Monday, March 27, 2017

Sanctuary Cities? Cut Almost All Federal Funding

Time to stop the overly Compassionate who are helping to further ruin this country. time to toughen up as it is getting VERY LATE IN THE GAME.

Illinois Democrat Raise Their Ugly Heads to Push For a $15 Minimum Wage

(See Peoria County Chronicle, dated March 22). Many wage earners are worth $15 and hour and some more. Minimum wages were once a starting of earning for someone on their way up. Not now. I saw it when I visited over 15 classrooms and saw the way most of the students ignored the teacher (most of them black kids). Union man Dan Silverthorn decried the present and upcoming lack of skilled workers in Peoria. Peoria Public School System, with their unpaid weak boards, never understood that so many of these kids were not believers in what was attempted to be taught and should have been strongly encouraged to enter a Vocational School.

The boards catered to the wealth-born elite. See what they have brought to Peoria?

But the problem was there was no REAL Vocational school to attend. Finally, Woodruff was supposed to be turned into a Vocational School. It is a failure.

Minimum wage is actually a Socialistic system similar to our unions to equalize all workers. Merit is seldom considered as tenure rules the past and present. No new hire is expected to work any harder than those, who over the years, learned how to "game" the union system. And Peoria has plenty of "gamers'".

When I ran my business, merit ruled the day. I'll never forget the day I fired one of my best friends because he was not moving in the same direction I was leading my country.

My belief stands, Workers should be paid fairly for their value where they are employed. It's supposed to be a free county. If  one is not satisfied, look for a better job where one is qualified to be hired for higher wages.

My company was represented by the Teamsters Union. I knew how to work with my employees Many of them are still employed by the company.

Those Who Would Socialis Our Government Have Nearly Reached Their Goal

And this country may be looking at a Dictatorship in the near future. No point in me blogging what is destroying this country by the Clinton's, power brokers like George Soros, the Democrat "leadership", a number of those high ranking in intelligence community, many "Republicans", militant women's organizations, much of mainstream media such as the local JS, many union leaders, a number of hostile countries like Iran, Etc.

I no longer support the Tea Party nor half the Republican Party. Paul Ryan stabbed Trump in the back by convincing President Trump that he had a bill that would garner 60 votes.

Even so, I support most of the views of the Republicans; an exception being most of the "right wingers who Trump must 'kow-tow' to because the helped elect him. Much as I respect the office of the Vice-President, I do trust him on women's rights. I believe he is pretty much a "right winger" who is a good actor, which most politicians tend to be.

Trump is not. he is, accept when forced to do what he doesn't believe, a very politically INCORRECT President. I certainly do not believe in everything Trump wants to do. The WALL is a desperate move to stop illegals from further flooding this country. No one or group has come up with a better solution.

If Wall Street goes into a topspin, look eventually for a depression greater than the 1930's. A very strong person will need to to emerge. I doubt that this person is President Trump and of course the Islamist Obama is young enough and is in the wings doing everything he can go destroy the current presidency of the U.S.A.

Any Muslim living and preaching in our communities who believe in the Koran, Koren, or whatever name their bible goes by, is a potential threat to this once great country.

Obama was taught to believe in "One World" and  he dreams of being the "chosen" one to lead it. Hopefully, one day he will no longer be the the destroyer/

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SEARS - "Cash Crush Could Kill Chain"

Next big box store to close in Peoria soon???

Realtor in Peoria Says, Business For Him Is Booming!!

Sure, with 300 CAT execs moving and houses and properties being sold by those affected by CAT'S decision, of course their is a lot of Realtor business.

Doesn't show a sign of prosperity for Peoria in the long run.

Interesting fact is that Doug O knew of the move to Chicago early on and that his wife is a nationwide Realtor?


Peoria, Il. Big Box Stores Closing

Now Gordman's, whose stock selection was questionable and MC Sports in E. Peoria. Who else is leaving besides these and Gander Mountain? Who of any size is moving in? Don't look for any sizable manufacturers moving in. They are not.

Illegal Immigration - A Costly Project - But Necessary To do..

