Friday, December 15, 2017

Peoria City Police Plot Over Coffee in "50 Cent Diner"?? For An Hour and Forty Minutes??

Police Van Lic. No. M211906  arrives at 9:40 AM. Police Car Lic.No. ending in 006 arrives approximately same time. Police Van parks in front to restaurant but City Police Car goes around adjacent corner and parks despite empty spaces next to Police Van. Both leave at approximately 11:20. Police Van goes to Import Vehicle location on N. University. Leaves in about half an hour. Police Car continues on down University to RT. 74.

I'm sure all legitimate business. Just an observation by a taxpayer in Peoria City. Maybe City Manager Patrick Urich will allay my concerns about wasted money in the public security sector in Peoria.

"60 Minutes" Now Thoroughly Socialized Shows Putin's Home But Not the Private Sector U..S.A. Athletes More Lavish Homes

"60 Minutes"  again shows their strong prejudice against Trump and the GOP. At one time I enjoyed watching this program, but no longer. The long dissertation about President Trump's fake collusion with Putin is so obvious even some Democrats should have been embarrassed,

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"60 Minutes", a Gathering of Socialists

Californians Democrat Socialist Jerry Brown has always wanted to spread the wealth as long as he got by far the largest share. He, and "60 Minutes" in a roundabout way, want to blame Trump for California's human set horrific fires.

So sad.

Only a fool doesn't understand that poverty and climate change have been going on since humans first emerged and the this earth accepted life. Trillions have been spent on climate change and povery with little success. On climate change, no success.

Like trying to get people to stop smoking and using drugs.

Lindsey Vonn - Break Her Neck in the Winter Games?

Oh, that would be so sad. Gosh. Maybe while recuperating, she could write memoirs about her affair with Tiger.

Women Losers: Pictures Of People (Slutish Looking Women) Who Trump Doesn't Remember

Example: I have a picture of myself standing between Larry Kudlow and Bill Kristol. Ask them if they ever met me and they would say "who the heck are you talking about"? Show them the actual picture, which I have, and they still won't know who I am. People making news have lots of pictures taken. The "sloth" out there expect our President to remember every person who asked to have their picture taken with him.

Trump, not seeing the "trap" misspelled "crap" that would show up years later, should start saying the truth which would be "I don't remember" and he would be exactly right.

The Democrat losers have lot's of picture with women and they couldn't remember all their names of even the circumstances.

What a bunch of bullshit going on in this country while other countries laugh at us.

More so, if we had Hillary as our President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump is the perfect target for losers. He is a winner and I support him. Not every decision but did everybody respect FDR or Jack Kennedy.

Or Lyndon Johnson withe hos "Great Society" that opened he opportunity for llooseers in life whether black no whites had to work because the Lyndon's horrible mistake would support them on the government's dole all their lives.

That's the mess Trump inhered.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Deadly Drugs Warning

PEORIA, Ill - After a deadly drug has taken the lives of 3 Peoria residents within the past week, the Peoria Police Department is pushing to educate those in the community on this life threatening substance.
The individuals believed they were purchasing cocaine but it was mixed with a deadly substance called Fentanyl, its a fast acting synthetic Opioid that’s 100 times more potent than Morphine.
The department’s goal wants to make the public aware that although you might believe that you're purchasing cocaine be aware that it could be something more deadly.
“We've seen Opiod overdoses for quite some time now, for about two years,” said Police Chief Jerry Mitchell.
The numbers prove the validity of Mitchell's claim. According to the department overdose numbers increased from 57 in 2015 to now 252 reported overdoses in 2017.
The chief adds, “What we saw new we wanted to make sure that we get that information out, that was about the infusion of this deadly Fentanyl into now yet another drug market with cocaine.”
Mitchell said the department will continue to educate the public on these deadly drugs and pursuing the arrest of those selling them.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Lindsey Vonn Shows Her Ignorance

Olympian athletes represent their country, Lindsey. You are a good athlete and have some beauty but not much common sense in your head. We would like to know your thoughts on Tiger that you learned while in your relationship with him. How about it?

But then, who cares what you think? Really?? Those who don't like what's going on in the U.S.A. can run for office, get elected and make changes. Lead protests spelling out facts, not mainstream leftist garbage. You also have the option of giving up your citizenship and relocate in perhaps Iraq, Syria, Somali., Yemen, Mexico, Spain, Turkey or even England. Much better leaders in these countries.

 I'm Sure.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Peoria City Council Meets Tonight At 5:00 To Raise Fees - Regular Meeting a 6:00

And this is just the beginning. Eventually, our high property taxes must go higher as well a garbage pick-up fees. The water company is probably anxious to sell their Peoria operation but at their price, not the cities. It is extremely doubtful that borrowing the money to make this purchase would add dollars to the city coffers. I would be willing to make some small bets that PROJECTIONS would again be wrong. But I probably won't be around to collect.

