Monday, September 24, 2018

Kavanaugh - Even the Dumbest Among Us Should See What the Democrats Are Trying To Do So Late In the Game

The world has changed. Charged is now guilty. It took me seven months to clear my name and 4 years to have the charge sealed by the State of Florida. If I was running a business or running for office, I would have been DOA.

What a shame. Expect more men to hook up with men. Warn your young sons to avoid 3/MS girls. If you rise to power and you have shunned them or of opposite political party or they decide they don't like you, expect to be charged for 'something' in your distant past..

Or in a not friendly divorce as an acquaintance of mine who spent 5 years of  his life in prison before a 'common' sense Judge over ruled the sentence and set him free. The Judge called it the "worst mis-carriage of justice he had ever reviewed.

Have you noticed that the number of black women charging men is far less than their population of approximately 18%?

Interesting, no??

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford Said She Thought About Leaving This Country - Maybe New Zealand

To escape her parents who had different political opinion than this spoiled brat born wealthy? Read up on her history.

I have. At age 15 at an unsupervised party. Wearingg what? A very short mini skirt and no panties?

So sad she didn''t and take the dozens of Hollywood 'Stars' who said they "would leave this country if Trump got elected". None of them kept their promise.

They love the money too much and the wild sex orgies.

Not to mention the 'coke' and opioids.

I have many times mentioned that we need all the 'no nothings' to leave. Why didn't they?????

If Ford was a Medical Doctor, I would be more inclined to believe some of her story. What is she a 'Professor' of? Of course, I know.

Immiigration - Enough Of This Left Leaning Liberal Democrat BS

People from many countries fleeing 'because of gang violence' to enter the U.S.A. ILLEGALLY. These lowlifes "journalists" including Peoria, Il. where gang violence is rampant, constantly write and call ILLEGALS immigrants.

President Trump has ALWAYS said he not opposed to LEGAL  emigration but he "wants  more through screening to stop more gang members from entering this country" (we have about as many gangs as schools here now) and to prevent more terrorists or potential terrorists (we have enough here now, most laying in wait while this country crumbles) from mingling in with the truly oppressed.

The majority of those seeking to enter this 'land of milk and honey' know about our great compassion and our welfare system -  where they will need neither the skill nor ambition but will always be protected by the OVER compassionate citizenry (mainly Democrats) and will always have food clothes heat and air-conditioning and a roof that doesn't leak over their heads.

Democrat leaders, a pot full of hypocrisy, say the more that enter here, by 'hook or crook', will eventually vote Democrat.

They do not look forward to what the future will bring if Democrats control the Presidency and both Houses, Demos and their journalist hacks speak of chaos. They have yet to see chaos once they are in total power.

So really sad.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

55 Protesters Arrested After Swarming Congress - Raise the Bond To $50,000 and keep Them In Jail

This sexual harassment thing has gone way too far. 35 years later this Socialist Democrat 'Profeessor' comes out of the woodwork supposedly months ago and gives her story to another Socialist Democrat named Feinstien who held this 'information' until the Kavanaugh vote was days away

Those who are killing this country are driving it to a DICTATORSHIP at which point sexual harassment will be clearly defined and those making claims that can't be quickly proven will disappear never to be seen again by their families.

Someone inform me if these protesters who have only heard the claim and put the accused and his family in a horrible situation if these protesters come to Peoria.

Hear she was drunk as a skunk, no insult to the skunk, and why was she alone at an supposedly unsupervised high school party? Where were her friends?

Many years ago a friend of mine was harassed by a guy who thought he was a bigshot. When he tried to pull this crippled girl on the dance floor, I knocked him on his ass. He said he would sue me. After about 55 years has elapsed, I am still waiting for him to sue.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ron Harris, Obituary #2 and #3 in JS Has Major Error

Sorry that Ron is deceased. I doubt he will see this post and I doubt he wrote his own obit. While I regret making a correction to his obit but I feel whoever wrote his obit intended on obit #2 and #3 to slight myself and my former company. Which today is the leading Office Interior company in down state Illinois.

