Thursday, January 28, 2016

Headline on Iowa Debate is What the Media is Expert At - Half-Truths

"Candidates (Republicans, of course) attack each other on policy issues". I don't know what debate they were watching but I am sure they (MSN) had the headlines prepared BEFORE the debate.

Of course there is always some difference between candidates of the same party view points. That's why we call the U.S.A. a Republic and most call this country a Democracy. Candidates have a right in a public discussion to show how they differ. I would hardly call  the discourse as ATTACKING each other personally.

What a bunch of jokers. Few reporters I read in the local media or other,medias, could hold a high ;level job with a successful private enterprise. I've said that before.

Yes, there have been personal attacks. But I didn't see any tonight that would prompt that kind of a headline.   Challenges on issues and past statements, yes. Cheap shots by the media goes with the territory as in the case of Megan Kelly who doesn't like Trump and vice-versa.

I don't care for Megan either. Thinks she is hot stuff because of her looks and she plays a major role with a TV station. with a large audience. Trump is who he is and knows what  this wobbly country needs after the destruction wrought by Obama.

Iowa Political Events Tonight

Most interesting. I kept changing channels including picking up a basketball score once in while.
conclusion - Any Republican on the stages tonight, including three candidates 3 miles away, would be better choices for the country than Hillary and Bernie.

Winner of the Republican Iowa caucus Monday? Trump by a sizable margin.

May the Donald Do Well In His Fundraising Tonight

I expect that he will donate at least a hundred thousand. I'll ne watching his efforts on NewsMax and the debate reports on CNN. I looked at Megan again today and her face shows the strain of the type of publicity she abhors. But like most media, when they want an opportunity to kick somebody they don't like, they seldom pull any punches. However, she must hate to look at the polls.

Cam Newton is.....

A very big, strong and talented person of color who is now calling people "racist" for his own public follies. Ordinary white people would be in jail if they did the things he has actually done, not including those not reported.

Probably not reported for fear of reprisal.

Go Denver!!!

Reid Says Trump Will be a Hateful Demagogue

Reid's comments are like him saying we Democrats will make this country whole again. Sorry, Harry had your chances. You of all people hated every good move the Republicans made over your career. Yes, you did unite with them to invade Iraq and condemn 9/11. But you supported getting out of Iraq too soon and earned the undying enmity of those who were killed or maimed and their loved ones.

Most Trump supporters are angry about the way Obama and his ilk, savaged this country and alienated much of the free world. I guess you could call Trump and many of Trump's supporters a bit hateful.

As to a demagogue, you have supported one of the worst for more than 7 years.

K-Mart Closing in Morton and Surrounding Cities Should Eventually Be a Big Boost To Peoria

Sorry to hear about Morton's loss, though.

Gerry Setterlund - Kudos For His LTE in the JS putting the JS Reporter to Shame For His Attack on the Tea Party

Setterlund writes, " JS reporter dishonest in portrait of Tea Party".I agree. Most reporters try to make the news, rather than report the news and let the reader or listener decide. The Tea Party is like all organizations. There are good, pretty good, and bad cops, too.

Thanks, Gerry for your LTE's

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Corruption Rampant in Governments

"Corruption breeds when and where power meets opportunity". Quote by Henry Paulson. There are many opportunities once an honest person is elected.  Blago, Ryan, Schock, etc.

If only 1/3 of the corruption in politics were esposed, the voter would be further enchanted. Voters are disenchanted now. Less than one-fourth of registered voters turn out for most elections.

And the Republican Establishment is worried about Trump. Less than 20% of voters do not trust the politicians in power now.

Good grief. Did I include Blago!

Cherly D. Rhodes, and Pamela A Souter - Kudos to Both

The JS Editorial Board approved these well written "letter to the editors" Sunday. Ms. Rhodes title was, "There's a teacher shortage? Here's why." and Ms Souter offers another perspective on the same subject.

