Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trump Is the Best of the Five By Far

He is now talking like he should have before. Sure, his imagination is bigger than the ability to put all his thoughts and statements into reality. But what is new in politics. The non-believers aren't correctly understanding the damage the other four could do. Especially the Clinton cabal.

Monday, April 25, 2016

American Family Association

What a bunch of bullcrap. Do not post or Gmail me. Merle says "go Target and all others". A conservative Christian activist group has gained more than half a million signatures and counting from people pledging to boycott Target over its transgender bathroom policy. The petition started by the American Family Association on Wednesday raises concerns that Target's inclusive stance on transgender rights encourages sexual predators and puts women and young girls in danger, because "a man can simply say he 'feels like a woman today' and enter the women's restroom." The boycott has more than 503,000 signatures as of Monday morning, marking it as one of AFA's most popular campaigns. "This is the best response we’ve ever had this quick," says AFA President Tim Wildmon, attributing the protest's viral nature to the fact that "everybody knows who Target is, and it’s an easy-to-understand issue." Wildmon says Target stands "to lose a lot of customers who won't come back." But Target is standing by its policy. "We certainly respect that there are a wide variety of perspectives and opinions," says Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder. "As a company that firmly stands behind what it means to offer our team an inclusive place to work — and our guests an inclusive place to shop — we continue to believe that this is the right thing for Target." She added that hundreds of Target stores "have single-stall, family restrooms for those who may be more comfortable with that option." Target made its position public in a blog post last week, stating that the company welcomes "transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity." The announcement comes as legislation on transgender issues in multiple states has spurred several major corporations and businesses to take a stance on LGBT rights. The American Family Association, a non-profit based in Tupelo, Miss., frequently protests on issues that target what it considers traditional family values. Its more recent campaigns include canceling the organization's use of PayPal after that company pulled back on plans to open a new facility in North Carolina, which recently passed a law requiring transgender people using public bathrooms to use the one that aligns with their gender at birth.

Trump Will Win Says Gundlach

Jeffrey Gundlach, star investor and CEO of DoubleLine Capital, predicts that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump will win the White House as voters embrace his campaign’s idea of “Make America Great Again.” “Trump is going to win. I think Clinton and Sanders are both very poor candidates. I know the polls are signaling the opposite. But the polls said the opposite four years ago, too,” he said in an interview with Swiss business magazine Finanz und Wirtschaft. “In the short term, Trump winning would be probably very positive for the economy.” He compares the U.S. electorate’s feelings toward Trump with investor sentiment toward unconstrained bond funds, which became popular as people disdained traditional investment ideas. “If everything you think you know looks unattractive, you go for something that you have no idea about. And that’s an unconstrained bond fund,” he says “The thinking was: ‘Don’t even tell me what you are doing, I do not want to know. Because if I know, I won’t like it.’ The same is true with respect to the elections: ‘Don’t give me a traditional candidate. Give me someone who I have no idea what he is going to do' – and that’s basically Donald Trump.” Gundlach says Trump's economic policies may resemble those from the 1960s with a heavy emphasis on military and infrastructure spending. “He might spend a lot of money on airports, roads and weapons. I think Trump would run up a huge deficit. Trump is very comfortable with debt. He’s a debt guy,” Gundlach says. “His whole business has had a lot of debt over time and he has gone bankrupt with several enterprises. So I think you could have a debt-fueled boom.” Read more: Gundlach: Trump Will Win, 'Idiotic' Fed Has Given Up on Rate Hikes Important: Can you afford to Retire?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sears To Stay Open in Peoria?

I predict the closing of 2 more major retailers in Peoria within the next 12 months. Meanwhile, the Cub Food Building stays closed and Macy's is closing. Empty commercial buildings abound. If you read my 2800 posts, you will get a hint as to why. Small example is that while the Peoria County Board Chairman says the County is in good financial condition, he also notes that Peoria County Roads need $200 million in repairs but doesn't note that the County owned Heddington Oaks Nursing Home is losing $3 million a year and that the County owned Hanna City Correctional Center is a small disaster.(I will at some point, blog on the interesting details as to how the County got in this dilemma).

