Sunday, March 09, 2008

Age and Ability to Perform

"Is McCain too Old?" is the same as saying, yes, he is too old at 72 to be president. Age is relative and can no longer be used as a measuring stick the same as "Are all people born of poor, unresponsible people (I hesitate to call some of them, parents) bound to be poor and unresponsible when they reach the milestone of being totally responsible for their own actions." Many of our most successful leaders hardly came from most desirable backgrounds.

Many of our greatest leaders were older than John McCain. Let me name a few. Winston Churchill, was 80 when he left office.
Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of Germany left that office when he was 87.
Charles de Gaulle, elected President of the Fifth Republic of France, retiring at the age of 78.
Nelson Mandela--after 27 years in prison became the first democratically elected president of South Africa at the age of 75. He was 80 when he retired from that office.
Guida Meir was 70 when she became the fourth prime minister of Israel. She retired as a heroine at the age of 76.
Ronald Reagan was 69 when elected as president of the U.S.A and and left office at the age of 77.

All of this diverse group of leaders share a common denominator: They faced trying challenges in office and held the reins of power at momentous times in their country's history.

Age does bring its share of infirmities, but with age also come knowledge, understanding and experience.

The facts above are gathered from Ryan Cole, a writer based in D.C. and published in the WSJ.

As I write this blog I am approaching 83 years of increasing knowledge and experience. I still could play tennis everyday if I had the time and beat anyone in Peoria that is my age or older. (Challenges, anyone?) At the age of 73 I played on a 3 on 3 basketball team out of Mesa, Arizona that won the Southwest Region Senior Olympics tournament played at ASU in Phoenix, scoring a high of 7 points in one game hitting a three-pointer on my first shot. (My wife as witness and a gold medal with my name on it for winning the tournament.) I played my last full court basketball game at the age of 75 at the Clubs at RiverCity. (Some of my friends who played at the same time remember my shooting and defensive ability). And I can still coach from the bleachers!

I'm serving my third term on the Peoria County Board (age 75 when I won my first election) and have been elected to two consecutive terms as Vice-Chairman by ny peers. The press and the public seems to think the county has been pretty well run for the period of time of my service.

Bragging? Maybe, but also stating facts, not promises I couldn't keep like at least two of the presidential candidates are doing as I blog.

Sure, age has it's problems but age affects people differently. John McCain will hold his own far better than any other candidate currently running for the Presidency of the United States of America. He is also the most trusted, proven and honorable person with a chance to win this extremely important position.


AdamB said...

I love that you cite Charles de Gaulle as one of "our most successful leaders".

You seem to acknowledge as much by saying that these old farts don't come from the "most desirable backgrounds". So yes, you agree it's preferable that a President be younger rather than older.

Also, it's not just this post that you have a problem with bragging. It's nearly every post. Of all the things you may have learned in nearly 83 years, humility apparently wasn't one of them.

I love how you issue a big challenge to play anyone your age or older. That's like challenging anyone to a fight who is 4 years old or younger. I guess the 78-year-olds out there are too quick for you?

Anonymous said...

Widmer, you bigoted buffoon, seems your age and sagging intellect are catching up with you...time to head out to pasture?

Anonymous said...

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