Friday, July 22, 2016

Gun Control is Bogus - People Bent on Destruction Will ALWAYS Find an Illegal Source

In fact, many of us believe that we should have a right to own a gun as a defensive weapon in our homes WITHOUT  the gun being registered. These weapons are also used in killings: knives, axes, hammers, ball bats, swords, ropes, wire, axe handles, etc, NONE of which require registration. And, no, the NRA is not in decline just because of the RAPID increase of minorities in this country.

Actually, the rapid rise of minorities, should cause gun sales to rise, especially as noted in Chicago where facts indicate that most murders are black people killing each other. The same is most likely true in other major cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, etc.

The taxpayer funded buy back program was a most stupid program. All elected officials who supported this program, should be voted out of office. Did they REALLY think criminals would turn in their guns??

It's people like these in leadership positions that have put this country in the current and pending biggest messes since the Civil War.

If the Clinton Cabal is elected, all of us still in majority, should be prepared to defend ourselves and locked doors won't be enough.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump and the RNC - My Goodness, Where To Start

Never in my life have I ever seen a political performance that Donald Trump, his staff, his family and all his enthusiastic supporters, put on such an entrancing show tonight. he made the longest acceptance speech, and me, a detail man also, noted that he never took a drink of water yet had the same strong voice he had when he first started speaking.

Absolutely amazing.

Yet I know his critics are already saying, "yeah great speech but where were the details". To even ask that question is a question of journalist stupidity that so many graduating journalists have been taught in colleges today.

All thru his campaign and during the convention, so many people described Trump as a detail man. He and his advisers are hard at work on the details every waking hour of the day. The details could not be described at ANY of his speeches as details go, they only co,me with all the facts assembled plus speech time to detail each one.

His critic will say, "where is all the money going to come from"? You did NOT hear him say that he would LOWER the National debt although he did mention how extremely fast it has grown and indicated a concern for this rapid growth..

What  his critics cannot say is that he brought the Republicans closer together during this Convention then they have been ever since he entered the fray many moons ago.

"Forgive his trespasses" as they are many. But his possible assets to this country far out weigh his opponent. The now OUTSIDER folks like Ray LaHood, Governor Kasich and organizations like the Christian Coalition, had best come to his support now and not wait till November. Why, if not, these NOW outsiders may be many years on the outside looking in. They should not be stupid enough to not realize that the choice they make may not be the Ted Cruz type, or dear God, not Hillary and Bill.

And yes, I've always accepted gays and blacks as they are people too with the same rights as straights. Unfortunately,  too many times they listen to the wrong "leaders". It is all right to peacefully disagree as that is the "American way". When I was in business I'm sure I hired gays and I certainly hire black and brown skinned people who mostly performed admirably. But lifestyles and color had no bearing on whether I hired or fired them.

Anyway, no matter how the liberal left-leaning media describe this Convention, it has been a tremendous success. And what a fantastic Trump family. And the Pence's are a near perfect fit.

Going to bed. Thanks for reading me and comment all you want but be sure to sign your name as I sel dom print anonymous comments.


Trump Haters Believe Corrupt Clinton Would Make a Better President?

This blog will be very short. If so, do they still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus? Sadly, ho.,ho,ho.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RNC - Violence and Choas? Sure Was When Ted Cruz Literally Cut His own Throat Tonight

Virtual reality blood flowed as Cruz made his opening statements to start his 2020 Presidential campaign tonight in Cleveland at the expense of Donald Trump. Cruz, always a weenie but a favorite of the far right Republicans in Peoria County, totally cut his slim chance to be elected President of the U.S.A. in 2020.

Maybe in Cuba but not here. As a Christian myself, I can only say, thank God. Trump showed his true character by letting Cruz speak even thorough he knew Cruz was not going to endorse him.

I'll repeat myself. You don't have to like any Republican Presidential Candidate to support him or her. But to try to hand the lying, corrupt Hillary Cabal the right to appoint Supreme Court and Federal Judges all with a socialist bent will mark the end of the "shining city on the hill"

Or did I just commit a plagiarism??? Or maybe another one: Dear God, let Hillary further ruin this great country.

Overall, mark up another successful night for the GOP. And credit both CNN and FOX for not as yet, giving much press to the would be violent protesters. Like "Black Lives Matter" outside lining the streets..

Darin Lahood - I'm Proud of You

You had the guts to step forward and put your party before personalities. You know that IF the Republicans lose the Presidency,  or even the House and the Senate, that the Republican Party will be on the outside looking in for a long long time.

Maybe forever as those minorities now reproduce 2-3 times as people like you and I.and 80% will vote for a socialistic type of government that WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY EVENTUALLY.

Every Republican who stays at home in November will be casting a vote for the FAR worst of two Presidential Candidates. The left-leaning liberal medias will jump on every Trump campaign error while paying lip service to the horrendous mistakes of much of the Democrat leadership.

The last 24 hours have been all about Mrs.Trump's speech while Hillary and Black Lives Matter get a free pass. Hillary should be indicted by now and BLM leaders should be arrested for preaching anarchy resulting in the death of at least a dozen innocent police people.

Did anyone go back and check all the speeches ever made by all Presidential Candidates wives? Don't expect anyone in the liberal media to do that and they most likely would not report it if Mrs Obama committed plagiarism. Perhaps, since the words are so sincere and said by so many people who are NOT on a public stage, it is very likely some some other potential first lady said the very words that Mrs. Obama spoke?

Darin, you have a promising career. Try to talk sense into people like your Dad who, like ALL people has most likely said hundreds or uncomplimentary things behind peoples's back. Not being a political correct person, I try to put  my "truths" in blog form. Not all all of them but but I do print many such as telling people what most people already know that Stock Broker Jim Stowell is an arrogant man who got his start from his Dad's name and not his talents. I know. He at one time worked for me and was at one time, my stock broker.

