Friday, January 19, 2018

Kroger Closings?

Should have seen it coming. Former customers doing more shopping online, at Target and Aldis  No such thing as a Mom and Pop store anymore.  A big change came and wiped them all out. Maybe an Aldis of a Save a Lot will enter with guaranteed financing by the City.

Financied by the City? Sure, remember the one they helped finance on far South Adams, Lasted a year of so. Remember City financied Cub Store on Knoxvill still sitting vacant?

And now some want to gamble on buying the water company when most of us are satisfied with American Water Company. We don't trust the City as we ride it's disastrous roadways they don't have the money to really rebuild. Keep filling in those potholes that don't take away the bumpy roller coaster rides. And the City would have to borrow all the money; about $200 million to  buy the waterr compamy and 30 year interest payments on the loan.

Democrats and a Few Republicans Block Spending Bill

Ok, shutdown the Government. Most of us will survive for a couple of months. More time for readers to read my factual blogs.

Water Logged (4) March 25, 2005


Water Logged #5

Note the date of this blog.

Since the subject is coming shortly before the City Council, I invite those interested to read my successful efforts in 2005 or 13 years ago. I studied the arguments from various sides and again came up with the same conclusion I did 13 years ago. Much of the information in  the news today, comes from wealthy people who would benefit if the distribution of the nationally owned water in Peoria was removed from the jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission and would move to a small group of people controlled by the City Council but influenced by many of the same people who are suing the City of Peoria for around 1 3/4 million. This group appears to led by Rita Kress, a wealthy landowner from Brimfield and Dianne Oberhelman, also the wealthy husband of Doug Oberhelman, former CEO of Caterpillar. The Oberhelmans and Mrs. Kress are reputed to own large chuncks of farmland which they would like to convert to housing. Problem is that American Water Company has shown little interest in running water to these sites. If the City of Peoria, now out of the jiurisdicion of the Illinois Commerce Commission, and now was the water company and knowing some members of this council, this sprawl of Peoria building further out would most likely continue.

One misleading statement printed at least twice in local media, claims that 83% of communities own their own water companies. This a necessity for small communities who find no buyer as they are too small for a buyer to make a profit.  Small communities make up the vast majority of communities across the nation,

Here is a headline that appeared in the JS on March 6, 2005, right before the Council voted 6-5 NOT  to buyout the water company. The headline read, "Buyout May Require Rate Hike". The author of the article was the City Manager of Peoria reading, "It would take about a 3% ANNUAL increase in water charged to area consumers to sustain the cost of the City to buy the water company".

To my knowledge two of the leading members of PAAG, do not live in the City. It is also known that Bud Grieves former Mayor of Peroria who does not live in even Peoria County to my knowledge, is a strong supporter of the buyout.

To get the names of the wealthy people of this area who have been suing the City of Peoria for around $2 million the city doesn't have, read my old blogs found mostly under the titles 'Water Logged' or water related headings. About 10 blogs in all.

(All of the aproximately 3500 blogs and posts are available by typing in what you are searching for in the 'search bar' slot in the upper left hand corner of any blog).

Oppose a referendum; referendums cost taxpayer dollars, until all facts are in. The last one showed 83% of the voters OPPOSED the buyout.. They felt that the City had it's hands full without owning a water company as show by the Peoria County's disastrous ownership of Heddington Oaks. Riding our infrastructure is little short of disastrous. My estimate to bring the infrastructure up to 75% of normal would cost in the neighborhood of $1 billion. Buying the water company with borrowed money could send this County into eventual bankruptcy.

Projections are anybody's guess, No projection of any major project usingg public dollars has met their projection since RT. 74 divided the City.

The wealthy want another due diligence study similair to the 2005 one they have been being suing the City for the past 12 years. I undestand a decision by a Judge will finally be made. Decisons can be appealed, etc., etc.

All info on this page is attrbuted to Merle Widmer Founder of Widmer Offices and 10 year County Board member.  Now back to my blog of 2005.

