Monday, February 01, 2016

Iowa - One State Out of Fifty

Maybe Trump will learn from his mistakes. The mistakes as I see them are as follows: Missing the final and most important debate in Iowa. #2-Endorsing subsidies for Ethanol and All Bio-Diesel gasoline's. (I have never supported subsidies for corn, oil or sugar cane, etc. Many Iowans who live in cities do not support subsidies of ANY kind. My feelings also as I have criticized this practice in previous blogs under the title "Ethanol"). #3-Alienating so many people. Lot of fence mending to do before the Republican Convention which I hope to attend.#4-Not realizing how many voters believe in God and practice their religion most seriously.Most small town treat religion as a fundamental way of life.I grew up in one or two.

Cruz was correct in his belief that subsidizing Ethanol was improper. He scored more points on this issue than did Trump who may have erroneously thought Iowans "were all farmers".

No. I am not crying over this loss. I don't agree with Trump on building the wall. There are better ways to do which I have described in previous blogs on illegal immigration.Trump did call attention to why this country is sliding downhill which other candidates then picked up more aggressively.

Long way from over but I come back to maybe the key to why he lost Iowa: alienating too many people. Still, he is winning the hearts of many disappointed and angry people over the performance of so many elected officials.Still, Trump has to stop assassinating his rivals. Voters are becoming to savvy. Pointing out their flaws is ok to a point but one can only point these flaws out if he/she is flawless.

It will be a long spring, summer and early fall. If Trump is not nominating, you can count on it that he will not in this election year, try to organize a third party and he won't be saying, "now, now, Junior" just like so many excuse the serious flaws of their children..

I go back to my statement that none of the Republicans, at this point, can beat Hillary, as corrupt as she because so many Democrat voters are used to their parties corrupt officials. Yes, Bernie did well but their are still 49 other states who will find a Socialist as president as "unacceptable'.

Still, it's a "Long,long, time from now to September". This is just the first shot fired. And Trump, not being a politician, has a lot to learn.

Associated Press- Hard Left-Wingers Supporting Bernie Sanders, an Avowed Socailist

They may not out and say it explicitly but if you read between the lines. I read everything they write with the proverbial "grain of salt". The liberal media is one of the problems we have with the state of affairs in this country.

Or maybe they are disappointed that they won't see a third Bush in the White House. To possibly agree with me you have to read one of the most powerful books in print about the Bush dynasty. You will find it by hitting my Search Bar and entering "The Bush Dynasty", find any subject on the upper left hand side of any of my 2800 blog posts.

It's true, Trump can't win the presidency without the support of almost all registered Republicans and a majority of Independents. While I have been for the past 4 years, an Independent, any Republican would be in the best interests for most of the country.

Republicans can count one my vote and most of my immediate relatives..

Those who have have gotten wealthy or at least very well off; or on the dole, and there are lot's of them, are not going to vote for ANY Republican.

Nancy Widmer Cripe Wins Major St. Louis Business Award

See details on my Facebook site. She is a winner. Always has been. Now she is launching a new exciting career. Love, you, gal,

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Headline on Iowa Debate is What the Media is Expert At - Half-Truths

"Candidates (Republicans, of course) attack each other on policy issues". I don't know what debate they were watching but I am sure they (MSN) had the headlines prepared BEFORE the debate.

Of course there is always some difference between candidates of the same party view points. That's why we call the U.S.A. a Republic and most call this country a Democracy. Candidates have a right in a public discussion to show how they differ. I would hardly call  the discourse as ATTACKING each other personally.

What a bunch of jokers. Few reporters I read in the local media or other,medias, could hold a high ;level job with a successful private enterprise. I've said that before.

Yes, there have been personal attacks. But I didn't see any tonight that would prompt that kind of a headline.   Challenges on issues and past statements, yes. Cheap shots by the media goes with the territory as in the case of Megan Kelly who doesn't like Trump and vice-versa.

I don't care for Megan either. Thinks she is hot stuff because of her looks and she plays a major role with a TV station. with a large audience. Trump is who is who he is and that is have this wobbly country needs after the destruction wrought by Obama.

Iowa Political Events Tonight

Most interesting. I kept changing channels including picking up a basketball score once in while.
conclusion - Any Republican on the stages tonight, including three candidates 3 miles away, would be better choices for the country than Hillary and Bernie.

Winner of the Republican Iowa caucus Monday? Trump by a sizable margin.

May the Donald Do Well In His Fundraising Tonight

I expect that he will donate at least a hundred thousand. I'll ne watching his efforts on NewsMax and the debate reports on CNN. I looked at Megan again today and her face shows the strain of the type of publicity she abhors. But like most media, when they want an opportunity to kick somebody they don't like, they seldom pull any punches. However, she must hate to look at the polls.

Cam Newton is.....

A very big, strong and talented person of color who is now calling people "racist" for his own public follies. Ordinary white people would be in jail if they did the things he has actually done, not including those not reported.

Probably not reported for fear of reprisal.

Go Denver!!!

Reid Says Trump Will be a Hateful Demagogue

Reid's comments are like him saying we Democrats will make this country whole again. Sorry, Harry had your chances. You of all people hated every good move the Republicans made over your career. Yes, you did unite with them to invade Iraq and condemn 9/11. But you supported getting out of Iraq too soon and earned the undying enmity of those who were killed or maimed and their loved ones.

Most Trump supporters are angry about the way Obama and his ilk, savaged this country and alienated much of the free world. I guess you could call Trump and many of Trump's supporters a bit hateful.

As to a demagogue, you have supported one of the worst for more than 7 years.

K-Mart Closing in Morton and Surrounding Cities Should Eventually Be a Big Boost To Peoria

Sorry to hear about Morton's loss, though.

Gerry Setterlund - Kudos For His LTE in the JS putting the JS Reporter to Shame For His Attack on the Tea Party

Setterlund writes, " JS reporter dishonest in portrait of Tea Party".I agree. Most reporters try to make the news, rather than report the news and let the reader or listener decide. The Tea Party is like all organizations. There are good, pretty good, and bad cops, too.

Thanks, Gerry for your LTE's

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Corruption Rampant in Governments

"Corruption breeds when and where power meets opportunity". Quote by Henry Paulson. There are many opportunities once an honest person is elected.  Blago, Ryan, Schock, etc.

If only 1/3 of the corruption in politics were esposed, the voter would be further enchanted. Voters are disenchanted now. Less than one-fourth of registered voters turn out for most elections.

And the Republican Establishment is worried about Trump. Less than 20% of voters do not trust the politicians in power now.

Good grief. Did I include Blago!

Cherly D. Rhodes, and Pamela A Souter - Kudos to Both

The JS Editorial Board approved these well written "letter to the editors" Sunday. Ms. Rhodes title was, "There's a teacher shortage? Here's why." and Ms Souter offers another perspective on the same subject.

Both absolutely worth a read. Hope I didn't misspell a name.