Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Message to the NFL AND OTHER BLACK DOMINATED SPORT EVENTS - You Have Lost Me and a Million Others

Plus advertising is way too overwhelming as it is on most TV shows. What a shame. This not a protest against free speech which I strongly believe in one's right to civilly express oneself. These are PHYSICAL acts similar to giving one the "finger". What an insult to our country. BOYCOTT ALL KNEELERS, SITTERS AND LINKERS.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

D.E.A. Head to Leave Position - I'm Pleased

He should have resigned long ago. He and the D.E.A. in general have been ABJECT FAILURES. Read the factual part of the news. More drug users and deaths than any time in history calculating the increase in population and illegals. (politically correct now to call them 'undocumented) Donald, I know you know he is good riddance.

Georgetown Law Faculty - One Third Takes Knee to Protest Sessions Address

One third about right. All Democrats.

First Amendment Allows Us To Do and Say Anything? Sure it Doesn't

Such bullcrap by the far left and militant blacks and their ilk. The U.S.A. Flag and National Anthem represents the country where true citizens live. If the millionaire blacks and their ilk don't like the way the country they live in is run, they should give up playing games and serve in positions of authority. They falsely claim that their actions will make this country a better place to live. No, It will and is making this country more divisive. As long as they claim citizenship, it is still their own country and and they are kneeling and linking in their own s--t of there own making. I and two friends have watched our last sporting event dominated by militant blacks who refuse to honor our country and those who died and were maimed to save our country from evil. Yes, some wars were mistakes and make us extremely sad. But then, we elected the decision makers. (If we voted and most don't) I'll watch the Cubs and Cards tonight and watch what the camera person shows the TV audience. Then I'll decide whether to watch the game or make better use of my time. Maybe blog the facts.

Militant Blacks and Their Ilk Protesting Inequities? Sure They Are

True. Despite being only 18% of the population in the U.S.A. black people commit almost 50% of the crimes in this country. Why? Because education isn't free? Wrong. Because of the huge number of able bodies blacks on welfare? Admittedly, a large number are to obese to work. Plus their obesity causes many health problems as it does with blacks and whites. Because many of them are too lazy to do difficult work? I won't answer that question. Blame Democrats Johnson, Clinton and Obama for giving blacks the feeling they are owed everything for by doing nothing. Because many of their distant ancestors were sold by their fellow men into slavery and shipped to all different parts of the world including the U.S.A. Because of the lack of food? I haven't seen any starving blacks in the U.S.A. That are thin unless they are mainly dancers and good black workers of which their are many. (I know. I hired a few of them). Free food is available almost every where. Food stamps galore. Because they don't have clothes? Free clothes are available most anywhere or at greatly reduced prices such as Goodwill, etc. Lack of transportation? Hardly. A fair justice system? Some blacks are walking the streets with as many as 15 convictions before the age of thirty. Check the records. Safety. No because of all the gangs, few black people walking or driving the streets, are safe from each other at any time. Housing? Haven't seen anyone sleeping on the sidewalks unless they CHOSE to. (I served on a Homeless Committee for 5 years so I have some knowledge of why they (mostly whites) chose to sleep anywhere but in an organized place with RULES). All the kneelers and arm linkers are millionaires. (Black and white) Why isn't a 2004 Lincoln and a quarter million house good enough for them? Then they collectively could be giving billions of dollars to those who want more and commit crimes to get more? Why aren't they serving on police forces to help correct their claimed inequities instead of playing games? Money, baby, money and fame such as it is. Why are 50% of the STD cases in Peoria black singles juveniles and adults, most with kids and no man worth his salt around to help raise their kids out of poverty? Why are so few cases of rape reported of black on black? That is a very interesting question. Profiling? If I'm looking for a lost cow, i want to know if it is an Angus or a Hereford. To sum it up, there is a greater population percentage wise causing our black and white security forces problems that are black. Not of all the other people of color combined in this country. And the militants lead others to protest every conceived slight. What a shame. Wish Martin Luther King was still alive.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Respect the Flag of Our Country?