Last night, I attended the LWV and Peoria Chamber of Commerce sponsored forum which allowed a dialogue with audience involvement of the proposed city buyout of the Illinois-American Water Company. The pro buy side was represented by PAAG representatives Sandra Birdsall and Terry Kohlbus. Illinois- American was represented by their president and two other officers of the company, all from the United States. Throughout the meeting questions tailored for city officials to answer were not asked because there was no one in the audience to answer these questions. The JS said today that Jim Ardis and Gary Sandburg were there, but evidently not during the question and answer period. Jim Ardis , Patrick Nichting and Bill Spears have spoken in opposition to the buyout oppose the buyout as have city council candidates Barbra Van Auken and Bob Manning. Gary Sandburg and John Morris probably can not state their positions as they are on a special committee to present their finding and recommendations to the full City Council.

Both sides ably presented their positions. There was actually no way to factually prove this proposed purchase might not turn into a large liability to the City of Peoria taxpayers or turn into a cash cow for the city, because figures presented by both sides were often in conflict.

A PAAG representative said it was simple as oil and gas, (probably forgetting they don’t mix), saying that across the sea, oil companies owned the oil and gas we buy from them and we don’t want “foreigners” from across the sea, to own our water. Actually, all the water in the United States is owned by the United States and can only be mined and sold by whoever buys the right to do so. Peoria’s water company, owned by a German firm, could have been bought by any interested company in the United States starting back in the late 18 hundreds. Ownerships of any entity changes hands many times in a lifetime. Water companies are no exception.

As I’ve said before, “foreign” ownership is welcomed by our governments. Seems to me a lot of financial benefits were given to a Japanese auto maker in Bloomington-Normal; a company Peoria was trying hard to land, offering this “foreign” company financial incentives if they would locate closer to Peoria. In short, our Economic Development people welcome anyone that wants to locate in the Peoria area and employ people. Probably 20 firms in Peoria have plants or distribution centers in “foreign” countries. And many “foreigners” own huge chunks of land in our country so “foreign” ownership is hardly new in the world.

The price of $220 million will probably grow to $240 million before the buyout is concluded. The City of Peoria has already spent over $2,000,000.00 on this project. It is time to move on to running the core business of cities’ and ownership of water companies should not be our cities’ core business. Many cities already own water companies and many wish they didn’t but can’t find a buyer who wouldn’t raise existing rates. Many cities are too small for private businesses to be interested as there would not be enough profit incentives. Many of these cities started out with public ownership, Peoria didn’t.

What is wrong with making a good profit? Caterpillar does and the PAAG group that lent the city a million dollars at 9% interest must have made good profits or how could they risk a million dollars? Were they counting on a city council that would give special treatment to their desires? I believe they actually thought they could save money on their water bills forgetting that few public ventures are handled more efficiently than the private sector.

Public entities in Peoria have a poor track record when it comes to making a profit and the most recent public entity to not meet their projections is the RiverPlex, which was projected to make to make $187,953 profit in 2004, instead has lost approximately $6,000.00 a day thru 12/31/04. And many public dollars and other taxpayer paid incentives were given to a new ballpark that has not yet met projections.

The PAAG and their supporters believe city ownership would solve many of the cities financial problems. Most people disagree as I believe the referendum will show.

One reason for the poor turnout last night is that 80% of the people do not want a change in water company ownership, and many also believe that if changes are not made on the city council in this election, their opinions won’t count anyway. So why show up?

If the city does buy out Illinois-American, the city would hire a private profit making company to run the water department. Would it be low bid or by special interest? How much would it cost? Who would handle the advertising and who would stand to benefit from the advertising contract? Too many unanswered questions. A business plan supposedly has been made up. How outdated or updated is it? Would the PAAG and the Mayor make it public for all taxpayers to see?

Are rates in Peoria too high? On 3/8/05, the JS quoted City Manager Randy Oliver as saying, if the city bought the water company, rates would probably go higher. Hmmmm.

Illinois-American pays approximately $300,000.00 in property taxes each year and donates another $100,000.00 to local projects. They are good citizens with us. Let’s keep them!!

Water Logged #5

Last night, I attended the LWV and Peoria Chamber of Commerce sponsored forum which allowed a dialogue with audience involvement of the proposed city buyout of the Illinois-American Water Company. The pro buy side was represented by PAAG representatives Sandra Birdsall and Terry Kohlbus. Illinois- American was represented by their president and two other officers of the company

On Vulgarity - Peoria's Public Libraries Biggest Movers Are Romance Books

Many contain extreme vulgarity and every type of sex act described in most intimate detail .I started to say that in one of my blogs but left out what I meant to say. Now I can't find the blog.Also mis-pelled Bardot and called her last name Bardow by error.

