Saturday, November 08, 2014

Peoria's Warehouse District New Year's Prediction - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Etc.

Another State, Local and Federal boondoggle. This $32 million plus expenditure of borrowed money, still unfinished, will NOT  attract a lot of new businesses nor will few people move into the lofts. Northbound traffic will seek difference routes as at least 2-3 times a day traffic moves at about 5 miles an hour. Of course, drivers will need to drive extra miles if they are trying to reach downtown. This expensive project is supposed to be good for business, residents and pedestrians.

Plenty of people are already pissed off about these happenings on Washington Street.

I'll stand by my predictions. I've only been wrong on one so far in 14 years.

Hope I'm wrong on this one.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, the City of Peoria streets, curbs and sidewalks continue to go downhill probably at an accelerated pace after this winter.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Illinois, Nation Face Brighter Days

It is hard to turn a 400 yd long loaded oil tanker in a narrow space against a 60 mile an hour wind. That is the situation Republicans find themselves in this morning, especially in the State of Illinois While unseating a supposedly popular Democrat Governor, Democrats still control both houses in Illinois as far as I have learned this morning.

On the National level, it was expected by both parties that they would lose control of the Senate, making Obama a lamer duck than he already has proven.

The local Journal Star tried their best to beat down the best candidate running for the Peoria County Board. However, Republican Brad Harding shook off the JS endorsement of his Democrat opponent and won going away. Unfortunately, the chastened Democrats, running a $5.5 million deficit, still control the board by a 10-8 margin. It is likely that Democrats Andrew Rand or Mike Phelan will be the next Board chairman and a brighter light would probably appear at the end of the tunnel.

I am not enthralled with the performance of the Democrat County Board Administrator much as I am not enthralled by the leadership of our largest public school in Peoria.

For Illinois, one of the best moves it's political leaders could make would be to become a right-to-work state joining at least 18 other states, the last being Wisconsin, where Republican Governor Scott Walker rather easily won another term. This, after union bosses from all over the nation and most  unionized teachers bosses, did their best to oust him.

The country and many states are in a mess. Don't expect miracles by do demand massive improvements as the national deficit edges toward $18 trillion and the of Illinois is in debt up to their upper lip..

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The English Girl - by Daniel Silva

Between the time elections close today and the results start coming in, you can start reading this intriguing book.

I will be returning this book to Lakeview Library within the next two hours. If you like political fiction, a fast moving read, suspense in every chapter and a fiction with more reality than this author says is entirely "coincidental", then you can relax prior to being gleeful or baleful as the results flow in late tonight.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Peoria County Board - Electing Both Republicans Would Even the Count - 9 Republicans and 9 Democrats

Take under consideration that Peoria County is running $5.5 million growing deficit. The County Board has a majority of 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans. . Even the power structure by voting for Republicans Oyler and Harding.

Both are better qualified to represent all residents of Peoria County.

Re-Elect Brad Harding to Peoria County Board

Harding caught heat for complaining that the County Roadways were in bad shape. His claims were finally acknowledged when the full board agreed that $1.5 million was needed to repair many of these dangerous County roads.

Harding brought a 6 pack of unopened Budweiser six-pack of  beer into the County Courthouse as a birthday spoof to Democrat Board member Junior Watkins. It was noted by a Democrat enemy of Republican Harding's' and reported. Had it been any Democrat it would have been recognized as a joke and it would not have been reported.

Harding took a Republican friend who was running for a political office for a tour of part of the courthouse. This was reported by the Democrats as a breach of security. Had it been a Democrat making the tour with a Democrat, it would not have been reported.

These incidents made big headlines in the local rag know as the Journal (urinal) Star. Recently,the Journal endorsed his Democrat opponent who has half the knowledge and the voice for truth that Harding has.

I have worked with Harding on the County Board and he is a voice of reason no matter where the chips fall. The County Board needs this type of person to look after all the residents of Peoria County's well-being.

A vote for Harding would be a vote for sanity on the County Board. The board, currently controlled by Democrats. have run up a $5.5 million deficit with more taxes, larger fees and a greater deficit for the County in the future.

This endorsement comes Merle Widmer, a Peoria County Board member from 2000-2010 when he elected not to run for a fourth term. He started his employment on the board with the boards's finances so bad, the board had to borrow $1.5 million to meet payrolls. When he left in 2010, the board had substantial financial surpluses in all funds. Today, the Democrat dominated board is heading for the wrong direction and at a rapid pace.

So sad.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

FireFly: For Those of You Who Have Forgotten the Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Lost With This "Should Have Been Foreseen" Boondoggle

Enter "FireFly" in the Search Bar in the upper left hand of this blog. Especially, the JSEB and some JS Reporters, "Frick" and "Frack", the two who called me IN PRINT weird and a freak. And the JS reporter who added an upstairs bedroom to my one story ranch house in order to make me the criminal instead of the victim. And I was the one who was dumb enough to report the theft.

Peoria County Administrator and a Majority Of Board Members Seem Poised to Lend ELM of Peoria Millions

Lee Graves, who founded ELM, is a VERY wealthy person who is smart enough to know that if he can get millions from Illinois taxpayers at an interest rate estimated to be 3%, that he would be a fool not to take advantage of this taxpayer handout.. If Graves's business is so financially stable, he could fund the money personally, use Venture Capital Investors or borrow all the money needed from the banks himself.