He should have also noted that Peoria County Taxpayers own the very questionable downtown museum building and that the $30+ million the City spent on the Warehouse District may or may not return a dividend. I am inclined to say it will not. Nor is any mention of what cost might be assessed to the County for the sewer system or the leaky water system as a County is all inclusive and the Cities and Towns, all lay in the County. Plus, some structures that appear to be in the City, mainly on the south side, are actually the partial responsibility of the County.

I also suspect that before long, the privately owned Dozer Baseball Field owners will be asking for more money from the City to keep up operations. In case you missed it, the City has already forgiven the club over $1 1/2 million of your money.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ruling Class Thinks They Know How To Run Your Life Better Than You Do

I blogged that  old saw several times over the years. In some cases they are correct. Examples would be people who beat their wives, gamble away their assets and are unable to resist abuse of alcohol and drugs.

And murderers and chronic thieves.

On the other hand, look what they have done to Peoria. If you think taxes are high you haven't seen "nuthin" yet. Roads are terrible, architecture is some of the worst in the country, they further polluted to Illinois River  and drug use by over 80 % of the population over 10 years old will remain partially consistent due to what Roger Monroe once called a fellow board member a "phony Christian". Can't sue me, I've got it in writing.

Speaking of phony Christians, I believe there is a guy named Cruz, a favorite of the Republican Establishment to be the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Now it's said that highly religious Utah leads the nation in pornography viewing so thee passed a bill to stop it. Ho, Ho, Ha Ha.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Boehner Picks Paul Ryan???

Ryan is a good guy but he is a numbers man. The country needs a STRONG leader. He doesn't pass any of the tests except his ability as a numbers man. Plus he really didn't furn for this office. However he would be better than anyone the Republicans have picked so far.

Boehner wasn't the right guy for the job and you could count one him to pick another loser.

My conclusion? If Ryan is drafted as the GOP nominee, he will lose by a sizable margin to any Democrat. Then, again, I have already said you can count that no Republican will win in 2016 unless the corrupt Hillary is indicted.

Fat chance of that.

Peoria, Il. Streets And Sidewalk Tragedy - Anyone Care About Why?

Today, I had another of my numerous observations of one of the prime reasons the streets and sidewalks disrepair ranks as one of the worst in the nation. Starting this morning 8-9 A.M. a crew of 5-6 men and 5-6 vehicles, numerous barrels  and flags, down 2 of the four lanes closed on Pioneer Parkway across from Barracks. Later a supervisor or inspector arrived in another vehicle. One of the trucks parked behind another truck never moved till quitting time when the whole crew and all the pieces departed.

I estimate the cost to the taxpayers was about $4000. For scraping off the top layer of about 150 feet. Sometime they will be back to lay the new top layer adding another $4000 to the overall cost including wages and pensions. When you multiple this by the hundreds of thousands of streets that need repairs and considering the amount budgeted is $1 or 2 million this year, you can look forward to another year of mainly bad streets and sidewalks in Peoria.

Remember, the City Streets Manager said he needs $7 1/2 million a year for the next 5 years to bring his department up to 75% of normalcy.

Two of the four lanes on Pioneer Parkway are closed and it will be interesting to see how long it takes to put a top layer that will go bad again as they only scraped off the top of these two lanes and how long these lanes will be closed.

I suggest using alternate routes until all four lanes open again which could be days. Add the delay of business people trying to get to and from the jobs and the cost goes up another 20%.

This is not a new problem. 15 or more years ago I wrote a letter to the City Council when there were 13 "workers" and 13 vehicles repairing a strip about 1 foot wide and 100 yards long in front of my house. How many days. More than one day because they came back a week later, cleaned out the excavation (again) and filled it. It going bad again and getting worse each year. One of the workers spent a lot of time reclining in the grass while others sat in their vehicles listing to music. Did I get a response from anyone including Pat Nichting who was my city rep.? You guessed it. No.

Back to my question. Does anyone really care other than to complain? Once when I stopped to watch, they foreman called the police. When the policeman pulled up and asked what I was doing, I told him I was watching Peoria's finest at work. He laughed and pulled away. Believe I blogged on this before.