How to handle it? I posted the best way years ago. To sum up, deport eventually all who came here illegally. It may take 4 years to do it. Those who have a job or a job and family. must return to to their country of origin and re-enter legally. For those employed or with families, or both, systems must be in place to fast-track them back to their jobs and families. For those unemployed, have been convicted of a crime or a high misdemeanor, or are here illegally? Deport them. Period.

None of this will work unless we spend some billions to defend our borders. Rather sad that our National Debt goes up over 2 billions a DAY mainly because of entitlements and wasteful spending. That does not bother protesters, but PROTECTING OUR BORDERS, DOES.

"Bleeding hearts" will say , 'you can't separate them from their families. BS. In the Civil War, the 2 World Wars, Vietnam, etc., people were separated from their families, some not months but years.

Please, people, get real. These people committed a crime. Why do "bleeding hearts" not acknowledge that fact?

Legal and Illegal Immigrants - Only a Fool Would Lump them All as "Immigrants"

And we have a lot of fools in this world,especially in the U.S.A. Democrat/Socialist/Marxist Maxine Waters of California wants to impeach Trump. I suggest she is a "nut case' and has always been one. She is the one I would like to see removed by any means necessary.

Schumer is also a Democrat/Socialist/Communist and a similar educated "nut case".

One Democrat in the SCOUS Hearing kept referring to her mother who immigrated to this country and compared it as the SAME as illegals looking to make a better life or to rob, kill and rape the populace. My Dad was born in Switzerland and came here LEGALLY.

BIG DIFFERENCE. Oh, what fools we have in this country running our government. GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY OR BE REASONABLE.

Those who are organized to stop Trump in everything he does, should note what happened in Socialist England today.It's already here and more tragedies are going to happen RIGHT HERE SOON.

Listen up!

"60 Minutes" - If You Watched Sunday I Suspect You Felt Sick Like I Did

Corporations are terminating longtime skilled workers, then hiring unskilled workers from other countries to fill their jobs. The terminated workers are then told that if they want termination pay, they must stay on for 3-6 months to train their replacement.

The unskilled replacement, of course, is paid less the person he/she replaced.

This made me feel ill. "60 Minutes" did not list any of the corporations doing this. If protesters need more to protest, get out and protest. This is terrible to happen in this country once great country now  dominated by greed.

Give this current administration to make some major changes. Trump has a steak of "populism" in him.

Ivanka Trump - An Assert to Women's Rigjhts

Pleased to have such a brilliant daughter working with her Dad to make America Great Again. Nepotism? No, MERIT.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Wire Tapping Surveillance Dead??

I saw on my computer where a $4 million dollar settlement was agreed on by two companies in the sex toy business. It involved a device that is inserted in a woman's vagina from which electronic waves transmitted through wireless space to erotically stimulate jointly a male or female from as far as the U.S.A. to Australia. To as far away as Australia, the article says their "is an additional charge".

You don't believe that some people wear or insert or a device that can STIMULATE OR MORE while they work.Don't believe, look it up. It's somewhere on the internet.

If such a thing can be done with sex toys, think of the many ways. Trump's conversations could be intercepted in other ways than "wire tapping" which is similar to main frame computers being basically obsolete.

 If you don't see the connection, I suggest you join the REAL world. With all trump's haters and enemies like multi-billionaire, George Soros providing the dollars, he absolutely was BEING LISTENED TO BY SOME ELECTRONIC  DEVICE.

The Democrats and Socialists are doing their best to stop our elected President from doing his job.

What Gorsuch Said About Maternity is So True

Hard to prove but actually happening. He said that some women wait till after their maternity leave to quit their jobs. That is a very true statement. It happens often but No way to prove it wasn't their health, family needs, etc. that caused them to never return AFTER collecting their maternity pay.

You will find a flaw in EVERY PERSON IN THE USA if you have staff to dig deep enough.That's why our best potential leaders DO NOT RUN FOR OFFICE.

Yes, after the upcoming violent revolution, their probably will be a dictator in this country. No, Democrats, it won't be Trump. And it won't be a Democrat, either.