Both absolutely worth a read. Hope I didn't misspell a name.

The National Review I Used to Subscribe to??

How stupid can their editors get?? Are they supporting Rubio or Cruz? Sorry, editors, neither can beat any Democrat.

Republican Debate - I'll Take a Pass, Says The Donald

Hope it is not a mistake. You may be prudent to run for cover many times, but this debate may not be the best time to run away.

If you compare pictures of Fox TV's Meg Kelly before and after Trump arrived on the scene, you will note a different look on her face. And though she still has a good looking face, it is not the same good looking face of a few month ago.

And yes, while I used to be a pretty strong Fox TV follower, These days, I often find myself in disagreement with the way they are handling some pre-election news and events.  I still watch Hannity, who has improved his performance over the past couple of years. And Bill O'Reilly and Greta.

I suggest the Republican Establishment and the usually Republican leaning media, better shape up or they will be sitting on the sidelines while a vetoing Democrat runs this country downhill for another 4 to 8 years.


Planned Parenthood Suing Over False and Mis-Leading Video.

Good for them. I hoe they win big time. If you recall, I blogged on this at the time of it's really bad publicity and questioned it's authenticy. Some Republicans number among many of the crazies I mentioned in other blogs.

Jim Nowlan - Who Wrote the title For His Opinion in the JS??

"Rauner doesn't seem to know what he's doing" Since people don't read much anymore headlines are sufficient. Rauner can't approve a budget that moves Illinois one more step toward bankruptcy. And Nowlan's opinion , if one reads it, does not place all the blame on Governor Bruce Rauner.

It takes years to correct the wrongs of a state that is high on the list of reasons for failure. I quote from the January issue of the Peoria Chronicle:

Illinois is the only state where the majority of residents pay taxes in three layers of general purpose local government: municipalities, townships and counties That contributes to Illinois residents paying the second highest level of property taxes ( I wrote several blogs on this subject years ago) per market value of their homes at 2.32%.

Illinois is the fourth highest state and local communications tax rate.

Illinois is the fifth highest combined state and local gasoline tax excise tax rate. Remember the politician who wants to raise our gasoline taxes higher that raise the taxes on vehicles that don't use gas and thus do not contribute their fair share for highway maintenance.

Illinois is one of seven states that charge a general sales tax in addition to gasoline excise tax rate.

Illinois is the eighth local tax collection per capita.

Illinois has the 10th highest local combined state and local sales tax rate.

Illinois has the 13th highest state and local tax as a percentage of personal income.

These figures come from a lengthy study by "The Task Force on Local Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates" requested by Governor Rauner. The Democrats are already saying that this extensive study will wind up on the shelves along with all the other reports over the years turned down by Democrats that would save this once great State from bankruptcy.

27 recommendations, all cost cutting are in this task force report. How many will even be considered, let alone passed. How about maybe one or none.

The study also recommends all public projects bidders must pay the union prevailing wage to their employees. Which political party do you think put that stupid law into action? One guess is all you get but it starts with a D.

Maybe the Supreme Court will forcee Illinois to become a "right to work state". Even the Republicans are afraid of this one. But Florida, a right to work state may be the fastest construction building state in the nation. They say construction is going on like crazy in even Naples.

Elimination of Townships will probably never happen as most Townships are controlled by Democrats and provide tidy incomes and pensions to thousands. Some Townships do provide services not available through some counties, but these services could by changes in the laws, be enfolded into county government.

Yeah, so it's all Rauner's fault when he has been on the job a short time and this featherbedding has been built in Illinois governments for many decades.

Some people wish I would leave Illinois and I agree. If I didn't have an alcoholic, depressive, reclusive, and hoarding wife who is not going to leave our oversize house; Alcoholism is a disease that she if reluctant to have treated. I care for her well-being and worry about what will have to her when I am gone. We never had mortgage payments or lack of money to worry about,  I would have been gone years ago.Yet, I still blog about government and politicians deficiencies as I still do live here most of the time.