When visiting with a departed roads and sidewalks manager, he said one of the main reasons he resigned was because the union ran his department.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Klump. Klump, I Drop Trump

He was on the right track. He exposed what was wrong with this country. Now I believe he is wrong for this country. I will vote for no one the Republicans have running now. No, of course I wouldn't vote for the Clinton cabal nor the Socialist/Marist even though this country is heading for Socialism and has been for decades.

May be the first presidential election I would sit out in my memory.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Did An Anonymous Tip Lead to Bogus Bomb Chaos at the Peoria Airport Today?

There are many questions and there had better be some smarter answers than there were actions today.Was there an anonymous tip? The public may never know. Was the carrier of this piece of equipment asked what it was and were calls made to verify the carriers statement? Was the carrier of this harmless piece of hardware even asked to explain what was in her belongings? Why was the Governor involved? Why did the local sensation seeking liberal media terrorizing this community with information that was totally false?

I estimate the overall cost of this major boondoggle to be at least $250,000.00.It certainly did not enhance Peoria as a destination as so many of the elite have convinced themselves it is when it isn't by a long shot.

Sure, it is said, "better to be safe than sorry". True in many instances but no way does that saying fit the situation as it has been explained so far. Influenced the the greedy, sensation seeking and prejudiced medias, we are a nation being terrorized within by our own.

If, and I say if, this person was set up by an anonymous and hateful tip, and if this person or group that issued the tip, are or is identified, upon conviction the sentence should be no less than 20 years in prison.

Right now I suggest that those saying all actions were correct start building bomb shelters or hide in them because there are going to be thousands of phony accusation and misconceptions over the next decade.

Not too many years ago, a prominent local doctor had a loaded pistol in his belongings discovered when boarding a flight out of Peoria. This case fell out of the news quickly when the doctor explained why he made an unintentional boo-boo. It will be interesting to see how the media continues to handle this bogus scare by a person probably basically unknown to Peoria citizenry.

A lot of questions need to be answered and I expect a number of answers will come from some who are not mental giants. It will be interesting to see the headlines in tomorrows JS and the media coverage following tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Religion and Abortion in the United States of America

Any attempt at a peaceful conversation on either subject, among citizens of the U.S.A.,often opens a "jar of sugar ants". The Donald should know better.

If this was a feeble attempt to help pacify the Far Right Wingers in the Republican Party Establishment, it failed miserably. This country does not want to go back to coat hanger self administered abortion by women not even able mentally to handle the nine months pregnancy.


Nor do we want to go back to having each state make their own decisions. This would be dreadfully wrong. Even some of the idiot anonymous who try to post on other people's blog sites should be able to figure out why not "states rights" on abortion.

Any abortion is a sad thing happening and enough punishment for the woman. But let a higher being not on earth, be the judge of the woman, not a presidential candidate.

Trump's comments on abortion may just be the "hammer' if he loses Wisconsin.

