Saturday, August 19, 2017

Racists? Majority Are Democrats, Were Once Slavers and Currently Black "Leaders" and The Media Left

The unhinged left has rambled on for a year about a wild conspiracy theory of Trump and some collusion with Russia despite not the tiniest speck of evidence it exists. Now they are starting to do the same with racism. We have LONG watch Democrats throw out the race card every time they were being intellectually destroyed in a debate. Now they can't unseat a duly elected POTUS they want out by ANY means necessary so accuse him of something else for which they have ZERO evidence-being a racist. And they lie. Oh boy does the left wing lie. Saying he did not denounce the white nationalists immediately but he did, he just did not use the term "white nationalists" and he rightly called out the domestic terror groups illegally counter protestors that the left loves at the same time.
Never mind Donald Trump was honored on the same stage as Rosa Parks by the NAACP for service to inner city blacks. How many white Democrats out there today have been? They want to tear down all confederate monuments, memorials and statues, rewrite history books and attack anything or anyone the dubious left believes MIGHT have supported or participated in some form of racism. Their hypocrisy/idiocy is world class, mind boggling and laughable to informed, intelligent people.
For starters, as I heard a man phrase it earlier it is THE Democrat party that has been the engine for driving racism, platform for preaching racism and lawmakers for legalizing racism. The south in the early 1800s WAS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. They held the slaves. They fought the Republicans in the Civil war to keep slavery and lost. In the aftermath of the Civil war loss the Democrats founded the KKK! They marched by the millions all the way into and through over half the 2oth century. KKK, Democrats! In 1913 Democrat POTUS Woodrow Wilson formed Jim Crow laws legally saying blacks were inferior, unclean and unworthy of the status of someone who just happened to be born caucasion.
One of their greatest heroes, FDR rounded up Japanese Americans and put them in prison camps. John F. Kennedy opposed the Civil Rights Act himself as did another hero of the left wing, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Al Gore's Democrat dad and KKK Grand Cyclops, Democrat Robert Byrd helped filibuster the Civil Rights Act. LBJ, who never referred to black s by any term other than n----rs reluctantly signed it under heavy political pressure from Republicans led by Illinois Senator Everett Dirkson and a handful of Democrats. LBJ regrouped and the Democrats came up with a plan to destroy the black family unit and enslave them again-this time to the Federal government.
That was his "Great Society" welfare plan. It paid single mom's to have children but the caviat was THEY HAD TO STAY SINGLE. The more babies you had out of wedlock the more money the Fed gave you. Get married and get penalized. The illegitimacy rate for black families went from 15% to 80%. No fathers in the household. As of 2016 blacks were WORSE off financially than in 1965! That has started changing in 2017 slowly. So. If the liberals in the media, in Antifa, in the entertainment industry, in Black Lives Matter really wanted to make a dent in racism and it's history in the USA they would:
Why stop there? There is Margaret Sanger, a racist 1,000X more evil than David Duke. She set in place a plan and program to literally exterminate the people she referred to as "human weeds". It is well documented for any doubters. Go to YouTube and listen to her racist lectures. She was a Democrat and she was farrrr more successful at eliminating blacks than Hitler was eliminating Jews. Her Auschwitz death camps are not only still open for business they are making huge profits. So if the left wing today really hated racism , its legacy and it in the present they would:
Blacks make up 13% of the US population but over half the abortions performed. Still carrying out the dream of Sanger to this day because of the full support of the DEMOCRAT PARTY.
This could go on for thousands of paragraphs but history proves who is responsible for racism in America past and present-The Democrats. That is why they want to whitewash history and start over. ~ B. Alley

Race the Big Problem in the U.S.A? No, It's Cultural Differences

Think about it. And read more history and less romance.

Polls Support Our President Words - 62% In Favor and 11 % Undecided

I join in his support as his remarks were not politically correct. There are probably less than 200,000 White Supremists and probably less than 100 idiots who would wave a Nazi flag.

There are probably more than 10 million "Black Lives Matter" supporters who are responsible for most of recent blacks shooting white police..

