Monday, December 21, 2015

Peoria, Il. A HoneyPot for Out of Town Consultants

Maybe one of our local medias will research the total amount of dollars spent by our public bodies on consultants in the last decade. I know Patrick Urich' buddy, Lyle Sumek from Florida, has made a tidy sum over the past approximately 15 years. Rumor is that Sumek helped Urich get his first management position and Urich never forgot.

Don't misunderstand me. Both Urich and Sumek are nice guys. But the "good old boys and girls club" is bringing this country to the point that people are strongly supporting a personality such as Donald Trump. But don't forget, the voters also still support Blago in jail, Chaley Rangel, who should be and dozens of others, like Obama, who are helping bring massive debt to the citizens.

Taser Donates $8400 to a Los Angeles Congressman Political Fund Pot

And gets "gutted" by a prejudiced reporter. Maybe this reporter and others should write more about massive amounts of dollars Unions donate to publicly elected officials or how they sit behind certain Democrats as they did when I was on the Peoria County Board.

Why did the sit close to Democrats and some Republicans? They wanted to remind the Board member that they had the power to replace him or her on the next election if they didn't vote the Union ticket.

No, I didn't take any donations, from anybody with one exception. (Bill Prather, a Democrat, gave me a $100 bill which I reluctantly accepted) Nor did I ask for any, in my 10 year term on the Peoria County Board.

Miss Puerto Rico - You, as a Beauty, Showed at Least You Had a Brain That Pays Attention to World Events

Trump should hire you. You are so right. Of course there are good Muslims. If they are speaking up in volume, their comments are not being aired much in the liberal medias. There were good Germans under Hitler. And good Japanese and good Italians.  Suspend you for your comments? Of course, free speech in America is dying.

And watch your neighbor. Spy glass sales should be way up. Maybe catch me taking a piss in my back yard and call in this suspicious activity.

The world is going nuts. Less than 200 killed by suspected "terrorist" attacks in 10 years in the U.S.A. compared to approximately 350,000 killed in vehicular accidents over the same period.

Fear keeps the same incompetent people in office. That's why I asked Ray LaHood years ago why he was an elected fear monger. He just smiled. LaHood asked me once if I thought he was being paid too much. I said no. I've changed my mind when I now see what benefits and pensions he gets plus his years of being a go-fer boy for our frightening president. ..

Peoria, Il. Taxpayers Should File Class Action Lawsuit Against City and All Council Members

Talked to a friend of mine who just hit a pothole on a Peoria horrible condition street, $300 worth of damage they can't afford. As I previously reported, it is estimated to take $7.5 million for 5 years to bring Peoria streets up to 75% of Normal.

Why do voters keep electing council members who never saw a taxpayer funded project they couldn't support? Eric Turner, a Caterpillar clone, put his name on a petition to expand underutilized Lincoln Library without EVER visiting the site. By his own admission to me. Tim Riggenbach should not be on the council. Both Turner and Riggenbach are nice people but so was my mother who never ran for office but would have been a better guardian of the money pot each councilperson is SUPPOSED to guard..

If a class action lawsuit could be filed against those who waste taxpayer dollars on projects that NEVER meet projections and fail to do what they are elected to do which is to maintain infrastructure, reduce crime making people feel safe to move about the city at any hour they need or desire, Support growth without using tax dollars to support businesses that that should be able to support themselves like I did without asking or getting a dime from the city in building my $11 million dollar business I sold in 1992.

I know that extremely qualified people do not want to run for office for various reasons. A major one being the local newspaper who tries to destroy people they don';t like. Another reason is the time it takes away from their jobs and family.

I tried to sue the city but was foiled by an extremely incompetent judge. I could not afford an attorney on a $500 claim. But in class-action lawsuits, the cost is spread among many. Also, some attorneys will do it for a portion won..

Few will thank me but it was George Jacobs who cast the deciding no vote against buying the water company. A few days later, the City Manager made headlines by revealing the purchase would cost almost all users more than they were paying now. Why did Jacobs vote no? He read my research on my blog site.

Can you imagine this relatively incompetent council trying to tun a big company of any kind?  They can't even run the Cities street construction and repair. To my knowledge, Chuck Weaver is the only one on the council that met any real payroll. George Jacobs loss was a tremendous loss to Peoria Residents.

