Friday, January 20, 2017

Only 217 Inauguration VIOLENT Protesters Arrested? I Was Hoping For More Like 500

I hope all of them who destroyed private and public property are charged with "rioting" which is a Federal penalty.If found guilty, they will serve prison time. No pardons under Trump and General Mattis and General Kelly

It is reported that Michael Moore hid in a Porta-Potty when the protesters started to riot. It's also reported he needed help to shove him in and help to pull him out.but he is now in seclusion in his $20 million home in Malibu.

What a great day I had watching about 10 hours of one of the greatest shows on earth. Even though a lot of what I watched and heard was BS and phony hand shaking and back slapping, the entertainment was super.

Still, if our new President delivers on only half of his promises, which would be a record for politicians, 95% of those who supported Hillary and Bill and will be trying to block his every effort to make "America Great Again"..

So sad.

If I Had the Money, I Would Have Immediately Invested in Caterpilar

Trump's speech was finally some good news for Peoria, Il.

Trump's Populist Leanings Leave Investors Nervous

And will continue leave a lot of the rest of us nervous also. I believe this uncertainty will continue for at least the first hundred days as political bodies are often slow and unwieldy while Trump has proven to be an aggressive individual.

Sometimes too aggressive as the mainstream press is relentless to publish or state.

Time, as always, will tell. He and his followers have 4 years to cut deficits at the same time getting more people to become involved in the "workings" of this probably still great nation.

One MAJOR step should be to bring back some version of the CCC. As a person living in that era, I would like to be invited to DC.

Fat chance.

Trump's Inauguration Speech a B-

My opinion if that it left out a lot out of conciliatory words with the past administration, Congress and Democrats. As I have always written and said that there is some good in all. I do not believe, that as a whole, this country is in shambles as he inferred. That overall, it is headed in the wrong direction, is correct. To tackle the areas where this nation is in shambles was repeating the theme of his drive to become the person who can change this nations course.

Now he at the top of leadership in this country, a promising yet fearful position.

I would have included a more specific challenge to the 545 people who must design and implement "the American Dream" and made note of some appreciation of the successes of the Obama Administration and the Supreme Court and Congress.

Will the Democrats in Congress Work With Trump? Most Won't.

Not even when his actions would be best for the country. Here's why. If Trump is a successful President, then those Democrats who fight him on every issue will have a lesser chance of being re-elected.

Simplified but true, I fear.

Now back to watching the Pomp and Ceremony of the Inauguration.

My next post will be titled "Class and Racism".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Paid Protester? Yes, It Has Always Been True - Ads Run By San Fran Nutcases

If anyone will pay me to protest the street blocking and vandalism bent protesters, I'll go and take my axe handle with me.

Kudlow is Right - Mexico is Wrong

No VAT. I blogged my opposition to VAT years ago.

If You Can Afford It, You Send Money to the Candidate That Supports Your Views

Period. Use Caterpillar as an example. Also, most union supporters that can afford it send large donations to politicians who support stronger union ship of the workers and who oppose "right to work" legislation. An overwhelming majority of the states that have "right to work" laws are better off by far than Illinois. That passing RTW legislation is in effect a 'no brainer'.

But what would I expect from Illinois Democrat leadership???

These hearings and questions by the Democrat "leaders"are mostly bullshit and free air time for their next election by their adoring admirers.

Confidence In Trump Pretty High in the Sunny State I'm Visiting

A right-to-work state that wisely voted for The Donald.

Macy's Closing in Peoria and Bloomington-Normal a Blessing?

To the remaining big box stores in Peoria. It may make me wrong in my prediction. Trump's largely unsuspected election is helping to prove me wrong on one other prediction.

And now I am enjoying sunshine and warmth and not concerning myself with what's going on with Gary Matthews, the Warehouse District, the streets, the local budgets and the 600,000 to 800,000 new visitors promised by the spokesperson for the mostly completed Louisville Slugger Complex.

Perhaps this multitude will stay on the Northwest side of Peoria and won't notice how our streets, sidewalks and curb are deteriorating in most of the rest of the City and County.

Hope these optimistic projections like those made by two respected Bradley University Professors don't turn out like the never to be $16 million yearly new business that the new museum would bring in to the area.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren - A Piece of Work

If she and NOW represent the femininity of the future of women leadership, God help this once great country. If you are not watching any of the confirmation hearing I report to you that the two women sitting behind Ms. Warren appear to have swallowed a peeled tenon whole. If they are married, I have no comment about the type of man or woman they are attached to.

Ms. Warren looks like a skunk about to confront an enemy. And she talks while her head bobs like a physic woodpecker. It's interesting to sometimes put your TV on mute and watch the body motions and facial expressions of the speakers. In Ms. Warrens's case; her mouth.

The Democrats are the most abrasive group of losers I have ever seen. The Know-Nothings, to borrow a phrase, are out in force including most of the drug abusers of Hollywood. Of course, there are drug abusers in rural areas. But most of them are found in the GLAMOURS  areas like LA and San Fran. Massachusetts is no exception to the percentage of abusers.

Facts in  life is how one sees and interprets them. I am an Independent and see and interprets facts as THEY ARE.

Never was and never will be "politically correct". Never is a big word so I will amend it 'hardly ever'.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Heddington Oaks LTE Printed By the JSEB in Their Christmas Eve Edition

My letter was of course, edited, and appeared on a day when most people don't read the JS. But at least they printed it, leaving out the FACT that HO needed approximately $6 million property tax payer dollars to break even. JSEB blamed the inability to hire nurses for the fluctuating 150-180 beds filled in the 214 bed Taj Ma Hall built mainly as a "safety net" for Medicaid and Alzheimer patients.

The inability to hire nurses may have been the result that HO operates WITHOUT AN ADMINISTRATOR and recently reported dissatisfaction and arrests and convictions of a number of HO employees.

On 12/17/2010, the JS wrote that all the Democrats on the County Board plus Republican?? Mary Ardapple opposed shrinking HO to a smaller 174 facility. Then County Administrator Patrick Urich, said, "A smaller facility would be more conservative and a hedge against uncertainty". But Republican Mary Ardapple and Democrat Mike Phenan argued and won the 214 bed facility.

That the County should have removed themselves from ownership of a nursing home was never more important than a letter from our outside Auditor in 2007 that reads as follows, "During our audit, we noted that in some cases where accounting (County) personnel had identified to management problem accounts, there did not appear to have been consistent pursuit of collection of these accounts by management. In one case alone a single resident had accumulated in excess of $140,000 in past due receivables as of March 2007 even though this specific resident has been identified a problem account for years"

In 2007, bad debt write offs were $173,445.

I fought the folly of being in the nursing home business as hard as I could but got little cooperation from the Republican minority and no cooperation from the Democrats nor from the JS reporter covering County business at that time. (See my "In the Spotlight" printed in the JS on 6/13/10 and several other plu my numerous blogs on the subject.) You can find these blogs by entering BelWood, Heddington Oaks or other blogs by entering these subjects on my 'searrh bar' at the upper left-hand top of any blog.

As Peoria County looks forward for deficit years far into the future, Heddington Oaks remains a huge problem. So do the County Roads and Bridges, estimated need of $200,000,000.00 and the deteriorating County owned roads in the City of Peoria.

Happy New Year, property tax payers in Peoria County.