Many of you black athletes don't? Then "get on a bus, forget about us" and take the millions you made here, go to Somalia or all the places in Africa where our money, now yours, can be put to better use and get the Hell out of OUR country. Black athletes and all your loving fans, 98% white fan in the stands. Interesting. If you fans can afford the ridiculous prices being charged to enter and pay the ridiculous prices for concessions, the prices that make these athletes all millionaires for life than you fans must have a lot of money also. 50% of you fans show NO respect when our National Anthem that should unite us is played. Protesters believe they are helping the oppressed. Then give the oppressed at least half of what you earn. Protesting; especially by black multi-millionaires, at athletic events to which many people are addicted, is a sign that they are Socialists in heart but not in their pocketbooks. Sure these athletes make donations because it's all deductible from what they pay in taxes. They don't care how it is so badly used in many charities where much of the money donated is never seen by those in greatest need. When this country is finally officially recognized as being a Socialist country, about 2032, the rich will still be rich. I suggest that all who do not respect our flag, have never and will not read history. So tremendously sad.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Socialistic CNN Blasts Trumps's Masterful UN Presentation

Whenever I enter a a place where CNN is being displayed, I ask that the channel be changed to something less fictional. This station, along with the Washington Post and most of our local news outlets, our liberal left leaning towers of education, etc,. do more to attempt to destroy this once great country.

Fortunately, I won't be around in 2052, when "belligerent" people of color will have transformed this country into a version of today's Venezuela.. On the other hand, the revolutions I predict may be the only events that can return this country to the Republic and Democracy we inherited from our  forefathers

Monday, September 18, 2017

An Open Letter to the Editors of the Journal Star (Posted 11/8/2007)


An Open Letter to the Editors of the Journal Star

On more than one occasion I have written and stated that the Journal Star is the most community divisive media from Chicago to St. Louis and from Des Moines to Indianapolis. It is a media that embarrasses its community leaders whenever an opportunity arises. Then it criticizes these leaders for not running for public office or serving in positions of authority over others in the public sector. Many Journal Star headlines and articles frighten some businesses and some visitors from even considering moving to the City of Peoria.

On Sunday, a guy who I’m told teaches at a major local university is featured on the front page of the JS crying the administration of Pleasant Valley Middle School committed a foul for their decision to send a 12 year old “pensive” (her picture with her pink stresses, not maroon; the journalist changed it to maroon so it fit in the headline, “Girl marooned by hairdo”) kid home because she violated the language in the school handbook. I quote , “Any type of dress or grooming that is inappropriate or disruptive will not be permitted, and students will be asked to change or given alternate clothing. Refusal to cooperate could result in the student being sent home.”

The apparently disobedient 12 year old kid is described as an honor student. Surely she and her mother can read and respect the rulings of those in charge of kids. School Boards and School Administrators with legal counsel determine dress and conduct codes, not a kid and parent just because the mother spent $100.00 and 10 hours on a hairdo. $100 bucks on a 12 year old kid’s hairdo?

The JS says that the kids name is Shawnterya Carter and her mother’s name is Ebony Neasman. It doesn’t mention that Pleasant Valley Middle School attendees are 72% poverty “family” kids.(The mother said the hairdo cost $100.00) Hmmmmm. The usual phrase was thrown in by the mother; “I think I’m going to have to get a lawyer”.

The JS whines about rising crime in Peoria and wants to blame everybody that’s anybody for the problem. When kids flout the rules and the law, someone on the editorial board or some reporter gets around eventually if not immediately placing the blame on authorities that do their best to keep law and order in Peoria. Then they whine about rising crime in Peoria. Any Police Officer will tell you that one of the major causes of crime in Peoria is the disrespect of any type of authority.

