Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Peoria Journal Star - More Forgotten Headlines

August 20,2012 headline, "Housing Agency Closes Amid Mystery". To my knowledge, no further news was published in the JS about this mystery. I did see some type of legal action published this summer in the County newspaper. This "mystery" was never any great mystery to me as I published on this site many years ago that there "appeared' to be some things that were not proper with Pioneer Civic Services, which included lack of any apparent financial or any transparency. Back then, HUD, didn't seem to be concerned. Possibly some whistle-blower, finally got this body, that should be totally reorganized, attention and HUD finally stopped funding after funding over $4 million between 2002 and 2012. Was HUD guilty of the padding of someone or ones individual pocketbooks? Expect frauds to be "a dime a dozen" in the public, as well as many in the private sector. As has often been suggested, if you are going to steal other people's money, think big, as the penalties are usually worse for the smaller criminal acts. Or even misdemeanors. No, I've never been convicted of anything, except bad judgment many times. I probably just wanted to join the local crowd and with the thousands of politicians such as Aaron and Ray.

Peoria Journal Reports Sad Facts on Conditions on the South Side of the City

Years ago, I was asked to sit on the Board of Directors of the SouthSide Development Committee. One of the early problems encountered was the division among black leaders on the board. I was in charge of raising money for the work the committee planned. I approached Peter Korn, then Peoria City Manager, and inquired how the City could help us in funding. Mr. Korn asked me what happened to the $25,000 the City had just granted this group. At the next Board meeting I made the inquiry. No one seemed to know. I then asked to see a Financial Statement. There was none. As far as any of the group, led by James Polk, no one remembered any $25,000. Really, I said. At the next Board meeting, I was replaced. The group fell apart with some of the same questions about how funds were and are being used on the SS. With limited results. What was the major concern these 20 some years ago? Job, jobs, jobs. What were business concerns about the SS? Skills, Skills, Responsible workers, responsible workers, Integrity, integrity, integrity, etc. Now the JS is running a three publication series about this sad situation. It appears that the saying of things couldn't get any worse. They are. Conditions on the SS of Peoria are the worst I've seen and getting worse. Not according to the IB who by their own publication lists more vacant business properties in the history of the cit. And all public bodies are running deficits unheard of in my 40 some years as a Peoria City resident. The only problem I have with the JS entertainment section reporter, again writing conditions outside his field of expertise. The same reporter who belittled those of us who did our homework and correctly predicted why the downtown museum would fail. It's been over a year and three major facts that the public should know, since the taxpayers in Peoria County OWN the museum building, are full price paid attendance, financial condition and amount of ACTUAL dollars in the Endowment Fund. This fund was expected to be over $11 million by now, not counting the $5 million then County Administrator allegedly suggested to the museum board that that taxpayer dollars could be rolled over to the Endowment Fund. Endowment Funds are exactly what the term means. Money from the financially affluent, not regular Joe property tax owners. So many lies told by our "local leaders" on so many taxpayer funded projects. Many golden geese have and are turning in to regular Starlings coming home to roost. So sad.

I'll Vote For Trump If...........First of Series

he kills HUD. Or fires all top management and replaces them with sane people. (out of the few left in the public housing sector) Privatizes our inept Departments of Transportation. I came up from the St. Louis area on Rt. 55 two Sundays ago. 5 miles south of Lincoln, I first saw a sign saying "left lane closed ahead". I, like so many usually thoughtful drivers, pulled over in the right lane. Cars kept zipping by as we traveled at around 20 miles an hour. About 3 miles further along, traffic speed had slowed to about 5 miles an hour, yet cars kept zipping by in the left hand lane. Finally I pulled back over to the left hand lane, sidled up to a big pickup truck and asked the driver to help me stop these inconsiderate drivers. He readily agreed and together we stayed abreast each other, stopping probably 500 vehicles trying to get ahead of all of us who were now crawling along about 2-3 miles an hour. We finally came to the junction to Peoria and saw what was causing the roadblock. There were no workers, just about 5 concrete patches that were probably thoughtlessly poured Friday as I did not see anyone working Saturday when i went to the St. Louis area. Along Rt. 55 in this 5 mile area, were approximately 1000 brand new barrels, not a mark on any of them. Why did signage start 5 miles away causing many of us to obey the signage and pull over to the right hand lane so early? No sign said the problem was 5 miles away. Finally one sign did say, 2 miles ahead.Is this something new in Illinois? Not at all. Those who manage seldom consider the driver in Illinois, Florida and probably dozens of other states, but Illinois is the worst I've ever seen in my million and a half miles I've driven or ridden in my life. Takes away the ability of the energy cartels to set the same prices at all filling stations, especially in Peoria, Il. He deports the babies of illegal immigrants, along with the mother or relative sheltering them, who illegally cross our porous border to drop their babies, as soon as the babies and mothers, are releasing from free hospital care. ( I spent 7 hours, 5 hours waiting, at a charge of over $13,000; in emergency at a local hospital). Now my carrier and are being charged this excessive cost to make up for all the freebies, illegals and those not covered by a totally unfair ObamaCare) Now, Donald, if you promise to do just a couple of these requests, which of course, you or no other new President can do, you get my vote. More to come from this angry voter; angry at the establishment, who use taxpayer dollars to fly on taxpayer funded aircraft. No paragraphs as usual.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vote For Bernie Sanders For President? Who, Me?

