristics are needed these days?

Mayor Jim Ardis has a fund raiser with food at Weaver Ridge Golf Club today, 5-8, casual business attire. Bring a friend.

I'll be there.


Anonymous said...


Your racism continues to show through.

Merle Widmer said...

Sorry, annony,

George Shadid, Who is white and older.....

Anonymous said...

George Shadid had no intention of running for Mayor; just some of his followers trying to stir things up. do you forget how strongly George backed Ardis in the last election? He is strong on loyalty and wouldn't break his own code.