Peoria, Il. Selling This Community For New Devolpement and High Paying Jobs Has Proven Difficult

How many names of committees formed to draw new high paying jobs has Peoria gone thru in the last decade? How many different consultants have told us of our great potential?. A lot of wealth from private investors has poured into this effort. I have a file one half inch thick starting with Peoria Next and ending with TV advertising today. Names like "EXCELerate", Heartland Partnership, "Vision 2020", EDC, Civic Federation, Angels Group and the list goes on.

Somewhere around $31 million of taxpayer dollars went into the still questionable Warehouse District. I  believe there are at least 200-300 empty commercial sites that newcomers could occupy. The riverfront "platform" that is now empty and waiting to be demolished at taxpayer expense, was predicted to be a big business draw to the area  Now, funds providing, it is to be made into an addition to the existing riverfront park and play land.

The community leaders have built a lot of "big" city amenities but ALL of them have missed their projections. Caterpillars relocation of their headquarters is a huge loss but I believe in what I wrote that CAT had seen the "writing on the wall".

What can be further done. I've been asked and spoke but I am no longer a community leaders. In my 3300 posts on this site, one can find the answers.

Peoria's Major Problem - It Really Isn't Race But Culture


Failure in the Black Community By Both Black and White Leadership - July 1,  An irritated reader reminds me that the last president to send his kids to public schools was President Carter. I remind irritated Yvonne that her man planned to redistribute people's wealth and production to make everyone more equal. Somewhat similar to the failed "communes". As a wealthy man and elected leader of our country, his kids, by attending public schools, could be role models and tutors to the kids of 2nd, 3rd or 4th predominately black failed generations. The opportunity for everyone to attend free public schools and seek employment without discrimination, has been supported by every president in the past 110 years or so. For the last 50 years, equal opportunity has been there to be seized by those with a desire to be educated, be dependable and learn to work. (and be consistent by coming to work on time as detailed in a recent JS article of a black woman's success). She seized opportunity. Too many black youths feel as Columnist Leonard Pitts wrote and I published on this site that they would not work for a white. "You Can Do What You Want To Do", published 6/20/07) Also, I suggest some read or re-read, "Why Can't We All Just Get Along", published 6/17,2008; "Racial Profiling", published 9/9/07; Racism and Elections, 10/7/04; "Middle Class Income Stagnation", published 4/28/08 and "Why Black Leadership May Need to Work More closely With White Leadership", 10/7/07. Or "Multicultural Foolishness", published 10/12/08. In this blog, my last paragraph suggestion is probably wrong. I've also stated my informed opinion on "Diversity" and the most recent Minimum Wage Law which is keeping so many both black and white youths unemployed again this summer. We could have brought back the CCC, one of FDR's best work programs, except for the opposition of the unions and the unwillingness of many to do hard work. Why do you suppose we have so many illegal immigrants doing the "grunt" work in the U.S. while so many blacks and many whites are idle? All of these blogs can be easily found by entering the title or subject on all of my 1700+ blogs' "Search Bar", upper right hand of the blog. A couple other irritated people thought I was unfair to the Cannons who do good work in the community. Carl is paid well, works out of taxpayer supported facilities with kids who could be taught the same things Carl teaches in the taxpayer funded public school systems or taught in the some 100 or more Social Agencies and Churches, the Scouts, etc. If Cannon's wife believes that Obama is doing the job he was elected to do she is reading the wrong polls. Which brings up the point, what are black "leaders" telling and teaching these kids in total? As to young people incarcerated and clogging the juvenile courts, the record shows that the majority are black despite being a minority in numbers in the County of Peoria. As to sexually transmitted diseases, the health dept. published figures indicate that again minority blacks lead Peoria County to be the leader in sex diseases and pregnancies per capita of any county in the State of Illinois. As to my journalism? Never took a class, don't get paid for blogging, don't have a proof reader but I make my points. Some "Anonymous and first name" commenter's, which I don't publish get the point but are in denial as are many of the arrogant, elite, wealthy in this country. Donald Trump? Ha, Ha. As stated when I started this blog in 2004, "This blog is not a 'politically' correct blog. But it comes off as summing up the feelings of a large majority of my readers.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Steinle Alleged Killer May Be Free But I Expect Him To Leave This Country Horizontally

What did we who support justice expect from those who want all public places to be safe sanctuaries including Peoria, Il.? No, my only arrest was not approved by the judge I appeared before 42 months ago. The prosecution had NO CASE.

Little is being said about Steinle's murder similar O.J. case by the media I love to hate.

Travel Ban Ruling - Big Win for Trump and Those of Us WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY

Supreme Court rules 9-2 to allow ban to go into full effect. Left-wing Major Mainstream media Socialists can sue all they want. Or may claw the walls of their enclaves.