Banks will always lend the money when they have the taxpayers backing. In event of default, the banks ALWAYS stand first in line to get repaid.

The sad part about Grave's maneuver is that County Board Members nor their administrator are competent loan officers. In the 10 years, I pointed this flaw out numerous times. I was able to stop one and possibly two, wealthy business persons from taking advantage of the boards lack of experience.

In my years on the board, no one in administration EVER checked to see if the jobs promised ever happened. Several of the county loans soured, especially FireFly. I was the only board member who consistently pointed out the flaws in FireFly's presentation. The leading local politician who strongly supported the loan was David Leitch.

Look up "FireFly" on my search bar for my blogs on this major boondoggle. I told our administrator at the time of the loan, that FireFly did not need a few million from Peoria City and Peoria County but that they needed several hundred million to develop, market and distribute their batteries. Our administrator, Patrick Urich, now Peoria City Manager, did NOT advise board members to turn down this bad loan. At the time, Peoria County did not even have a Financial Manager, a point I campaigned on in 2000. Board members who are paid around $7,000 a year are hardly qualified to be loan officers.

The JS Editorial board should take up this issue, BEFORE a decision is made by the County Board and the recipient laughs all the way to the bank as many other recipients have done over the past approximately 20 years.

Chad Grimm - A Jump From Health Club Manager to Illinois Governor Would Be a Halloween Nightmare

Union Democrat bosses throw 6 figure dollars to this Libertarian's non-campaign, believing, probably correctly, that the additional votes he would draw would come from disgruntled Republicans and Independents. and stick this near bankrupt state to four more years of disastrous Democrat rule.

Just a  another dirty trick by dirty Democrats and dirty union bosses

So sad that this country and workers are led by so many Socialists masquerading as ordinary U.S.A. citizens looking after everybody's'  best interest, but in reality, their interests; the loot they gain by being reelected.

Grimm is regarded as loose cannon but the Libertarians could care less. They just want anyone whose mouth moves to be on the ballot. Grimm has already run for two offices in Peoria and lost badly. Reports are that he recently addressed 8 schools. About what? Physical education? To slip in remarks to pass on to their parents to not vote for Republicans is what I've been told. Who made this decision? What do we have well paid health and physical education teachers for?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bladder Cancer Chemo Treatments a Success?

I'll know before the day ends tomorrow, How do I feel about it? Well, I'm pretty much a positive pragmatist. Never heard of a positive pragmatist? Whatever will be, will be, and I'll go on living for the next day to come. And the warm days of playing tennis in the southland.

"Frick" and "Frack" Boast of Accomplishments Not Yet Accomplished

Today's "Word on the Street" written by 2nd rate reporters at the JS brag about the RFM, the  nearly completed Marriott Courtyard and the Louisville Slugger Complex as "done deal' accomplishments for the community

Yup, done deals, but any accomplishments of the three above mentioned, are waiting in the wings. Despite that the taxpayers of Peoria have a major stake in all, figures like attendance, censuses, financial stability, etc. are difficult to come by. We seem to have a local newspaper that finds it more important to sell ads than report the news. The JS does run most obits 3 or 4 times so it looks to visitors that we have an awful lot of people dying in the neighborhood.

And didn't the Civic Center lose a bundle last year, Believe I blogged on that.  (Interested in what I wrote? Just enter "Civic Center" in the upper left hand corner 'Search Bar' on this blog to find my older blogs) No doubt a blessing it was built but it's recent expansion is casting some concern whether it will be a financial success. Maybe Bradley would have built a basketball stadium on campus making games more of a student draw. And hockey ice would not be a problem for the basketball players and slick court flooring. Maybe the IHSA might find a campus setting more desirable and not so close to Big Al's and other downtown vices..


Bustos Ranked 16th Out of 100 Being Best in Controlling Government Wastefull Spending.

And many wonder how Illinois is so financially strapped. Oh, yes, blame it all on Republicans and George Bush.

And the Republican Mayor of Washington, Il. has thrown his support behind Democrat Quinn because Quinn brought financial and other aid to his community when it was literally destroyed by a tornado or series of.

Like as if a Libertarian Governor maybe named Darth Vader wouldn't have done the same??????? Or a more likely Republican Governor named Rauner wouldn't have done the same??  Even George Ryan would have done the same! Why George even gave $2 million of your taxes to the privately owned baseball club but that didn't stop the City of Peoria giving the owners an extra $1.6 million last year. Plus the debate-able figure of $5 million the City gave to the private owners when the stadium was being built. Politicians have no problem finding worthwhile projects to support with YOUR MONEY.

And yes, I endorse likable and competent Judy Topinka and capable Dan Rutherford, who recently got the "short end of the stick" by the liberal media, any time he runs for ANY political office.

And Bobby Shilling over Bustos? Any day.


So if Democrat Lisa Madigan saved the State of Illinois $15 Billion and all highly ranked Democrats like Quinn and a couple hundred other highly ranked Democrats did the same, why can't Illinois pay their bills??

Oh, blame it on George Bush. Ok, I understand.