Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump Would Be DESTRUCTIVE - Ho, Ha, Ho!!!!!

For a person or group, to say this; those who are part architects of the rapid down sliding of this country, is not even funny. How could anyone but Bernie and the Clinton's be more destructive for a country already in a destructive mode. Illinois WILL be bankrupt within the next few years. Michigan is already there.

Trump, in his sometimes belligerent mood, points out why we are down sliding the slippery slope of Socialism. (As I pointed out in my 2001 Letter to the JS titled "Our dependence on federal government increasing".)

Our preseent leadership, mainly Democrats, have put us in the most dangerous position since 2008-9. I expect this down slide to continue, even if Trump is elected. It is difficult to stop an avalanche once it gets startled. Trump, by force of personality and his business acumen. will may every attempt to stop these avalanches from starting.

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