Proponents of the buyout used true but extremely misleading statistics showing that an overwhelming majority of small communities owned their own water systems. Of course they do. Who wants to buy a water system in Congerville, Carlock, Danver or Stanford? The public sector buys to make money. if they don't make money, they go broke. FireFly is a good example.

At least half the City Council should be replaced, including the Mayor, a man I had a major part in electing.

I know if you win a lawsuit against the city it costs taxpayers money to pay the settlement. If you are afraid of that Peoria will continue on a down slide All projects using taxpayer dollars supported by this council and some past councils have NOT met projections. And some new ones, never will either.

Read my older blogs if you want facts especially on why not to buy the water company, FireFly, Globe, the new museum, Heddington oaks, the costly library expansion, approximately $27 million in new bonds, etc..

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hillary and Bill Say Trump Lies

This from the Clinton's?? May God save the Queen!!

Trump Truth Stretching Can't Keep Up With The Liberal Media

Too give two quick examples: Trump did not call Cruz a 'Maniad". He said "Cruz is BEGINNING TO LOOK A LITTLE BIT LIKE A MANIAC. All the liberal media left out "beginning to look a LITTLE bit like" a maniac.

All leaders act like maniacs at times. Look at the dangerous loose nut we have in the White House.

Trump never said ALL MUSLIMS PERIOD. He said "without considerable vetting" which we sure as hell don't do know.

Drug Overdose Deaths Exceed Vehicular Deaths

So says one media source if you can believe them. Going to get worse, not better. Any time you make something illegal to young people, far too many of them are now going to "try it', often with disastrous results.

The entertainment world and the liberal media have glorified the use of drugs and drug experimentation. Telling and warning is not going to stop it. It is now ingrained in too many young people. It is now a way of life, just like "toys and games" are not part of Christmas but IS
Christmas for so many young people.

Expect the theft of toys from other people increase as kids ask parents "why not us?". Parents who can't afford all the stuff so highly advertised and so much peer pressure.

You can't stop  advertising and you can't stop greed. One year, I received a bag of marbles. That came from thee Watkins traveling salesman. i suspect it made me a better person. I doubt dozens of toys better anyone's lives except those who make and sell them. Or salve a parents guilty conscience.

I'm glad I was born poor and learned to appreciate not being in the "not so fast lane".

I'm amazed that I am so old and see so many people younger than I die. I often wonder why but know most young deaths can be attributed to lifestyle and genetics.

Suggest lifestyle is the number one cause of early death unless totally accidental.

Breyers "Quality and Expensive Ice Cream"

Electricity went off. New quart of Breyers in the freezer. It melted and left nothing more than some foam like you might spray on a fire. AND ONE HALF INCH OF WATER ON THE BOTTOM.


Capital One 360 - Why I Closed My Account

After many years of using Capital One  as my main credit card, I closed my account today. Over a month ago, I lost my Capital One Credit Card. I eventually had to look up the number to call on my computer.(See next paragraph) They said they immediately closed my card after verifying with me the latest charge was not fraudulent. They said I would receive my new card by FedX in 2-3 days. Several times, I gave them my vacation address and several times told them not to send it to my home. Of course, they sent it to my home where it languished a few days before, it was forwarded to me. Our efficient Postal Service took it's usual 5 days to send my mail 1200 miles to a major city in the southern U.SA. I watched a person ship a box of toys no larger than 18" square. Uninsured, $43 through our efficient postal system.

When I went to use my new card, it was refused in front of a friend and a line of people. Later, at a another location, I tried to use my Capital One Credit card again. Again I was refused. I then called the number given me on the card in FINE print and reached Quantas Rewards in Australia. It was then I looked up the number on my computer, where my call was directed by automation to the fraud dept. I was told later that this was SOP.

I had the usual 15 minute wait while an automated voice kept telling me over and over again that they were "experiencing and unusual number of calls and how important my call was to them, SOP these days". I finally learned that they had sent me an 'awards card' rather than a credit card. Then they said they had mistakenly sent me the same number as was on the lost card.

I cancelled my account and asked that the dollars of my rewards, approximately $300, be sent to my home address.