You don't make many friends among those "who control the gfold

Peoria, Il. - More Consultants Keep Pouring Into Peoria

To satisfy Councilwoman, Denise Moore, a largely Democrat or Democrat thinking Peoria City Council will invite Obama's, "Strong Cities, Strong Communities" for a substantial fee, plus all expenses, of course. Moore says. this will not be another plan we will put on the shelf".

Of course not. There is no more room on the shelves, nor space in the room. And of course, again, all this plans are microfilmed with copies sent to the State of  Illinois, who can't pay their bills, 8 billion behind at last report. Why microfilm? The state does not have room to store hard copies and the state needs the records when Peoria asks for more money from another "going bankrupt" state, perhaps beating Pennsylvania to the punch.

Only about four requests have been made to me as to how I took $2500 and built an $11 million company with little bank assistance. Two blacks asked me if I could help them run or start a business. I agreed. Both conversations were short. When I asked how I could help, one woman said all she needed was money. The other said he needed money but no way would he replace his bookkeeper who was his wife.

As a businessman and politician, a resident since 1964 and an activist since 1992,I could tell you what is wrong in Peoria. In fact, I have been telling my reader thru my blogs and my 30 some "Letters to the JS Editors". I did considerable social work on the south side being on the board of several groups. involved in youth sports, and a leader in condemning vacant buildings, trying to get the procedure speeded  up. I have driven thousands of mile down bad streets with no sidewalks, adults spending their days sitting on their porches during workdays, reading the unemployment figures from the south side.  Made several visit's in thee past 12 months to watch the Boys and Girls Club deteriorate with incompetent leadership and program instructors. (How many of the 19 B &G Board members were aware the the Grinnell Street headquarters, the only location with a gym was closed 4 month last year at a time when kids where mainly OUT OF SCHOOL?).

No wonder, we lead the state in reported STD"s.

I spend 5 mainly useless years on groups like the Homeless Coalition and the Youth Council Group..

Then Pastor Jim Offutt, a nice person, writes, "Can't figure out why white evangelical support for Trump". So who would he support that can win? Ben Carson, because he is black, (can't win) the corrupt and lying Cintons', Cruz (can't win) Socialist Bernie or maybe, Obama, if he can cause a situation where he could try to govern for another 4 years??

Pastor Offutt writes, "remember folks, that if you've lost your country as you say, and want to take it back, then you will have to take it back from yourselves. (That's why Trump has a resounding lead, supported mainly by the "little people") From  the (lies of the Obama's and the Clinton's), the hypocrisy, the hatred, the injustice and the many other unacknowledged and unrepentant sins to which to which you sold youur soul".

He is talking to people like me when he should be talking to his flock, the parents or parent of 3-4 failed generations and a few of the socialistic people who teach them,, now ruining our our public education systems in large and medium sized communities.

The problems of SouthTown are not going to be solved by more consultants.But it looks good in the news.

Sorry folks, just like Trump, if elected, could not turn this country around in even 4 years. Neither can ANY Republican or Democrat candidates and a host of outside consultants, change SouthTown from being basically SouthTown in 2020.

Illinois Governor Rauner, a huge business success, is learning that when you have socialist Democrats like Mike Madigan and Company and belligerent union bosses, blocking his every move, isn't going to save Illinois from bankruptcy in the not too distant future

Being politically incorrect, I say "Rots of Ruck"..

As the JS "Democrat"says, blame the Republicans. I can say, blame the Democrats moreso.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Community Word Comments by Moslem Imam Kamil Mufti

"Facts refute Muslim terrorist narrative: reveal right-wing, anti-government extremism", the Imam writes. While I cannot dispute his figures, I must point out that the statistics he points out, are mainly individuals angry, most mentally disturbed, acting on their own and not a growing terrorist unified group. Muslim terrorists operate under the umbrella of Allah and Mohammad. (Muhammad) They also operate under the latest revision of the Koran (Qu-ran) with a common purpose of destroying the infidel and our way of life.

