Thursday, September 30, 2010

More on Phil Ryan

Might be time for a change in management at the YW. It has appeared to me that perhaps a majority of social workers believe the theory that Jesus said "Teach a man to fish.....but don't follow through on the teaching and assisting or guiding the jobless to find a job. As Ryan says and I've said frequently in my blogs on poverty that "A number of drunkards will die in the gutter; it is not the business of a free society to tax the sober to prevent them from doing so. The government doesn't give you anything that it doesn't take from someone else."

Having served 5-6 years on a local homeless committee back in the 1990's, I learned that those who WANT to live on the streets, doorways, sewers, etc., have that right that can't be taken away from them despite all the "do-gooders" money, therapy and efforts.

Ryan urges a radical change in focus; "Don't promote relief; foster jobs. Used to be a sincere job search would yield something. No more."

Schubach has been on the job a long time. Probably time for a change. Promote Ryan to her position. He is one of a minority doing social work that has it right.

Look for a follow-up on this blog. I have some investigative work to do.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that you wrote this yesterday, Merle. It's my understanding that 9/30 was Pam Schubach's last day with the YWCA.