Monday, December 21, 2015

Peoria, Il. Taxpayers Should File Class Action Lawsuit Against City and All Council Members

Talked to a friend of mine who just hit a pothole on a Peoria horrible condition street, $300 worth of damage they can't afford. As I previously reported, it is estimated to take $7.5 million for 5 years to bring Peoria streets up to 75% of Normal.

Why do voters keep electing council members who never saw a taxpayer funded project they couldn't support? Eric Turner, a Caterpillar clone, put his name on a petition to expand underutilized Lincoln Library without EVER visiting the site. By his own admission to me. Tim Riggenbach should not be on the council. Both Turner and Riggenbach are nice people but so was my mother who never ran for office but would have been a better guardian of the money pot each councilperson is SUPPOSED to guard..

If a class action lawsuit could be filed against those who waste taxpayer dollars on projects that NEVER meet projections and fail to do what they are elected to do which is to maintain infrastructure, reduce crime making people feel safe to move about the city at any hour they need or desire, Support growth without using tax dollars to support businesses that that should be able to support themselves like I did without asking or getting a dime from the city in building my $11 million dollar business I sold in 1992.

I know that extremely qualified people do not want to run for office for various reasons. A major one being the local newspaper who tries to destroy people they don';t like. Another reason is the time it takes away from their jobs and family.

I tried to sue the city but was foiled by an extremely incompetent judge. I could not afford an attorney on a $500 claim. But in class-action lawsuits, the cost is spread among many. Also, some attorneys will do it for a portion won..

Few will thank me but it was George Jacobs who cast the deciding no vote against buying the water company. A few days later, the City Manager made headlines by revealing the purchase would cost almost all users more than they were paying now. Why did Jacobs vote no? He read my research on my blog site.

Can you imagine this relatively incompetent council trying to tun a big company of any kind?  They can't even run the Cities street construction and repair. To my knowledge, Chuck Weaver is the only one on the council that met any real payroll. George Jacobs loss was a tremendous loss to Peoria Residents.

Proponents of the buyout used true but extremely misleading statistics showing that an overwhelming majority of small communities owned their own water systems. Of course they do. Who wants to buy a water system in Congerville, Carlock, Danver or Stanford? The public sector buys to make money. if they don't make money, they go broke. FireFly is a good example.

At least half the City Council should be replaced, including the Mayor, a man I had a major part in electing.

I know if you win a lawsuit against the city it costs taxpayers money to pay the settlement. If you are afraid of that Peoria will continue on a down slide All projects using taxpayer dollars supported by this council and some past councils have NOT met projections. And some new ones, never will either.

Read my older blogs if you want facts especially on why not to buy the water company, FireFly, Globe, the new museum, Heddington oaks, the costly library expansion, approximately $27 million in new bonds, etc..

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Ron said...


Reading your posts reconfirms our decision to exit Peoria. It makes us feel we made the right decision. Our exit was accelerated by a couple of factors, one being the negative impact on our street, N. Parkside Dr. from the increased traffic because of the bottleneck at Main/University making that intersection more pedestrian friendly and two my wife getting hit by a rock while we were having lunch on a school day on our patio. 3 truant kids (black) threw rocks from the alley. That was the last straw. We didn't realize the decrease in quality living there day by day but our children from out of state who visited only once or twice a year started seeing the increased risk to our safety years ago.

Keep trying to inform the citizens of Peoria of how they are being mis-managed.