The Suspected Corrupt Clinton foundation

Charles Krauthammer is a brilliant man. Really. A man of character who lives his life in a Wheelchair. Among other careers, he is a doctor of psychiatry. He was a devoted Democratic activist and presidential advisor. An independent thinker who won the Pulitzer Prize. He has both liberal and conservative stances and writes a weekly column in the National Review which is syndicated to 400 newspapers. He has been a regular panelist on a variety of programs, including Fox News. Mr Krauthammer is an independent thinker and has become a neoconservative. Why am I telling you this? Because a brilliant man of character as he is can clearly see much that we do not. Please read this article. Charles Krauthammer on Hillary Clinton Recently, Charles Krauthammer alluded that he had no doubt some of the 30k emails Hillary deleted from her private e-mail server very likely had references to the Clinton Foundation, which would be illegal and a conflict of interest. The Clinton Foundation is "organized crime" at its finest Here is a good, concise summary of how the Clinton Foundation works as a tax free international money laundering scheme. It may eventually prove to be the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. history. This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage it to be used for your own purposes. All tax free. Here's how it works:
 1. You create a separate foreign "charity." In this case, the Clinton 's set it up in Canada . 2. Foreign oligarchs and governments, then donate to this Canadian charity. In this case, over 1,000 did -- contributing mega millions. I'm sure they did this out of the goodness of their hearts, and expected nothing in return. (Imagine Putin's buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold millions to a Canadian charity). 3. The Canadian charity then bundles these separate donations and makes a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation. 4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating Canadian charity claim Canadian law prohibits the identification of individual donors. 5. The Clinton Foundation then "spends" some of this money for legitimate good works programs. Unfortunately, experts believe this is on the order of 10%. Much of the balance goes to enrich the Clinton's, pay salaries to untold numbers of hangers on, and fund lavish travel, etc. Again, virtually tax free, which means you and I are subsidizing it. 6. The Clinton Foundation, with access to the world's best accountants, somehow fails to report much of this on their tax filings. They discover these "clerical errors" and begin the process of re-filing 5 years of tax returns. 7. Net result -- foreign money goes into the Clinton 's pockets tax free and untraceable back to the original donor. This is the textbook definition of money laundering. Oh, by the way, the Canadian "charity" includes as a principal one Frank Giustra. Google him. He is the guy who was central to the formation of Uranium One, the Canadian company that somehow acquired massive U.S. uranium interests and then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia . This transaction required U.S. State Department approval, and guess who was Secretary of State when the approval was granted. As an aside, imagine how former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell feels. That poor schlep is in jail because he and his wife took $165,000 in gifts and loans for doing minor favors for a guy promoting a vitamin company. Not legal but not exactly putting U.S. security at risk. Sarcasm aside, if you're still not persuaded this was a cleverly structured way to get unidentified foreign money to the Clinton 's, ask yourself this: Why did these foreign interests funnel money through a Canadian charity? Why not donate directly to the Clinton Foundation? Better yet, why not donate money directly to the people, organizations and countries in need? This is the essence of money laundering and influence peddling. Now you know why Hillary's destruction of 30,000 e-mails was a risk she was willing to take. Bill and Hillary are devious, unprincipled, dishonest and criminal , and they are Slick! Warning: They could be back in the White House in January 2017. Don't let it happen.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Why Better Candidates Don't Run For ANY Office - Trump and Cruz External Battle Instead of Attacking the Clintons

Trump aide fulfills threat to 'spill the beans' on Heidi Cruz An aide to Donald Trump on Friday fulfilled the businessman's threat to "spill the beans" on Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi. Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson rattled off a list of attacks three days after Trump first made the threat. "Spilling the beans is quite simple when it comes to Heidi Cruz," Pierson said in an interview with MSNBC's Steve Kornacki. "She is a Bush operative; she worked for the architect of NAFTA, which has killed millions of jobs in this country; she was a member on the Council on Foreign Relations who in Sen. Cruz's own words, called a nest of snakes that seeks to undermine national sovereignty; and she's been working for Goldman Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his financial disclosure," Pierson said. "Her entire career has been spent working against everything Ted Cruz says that he stands for," she added. Cruz spokeswoman Alice Stewart responded to the remarks in a statement to The Hill, saying, "There's no low the Trump campaign won't go." Ted Cruz has repeatedly slammed Trump for attacking his wife, describing Trump on Thursday as a "sniveling coward" and telling the businessman to "leave Heidi the hell alone." Earlier in the MSNBC interview, Pierson said "this isn't about Heidi Cruz, this is about Melania Trump. Melania Trump was the one that was attacked." Trump's campaign has pointed to an ad in Utah earlier this week from an anti-Trump super-PAC that showed Melania Trump posing nude from a magazine photo shoot in January 2000. Cruz has denied any connection to the group or the ad, though Trump's campaign has attempted to continue linking him to it, noting that the ad also encouraged voters to support Cruz in the three-man GOP race. The feuding between the candidates over their wives escalated late Wednesday when Trump shared a tweet with an unflattering image of Heidi Cruz juxtaposed with his wife Melania, a former model. The image was captioned, "a picture is worth a thousand words." The retweet stirred a backlash on social media, including a pointed response from Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, with whom Trump has feuded for months. "Seriously?" she twe How To Turbo Through Credit Card Debt With A Powerful 2 Step Method