Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What DO People Say 'Off the Record'??

This bitch tapes THIS president and the press makes a BIG deal of it. All people, no matter their position, make crude remarks and most tell crude jokes when they are 'off record'. All I could say to this bitch it to get a REAL life.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

LeBron James - Soon to be a Billionaire Who Only Made it Through High School Because

what teacher would fail him?? Story is he never read more than Comic books and newspaper articles about 'how great thou art'. He gets all this publicity about money he gave to build a school. (it's proven that how new the school is has little to do with FACTUAL learning).

He will make close to 100 million this year but he is still an overgrown, pill taking, thug.

Jim Stowell Divorced

RUMOR only is that his wife was having more than cordial relations with a Doctor. Jim was the guy, colluding with Bill Dennis to cause considerable anquish despite the fact that I was NOT found guilty in July, 2014.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Merle Widmer Not Guilty - Cost About $6,000 To Have Now Now-Existant Arrest Removed

My Arrest - Found Not Guilty - Arrest Record Sealed Forever by the State of Florida - End of Sad Story? - NO

After talking to Jim Stowell, I now believe the sequence of events that led to the publication of my phony arrest in 13 different news media in the Peoria area within 2 days of the unfortunate events are as follows: Jerry Stowell, a Middle-School teacher in Sarasota, forwarded by enail ( I have a copy)) this information to his brother Jim Stowell in Peoria. Jim immediately forwarded this 'news/' to blogger Billy Dennis, now deceased. Dennis apparently knew he had a news scoop that would help his flagging career and he was the one who did Jim and Jerry's dirty work.

Jim was aware of this because he told me he thought the story was "funny" and Dennis would think it was funny,too,

As noted before, the Stowell's had a grudge against me. Not Joe Stowell, Sr. who remains my friend today.

This unfortunate story remains on the Internet. It would cost me approx, $6,000 to have these removed. I hope some to these outlets would have the courtesy to remove my false arrest.

This is the end of this sad and not 'funny' story,

Friday, July 20, 2018

Offer To Any "Authentic" Cub Fan That Can't Be Refused

I'm willing to bet the farm that the Cubs won't win the World Series this year. I'm willing to bet half the farm that the Cubs won't make it to the World Series this year. I'm willing to bet 1/8 the farm that the Cubs won't win their division this year. If they do, I'm will to bet 1/8 of the farm they won't win their first game.

8 runs scored against Cub's star Lester today. 18 runs scored against a bevy of
Cub pitchers today. In 2 games, the Cardinals outscored the Cubs 24 to 14 at Wrigley Field. In 2 at bats, Cub's star Baez stranded 5 runners as he struck out on really bad pitches.

Lester and Maddon passed up Lesters' chance to play in the All-Star game. What do you suppose Lester did in those four off days to pitch so badly today? Just guessing but I suggest he and his buddies consumed several cases of beer and dozens of brats. Whatever. He sure put on an ugly performance before all Cub faithful today.

When players today make those millions, especially those with talent, they can do anything they wish. 85% of professional athletes use pot and many use coke. Which often leads to early retirement. You can bet Ben Zobrist used no drugs near 100% of the time. Maybe in the off-season and maybe after year 2016 season was offer.

Face it. The entire Cub pitching staff except their closer, is suspect. Cub hitters load up on weak pitchers (there are an awful lot pitchers who wouldn't be in the Major League if their weren't so many teams). I've said before that this team can't hit GOOD pitching with any regularity.

OK, back to my offer. Any takers??

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Countries, Especially the U.S.A., Have Been 'Meddling' In Foreign Elections For 150 Years

It's all there in history books that a growing majority of students, reporters, journalists, analysts, regular adults and others, no longer read.

Drug Money Laundering In Peoria; the Largest Drug Selling Center in Illinois South of Chicago

I could name 3 but of course I won't. Don't want to die yet.