Ron came back from coaching in Europe in 1976 (Journal Star article) and I hired him as an office furniture outside salesman. I quickly promoted him to Sales Manager. Knowing the community, he did very well; records show he earned $93,000 one year, far more than I the owner of the company earned.

I proceeded in 1982 to buy Jacquins Office Equipment store and their sales manager, Tom Walsh, came to work for my company as General Sales Manager while Ron remained as Design Furniture Sales Manager.

Approximately March 1, 1983, or 7 years after i had hired Ron, I was received an original letter dated February 28, 1983, from one of my better customers, Pekin Insurance, that reads as follows: "We have chosen to leave Widmer, Inc. (one of several names I used over the years, the last name, Widmer Office Products/Interiors by Widmer; Widmer Interiors, the name still used by my buyer) to establish a new company called Design Furniture & Systems of Illinois. Our firm will be handling any fine lines of office furniture, etc.."

The letter was signed, Ron Harris, Furniture Consultant and Bob Rogers. Filing Systems Consultant.

It was then that I learned he had set up his own company while working for me, was taking 3 of my employees from the department he headed, my filing systems specialist and two of my major lines.

Two shorten the story, his company 'went out of businesss' a number of years later. My company quickly recovered under the guidance of Tom Walsh, who I later named President of my company and later became President of the company that bought me.

Sorry folks, but the first obit said he worked for Widmer, Inc. after leaving BB coaching. For 7 years  he honed his furniture selling skills while NOT owning his own company and  not on a basketball court in Europe. Obit #2 and #3 in the JS omitted this and used the wrong date by 7 years before he opened his own business that evidently didn't make it.

This blog would not have been necessary if the first obit had not been replaced by a lie.

What I have written here is a matter of record as I have always been thorough on details.I could write more on this story but have elected not to at this time of grieving.

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As Queen Bonnie Exits With Accolades.....

there are some facts that should be know. When I was head of the SouthSide Recreation Committee, she did not want to put up tennis courts at John Gwynn Park unless they could also be used as basketball courts. Joe Stowell, then Bradley Basketball coach told her that was illogical. So two separate tennis courts were built and I used those courts for my At Risk tennis programs that were highly successful. A hitting wall was installed on the wrong fence where every ball hit over the wall, landed in private property. I told her the wall needed to be moved so the balls landed on park property. To no avail. I eventually had to turn my program over to the park and it went downhill the first year and then kaput.

I waged a constant battle for tennis courts and maintenance. When the hard courts at Glen Oak and Bradley became badly cracked, contractors tried to scrape the top of the courts off and replacing the cracked tops with new tops. I told her that unless they went to the bottom where the cracks started, the top surface would crack again and very soon. They did and a total of 10 courts had to be redone. In redoing, one net post was set higher than it's mate so that the tennis net tilted downhill. As far as i know this situation prevails today.

Next step was that she wanted to close all but 2 of the seven clay courts, claiming the space for parking for the African Exhibit. A group of us banded together and saved the 7 clay courts. She tried to convince the board that Clay courts were more costly to maintain. Her staff took a study that proved the opposite. However, neglect of the clay courts of not enough water or too much water or not enough maintenance remains a problem yet today.This year, the clay courts were blessed with a lot of rain or their would usually be a cloud of dust. That we have 44 free public courts is an asset to tennis players as I have pointed out in previous blogs

When I unsuccessfully ran against Tim Cassidy for Park Board President, Bonnie warned all employees that if they wanted to hold their jobs they would not vote for me nor show any of my signs. In fact, a leading caterer to the park put up two of my signs on Pioneer Parkway. In two days they were down. I asked the owner why and he said he was told by........that if he wanted to do more business with the park he must take down my signs. I asked the owner where the signs were and he showed me but the signs had disappeared.

Bonnie brags of Golden Balls the parks won including the RiverPlex. Not mentioning that the RiverPlex came no where near to meeting their projections and it took them at least 16 years instead of 10 years as projected to pay off the bonds. Which may not even now be paid off.