While Muslim terrorists may and do sometimes act on their own, these terrorists all owe their allegiance to a mainly ISIS lifestyle style of government in the Americas', Europe, Africa. Asia and the Mid-East..There aim is to destroy the infidel, either by force or by numbers. In all ways, they appear to be winning.

Also, considering the Civil War, it's ferocious battles were between the Industrial and Abolition North and the slave holding farming South. The war ended with the North (many high school "students" do not know this or even care) winning, and while their are still small fringe groups who still believe in seceding, they do not constitute a growing threat to this mostly united country we still live in today. Even the most radicals among small groups, do not ask for a return to slavery. (Slavery did not start in the United States as any student SHOULD know).

The Imam cites mostly attacks by US citizens against US citizens, by mentally crazed  individuals who believe abortion is a mortal sin and operate outside the laws of this country. The Supreme Court sees it differently and Roe and Wade has not been overturned no matter how frenzied those who oppose abortion, act.

The Imam cites the KKK as having 5 to 8 thousand ,members Their membership has been on the decline for over 100 years while attacks by Muslims, swearing allegiance to Allah, are on the greatest increase of any radicals in the world.

His column did not deserve front page in the CW but CW is a Democrat newspaper that is wont' to blame the Republicans for all the world's problems. This paper believes very strongly in diversity even if this means possibly a pilot flying an airplane who is not qualified.

Sorry, Muslim or Moslem Imam Kamil Mufti, your "facts" must be considered half-truths by the intelligent reader. I hope you do not teach at any University.

Are there good Muslims? I am not stupid. But I note their absence at almost all sporting events, council and County Board meetings, etc.And as a whole, I do not see their condemnation of  Muslim acts of terrorism. But I do see them constantly referring to to Muhammad's original Koran writing rather than the interpretations of many latter day terrorist or would be terrorist, Muslims.

Trump Would Be DESTRUCTIVE - Ho, Ha, Ho!!!!!

For a person or group, to say this; those who are part architects of the rapid down sliding of this country, is not even funny. How could anyone but Bernie and the Clinton's be more destructive for a country already in a destructive mode. Illinois WILL be bankrupt within the next few years. Michigan is already there.

Trump, in his sometimes belligerent mood, points out why we are down sliding the slippery slope of Socialism. (As I pointed out in my 2001 Letter to the JS titled "Our dependence on federal government increasing".)

Our preseent leadership, mainly Democrats, have put us in the most dangerous position since 2008-9. I expect this down slide to continue, even if Trump is elected. It is difficult to stop an avalanche once it gets startled. Trump, by force of personality and his business acumen. will may every attempt to stop these avalanches from starting.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Socialist (Professed) Bernie Sanders as the Next President of This Country??

While I have posted before, it appears about 30% of our population would and are trying to turn this country into a Brazil. ( See WSJ's Mary Anastasia O'Grady Columnist article titled, "Brazil: Still the Country of the Future", September 6, 2006).

Even back then, Brazil's socialist efforts were failing and today they are one of the great disappointments of South America. No, While North America's U.S.A., is not the land the "greatest generation' hoped it would be, it is a far more a desirable place to live for most of us who work hard and have worked hard, than any Socialist country, including France.

Sanders would be a greater disaster than Obama, even though that would be hard to be, even many Democrats would vote for the only man, Donald Trump, who can slow down the destructive tide on which this countries fate is now riding.

Minimum Wage Socialism

"If legislators really want to help the poor, the best they can do is abolish, not increase the minimum wage". Cato Institute, Sept. 6, 2004. I couldn't agree more.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Democrats Switching Over to Trump by the Thousands

Sunday, I talked with an elderly lady who said she was a Democrat. Not only a Democrat but had been a Democrat Precinct Chairperson for 34 years. Her major hope is that she lives long enough to vote for Trump in November. Many people I talk to are going to switch parties, some the first time in their lives.