I guess age has caused me to be intolerant of the errors made by so may different groups you have to deal with these days. All, they say, is to prevent fraud. Seems, everybody is a specialist so you may need to repeat the same to everyone: your name your address, your DOB, your password, the last 4 digits of your SSC,etc.

I have an acquaintance who has 13 credit cards paying as high as 29% on unpaid charges. My advise was to seek a bank or a counselor to counselor. This world of automation is getting too much for me.

Maybe all creditcard companies are the same. I had two. Now I have one. If I lose it, I will pay cash.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Republican Leadership - In Just the Last Year, More Voters Than You Think Are Disillusioned With Your Party

Better listen to the little guy. The "little" guys and many gals are listening to points Trump is making that resonate with their own feelings. While many women will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman, many will still vote for Trump. There is no Republican now running that can defeat Hillary other than Trump. Better believe it. Listen to what Pat Buchanan is saying. You don't like Buchanan? Don't you understand the good "old buddy" system you have operated for so many years, is dead in the water?  Listen to what those who are supporting Trump. You supported Aaron Schock strongly but Schock personified the general type of Republican - when I handed Schock a $100 bill, he sneered at me but said I had some good ideas that he wanted to discuss with me. Never heard from him. He listened to money. So he was your best friend.

Not mine. I told him he had an opportunity to change the Republican image in Peoria, Peoria County, the City Council,(yes, the Peoria County Board has been in control of the Democrats for decades; the City Council, while non Partisan, is controlled by Democrats and Republicans who think like Democrats, the State of Illinois, and the nation. He agreed and then blew it. Do you believe the dominate liberal media, including the Peoria Journal Star would and is still stomping hard on Schock as they would have on a Democrat doing exactly what Shock was doing? That's your problem with the voters and myself, whose blogs are read by an approximate 7000 readers, has become an Independent.

Do you really want 4 and maybe 8 more years of Obama style rule? Trump is right on nearly all issues. He wanted better vetting, visa control sadly lacking and he rightfully singled out Muslims. Of course, there are many good Muslims but these good Muslims have little power as indicated by their inability to report the terrorists in our midst.

Under ANY circumstance do you believe the rapidly growing Muslim population in the U.S.A. would vote Republican? You are so naive some of you make me ill.

Headlines tell the story to too many people because they do not read "the rest of the story". So when the liberal media quoted Trump as wanting to ban all Muslims, that became a headline all over the world. Trump haters literally screamed that he wanted to stop the flow of immigrants into this country until they were 'properly vetted' which of course we don't do. We don't even know what happened to hundreds of thousands of visa holders who overstayed their allotted time. We have no idea where they are. Do you think they are going to show up on the already phony "employed list"?

Dear God have mercy on this very troubled nation.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

White House Publicists Under Recent Presidents Starting With Lyndon Johnson and Their Bull Sh.. To Con the Public

The White House and the liberal media today says "3 Islamic State leaders killed in air strikes". Some of you remember the killings of so many Viet Cong leaders that we thought we were winning the war. Killing all these Viet Cong and their leaders like Usama Bin Laden, Saddam, the Libyan Dictator, etc. didn't win any war. Neither will headlines like today. Terrorist breed like rabbits and new leaders pop up after every killing, most of them better at destruction than the last.

We are a naive nation that will someday, too late, realize how naive we were. Trump realizes that naivity but has not yet learned how to express his anger at the sorry situation of this counry's leaders.

Still, try to imagine Hillary or any other Republican leader other than Rand as standing up to Putin, who while his country is said to be in trouble with their economy, is rapidly building up his armed forces.

Reagan, with all your faults, where are you??

Freed Guantanamo Prisoner Returns to Fight uS

As an Al Quedo Commander and a Guardian of Sharia Any murder he commits should be attached to Obama's compassionate deliberate murder list.

What do you Obama faithful think or don't you really read or think? Or are you like lifetime politician Peorian Ray LaHood just plain "fond" of the most dangerous President in the history of our once great country?

Would have Obama ever appointed a Supreme Court Justice like Antonin Scalia? No way. Obama will be remembered someday in history as the real Socialist he is. A charmistic Socialist or worse.