The black Congressionalist woman from Missouri that wants Trump assassinated is a leader of the BLM Socialist hate organization. The 11% undecided are probably not aware of the losers efforts to take down National figures who happened, one reason or another, to fight a losing war. They were still Americans by happenstance mostly born in the South. (Reminder to most recent school attendees, there was a Civil War and it wan't directly to abolish slavery but to PRESERVE A UNION)

Mr. President, you also said the right words to Kim Hung Lo. I suspect he will slowly chose his words more carefully.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Topple Statues on Public Grounds? Arrest and Throw the "Book at Them"

They are no better than any other white or black trash vandalizing public property. Trump was SO RIGHT. College students or college troublemakers similar to one of our local JS reporters and alleged 'teacher" at Bradley U.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Great Black Leader Dr.Ben Carson's Home and Neighbors Home Vandalized But Not By "White Supremacists"

Yes, the other side that Trump was politically correct in condemning. Read  Carson's attack on hate and bigotry. Dr. Carson, I have always felt and blogged the way you have expressed yourself.

Thanks for serving our country. We need many more people of color leaders like yourself. More good leaders of any color.

China's Takeover Of U.S. Industry Declines 67% in 2017

Most on the left feel that is a bad thing and Trumps' fault. hey, they don't care who owns anything as long as they have a job and pension. Just like readers don't care that the Peoria journal Star is now owned by a Japanese country.

Fake news. hardly. You won't find this news on the front page or in the Editorial Column.

You'all comfortable with foreign countries owning more and more of our real estate and our economy. "Rot's a ruck".

Thanks, President Trump.

Vice-President Pence - You Are So Right

You support the president because there are hate groups of all colurs or colors, in this once great country. And many of them would like to take this country down. There "leaders" may have walls covered with degrees, (easy to get these days if you stay in school long enough) but their lack of reasoning and common sense flew out the window of many of their brains (remember the Churchill nutcase from Colorado?),  long before their first gradation.

Did people forget how the Japanese were incarcerated all through WW2. Why weren't the Germans, Italians and Russians??? Was it because we hated them.? Of course, but we could always pass it off as we didn't trust them.  Ha.

You have hate groups that hate Wall Street, the building of the Wall, very wealthy people, fossil fuel producers, unions, lawyers, stock brokers, white people (example is Black Lives Matter), the American Indians, etc.

Bernard Kerik - I Agree With You Only Because You Are RIGHT

Follow the real news and you will see he is dead right. Thanks, Ex-Police Chief Kerik.

Don Lemon - Hardcore Democrat Loser

Yes, we saw the "real Don Lemon today. All of us who supported and support him today say a man who was not "politically correct' and said we have had enough of the hypocrisy swamp in D.C. and of the left leaning mainstream media.

After a century and one half, why did the "righteous" at this late date, decide to bring down the statue of the honorable Robert E. Lee??????? They incited the protests by those who believe that the Statue should remain.

I was pleased to see that those "righteous" who did topple Lee's Statue were arrested and charged with vandalism.

Politically Correct People Are Killing This Country

Note that Trump fell under harsh review by condemning "white only hate groups". No hate groups of colour??

Ha, ha. Not enough time to waste on listing them all which would include the hate groups in Chicago that will leave about 1000 dead by the end of the year. Many of these dead were innocent people.

Dear God, what evil lurks in the heart of men and women and others.

Amazon - "Trump Erases $5.7 Billion Dollars Worth Of Amazon Stock in One Tweet" - Fake News

Left out was the word "briefly" as the stock regained the $5.7 billion dollar loss?? the next day. Now that Bezos owns the leftist Washington Post, expect all attacks emanating from Bezos types to increase.

JS is good at leaving out key words (our adding) such as saying I "stepped down" from the County Board when in actuality, I served my full 10 elected years on the CB, announcing my impending retirement 2 years earlier. (I did not run for reelection in 2010 being 85 years old). Also, JS hateful Buedel added an "upstairs" to my ranch house home.

I believe I was the oldest Peoria County Board member in modern times. Jack Stevens may have been older but I could not confirm.

Monday, August 14, 2017

'Many Sides" Not Politically Correct But True

Think about it and think of the many organizations now at work within the United States of America who would love to bring this country down. Have we forgotten so soon, Watts, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ferguson and I could name dozens more.

Trump is not "politically correct" which is one of the reasons, while I certainly don''t often agree with him, that I believe his election over the Clinton Cabal was by far, the best for this country.

After all, the candidates for President of this country, have not been individuals that were the best of all peoples for this life stressing position.