Monday, April 24, 2017

Worries About Illegal Mexican Laborers Being Deported

"Native Americans aren't willing to work that hard" says one vineyard grower. What's new. I've been saying that for 50 years or more.

Of course, our natives don't want to work. The government has been their 'caretaker' and "bleeding hearts" have been over compassionate in so many instances. They sure aren't going to work when they were never were required to even pick up their rooms, mow the grass, pull the weeds, nor plant and harvest a garden.

Or repair and paint. I an sometimes harsh on the public school system (still am) but I have always known "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

Their will ALWAYS BE THE POOR. Some poor by no fault of their own but 80% have never learned HOW TO WORK.

Hannity Suing "Serial Harasser". Good

Now his accuser, a woman of course, says "he didn't sexually harass me but he was 'creepy"'. There are a ton of creepy women and men and others out in cyber space or whatever. What a bitch. Sue her for all she is worth.

The Wall

I rarely support Chuck Schumer but i believe that Trump should let the Wall cool for awhile as thousands of illegals are leaving this country voluntarily over worry about jobs in the U.S. and deportation. No wall will totally stop illegal drugs from entry. Hire more border security officers as planned and see what happens.

Yeah, a majority will say "but you promised it". like I have said many times, no politician ever lives up to his/her promises. Think of David Leitch and Ray LaHood, Bud Grieves, Dave Ransburg and Mayor Jim Ardis. Throw in former Illinois Governor Blagovich, now in prison over requests and promises he never got fulfilled.


Dis-Honest Media

First Hundred Days "Artificial"? Of Course.

I figure the President has more than 1200 more days left in his administration. Plus he has had numerous problems to deal with from divisions within his ow party, Democrats and the mainstream media resistance to almost his every move from a better health care system, public safety, illegal immigrants, Syria, North Korea, wire tapping or some kind of wireless intrusions, Iran and rising drug importation. (When you read about 10 tons of cocaine being interdicted, know that 10 times that amount made it through safely).

Or perhaps explain to me how so many jobless youths, mainly black youths, are wearing a lot of gold, hanging out at the Paradice and driving expensive cars here in rural Peoria????

There were only two real choices for President. I and the informed voters chose the better of the two.

Suck it in and stop trying to destroy the America Trump is trying to repair.

United U.S.A.? Never Has Been United and Never Will Be

Most students and younger people have never heard of the Loyalists actions to prevent the patriots from breaking us away from England. Many do not understand the real reasons of the Civil War that certainly did not unite the people of this country.

Just 2 examples.  I'll throw in abortion, the wall and Vietnam. And ObamaCare and legalization of Mary Jane. Must have left out the divisions like the Republicans and Democrats and the division within each party.

Criticize Trump for not uniting the U.S? Oh, he promised. Every politician that EVER was elected to office found out he could npot unite his compatriots on everything he/she promised.

Good grief. It is impossible to please ANY of the populace ALL the time.

I Cast my Score On Trump's Hundred Days - An A-

Facing 175 mile wind-streams created by mainstream media, all Democrats and a well-meaning but sorry sounding bloc of Republicans, he has done an amazing job. His first year will be sensational. That he could accomplish 50% of what he would like to accomplish, would in itself, be a miracle.

I, like many other, do not agree on all his moves. If Planned Parenthood locations are run properly, they render a great service to mostly unmarried black young women, poor white and people of any color (and some young men) with little education, no work ethic and no meaningful job and from a drug society. I believe Trump's action stems from his V-P who has strong support of the right and far right wings of the Republican Party. It's possible that PP can do their job without Federal Funding for some of their needs.

He believes that as we deport many unwanted illegals that a wall is necessary to keep them from coming "right back over".And a wall to help stem the flow of illegal drugs into this country.

Trump is a doer, right or wrong, and he is not to proud to correct his wrongs. Yet he is criticized by the press for changing campaign positions to realistic positions now that he seers the mess he has inherited and "gets a handle" on ever changing world of events. He is the man in charge of political situations instead of private business dealing that have marked his career.

Certainly the protestors have a right to protest reasonably peaceful, should they start turning into mobs, we might experience LA of 25 years ago, all over again. I see in Trump more and more patience but he will NOT permit mob actions which can hasten the physical Revolution I have predicted. Many felt their would not be a Civil War but their was.

So many smart people with so much ignorance among these "smart people".

So sad.