Democrats 'Forever' Agendas

Open all our Borders to the world
Make citizens of all illegals including felons if no longer in prison. (They would all vote Democrat)
Impeach Trump
Make nothing but MINOR changes to ObamaCare
Stack the Supreme Court with left-leaning liberals
Repeal the tax cuts
Continue to make the U.S.A. the Piggy-Bank to the worlds needy and UN-NEEDY
Cozy up to Radical Socialist Elites such as George Soros
Continue to cozy up to the radical liberal main-stream medias
Blame the NRA for the few (comparatively to the hundreds killing each other in Chicago gang wars (90% Blacks) and teen-agers texting while driving (6 killed on an average day)
Erase as much history from our History books on all levels and teach PROGRESSIVE history also on all levels. 30% of all High School 'graduates' know nothing about WWI, the difference between north and South Korea and who was involved in this Korean War and how it ended.
A majority know nothing about the hardships suffered to gain Independence from England.
Make laws that make it even harder to fire a public worker or public official.
Work hard to NEVER repeal te disastrous Davis-Bacon Law that costs taxpayer billions of dollars
Keep all the perks that both they and the Establishment Republicans enjoy for life
Keep recommending to CNN, the most radical liberal group of outlets most widely viewed., all the liberal Democrats who work for CNN and appear as 'analysts' or talking heads of which we have too many now on all levels of government and sports
Continue to cater to all RADICAL BLACK groups

And this is just the Demos main agendas.

If you read as much non-fiction as I do, you WILL know I am at least 90% correct.

My Readers From the United Kingdom and Russia Are Waiting For My Comments on Trump's Visits

I have made my decisions on Trump 3 years ago. Viewers who aren't Democrat sore losers or old Establishment Republicans and illegal lovers, etc, very well know how the choice was he or nation killer Hillary and they should know my commitment to our President is strong.

DESPITE ALL HIS FAULTS. I suppose Hillary was an angel. If it ever is proved that she had one or more person killed in her career, (start with Vince Foster) these folks opinion would not change. Remember the felon who,once out of prison, ran for Mayor of DC and won.

Over Emphasis On Sports May kill America

As an ex-coach and referee, I am aghast of the changes for the worst that have occurred since I left both in 1959. The sports crazed fans asked for it and eventually they will pay for what craziness is occurring today.

A good example is the home run hitting contest where the winners Dad came out to pitch to him. Fair to the runnerup? BS.

And all the hours of hype watched hundreds of millions of people who would have helped this country by reading a non-fiction book.

This country is in a phase of craziness that I never believed i would live to see.

So sad..

Note: I did help coach tennis at Woodruff (best season in history occcured where I recieved two trophies for my assistance),, Notre Dame and Manual.

Pile On Trump - Christie, Denied a Cabinet Post, Is Goiing To Reveal Himself As Being Another "Sore Loser"

Stenographer says Trump doesn't like people publish his every word. my Dear God, let's have the words printed by one of the worst cursing President in recent history; Democrat Lyndon Johnson..Trump is under attack from his own party, his countrypeople who read only headlines, sore losers, Democrats, illegal lovers, radical environmental nuts, most Blacks and intelligent people with no common sense, etc.

I supported Trump over a real nation killer names Hillary and I support him WITH ALL HIS FLAWS today.

Property Taxes in Peoria, Il. How I Led the Fight Against These Unfair Taxes

When I, a County Board member, was waging the battle against rising property taxes, I approached Pat McCarthy, then head of the Realtor Board, and asked him to join in the fight. He declined. I learned recently that some time back, Governor Rauner visited Mr. McCarthy at McCarthy's home, as McCarthy has NOW complained about how high property taxes were driving people out of Peoria.

Pat McCarthy lives next door to me yet did not invite me to attend this meeting. McCarthy apparently is claiming to lead the fight against higher property taxes.

My wife and I have agreed that Pat McCarthy; will not sell our home when it goes on the market.