In order to meet rising maintenance costs of the new 33,000 sq, ft. headquarters, the maintenance of the Knoxville facility, originally planned as the new park headquarter, the maintenance ot the Pavilion, rising pension costs lower than expected attendance at the expanded zoo, erosion control, less grant money, etc. expect that as most public bodies in Peoria, that fees and taxes must raised. In fact fees have been increasing slowly for a long time.

Why are tennis courts free? The park tried to charge but the employee cost offset the revenue. One of the reasons tennis is basically dead at Manual and Peoria High is that the park under Bonnie's direction, had and has little interest in tennis. The Tri-County TennisTournament that for years got free use of the courts now must pay for their use. 6 years ago it was $1800. I do not know what the PTA pays now.

Bonnie and others try to make Peoria into an Indianapolis or a Cincinnati. She would have been a roaring success in a city two to three times larger than Peoria, a city with low growth and a high poverty level..

If Bonnie was being paid $130,000 a year or more, I wonder what the new director will be paid??


How Old is Too Old to....?

do what, was a discussion on Fox TV today.  Play competitive tennis at the age of 89? NO, never too old.  I last wrote a blog on Super Senior Tennis on November, 2004. Much tennis happenings in the last 10 years.. Some sad happenings such as death of the editor of the quarterly new letter, Doug Crary, my European doubles partner one year, Jason Morton, of Phoenix, a world champion many times over, Tom Brown, a Wimbledon or U..S Open winner and my doubles partner on 9/11, and several dozen other senior champions who I had the pleasure of enjoying friendships and playing with or against in my 32 year of enjoying this most aerobic game.

I am fortunate to have the health and competitive spirit to compete and enjoy tennis at the age of 89. I played and won three out of four half hour matches today giving me 8 wins and 3 losses in my last three outings. We have a group that meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the clay courts at Glen Oak Park. Any age is welcome to play but most of the players are in their late 50's up to Doc Stafford who won't tell his age but is over 90. We play half an hour matches with winners moving up and everyone switches partners. Today we had twelve players and last Monday we had 17.

I first started playing tennis at age 55 with my former workmate at Widmers'  and and today a State Farm Insurance agent, Bob Humbles. Bob was a four letter winner at Manual and a star basketball player for Bradley. He is also a class act winner of many Tri-County tournaments, this year losing to Mario Palmeri, a local legend. Last year Bob beat Mario.

I have had considerable fortune in playing winning tennis tournaments in Peoria and all over this country, Canada, Cancun, Austria,  Bermuda, etc  accumulating approximately 225 awards. Locally, I won 5 Tri-County's, 5 Twin City Opens in Bloomington-Normal,  Pekin, and 8 championships at the Western Open in Danville. I twice was a finalist at the World Senior Games in St. George Utah,, won a Phoenix, Az. Senior open, and won several Phoenix Park District tournaments.

On 9/11, I was playing a National Tournament; there are 4 a year, clay, grass, indoor hard court and outdoor hard court, at the Army-Navy Club in Arlington, Va. where we witnessed the American Airlines plane piloted by Muslim terrorist seconds before it hit the Pentagon  A year later I was back to Arlington winning 4 singles matches in a 32 entry consolation bracket before losing a 3-setter in the semi-finals to the champion.

I was Peoria Country Club open winner, ( I once won 33 consecutive senior doubles sets at the club).  I won a number of Senior Olympics tournaments and a finalist in St. Louis losing to a national ranked player. I had pulled a hamstring winning 2nd in the long jump and was unable to play my finalist tennis match.

Bob Orr from Pekin and I won a Mid-west Sectional tournament (5 states)  at Lansing, Michigan in year 2000, winning 8 straight matches over three days. In a tournament at Baton Rouge, La. I won a 3 3/4 hour singles match but paid for it the next day by pulling a hamstring, disappointing my doubles partner now deceased, John Moorhouse who was Bradley tennis coach  for 10 years. Local notable finals wins were over John and Bob Orr in Twin-City singles finals.