Antonin Scalia Is, Of Course, Right

This brave Supreme Court Justice threw off political correctness and stated what people with common sense know but most only say in their own circle of friends. One has to look no further than to visit classrooms and corridors and lunchrooms at Peoria High and Manual.. Also, the same at all inner large city schools. A couple of years after Peoria Promise was formed, Mayor Jim Ardis told me that 75% of the high school students who got scholarships to ICC could not meet basic reading and writing skills objectives.

Why are so many people so naive or why are they telling lies about our educational systems? Many we know do it for their own benefit. We need more judges like Scalia less less Obama appointees, "who tell it like it really is".

Trump on Immigration - He is Mostly Right

Republican candidates attacking Trump are hurting their own chances. Before Trump's statement, they had  little chance of ever catching up with The Donald.

Perhaps some should Google Theodore Roosevelt and see what he said on Immigration in 1907. We have strayed so far afield that we are allowing terrorists and would be terrorists at an unimaginable rate. How did the Pakistan terrorist get in this country unvetted properly, only to destroy the lives of hundreds of people. Yes, hundreds, including those left behind to who mourn deeply.

Again, Trump is right on England; an England with growing ghettos of Muslims where even Bobbies fear to tread. Trump should have included France.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Obama Issues Regulation Banning All Police From Having Access To Any Device That Fires Bullets

Regulation #1,292,015, was announced in a special announcement today on CNN, in which Obama said, " Tasers, Billy Clubs, handcuffs and Mace, should be sufficient to protect the citizenry of this country from terrorists". Gun Control Experts were quick to state that this action was in proper response to the reported theft of 7 firearms from a police vehicle parked outside a restaurant in Lacy, Texas yesterday. CNN said it was not clear whether or not the restaurant served liquor or whether rumors the theft occurred during Happy Hour were true.

"Chiraq" Mayor Rahm Emanuel quickly praised the President and said he had considered the same measure to stem the slaughter occurring daily on the streets of his City.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was quickly interviewed by the New York Times who quoted Trump as saying, "this was another feeble effort by the not so Lame Duck President, to disarm all citizens of the U.S.A., except Muslims protecting their Mosques from vandals". USA Today is expected to print tomorrow that the 68% of disenchanted and unemployed Blue Collar workers who make up the Trump faithful, would now increase to around 72%". Republican leadership and other Republican Candidates for the Presidency, plus other 'bleeding heart'  liberals, quickly responded to Trump's quote as "being another attempt by Trump to further divide this country".

Democrat Presidential Hillary Clinton was with her husband, Bill, at a Clinton Foundation fundraising benefit for Wall Street Fat Cats and could not be immediately reached.

I was interviewed by Matt Buedel of the Peoria Journal Star who said he was able to find me blogging in an upstairs bedroom of my Ranch Style home. Buedel quoted Widmer as saying, "just read my blogs",  Buedel also said, 'Widmer appreciates JS reporters, like Buedel, who report the facts and only the facts as they see them"...

More from Lacy, Texas tomorrow where I will be interviewing the Mayor, the Police Chief, the County Sheriff, the states attorney and anyone else who would like to be seen and quoted on TV. In the meantime, keep reading my blogs.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Liberals Are Not quoting FULL Trump Statements in Headlines

Many people only read the headlines to get the message they want to hear. Again today the headlines from Time, a liberal magazine I stopped taking long ago, did not say what Trump said. Trump said "he did not know. He would have had to have been there at the time".(about the internment of Japanese during WW2)  Did those words appear in the headlines? Absolutely not.

Who are the Republicans kidding? Republican leaders say. "this is not the way we do it in this country, anyone, terrorist or murderer, if they are seeking asylum in the U.S.A., our doors are open. Trump wants far better vetting and the press and Republicans are maligning his message. They wouldn't get the Muslim vote anyway nor are they going to get the majority of the Independents, the black vote nor the Hispanic vote.

Why We Need Trump to Lead This Sorry Nation

The liberals, not just the liberal press, did not look past the headlines. Trump said many times to stop the immigration of  Muslims until Congress and Obama come up with a better plan to thoroughly search the backgrounds of these refugees.

Anyone who thinks that ALL people immigrating  to the U.S.A., are going to become good citizens, could probably also be sold the proverbial "Brooklyn Bridge". Are they fleeing for their lives or getting in line to enter the once "land of honey" so they can impose their lifestyle on our socialist bent, compassionate liberal college educated. naive do-gooders? How many of these people have ever been in a Mosque to listen what is being preached? How much Sharia is been promoted in the U.SA.? And covered up in the ghettos especially in Europe and growing in our once great country.

