Thursday, March 26, 2020

Being Greedy an Animal Trait?

Yes. Most everyone: the poor and the helpless poorer, the rich and the richer.have an animalist greedy trait. Today's modes of communication and easy access to everything ever spoken, pictured of written have brought out an insatiable greed in most people whether it be wealth, religion and/or power over others.

I feel this stimulus bill will turn out like the years back highway stimulus bill where Rep. Ray LaHood was able to steer $5 million plus from highways to the the downtown museum that if you recall was to be built with 2/3rds contributed by the wealthy donors. Didn't turn out that way. I was on the County Board and the taxpayer paid the 2/3rds for a project that never came close to meeting it' projections.

Did LaHood do this on his own? No, he had the support of the wealthy that put him in power politics. Was Lahood  lone 'steerer' of stimulus $ for highways into other goodies for the rich.

No, politics is so sad but Socialism is NOT the answer so beware of Bernie and his ilk.And keep an eye on the Republicans and the Donald. Remember, in 2016 we had ONLY 2 choices. We chose the right one but he is no virgin on the misuse of money, Read up and keep an eye on most of them. Of the three now in the running, it will be best for the country to keep the Donald in office.

Stimulus Bill - About 1/4 of the 2+ Trillion Will Make the Now Rich Richer

Isn't that the way it works? Get in to politics with the help of wealthy people with the intent of making them more richer? That' why Democrat Socialist Bernie has a chance to win in November.
I wrote a "Letter to the Editors"" to the JS 15 years ago that we were on a slow slide to Socialism.

Because the super rich are getting richer, the middle class mostly treading water and the poor are getting poorer, being kept afloat by food stamps,, etc. Most of the Republicans and Democrats are in the same boat but the Demos want entry to the boat with no entrance fee except the vote of the poor and many illegals. One sys the illegals can't vote? Then you don't read enough or no how politics and politicians scheme and most succeed in their schemes.

I credit Trump with trying to get those healthy enough to work while the Democrats want to give them the benefits without working at all.

We are in a big mess. and it isn't just the virus. It is the virus within long ago already in us. Both have a cure but the cure is NOT Socialism.

Do  I have the answer? Yes, but none of them would not get by the people a;already in POWER. That's why countries have revolutions and the U.S. is becoming ripe for one more bloody than our own Civil War.

"Why can't we all work together" So sad that will NEVER work..

Talking Heads Like Stock Brokers and Analysts Say Time is Right to Buy Now

With 500,000 less millionaires only those with insider information and who sold their stock when I did, have the money to buy. Yes, the market is up three days in a row. Do you think that will continue with the rise in more virus cases and the huge rise in unemployment, do you believe that will continue? On certain stock but you need a staff to research and a lot of luck. I suggest the small investors hold what you have left. Wait to see what Monday or Tuesday brings.

Expect Large Population Increase Around December and January

Orders to stay at home and for a lot of people that means something to do. Especially teenagers with high testosterone  no school to go to or public places where teens gather. Trump is right about getting people back to their normal activities. unfortunately that is not going to happen by Easter.

Economy Sits Over Massive Sinkhole

Why? Numerous ways. The virus war is far from over..Government spending now and in the future is so large to challenge Trump's best Economists including Larry Kudlow. We are living in an unrealistic world with the have=nots, inspired by TV,  computer games and movies want what the haves have but the have-nots don;t have the money or in many cases, not even able to hold s job.

Expect crime to rise in 2021 and abuse cases along with crime. Happening now, I read.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Gun Sales on the Rise Now - Bankruptcies Later

Lots of 2019 and 2020 expensive vehicles and houses before the end of the next 12 months also. So sad.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Kaitlin, please send me round trip air fare to liberal and left-wing Ohio University and I will walk with you. When the Socialists at all levels of schooling pound Socialism into the heads of students, this country is dead on the water and will become an old country speciman.

Thanks for being who you are. And, yes, I still am a Trump man despite all his warts. The Democrat ( not DemocrtIC, I'm democratic and an independent with Republican leanings) field is a sorry looking mess.

Prostitution Both Real and Suspected in Peoria County, Tazewell County and Woodford County??