Still, a lot of women are going to vote for Hillary, if she is on the ballot, just because she is a woman. You would think that a lesson had been learned when they voted twice for Obama JUST because he is black.

Good grief.

Ban Trump From Visiting the UK??

How many of the estimated 500,000 who signed the petition to ban Trump first, 2nd of third name, included the name Muhammad?? Britain is being overrun with Middle East immigrants and illegals who have few skills and a biased education. Trump does not want to ban all Muslims. He wants to be on a more intense lookout for those who "would kill the infidel" if given the opportunity.

Trump is also aware that Muslims multiply 3-4 times faster than Anglo-Saxons or Caucasians. So if only 7% of a multitude are dis-loyal to this country or the UK, as they are already in France and soon Germany and the Netherlands, etc.,  we are all in big trouble. Trump, not politically correct, is not afraid to say what un-biased fact seeking people think.

That he offends a lot of poor thinkers, sobeit. He appears to be exciting a majority.

Hope you saw his speech today at Liberty College. That he perhaps stretched the truth of the number of U.S. companies that have left the U.S., he no more stretches the truth than any common politician. His point is, too many. Just like the number of wealthy Peorians have a 2nd home in states like Florida, where if they live one day past half a year, they pay no State of Illinois income tax.

That is a fact. I know a few of them personally.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Walmart Closings Shoul Not Affect Stores in Peoria and East Peoria

Most likely not. But why is Walmart closing 269 stores worldwide? It's the economy, stupid Obama. Not because of gun sales.

Civic Center Officials Said the Downtown Addition of Marriott Courtyards Would Bring Big Conventions to Peoria

Are we still waiting or what? Plus Bradley Basketball doesn't seem to be packing them in as in days of yore, And how is the taxpayer backed Marriott doing or have I been away too long to know?

I'm sure all this information has been printed in the JS  (to which I don't subscribe) nor do I seldom watch the local news.


Hallmark Closing at Northwoods?? Now a Confirmed Fact

Rumor or fact. I also heard another retailers will soon be leavings Northwoods. While innovators are looking for ways to use the soon to be vacated space where flagship Macy's once occupied, I suggest they look at the root cause of why Macy's and others are leaving Peoria.

It/s the economy, stupid. If you listened to POTUS the other night, the economy is the USA is booming.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trump Was Mostly Correct on People Cheering as the Twin Towers Collapsed

After 3 hours of researching my 9/11 files I came across this article in USA TODAY, dated September 13, 2001. The heading is "Palestinian leaders try to repair image. Efforts include threats to the media". The article reads as follows:

"Palestinian leaders moved Wednesday too repair the political damage done by news footage of Palestinians celebrating in the streets after hearing of Tuesday's terror strikes in the USA.
To avoid an international backlash new medias were called and told the safety of their staffs could not be guaranteed unless they WITHDREW the embarrassing footage of Palestinian police firing joyfully in the air.such threats appeared to succeed in suppress immediate release of videos showing LARGE street celebrations in Ramallah, Bethlehem and other West Bank towns.

But even after much prompting in Arabic, to stay on the message, ordinary Palestinians were UNABLE  to stifle their pleasure at America's downfall.

Even Israelis said the the terror strikes could wake up America of what they go through every day of their lives. (As i write this article, suicide bombing, outright killing of Israelis by Palestinians is increasing weekly).

Former US Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger hinted that the U.S. might have to adopt measures similar to Israel's. "This is really a war with terrorism, and we need to prepare to act if we are at war. And that does not mean that you strike back only at those you know were the perpetrators of this thing". Khali Abu Laban, said that the 'friend of your enemy, is your friend'. I am against killing of innocents but Americans are bad. This is good for us Palestinians.'"