And don't compare Trump to Roosevelt who prevented Jews who were fleeing the Holocaust. The Democrats and many Republicans sent most all the Jews, fleeing for their lives, back to be slaughtered by the Nazis'.

One thing this country doesn't need is the importation of terrorists and uneducated and unskilled adults, whether from the Mideast or from south of our southern borders; from the Pacific to the Atlantic.. We are the largest 1st world country with the most porous border.

Sane people see what's really going on and Trump is very sane. So are the overwhelming majority of his supporters.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Tasers and the Many Phony Lawsuits

If you had a person out of control an a threat to harming you or others, would you, before taking protective action, ask them if they had a mental problem? If you do, I hope you are welcomed with open arms in your Heaven. Yes, there have been the misuse of Tasers as well as mis-use of choke holds and guns. Humans using Tasers and guns sometimes err. They must be held accountable.  But suing the companies that make protective devices; who instruct the user how to use these devices, should not be constantly needing lawyers to protect themselves from phony lawsuits.

To the parent or or parents of the mentally ill I ask, why are you suing the maker? To cover up your own incompetence in the care of the once infant you bore and raised? As to the lawyers, we know why they sue. It's about money, money, and publicity. To the politicians, like Senator Dick Durbin, who promised me 13 years ago that the treatment of those with mental health problems was high on his priority list.

What happened, Democrat Senator Durbin? You talk, like so many politicians, but cannot control any action.You are a major part in why there are few mental health facilities and why Illinois is going to declare bankruptcy in the not too distant future.

Yes, I do own Taser stock and am positive it should be used with prudence. To the officers that correctly Taze, thank you for protecting us. To those Tazed and die, I'm sorry, but.... To those who were Tazed and lived, only about 400 died since Tasers first went on the market many years ago, be fortunate that you weren't shot and killed. To the citizens who suffered no more violence from those incarnated (although many are back on the streets doing the same things they were doing before incarcerated) Partially our fault for failing to pay more for those re habitable. To the bad apples in our security forces, don't let the unions stop those in charge from dismissing them. You will, over the unions usual objections, save all taxpayers money


Don't Waste Your Life Living in Fear in the United States of America

Why not? Humans who create terror have ALWAYS been here. We are told to watch our surroundings carefully and report every thing WE believe is important. The paranoiac  people are having a field day and security offices are being bombarded by tips about their neighbors actions, deterring them from doing the job they are hired to do; Protect as many people as they can from all types of danger and arrest all they have reason to arrest. Arrest with force where reason says it is needed while controlling the anger that builds up in our security forces as they see discipline eroding in almost all sectors of humanity.

Reporting everything suspicious? Isn't that what Germany and others did during the Holocaust or what our Country did to the Japanese who lived her and the Jews who were trying to escape Hitler?

Of course,people never have lived normal lives as history tells us. History written today by unbiased people will say that our actions have been more media driven than since the great wars when millions (not less than 200, have been killed by those authorities call terrorists, excluding 9/11), were killed maimed and other lives forever partially ruined. Yes, I have always had concern  for the well-being of my family, myself, and all reasonably good people, but I intend to lead my life with respect for all dangers, erring at times, which appears to be the norm for all, and let the security people and others protect me as I would them, but not harass myself and all other who do not deserve being harassed.

The old adage "that there are a few bad apples in every barrel" has always been true. Just don't let the bad apples ruin the good ones. That includes our security forces and politicians.


Gun Control - Killings - Israel

As would be expected, the gun control adherents continue to spread mis-information. Laws are on the books and can be enforced today if those enforcing the laws wish to or are able to enforce these laws. There are thousands or laws meant to stop gambling, prostitution, drug use which includes drinking, smoking, robbing, raping, illegal insider trading, many forms of cheating, speeding; I could list thousands of things that are illegal and covered by never ending laws. #1. Guns will always be sold, either legally or on the black market. #2. There will be more crazies, for wont of a better term, who will kill with guns, explosives, drugs, poisons, knives, baseball bats, hatchets, axes, axe handles, strangulation, you name it.  #3. Efforts to control death by vehicular accident, many of them horrific, which kill more than 40,000 a year in the U.S.A., have done little to stop these killings despite the thousands of laws on the books to do so. #4. Despite the fact that less than 200 people have been killed since 9/11 (I should add airplanes as killers) by over-publicized crazies and terrorist actions, the story loving press continues to present facts and  presumptions that we should stay locked in our rooms and eat each other, I suppose, so we don't have to venture out or order in, go to work, shop, go to sporting events, theaters,  or to any event that attracts more than 100 in a group.


