Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucy and Charlie Brown

In the real world scenario, Lucy is a United States President and Charlie is a trusting revolt by the long oppressed people of North Africa. Worst of all presidents is Obama and Company. Help inspire and incite the oppressed to rebel against the likes of the monster in Libya and then back off or spout meaningless rhetoric when the revolution most needs real support.

Where might this country be today if France and other European friends of the rebels had deserted our revolution in its most pressing time of need?

This country has pulled the the "football" when the revolutionists (the Charlie Browns) trusted us so many times that it will be unlikely that any country will trust us for years to come.

From what I read and see, not many countries that could be our friends, trust us now.

Do you think Obama is doing everything he and this country can do to help Japan in their days of desperate need. Doesn't appear he is very personally involved. He appears to be speeding his time defending his poorly conceived ObamaCare and assisting the desperate union attempt to maintain their stranglehold on the public sector.

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