"I usually charge $300 for my services", said Pinky or Lara. She reportedly worked her scam while working at Club Caberet in Creve Couer. This article is second hand but the victim of what happened next, is reluctant to testify in a court of law. He said he had a $175 dance with Pinky while she worked at Club Cabere Later she said she had no car. Would he give her a ride home?. He did. She invited him in and when he said no, she gave him her phone #. On a late Saturday night he called her and she said come on over. He said her address was on a side street off Atlancic. He said she asked $300 but settled for $200. They no sooner got in bed when a young Hispanic came into the room. She screamed at the victim to get out but he said not before she gave him his money back. After more screaming , the Hispanic said give him his money back. She did. However, when he got home he was short $250 which the Hispanic evidently took from his billfold he had in his trousers shich the prostitute scammer had hung by the entry way.

Thefts go on but the johns don't report them for fear of publicity. Rumors are up to $1000 being stolen from a patron of Club Caberet.



Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Prostitution - Rumored At All the Strrip Clubs in Creve Couer, Peoria and Woodford County (Kappa)

Guys don't pay $150-350 for 15 to 30 minutes with a girl to take her to a room with strict privacy to talk politics. Prove it at Elliots or Club Caberet.  Club Caberet is rumored to be owned by Joe Miller and his son, Joe, Jr. is the overall manager.  Girls and guys come from all over. Police Chief King of Creve Couer could care less and most politicians could care less as the acttion is indoors, not on the streets. Most of the high paid prostitutes were never on the streets.

Rumor is that a guy used to come down from Chicago an pay $1000 to use a special room at Club Caberet till closing time.

Only had 3 threats if I publish names. A black stripper at CC named Cookie claims she dates Peoria's most advertised WC atttorney. He is single and can date who he wants.  Most anyone with money can date a long as her husband or BF doesn't mind. Bear in mind that strippers aren't required to be to be tested for VD and background checks, if any, are made. Reports of thefts are not uncommon.

As many believe. Most strippers are NOT prostitutes. Most of them come from sad situations and can not hold a real job. Mostt have made bad marriages, have children to support, little or no child support from their ex's, and cannot afford sitters.

Solution? Since there will ALWAYS be a need for prostution, legalize it and let the taxpayers benefit.

Nuff said..For anyone wanting to make snide comments, no I am not a virgin.

This may be my last post unless someone tries to sue me.

Not Well, Call.Skinner. Play Each Day As Wake Up.

Nice to have known all those who have follwed me on my blog site and my clumsy use of Facebook. Sorry for those added as new friends. Maybe give me a call. Would appreciate it.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Jewelry Theft Never Happened At My House

 Number one. I live in a RANCH house with NO upstairs which the JS reporter hinted where the jewelry was stolen and sex probably occurred. Number two. My wife is a confirmed alcoholic. When she cleaned out her lock box at a local bank about a month ago, she brought home the two pieces of jewelry she  said was missing. I had to report to the police on 8/01/13 because she said her two necklaces were stolen. No, the jewelry was NOT insured but I have notified my insurance agent.

Number Three. The woman I invited two my house was NOT a prostitute. She brought an older woman who she said was her aunt and a younger woman who was a college student. There was NO sex as the JS A-s-H  e. hinted in a big article in the JS.

No one ever congratulated me for having the courage to REPORT A SUSPECTED CRIMINAL ACT. The JS reporter never mentioned that thee police report stated the reason for my wife's absence was because she was in re-hab for alcohol abuse.

My intelligent wife is sick with alcoholism which is a most deadly disease. I have tried to separate from her, divorce her or leave her if she kept getting drunk.. Each time she promised to stop drinking. But she can't and eventually she got a DUI. Approximately 20 years we agreed that she wanted alcohol and I still needed the touch of a woman.

She entered Proctor but neither Proctor or her agreed on treatment and she left and will not go back. I have offered to take her to any place in the country and would visit her. No progress so far..

A number of friends have interviened but most have given up trying to help her. I thank all who have helped in so many ways. I can only see a bleak future for her who I still love and care for. At the time of this blog, I am her sole caretaker even though she is 20 years younger than I.

So sad for all concerned including my only remaining daughter, Nancy Cripe, who unfortunately lives about 150 miles away.