To sum it, the media, aided and abetted by publicity hungry politicians, sect or race radical  leaders, and just ordinary people seeking to be on TV or in the paper, have caused an emotional toil unimaginable in the country of Israel. Israel, threatened to extinction by Obama's trusted counterparts in Iran, killed by their neighbors, some of their own radicalized people and a perceived threat to many even here in this country, continue to go about their lives in a relatively normal manner.

It is my understanding that all citizens of Israel must serve two years of security training, are all taught how to shoot to kill or Taze, arm themselves, and have done things like building walls to protect their country from outside high dangers.. Things we can't seem to do in this country and IS another reason for the popularity of The Donald.

Everything I write and most other write have been written by so many sensible people like Charles Krauthammer, whose recent article titled, "Obama's Phony War", should be mandatory reading for ALL

Enough said. I accept any challenge to what I write but not from COWARDS who call themselves anonymous.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Trump's Pinocchio Nose

If compared to Obama's; Obama's nose would circle the earth. Hillary's nose would reach from Washington to Salt Lake City. Trump's nose would reach from New York to Columbus, Ohio. But the left-leaning 85% Democrat reporters and 70% left leaning medias, they would have it just the opposite for Obama and Trump. Hillary would not have a longer nose than Nixon.

How did this happen? Broken school systems seemingly composed of near Socialist leanings on too many levels of education. Reaching back in my memories, I realize that only one social studies and history teacher at Western was probably a Republican. I believe his name was Vic Braden. The most influential teaching Democrat's wife was rumored to be sleeping with some of the students with his knowledge. Share what you have with others as the great equalizer. No big deal then and now, I suppose.

If I had the chance to advise The Donald, I would advise him to get the facts more in alignment with the truth. Donald, you can't govern by over emphasizing every problem and solution. Your followers are angry, not stupid. You speak as a "not politically correct" candidate but you don't need to go so far afield. And you need to be prepared to answer questions without shooting from the hip.

Listen to your advisers more. You are going to have to listen to them if elected, like it or not. No one man is bigger than this country. Accept that fact.

Still, he is the only candidate of any party who can stand up to the Putins' of the world and many of the ineffective Democrats and some Republicans.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

How Diversity is Helping To "Kill" This Great Country

Interested? Then enter "Diversity" in the upper left hand corner of this blog and hit "go". You will find some of my best blogging; about 8 articles, starting on 7/20/2011. I bring this very important subject up again because yesterday, where I bank in Bradenton, my teller was a white woman who can process a transaction in about a minute. A couple of days before, my teller was a black woman who processed the same transaction in 5 or more minutes. No, I am not now nor never have been a racist. BUT I DO NOT believe in using diversity as the law demands. I believe and always will believe people should be hired, and I'll simply it, ON MERIT and QUALIFICATIONS.

Using the same basic scenario, there was a black man who worked last winter at Steak and Shake in Bradenton, who was the fastest, most efficient fry cook I have ever seen. So good I asked him to take $5 from me. He did and asked why I  was tipping him. I told him he was a joy to watch. Recently, I visited the same S and S and he was gone. Doing he same job was a white guy who appeared to care less about all the customers impatiently waiting for what was being prepared on the same grill.  I watched for awhile and walked out. I went to a Burger King where a black order taker and cashier was highly effective.

Over my lifetime, I more than once told a clerk, etc. that if they worked for me they would not have a job for long. I understand that if you are new to a job, it takes takes time to become more efficient. It is management's responsibility to work with the new employee until the new hire had the job pretty well "down pat".I'm sure some of you got bad service when I owned Widmer's. If I was in business today, I am certain I would do a better job as I am still learning. Hopefully, faster than I forget.

I have posted about 2700 blogs. I believe some of you newer readers might enjoy reading. They are all available. If you make a comment, don't forget to hit "Submit" or it will not appear..