After Googling "are Palestinians Muslims?", well, if you are interested, it is better if you Google it and see the answers. Figuring the latest Palestinians population in the U.S.A.,even if only 7% were POTENTIAL terrorists, that is a massive number. I know there was celebrating by U.SA. haters, some from rooftops, here in some large cities. I have that info somewhere in my extensive files but I cannot find it.
I try not to paint every ethnic group or religion with a broad brush because I know that the overwhelming majority of Palestians in the U.S.A. are loyal to this country. But they have not forgotten their homeland. which is contrary to my dad who as a baby,fled from Switzerland with his parents and sister, saying, "that if it wasn't good enough for my parents, it's not good enough for me.

And he never returned even though his siblings offered to pay.

Now I see that POTUS has agreed to take more people ALL supposedly fleeing for their lives, it increases my decision to vote for Trump who will by the power of his personality put a stop to some of this traitors actions and reverse all those that are not in the best interests of those who can still clearly.

And no, I have never bought a lottery ticket.

Hmmmm. .

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

GE Announces Move to Large City - Don't Bet All Your Money On Cat Not Doing the Same

Yes, I'm aware that Cat has committed to stay in downtown Peoria. But that was then and now is now. And the "now" may not get any better. Ever. Let's look at the facts:

The country may be headed for a recession as bad or worse than 2008-9. The stock market has the worst start negatively ever.
The country has suffered the worst leadership in my memory.
The National debt is rising at an amazing clip will probably hit 20 trillion by 2017. And it must keep rising or programs already negatively affecting the middle class won't be funded.
We can only talk tough to China because China is financing us now. And talk is cheap. A good example is POTUS.
The Federal Reserve (which should be abolished) is run by wealthy people who have assured that not only will they keep their wealth but they will continue to grow it.
Growing government pensions will continue to bankrupt states as it is already bankrupting Illinois.
While December showed a quarter million more hired than laid off or fired, you must note that the growing employment was mainly in retail and the health industry. Not high paid jobs; just barely living wage jobs.
States, Counties and local governments do not have the money to buy new heavy equipment and will continue to use what they have currently. ( I drive a 2004 Lincoln town Car. Runs and rides like a dream. Except on the streets of Peoria, of course).
Expect metals to suffer a decrease in use. This decrease has severely impacted the purchase of new heavy equipment. Driving through the country, I note more and more of everything used rusting away.
While I have always supported light rail, there is money, lots of it, for consultants, engineers, land purchases, etc., there is no money to build. And some of the ideas are really stupid such as the light rail between Peoria and Bloomington. Here, again, God help us..
Credit card debt may be the highest in history.
Venture capital is appearing to be drying up.
In Peoria, expect to see higher garbage taxes when they start to be added to your already too high property taxes. Local politicians want to be reelected and are too worried about that to dare to actually raise property taxes or sales taxes.
Unless the Illinois EPA is completely corrupt, Peoria is soon going to have to stop polluting the Illinois River. Peoria is probably the biggest polluter on the Illinois River. Where are the radical environmentalists who are good at stopping progress but not much else? And where is the up to 3 hundred millions of dollars needed to correct the problems going to come from?
Our public water system is shot and city ownership will not improve the situation.
Peoria built too many grand projects that will need to be funded forever. Need I name any?
Caterpillar stockholders are not happy to see their stock drop precipitously. From a high of $116 a share a couple of years ago to $62 a share today.
A major management change at Cat could mean a review of ALL commitments.
Most wealthy people living in the Peoria area has seen their combined wealth drop by an estimated 2 billion dollars, PROBABLY A LOT MORE, (just on paper, they say),while the middle class earning can't keep up with inflation..
The poor in Peoria, of which there are many, will need and expect to receive more taxpayer benefits, especially if Hillary or Bernie is elected. Plus, about 40 % of all workers are employed by governmental bodies and many don't care whether politicians are competent. Just don't cut my job.
The Republican party that has been the chief supporter of big business like Caterpillar. Unfortunately, they are in disarray, most of it of their own doing.
The world appears to be going down the financial tube with China now entering the the dilemma.
Terrorists have taken over the usually sound thinking of our citizens. If they own stock, any rustle of the leaves sends them in a panic. That situation is not going to change. Funny, how people sold their stock when N. Korea made their hydrogen  bomb announcement. What do they think their ashes will do with their money??