Best wisher Darin.  

Want to Get Away FOX TV and CNN For Awhile?

Then go to Merle Widmer Peoria Watch, find an of my blogs and type in "Dave Ransburg" in the upper left hand corner where it says "Search" and hit go.

Have fun.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Washington Post - What A Prejudiced Newpaper

Yes, I almost forgot. Hope their headline tomorrow is their prediction, "Trump will Not be the Republican Candidate".This paper, endorsed by the Peoria Journal Star, is the one of the most left-leaning newspapers in this country. Subscribe to it as the PJS recommends? I don't even subscribe to the "fair and balanced" PJS.

RNC: 10:10 PM Here and 11:10 in Cleveland and I'm Off To Bed

Great start to a Convention. All speakers, including Trump's fantastic wife, were great until Lt. General Flynn came on and repeated himself over and over for what seemed like hours. He was still rambling on when I turned off the TV. Trump's planners should have had a pre-arranged signal for him to shut up and let the Presidential Candidate close out the first night before everybody started to fall asleep or left the Convention Hall.

The Donald would have been wise to say a few words with less "thank you's" and to tell everyone that speeches were over for tonight and see you all tomorrow.

Hope I can now get to sleep myself after listening to mostly political TV most of the day. I did get back in the market today buying Bac and Smith and Wesson. I still think the market is oversold and I predict some kind of a crash either late this year or early in 2017.

Megan Kelly Was Superb Again Tonight.

Amidst an interview with a militant form Black Panther "leader", she failed to back down an inch from his hate America ranting. Hope you are watching Fox TV tonight and occasionally tuning in to CNN.

Again, I "wish I was in Cleveland (Peoria) tonight" if some of you remember the words of that once popular song.

RNC Chaos? Hardly

Oh how the media loves to sensationalize. Both Fox and CNN couldn't get over trying to say, "Chaos reigns at the RNC today". I never took a class in Journalism, thank God, but I spent the afternoon watching both channels and if their was chaos, I didn't see it or hear it. Perhaps, these analysts and headline writers need a description of chaos.

Here goes: CHAOS - pandemonium, utter confusion, bedlam, disarray, mayhem, topsy-turvy, snafus, disorder, havoc and on and on. For those of you who didn't watch, I can tell you none of the above happened on he floor of the RNC Convention today. Yes, their was strong vocal support for the side that wanted to change the rules (perhaps some rules should be changed) and strong vocal support for the Trump/Pence supporters, but not a chair was overturned,s a shirt torn or fist thrown of any nasty words spoken.

Agreed, it wasn't the boring, rubber-stamped procedures of the Republican Establishment but I have warned many times on this site that "times r changn". And Fox News did the best job of "reporting the events as they happened". I'll give some credit to CNN also.

I'm looking forward to tomorrows events and wishing I was there. Also, tomorrow I will take on the Washington Post (Democrat) And after I read what the JS and AP writes, probably them also.

We can't let the media determine the fate of this great nation.

Bush Dynasty Ends With A Pout By Jebbie

Too bad. George H.W. Bush was by far the wisest politician and a President wise enough not to remove the criminal running Iraq. He realized that in doing so, he would upset the dictatorial power structure and the always precious stability of a Middle East that throughout modern history was in some kind of violent chaos. Jeb, who got elected as Governor of Florida largely on the coat tails of previous Bushes and Walkers.

So Jeb pouts and doesn't go to Cleveland thereby further weakening of the already weakened the Republican Party.

Since Jeb is from Florida, I will tell a tale about a Florida Dynasty that crumbled shortly after the death of their founder. The George Stuart office supply and equipment company, based in Orlando, was by far the largest of it's kind in the State. Direct descendants took over the running of the company but they didn't see the revolution taking place in the industry. I did and not only survived but in the end prospered. The Stuarts did not. My company and the Stuart company belonged to the same marketing organization. I served on the Board of Directors as did a Stuart so I had some insight as to who was going to survive the revolution.

I see the revolution going on and agree with much of it. But beyond my "seeing' I sincerely hope that the changes do not turn to a violence that could eventually lead to another type of Civil War. I do not believe in thee chant,"Why can't we all get along". Sorry, but that will NEVER come to pass Never has since the emerging of life on earth. Please read your history, little of which is being CORRECTLY taught in our schools today.

Jeb Bush and his supporters did not recognize that the U.S.A. was not the same country of their fathers and was and is going through a very different stage of evolution for want of a better word. Donald Trump realized this rapid evolution and struck out in a rather drastic direction. While The Donald could have used some better terminology, he caught the attention of those who agreed with him that they too were not happy with the general direction this country was and is heading. At times, I even wavered.

Not now. As always an Independent thinker, I see the future and do not like what I see. I will support Trump at least through 2020 as he will lead if the Bushes, Romneys, McCains, and all true Republicans and Indeependents realize if they don't, this country will be in much deeper do-do than it is in now.

Bernstein Says "Listen Up" on Trump's Wall

So if  Bernstein says that Mexican cement makers will benefit more than U. S. cement makers, I suggest two things: More jobs for Mexicans will help stop them from entering the U.S. illegally and take every discretionary dollar (you are already losing your ass on lotteries, slots and video games) and invest in these Mexican cement making company's through a discount broker like Muriel Siebert who charges less than $10 a trade and only 2% if you buy on thee margin.

Wait till Trump gets elected which he won't if more stupid so-called Republicans stay at home. Trump followers; take note of the notables not attending the Republican Convention like losers Kasich, Romney and McCain.