Thanks for reading me.

San Bernadino Terrorists

Glad they are both dead. Sorry for the baby. Hope it adopted by a couple who loves our country and forsakes others. When my Dad at nine months entered this county legally through Ellis Island he said he had no interest in returning to Switzerland where he was born.

Hope authorities find all connected to them and deport them.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Merle Widmer's Obituary - Well, Sort Of - Part Two of Many

Actually, life was not always boring on the farm. Our farm had a lot timber so Dad and I would spend time cleaning up and burning brush, cutting firewood and a few trees for lumber. On one hot summer day, I stepped on a ground hornets nest. I told Dad that hornets were crawling up my pants leg. He said, "take off your pants and shake them out". I was a modern boy way back then and seldom wore under shorts. When I shook the hornets out of my jeans, one of them stung me on the very end of my penis. By the time we got to the house and my Mom, I had a bubble near the size of a golf ball and was in extreme pain. What an embarrassment for an 11 year old boy to have his Mom medically treat it. Enough said.

Back in those days, we shucked corn by hand. My Mom and a couple of my sisters got stuck with a lot of the shucking.  I remember sitting in the horses pulled wagon; wagons with a buck board on one side. Corn ears would hit the board and fall in the wagon where I would be sitting freezing my little 4, 5, or 6 year old butt. Occasionally, I would get hit by a stray ear. I figured sometimes it was intentionally because the women were mad that they had to be shucking corn. Sometimes long after winter set in. I wrote before that we were poor but considered ourselves better off than some of our neighbors who had lost their farms during the Great Depression.

We were finally able to buy a tractor pulled corn shucker. This was how it worked; the tractor had a four or six sided steel drive post sticking out over the flat steel bars (the same pull assembly that pulled the shucker) we stood on when we needed to work the hand bar clutch that controlled the the drive post. A universal joint attached the drive post to a matching post sticking out from the shucker. When the corn stalks got stuck in the the rotating rollers that shucked the corn ears, we would try to dislodge them by hand and then use the hand clutch while standing on the the pull assembly. Modern boy that I tried to be, I wore regular belted blue jeans instead of the then popular bib overalls. These many times washed older jeans saved my 16 year old life as while I was standing on the pull bar working the hand clutch, I leaned to close to the the rapidly rotating universal joint and it grabbed my rear jeans pocket that held my handkerchief and before I could say 'whoa' all I had left of my jeans was the strip under my belt. The rest was wrapped around the universal joint. I still have slight scars under both knees. So many lives were lost or people left maimed to exposed  universal joints that manufacturers were forced to put a steel covers over these terribly dangerous devices.

That same year, our neighbor made the mistake of leaving the clutch engaged while he tried to dislodge the rotating roller jams and one hand got caught between the rollers. He used his other hand to free the caught hand and it got caught also. Fortunately, the jam killed the tractor motor. He was found hours later. Both arms had to amputated up to the elbow but he survived. Thousands of farmers each year were killed or maimed by poorly designed farm equipment.

Sometimes in a dry summer, the cattle would eat up all the pasture grass. So my sister Dorothy and I would get the job of herding them out on the gravel roadways where grass and weeds grew. To while the hours away, we would play cards and tell stories. Dorothy and I also made and painted yard ornaments. My older sister,  Loretta,wrote to the Chicago Prairie Farm Magazine and they sent a reporter out who  interviewed us, took pictures and published the story along with our pictures of us and our work.

Uncle Ben Witzig, whose only son, Richard, was killed in WW2, owned a summer cottage on the Mackinaw River and on occasion we were all invited to join he and my Aunt Ethel, Richard and Tevi and their friends. Kegs of beer along with copious amounts of food was SOP. I was too young to drink, but when no one was looking, I tapped a keg. On the way home, my Dad would notice I was talking more than I usually did. Little did he know that the kegs of wine in our basement equipped with testing tubes got me a little tipsy on more than one occasion. Fortunately, our grade school teachers warned us of the evil of liquors. In my entire life, I only once got really drunk and that was in college where we would on occasion, drink beer out of shot glasses after having a Happy Hour Martini.

No discretionary money and want a high on the cheap without drugs?  It worked for me.

Enough for this day.