On 11/01, the JSEB wrote “Stressing out over student’s tresses.” Cute title. Both articles will tend to make this apparently disrespectful kid and parent martyr’s to the cause of disobedience. I am familiar with this school and its administrator. I have great regard for the benefits they bring to that community. Principal Somogyi followed the correct procedure to refer the reporter’s call to her superior, Superintendent Allen Johnson. Then the writer whines “He didn’t call me back.” Why should he? I suspect he already knew of the threat of a lawsuit by the “mother”. Any school attorney will tell the party being attacked to not let some bullying reporter attempt to try and convict the parties being victimized in the newspaper.

Remember when the JS twice reported that I approached a “mild manner Arthur Ashe” type in a parking lot when the police report clearly stated the “Arthur Ashe 30 year younger type” approached me saying “if you ever have a problem with my property call me.” (the property was registered at City Hall in the name of a woman with a different last name), What he really said was describing at least three ways to remove my M-----F------ head .After my protest the JS eventually issued a correction buried at the bottom left hand corner of page B11

I have spent a goodly number of hours visiting schools and viewing how a few kids in almost any class show their disrespect to almost any kind of authority. As a result, some teachers try to make “buddies” of these disruptive kids or ignore them totally in the classroom. Most teachers tell me that if they correct disruptive kids, the mother, note I say mother, comes railing and threatening the principal and the teacher. .

Both my wife and I remember that when we taught, disrespectful kids were handled by school authorities supported by the disruptive kid’s parents. We also knew to be a respectful kid’s friend but not become a “buddy” to any minor. Not true in much of our permissive society today.

Most of us who live in this community say to the JS, let the schools and other authorities do their jobs without every event involving a black becoming a racial front page issue and everyone they don’t like becoming whipping stock.

We are sick of it. Many of us hoped things would change when the paper was sold and some of those divisive to the community “retired”. Instead the JS looks more like the paper’s most of us give a glance but never buy when we check out at the grocery counter.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Boot Straps - I Blogged this in 2005

I've had some health problems lately so have not felt like blogging. You can find me on Facebook, though. 

Boot Straps

Reunions are nice to see relatives you haven’t seen for a while and exchange talk about the success of your kids, your surgeries and exotic places you’ve been. They are better if you swap some dialogue about what else is going on in your communities and the world.. A niece of mine and I usually get around to talking about the public school systems. She taught in the Chicago area until retirement. We have different views on society. She feels you can never know what it’s like to be a person of color and /or poverty families unless you “walk in their shoes.” Good point, always. But then I’ll never know what it was like to walk in Ward Connerly’s shoes, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, the local Allen family, Ken Hinton, Martin Luther King, William Strawberry, Ophrah Winfrey, Bobby Humbles, Wayne McClain, Hersey Hawkins, Carl Cannon and millions of other people of color who most of the people in the community and the world look up to. I will also never know what it’s like to walk in Abraham Lincoln’s shoes, the Bush family, the Kennedy family or even my Mom and Dads shoes. My mom and dad were poor but they weren’t aware of it till it came time to pay the bills on the farm and paying the bills for nine kids. My recollections were there were always a series of financial struggles especially when the folks were faced with a farm drought like we are now experiencing. We all worked and never even thought of bankruptcy. And we always had enough to eat because we had both a garden and a truck patch. Drive the poorer parts of Peoria and look for gardens. I’ll give you two dollars for charity for every one you can find. Five dollars for every truck patch. Why garden when all these charitable places are handing out free food to anyone who comes to the door? No questions asked; gang bangers, “don’t give a d---ers”, free loaders, child molesters and honest people down on their luck. My observations are the latter are in the minority.

Anyway, a recent “letter to the Editors” by Henry Hein of Peoria pretty well sums up the way I feel about “walking in other peoples shoes.” Henry refers to a book by Charles Barkley entitled “Who’s afraid of a Big Black Man”? I now quote Henry because he is a wise man and states the truth as I see it. “The message of the book is that racism is a fact that has changed very slowly, but those suffering it should not give up on themselves because of it”. The successful people who are quoted in the book were mainly black and who said; get all the education you can; believe you can succeed; recognize doors have opened to you through the efforts of others who have gone before you; don’t dwell on blaming others for your difficulties; work hard and develop good habits; obey the laws, dress appropriately and learn to speak English correctly and clearly”. Henry goes on to say “This book should be required reading in our schools. It is inspiring and helpful. It tells us life is not easy (read Bill Gates) and for some it is more difficult than others, but doing the best we can is the most rational and helpful way to live”.