I personally hope I am wrong on 70% of what I wrote. But as a gambler, I would take odds that I am more likely to be right. But I am an optimist when I know the facts pretty well. Tomorrow the stock market will be up 1000 points. N. Korea blows itself up and China, along with POTUS, changes their predictions to a 4% or better growth in 2016.

Happy New Year, y'all.  And thanks for reading my stuff. I'm no smarter than the next guy; just do more research than 90% of people my age. I was first elected to public office at the age of 75. Defeated a prominent Peoria woman, a nine year incumbent from my same party. Retired at the age of 85. leaving Peoria County with a BALANCED BUDGET. Like the Donald, I was never politically correct. Nor will I ever be.

Nor have I ever been guilty or convicted by any court of law. Nor will I ever be.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

President Barack Hussein Obama's Speech Left Me Speechless

The only words I can say after listening to this charismatic demagogue is, "do as I say because I don't do as I say.".

Wall Street is the source of all evil. Sure, then so are community Socialist activists and Socialist teachers.

 If you don't believe in climate change.......the same bs we hear every day.....Of, course, people with any intelligence know that starting when the earth was forming, the climate is in a constantly changing process. .

How many of the people who voted him into office know that 10,000 years ago, an Arctic glacier extended south to a few miles north of Peoria?  If they did know these facts, maybe they believe that Cat, Keystone and Wall Street caused the glacier to retreat back north because of the pollution they caused. Or did his voters know that in the 1500's, Europe went through what was known as the "little Ice Age"

Protect us he says. Dear God. And he calls all wanting to come to America, "immigrants" No immigrant is illegal to him. He knows that 90% of illegals when granted voting rights, vote Democrat. Perhaps the Republicans will take a deep breath and nominate and elect politically incorrect,sometimes belligerent, and sometimes arrogant,  Donald Trump, who is at least exposing the facts he sometimes exaggerates,  to cut through the bull shit ruining our country. Trump may be all these things but can people who can think imagine Hillary or Bernie as our president?

Get out and vote, he tells the nation. But shouldn't the voters at least know some facts about the people getting their vote other than the fact the he or she is a Democrat????

Obama believes that our economy is not in trouble. Maybe he should ask Caterpillar stockholders how they feel about the economy.

Yes we are a great nation but not the "great" nation of my generation precisely because of the majority of "D" and "F" grade politicians trying to lead us.

Good grief!

Koran - Interpretations - Part 2

My computer was down 72 hours. My service technician determined it was a problem with my Lenovo Laptop (that I would not recommend to anyone except an enemy). I then came down with an energy sapping cold which i have finally licked.

So I continue "We are often accused of cherry-picking the most violent parts of the Koran. so I am not painting a picture here of the average Muslim. I am trying to understand those Muslims, both here in the United State and abroad, who actively seek the destruction of America.

Here at home, the threat is poised by the Muslim Brotherhood and its organizational arms, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Society of North America, and the various Muslim student associations. These groups seek to persuade Americans that Islam is a religion of peace. But let me quote to you from a document obtained during the 2007 Holy Land Trial investigating terrorist funding. It is a Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Memorandum on North American Affairs that was approved by the Shura Council and the organization Conference in 1987. 'It speaks of establishing and and effective Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslim' causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the Muslim observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslim efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.'

Elsewhere, the document says: The process of settlement  is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" with all the means. The Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it s eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet, It is a Muslim 's destiny to perform Jihad and work until the final hour comes....