I was several times kidded about why I couldn't beat Terry Glynn, a local legend and my only defense was that Terry was nine years younger than me. Same with John Seigrist, 10 years younger,another local legend who I lost all 3 tournament matches, all 3 setters

Anyway, what experiences! Playing against Pancho Gonzales, Torbin Ulrich, Hugh Stewart, Bob Sherman, Jason Morton, Bob Brown, Ed Kauder etc.,all once world ranked players. And once being selected to play the National Sectionals at Tuscon, Az. and being selected to represent the East in a tournament against the West at Morgan Run Country Club in lower California, playing at some of the best clubs in the country including the Foothills at Santa Barbara, Seattle Yacht and Tennis Club, Pinehurst, N;.C., clubs all over the Gulf Coast of Florida, Vancouver, Canada, Sn Diego, Bermuda Island, and Fountain Hills and Sun Lakes, AZ. where Claire and I owned a home.

If I am successful in winning my battle against cancer, (won't know until the end of October) I plan to play at least 2 National tournaments next year as I'm eligible to play in the 90's in January, 2015. And providing I can find a doubles I can no longer handle singles with my health problems recently mentioned. I'll also be playing at my favorite club, Payne Park, in downtown Sarasota. I had won 82 out 104 sets before returning to Peoria this spring.

So much to look forward to and remembering that "how old is too old" a myth as long as one can avoid pushing up daisies.

"Buy Local" - How Many Thousands Or Millions Have Heard or Seen' Buy Local'

So buy local here in the U.S.A., start new businesses here and 'quityerbitching' about the tariffs that the Trump Administration is adjusting fairly..

To 'level the playing field; this 'field' that other presidents DIDN'T HAVE THE GUTS TO DO.


Reduce your consumption of the most belly building drinks in the world, sodas and beers. Stop using so many drugs including alcohol and give up the smoke that kills..

Anderson Cooper's CCN Faulty Florence News

He now claims he was rescuing a child 10 YEARS ago ut he and his Semi-Socialist CNN made it appears he had the shot taken in the Carolinas'.

One of CNN biggest fake news reporters. Why did he do this dirty trick?


Monday, September 17, 2018

War On Drugs Massive Failure

Nixon's War on Drugs Has Lost All Legitimacy
Adam Sharp, Co-Founder, Early Investing

Editor's Note: Surprise, surprise... we're not the only ones talking about pot.

Today's article comes from Early Investing co-founder Adam Sharp. He's on the hunt for great medical cannabis startups - as are many other investors who want to get in before the legalization boom.

And that's exactly what we've been doing in our monthly newsletter. In fact, our marijuana recommendations have scored gains ranging from 172%... to an amazing 582%!

For a chance to pocket gains like that yourself, click here.

- Rebecca Barshop, Managing Editor

Since Richard Nixon kicked off the war on drugs in 1971, more than $1 trillion has been spent on the effort.

An estimated 45 million arrests have been made in the U.S.

And the result? Drugs are still widely available, and profits for the cartels have never been higher.

A primary consequence of the war on drugs is that America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. With only 5% of the Earth's population, the U.S. holds 25% of all prisoners.

It's all a stunning misuse of taxpayer dollars. It blocks important research that needs to happen. And the human cost is incalculable.

It's simply no longer a justifiable battle - especially once you recognize the political agendas that drive policy.

The Drug War's Disturbing Roots

Back in 1994, writer Dan Baum interviewed Nixon's domestic policy advisor, John Ehrlichman, about the war on drugs.

Ehrlichman was instrumental in launching the war. (He also spent time in jail for Watergate crimes.) And what he had to say is shocking. As Baum recounted...
"You want to know what this was really all about?" he asked with the bluntness of a man who, after public disgrace and a stretch in federal prison, had little left to protect. "The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the anti-war left and black people. You understand what I'm saying?

"We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."
I can't imagine a much more damning indictment of the war on drugs. From the start, the whole "movement" was a political attack on certain segments of the population.