She is one of the few beautiful ex-Hollywood actresses who added some common sense to the 'ME' movement.

These descriptive Romance books are available to all, young old and older.

Spell Check still not working. Sorry

Saudis Now Allow Women To Watch Soccer Games



A Thought for Peoria City, County and Park District for 2018

'Public assistance is often required; however, overreach is often the result'. Think Cub Foods, the Pere, Heddington Oaks, PRFM Building and bond payments, (debt owned by the taxpayer) Down Town Tech Center, Reputed $11 million for the relocation of Big Als,etc.

Unemployment Lowest in 45 Years Under Trump Administration

Should be a news headline. Would be a headline on the front page of JS if it were a Democrat Administration.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Audience - After the U.S.A., ; France

Russia has dropped out after they found out I wasn't of spy grade material. Because I keep trying to present facts and my readership is growing, I may run an ad in the JS in the near future..

I printed a boo-boo when I said most of the terrorists are here illegally. I was wrong. 73% are here LEGALLY because of our failed visa system.

Hope Donald and Company can get this entry mess straightened out and send all those who overstayed their permits and disappeared who oncc found will be given a proper escort out of this country.

'Expert' Says Hillary Could Still Become President

Probably so, People of color tend to have 2-3 times births than those who entered this country legally once the first immigration registration law was passed in 1883. I'll look it up but believe I am close to the date wnen immigrants had to enter this country legally.

And 90% of them vote Democrat.

But what about poor Bernie or 'Smoky Joe'? Or Oprah?

Socialist bent Hollywood would love to have her. We used to say, 'Hooray for Hollywood'. Is the new dictionarry of wotds or phrases we can't use, out yet?  Hope it says that blacks  can't say 'mo--------er any more. I never did like to be called that name.

Hey, Jorge, You Became a Criminal the Day You Snuck Illegally Into This Country

You sure have been able to put one over on this nation of wimps. Here you are, illegally in this country for decades, while you could have returned to your roots in 2009 if Obama had any balls. I compare you with many of the women crying rape or all types of sexual harrassment, some true but late in accusing.  While the accused men are mostly defenseless, you, Jorge, a proven criminal have been free of any critisism,  arrest or deportation, while defended by the 'bleeding hearts'. who twice elected a man bent on selling and sometimes, forcing he and his wife's culture on this country

Yes, Jorge isn't this a great country? Did you drop a thank you note to Barack when he retired?  I did,.I thanked him for retiring while wishing he had retired earlier.

You should have aent him a note and a bouquet.  But, Jorge, I still have balls, though old, President Trump and I want you out of this country until you can enter legally. Take your family with you. Lot's of jobs in thecountry of your birthand roots. And your family probably have a lot of your relatives to take you all in just like we do in the good old U.S.A.

The Killing Fields of the U.S.A.

161,000 of our people died in preventable accidents last year. One killed every minute. One injured every second.

40,000 killed by vehicle. Of these 40,000, more than 50% were alcohol related.

38,000 killed by overdosing.

When ONE member of our armed services gets killed, it's cause to blame President Trump for it happening and then blame him again for not calling at once and to offer his condolwences.

Some people make me sick. We are a nation of complainers, drunks, drug users, perpetual speeders, illegals, and terrorist most of who are legal immigrants.

We are addicted to every type of seeing, sending and listening devicee and we are just getting started.

New Jersey lawmakers have susposedly passsed a law making it illegal to navigate a drone while drunk. Drones are now in hands of the mentally ill and terrorists.

In future years, added to the above deaths and injuries, will be those caused by drones. Suggest all of those who make me sick, install plate glass windows with steel bars.

I know I shouldn't print this. This nation's biggest concern is 'sexual harrassmen. Now, all the 'ME' people are hating Brigette Bardot. Hey, Brigette, I still love you.

Trump's Low Global Approval? Easy To Explain

He's taking away the 'goodies' they have been stealing from the U.S.A. Taxpayers 'Cookie Jar'.

No one likes it when a lot of their 'goodies' are taken back. Also explains the militant black leaders sckretcthing and their white socialistic white ilk backers.