16 Years later, Her Career Fading, Now Recalls That she Was Sexually Harassed at Fox TV

She, I won't give her the satisfaction of using her name, made a remarkable discovery last week that she was sexually harassed when she applied for a job at Fox TV 16 YEARS ago. When she "moved on" in 2014, she praised the company and said how much she enjoyed her job.

Now she sees an opportunity to cash in on an "alleged" charge. Suspect she is a Democrat on the way down the social ladder. Works at CNN. Maybe she believes some extra easy cash will help cover some of her debts or her kids education or her boyfriend or husband is out of their jobs??

I write like I don't believe their is sexual harassment both by women and men, in the workplace.Of course there is. Always has been but nowhere near s bad as it was a century ago.

 I find it extremely odd that the charges against Trump appeared very shortly before his election. And that the charges against Fox TV Republican 'leaners', are being filed yet far left Democrat leaning CNN remains unscathed.

Doesn't bother me because I will ALWAYS prefer Fox over CNN. When I walk into an establishment showing CNN, I ask if the station can be changed to Fox. I don't recall ever being denied.

Polls show that 83% of mainstream media, and you could call the JS in rural Peoria, mainstream barely, if you can get by all the ads which I skip quickly, try to demean Trump at every opportunity.

If their is not an opportunity, they create one.

So sad.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sexual Harassment? Will the Losers Ever Get Over It? Let's All file Lawsuits - Encourage All Your Daughters to Be Lawyers

It may not pay to be a famous male anymore. More than likely, you will be hit by a sexual harassment law suit.  Every woman turned into a bimbo can find a reason and a lawyer to sue the "rich and the famous". Being a woman and almost always white, seems to be an advantage when it comes to negative news coverage demeaning men. Men being charged with sexual harassment by women who flaunt their sexuality at every opportunity. That many charges are settled out of court should not surprise even the dimmest bulb.

Take the case of Bill O'Reilly, one of the best TV political analyst ever. Why should he try to defend himself? He listened to the advice given him by his own attorney and advise of the attorneys representing the organization for which he worked and represented? The charges against O'Reilly and Hannity are "alleged" and not proven in court. Why harm the organization employing you as you try to defend charges, that even though mostly or totally false, are publicized by the very liberal mainstream media in their relentless pursuit of making women superior to men?

Should I have filed sexual harassment charges when a white lady executive invited me to her home to listen to her play the piano?  Of course I wouldn't but the losing ilk, whether in romance or politics, all those Democrats and other women losers charging publicly Trump, Hannity and O''Reilly, have proven that they will.

Have my readers noted that almost all 'alleged' sexual harassment charges are against Republicans and their accusers are Democrats?

These women, if really being sexually harassed or just 'playing a game', could just say no or stop it now, but they can't cause they are the weaker sex.. Ho, Ho.

Expect these charges to expand as sleazy lawyers see an opportunity to make big bucks and a reputation, especially if they win a case or a settlement for a 'scorned woman" who sees an opportunity to boost her falling importance in world events..

At the expense of a men doing a great jobs in their profession.

What a sad world this is becoming.

Where is Bill Clinton asking the definition of 'sexual harassment' as he asked for a definition of oral sex? Nowhere, because he did more have more consensual sex and he and his 'wife'  are losers. You can be rich and still be losers as politics mad the Clinton's definitively rich.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Doug Derwin is Right - He Is An Idiot

A man who made his millions through the Capitalistic System exposes himself as a Socialist.

How sad we have so many wealthy idiots in this country.

Health Bill - 30 Million Would Remain Uninsured? Don't Believe These "Facts" For a Minute

The Democrat majority on the organization that concocted this 30 million uninsured did not publish the facts. Approximately 8 million illegals do not want insurance because they know they can get free health care and don't want to return across the border they illegally crossed.

Right, free health care for all who claim they can't afford it. No hospital can turn down a person who is demanding health care. Another 8 million just don't want to pay anything for health care. Most of them are spending their money gambling, drinking, smoking, and using drugs they don't want to admit. Some are getting usually poor health care in jails and prisons.

Many of them don't want insurance. Period.

Another 6-8 million are under the health insurance policies of their parent, parents or same sex marriages or common law unions.

Most reporters, all regularly employed reporters and upper management at the Journal Star are Democrats. 17 days in a row, the editorial page has published cartoons degrading the Republicans. At least they printed my letter, though edited, and letters like the one Jeff Lickiss and Rida Boulas wrote along with many others who wrote factual letters supporting the Republic and hopefully still a Democracy, now in the power of the Republicans.