Monday, October 16, 2017

James Lee Burke - Author of "House of the Rising Sun"

Burke always was a populist but in his later years has turned to Socialism. I believe most of us have many parts of socialism and populism in our brains. But most of us, I think, still do not accept either as dominant in our lives and in this country. This book is not for the faint of heart but as usual James Lee Burke tells it like it is with a lot of the usual missing parts that are found in all works of fiction.

"Little Soldiers" - Deeply Concerned About Public Education In This Country?

Then read this non-fiction book written by a Chinese author, Lenora Chu, educated in the U.S but now living in China. Disturbing but very interesting.

North Korea Says It Won't Negotiate With A "Hostile America"

What say? They are calling the "kettle black"???? As Trumps says you don't negotiate with those whose prime purpose is to kill you. So true but the devil in charge of North Korea is a Hitler without Hitler's overall power. One nuclear strike against this country or it's protectorates and North Koreans are history.

Hate Groups in the U.S.A.. - Who Are These "Groups" and How Many Are There?

Some one reported a figure of over 900 hate groups in this country. I suppose that include hate groups like "Black Lives Matter', all the gangs hating and killing each other,(reports indicate their are over 250 gangs in this country, Mexican, Blacks, Whites, Chinese, etc.), hard Left-wing media groups that hate Trump and dozens, maybe hundreds more out there that are hating and killing innocent people. My Thesaurus describes groups as #1- A number of persons or things located close together, or considered or CLASSED together. That being said, their are probably a few thousand hate groups in this country. Interesting but sad.

Friday, October 13, 2017

"Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick''

I believe this quote was attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt over 100 years ago. That was then. This now. Soft talk only gives the deadly enemies of our country more reason to try to bully us. Same goes for bullies in schools, the street, or basically in all walks of life. The only language today's different type of bullies understand is a show of ones real strength. Trump was exactly right in properly identifying our enemies and calling them what they are. North Korea's "leader" has power. So did Hitler. Those among us who still believe that "the meek will inherit the earth" are going to be slaughtered, sooner if not later. From the start of recorded history, there have always been people who intimidated, tortured and killed thee weak. Consider the invasion of the whites into what was later called America. Th power of the whites won over the power of the Indians and Mexicans. Please encourage all to read history.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Florida May Be First State to Execute Drug Dealers

I support as I've blogged before. Certainly not on their first offense and a lot of other considerations. Singapore has few drug problems and they have been executing for 40 years.

1997? Sure Rose. Why Did You Take the $100,000? Surely You Weren't a "Working Girl"??

Of course, rape happens. Definition? Like a Supreme Court Justice once noted on pornography, "I don't know how to describe it but I'll know it when I see it". Witnesses or just a woman's word against a man? As Iv'e warned before that having sex outside of marriage, especially when both the accused and the "victim" are stoned, is RISKY business no matter how much she says she loves you. And 20 years later make accusation AFTER others do? What a world we live in. Noteworthy is that publicly, few black women ever claim they were raped. Just an observation. Now my critics will say I don't believe in rape. But some of my readers are just plain stupid. I can tell by their anonymous attacks against me.

Community Word, Owned by 17 Democrats Also Prints Vile Untruths By Sherry Cannon

Here is one of Sherry Cannon's frequent lies. Her headline is, "No Justice or Mercy in Donald Trump's Department of Justice". She ends her diatribe by writing, "We have more black people under the age of 16 in our prisons with mandatory life sentences than any other country in the world. This administration will be one of the CRUELEST since the post-Reconstruction Period". Fact - We have NO 16 YEAR OLD black people in our prisons with mandatory life sentences. She also wrote that "we will get through all the EVIL that Donald Trump brings". (6/17) And she handles youth programs for Carl Cannon's Youth Groups. Dear God, no wonder Peoria leads the State in Black STD"s and Black's failure to take advantage FREE EDUCATION.

Sherry Cannon, A Hard Left Democrat/Socialist and Perhaps Marxist is a Frequent Contributor to the Travelers Weekly

Sherry Cannon, who I believe to be the wife of Carl Cannon who runs the Elite Youth Program, where Sherry Cannon works with Elite kids, is a frequent contributor to the Travelers Weekly, Peoria's oldest and perhaps only black newspaper. Her latest article, more than a thousand words long contains 10 paragraphs accusing the Trump NINE MONTH OLD administration of about everything but introducing slavery to this continent. She quotes Trump as saying to African-Americans, "You're are living in poverty (for a majority, that is somewhat true but 95% have TV's, CP's, clean water, air conditioning and heating, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, cars or nearly free transportation and free food and clothes), you're schools are no good, (Pretty true in the inner city. Not the fault of MOST teacher who TRY to educate 3rd and 4th failed black and many white generations), 58% of black youth are unemployed, (True, but 56% of them don't know what work is and couldn't hold a job available), what the 'hey" have you got to lose by electing me? She then lists 10 half truths and outright lies and ends her lengthy vicious attack on President Trump by saying "You're presidency ain't working for us". What have black leaders and their ill-informed followers done besides protests, complain and hold grief meetings? So with horribly sore losers like Sherry Cannon and her ilk, like Lyndon Johnson's Welfare Society, Barack Hussein Obama and his millionaire wife, the Clinton Cabal, Billionaire George Soros types, Hollywood Know-Nothing, the mainstream media, 90% of all BLACK people, the black leadership, stymieing his every move, how can he get the best things done for ALL PEOPLE, our and his country? Why would sore losers, and just plain losers as most black leaders are, make note of all the positives of this administration, which I strongly support as an Independent. Work together? Increase welfare and increasing payments to uneducated single mothers, handing out financially unaccounted block grants, continue Socialism supported by 45% of all citizens, illegals. millionaire kneelers, Sanctuary supporters, "bleeding" hearts, etc. Sure. I again ask the Journal Star to check into a fair assessment of the Cannon's Elite programs. Fair from the JS? Hmmmm.

Peoria Public School Board - Only 2 Members Get it Right - Check More Closely On What Carl & Sherry Cannon Are Teaching.

When the school board vote 5-2 to give Carl Cannon another $65,000 dollar amount to continue or expand his "teaching" of his Elite Group of students at another tax funded PPS school, only 2 board members voted to FIRST find out some results of the previous hundred's of thousands they have given him over the past decades. Five board members didn't care. NONE of them pay substantial property taxes so it's really not their money. I am calling for an investigation by the JS or a neutral group of the Cannon's programs. His wife Sherry handles youth programs for the Elite Group. Sherry Cannon is a hard left Democrat/Socialist/Marxist. She must have a great influence of what goes on with the Elite Group led by her husband. With 7 black homicides and a hundred wounded so far this year, perhaps Carl should write about his eff forts to stem the rising tide of violence mainly black on black. More on Sherry Cannon tonight.

Illinois Infrastructure

Rated #17 worst out of fifty states but rated 15th highest in spending. I have been trying to get this message across for years. Privatize all highway work in Illinois including Peoria whose infrastructure would probably rank in the top worst 5 in the nation. Pray for a mild winter with little freezing and thawing. Lot's of luck. I hope to go South sometime soon.

Moneywise 411 Prints What Appears t be a Lot of Fake News

Moneywise claimed that bill 6012B was about to become a new law. Bullcrap.