Thankfully, things are slowly turning around. States around the U.S. are legalizing marijuana at an increasing pace. And there's a growing worldwide movement that favors treating drug users for addiction over locking them up.

When society appears to be on the cusp of a change such as this, paying attention can pay dividends down the road. If the war on marijuana and other drugs truly is crumbling, the impacts will be more far-reaching than most expect.

For example, medical cannabis is already beginning to disrupt the pharmaceutical space. As I'll explain, it has the potential to take significant market share.
Attention: Have you heard about this audacious new movement?! 

Starting with an announcement late in the day on September 26, 2018, American investors may be in for a nasty surprise. That's when one of the most popular assets in America could suddenly be made illegal.

Get prepared now. Learn the five (easy) steps to prepare yourself now. Click here to continue reading.
Change = Opportunity

Because marijuana has been illegal for so long, it's been very difficult for scientists to study.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug. In its world, it's a drug with "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." It says it's worse than heroin, crack and meth, which are all considered Schedule II drugs (with some legitimate medical applications).

Being a Schedule I drug makes it nearly impossible to get government funding to study the medical uses of cannabis in the U.S. But researchers are finding a way. Mostly overseas, or with rare special permission in the U.S., the science is ongoing and extremely promising.

The real problem is that cannabis is a drug with far too many medical applications.

We know there's strong evidence for cannabis working for the following conditions:
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Severe epilepsy.
That's a big chunk of the pharmaceutical industry's bread and butter... 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Looters in NC and SC Cities -. Give Police the Authority To Shoot Them

Goes for all looters anywhere. And shoot to kill if they are ordered to drop or return these stolen items they are looting and instead, they disobey. They are no asset to society and if only wounded, the City would have to pay for their hospitalization.

Sorry, weeping and protesting Momas. They may have oncee been 'lovable' babies who turned out to be a drag on the rest of us. (I note the looters were mainly blacks from the 'projects'.)

Of course, Sherry Cannon and Bill Knight, local Socialist Democrats, would protest violently.


Chicago Cubs Folding? Wouldn't Be the First Time

Cocky Contreus hits a long ball. He stands at home plate admiring his long fly ball thinking it was a homer. I wasn't. If he had started running hard when he hit the ball as is common practice, he would have made made it to third base and scored when the next batter hit a fly ball. A good throw from the outfield would have had him out at 2nd base.

The Cubs seem to have lost their mojo. Murphy is a big flop (goes in to 2nd base standing up and is easy out) and Rizzo is phizzo and Bryant is whizzo in the clutch. There must be dissension in the clubhouse from the starting pitchers who are pitching quite well but getting little hitting support/

The Cubs hitters have now flopped in 31 games, scoring 1 or 0 runs. Their upcoming road trip will probably determine if they win their weak division. All my bets are still on with no takers so I'll withdraw the one that says they won't make the playoffs and increase my bet to 3 or my farms that they won't appear in this years World Series.

Or next year and the next unless management unloads and reloads with men who can hit in the clutch. These hitters load up on batting practice pitchers but CAN'T HIT GOOD PITCHING.

Madddon says"he can't hit for the batters" or run the basses for them, but wasn't he the major one who selected them??

Friday, September 14, 2018

Do You Approve of President Trump?

This question appears every day on my home page. Each time I click on this page to answer, I get a blank page. I have waited up to three ,minutes but it won't open. Of course not. "They' whoever 'they is knows that I would vote yes.

All Anti-Trump pages open quickly.

No, it's not about Russia interference, it is the Radical left leaning medias who won't let me vote because they are CONTROLLING are thoughts.

It's Ripley's 'Believe it or Not/ all over again but this time with evil intent.

Yes, I support him and at least 75% of his actions.

So very sad that so many Republicans will stay at home in November to 'spite' themselves. Or vote Democrat because they are intellectually and usually wealthy ignorants. I know first hand by talking to many, reading or seeing what they say and attending meeting in my younger days.