President Obama in 2007 put the Muslim census in the U.S. at 7 million (today, it is closer to 10 million). In that light, consider a 2007 survey of American Muslin opinion conducted by the Pew Center. Eight percent of the American Muslims who participated in this survey said they believed that suicide bombing can sometimes be justified in defense of Islam. Today, this would mean 700,000  among us would hold that suicide bombings in the name of Islam can be justified. Among Muslims 18-29 years old, 15% agreed with that and 60% said they thought of themselves as Muslims first and Americans second. And 5% said said they had a favorable view of al-Qaeda.

What ever kind of self deception is gripping the architects of our current defense policies, the American people have proved capable of forcing a change in direction when they learn the facts. Americans do not wish to be subjected to Sharia law, owe large sums of money to the Chinese, or to be kept vulnerable to nuclear missiles".

Of all the candidates running to be our new president, only Donald Trump fully understands the threat to our nation and who, not being politically correct, can voice our concerns in a manner that the ordinary American can understand the dangers of the growing threat WITHIN our country.

Maybe Rubio?

Remember, that other than my comments, this speech was made in 2011.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Koran - Interpretations

These quotes are taken from a speech delivered at Hillsdale College on 1/7/2011, by Brian T. Kennedy, president of the Claremont Institute and publisher of the Claremont Review of Books. He has written on national security affairs in the Wall Street Journal, the National Review, Investors Business Daily and other national newspapers. He is also author of "Shariah: The Threat to America".

"Let me begin with Islam. Former President George Bush, speaking after 9/11. assured us that Islam was a religion of peace not much different from Christianity or of Judaism. Unfortunately, Mr. Bush was trying to understand Islam as we would like it to be rather than how countless Muslims understand it.

Organizationally, Islam is built around a belief in God or Allah, but is equally a political ideology organized around the Koran and the teaching of it's founder Muhammad. Whereas, Christianity teaches that we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is god's--allowing for a non-theocratic political tradition to develop in the West, culminating in the principles of civil and religious liberty in the American founding--Islam teaches that to disagree with or even reinterpret the Koran's 6000 odd verses, organized into 114 chapters or Suras and dealing as fully with law and politics as with matters of faith, is punishable by death.

Islam authorities of all major branches of Islam hold that the Koran must be read so that the parts written last override the otherss. This so-called theory of abrogation means that the ruling parts of the Koran are those written after Muhammad went to Medina in 622 A.D. Specifically, they are Suras 9 and 5, which are not the Suras containing the verses often cited as proof of Islam's peacefulness.

Sura 9, verse 5, reads, 'Fight and Slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them, and lie in wait for them  in every strain in every stratagem of war. But if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them...'.

Sura 9, verse 29, reads: 'Fight and slay those who believe not in Allah nor the Lasr Day, nor hold that forbidden  which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of trut, even if they are of the 40 people people of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.'

Sura 5, verse 28, 'introduces the doctrine of taqiyya, which holds that Muslims should not be friends with the infidel except as a means of decption, always with the end goal of converting, subduing, or destroying him'

I need to stop here as my computer, my software or Comcast will not let me continue. If I can print this, I will call it Part 1 and hope for less stress tomorrow.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Trump and the "Stringent Vetting of Muslims Traveling to and From the U.S.A."

While all the Trump haters including Fox TV screamed the Headline, "Trumps Bans ALL Muslims", they, of course, left out the most important of Trump's words,. "until they can be properly vetted".
Yes, I still support, perhaps more strongly, Donald Trump to be the next President of the U. S. A Stop reading now if the truth hurts you which I know it does many of my readers who hate me but are fearful of using their name or names and are know by "Anonymous".

My preceding posts give you some of the most important reasons why. My support sometimes wavers because I know that Trump is over-zealous in his rhetoric. But then I realize Trump is the only candidate who does not even make an effort at being politically correct. Many of us realize that being "politically correct" is a major cause of the downward slide of this once really great nation.

I write this as the stock market, which affects most of us, had the greatest sell-off since 2008 and the Nasdaq and the S&P had at one time today, the greatest opening year sell-off since 2001.