The old saying goes “you can lead the horse to the water, you cannot make him drink”. Perhaps the water is not to his likening; say the public school system. Then our job is to make the water (the public school system) more drinkable by offering and selling more vocational learning opportunities. Learning a vocation will show these kids that in order to make any kind of a living and raise a family they will need to learn to read and speak, write and express themselves and compute manually and electronically. Then enforce the truancy laws, remove kids from abusive situations, sexually, mentally and physically and increase the number of counselors in middle and high school and increase the size of our alternate schools. Bring in retirees to teach vocational skills and have an employee of the school district in the classroom to assist and enforce discipline.

Hanna City Youth Center has sat empty for years. Over a year ago I asked Dale Risinger to find the status of that building. I’m still waiting to hear from Dale but I forgot; Dale headed up the local IDOT before he went to Springfield. The Hanna City location would be a natural for vocational training from child care, animal husbandry, gardening, welding; body shop, electronics, carpentry; you name it. With all the free space needed from the State for probably just the cost of improvements and maintenance. There should be grants available. After all, if enhancements such as zoos and museums get millions for dollars in grants surely a project as worthy as this could get twice the money. Right? No, probably wrong, our priorities are out of sequence. Use the Hanna City site by #150 and offer space to all schools in bus driving distance. One school official outside of #150 has already shown an interest. Just corral and separate the gang bangers on the first day. Many of the “it’s not my fault I am like I am” will soon become the problem of the County Jail where more cells will need to added at an expense of approximately $25,000.00 per year per each. Which is cheaper, straighten out a kid or incarcerate him or her??

The need is there, the space is there but the will to even consider this possibility is lacking. First negative is “it’s too far away”. Is the prison at Pekin or Marion or Galesburg and Pontiac too far away?? Where do you think these truants and “don’t give a d---.” kids are going to wind up? At Caterpillar like in the old days? Think again. And no, they are not going to live on my welfare dollars if they have the ability to work and won’t. If they had the opportunity to learn and wouldn’t, no welfare dollars from me. Sorry.

Do I praise the efforts we are making in this community to not use racism and poverty as an excuse for failure? Of course, but I and most I know are not satisfied. We feel with our generosity, we are expanding a class who feel they will never need to work. Neither are the employers happy with the shortage of people who want to work and have learned basic skills. If they are not coming from our educational system, then we must open further the doors to all people from any country; people who will work, will learn; excluding those who do not have an explainable arrest record.. The day is fast approaching when other countries like India will be able to offer better paying jobs in their own countries. They will come here, study hard and take their knowledge back home and start businesses that will pay better and raise the standard of living in India. Then where will we get our workforce in the quantities and skills needed?? We have unfilled needs right now. It appears to be getting worse.

And then there is China who wants to buy a domestic oil company with 70% of the stock owned by the Chinese government. Where is Councilman Chuck Grayeb? But then oil and water don’t mix.

This article started because of family dialogue at the Widmer Family Reunion at Underwood Park in Normal. The shelter, playground, electricity, water, tennis courts, parking lot and ball diamond were all free. Compare with the run down condition of Glen Oak Park who charges $50 for shelter use. If you don’t think it still is the Glen Oak Park of past years I challenge you to look around. Count the patches of weeds, dead trees, trees that need trimming and the erosion on the south side of the lighted tennis courts. Well, what should I expect from a $44 million dollar PPD budget? Sorry I brought it up but I thought the $461.00 I paid in real estate taxes to the Park this year would give me at least a nice looking park.

No, I don’t know what it is like to walk in anyone’s shoes but my own. I can only imagine, but being who I am, I believe I’d do something about it and it would be legal and worthwhile.


“Scrushy Wan