Surely I jest. I'd vote for Al Franken before I would vote for Socialist/Communist? Sanders. At least Franken is a comedian who is supposed to be funny, if not a good public servant. Over any Democrat, I would vote for the Donald, who absolutely has the Republican elite wringing their panties harder as they try to figure out who among the many Republican candidates could beat Smoky Joe Biden. You Democrats till think Hillary can win? Better read Michelle Malkin's, "Culture of Corruption", which was published in 2009. I recommended this book on this blog site in 2009 as Malkin is a brilliant thinker, talker and author. Malkin pulls no punches in publishing facts in this book, backed by 75 pages of footnotes. Many scary facts about Hillary and Bill Clinton and that was way back 6 years ago. She was one of the leaders who was early warning the voter of having elected the worst leader of this country of perhaps, all times. The shenanigans of bankrupt Illinois Democrat Congressman, Dick Durbin, who personally promised me he was hard at work on a solution for our mental health inefficiencies 10 years ago, are also mentioned on page 58 and 62. Sanders, another wimp who let the mad "Black Lives Matter" group of loud-mouthed 'know nothings' drive him off the stage and caused his address to his followers be cancelled. Many times, I have been called a racist by people who are ignorant of the fact that 2 of my best employees, Mildred Hopkins and Iva Hinton were black. Also, on my sales team, was Bobby Humbles. Bobby and I played tennis at Monte Carlo when I took he and his first wife on one of the many trips my company won. Bobby and I were also doubles partners; Bob stared on the basketball team I played on and sponsored as we won three titles at the Clubs at River City. Bobby is still my insurance agent today. David Booth, Dana Davis and several other black employees were hired by me. Former Bradley Professor Williams, his first name escapes me, thanks me for the work I have done in this community every time he sees me and he calls me his "mentor". Yes, Professor Williams is black and a community activist. I saw him at Lakeview Library just a few days ago. He, like I, am and have been, extremely concerned about the effectiveness of the leadership at Peoria Public School District #150. (Read my many blogs about the situations at #150). Back to "Black Lives Matter". What a stupid name led by the type of leadership I detest, black, white or any color. Of course, all sane people know that all lives matter, Good grief.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sacrifice More Lives in the Mid-East - I Think Not

I won't be supporting any candidate who wants to send more ground troops into these religious and fiefdom hellpits. Obama is a murderer who (among dozens of other horrific actions he has committed, most deliberate) withdrew troops far to soon in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan will never end. Many of the generals who now call for more ground troops do so with the knowledge that they are safe in their promotions and pensions hideaways. The last highly publicized general like Patton this country had, was Petraus. I never or try not to lump all leaders together as we have many good ones; just not enough. And this great general was ousted because of an affair of which 25% of all married men admit to having and another 10 or so % wouldn't admit it for fear their name may appear in the survey results on Facebook. Does one think our leaders should be ABOVE this sort of thing? Has any country made worldwide public any leadership affairs except in England and France? Does anyone ever hear of any affairs Putin, China leaders and other terrorists had or are having? Oh, most think they they are not? Really? You can't count Eisenhower because he had a mistress, right, so many goody-too-shoes? While Churchill may have never had an affair may have been because he was happily married, was too much wrapped up in righting wrongs politically, or was afraid of being caught, or had a low sex drive, or loved his cigars and booze better than the "same old". I'm not endorsing sexual affairs or any other actions deemed illegal or unmoral but "shit happens", doesn't it? For everything else, we have security forces and attorneys, (about 30% of all adults are involved in "keeping and enforcing the laws"). Long ago, anyone reading my blogs, watched my performance as a public servant who was not subservient to any special interest groups, a businessman who succeeded against all odds including our ulta-conservative banks back then, as one of the angry people who early on saw this once great nation slowly slide into decline. We may still be the best nation to live in and we may be for a long, long time, but times "are a-changing'. If we have another huge depression like so many predict, the whole country will look twice as bad as Illinois and the direction this once great state is heading. As to mis-management in our military and secret service hierarchy, its there just like in almost all governments. If you talk to people who have served recently, watch Fox News TV and read other than romance novels and Peoples magazine or watch 'Fifty Shades' more than once, .....one realizes our security forces fight their own secret wars among themselves. Constantly. Do not believe those who claim if we do not stop them over there, we will fight them here. Well, they are already here and like the comic strip, 'them are us". Plus, don't think that if China and Russia are trying to steal our secrets, we have for centuries, tried to steal theirs. Maybe one reason China devalued the Yuan today knowing how it would disrupt our markets???? Enough said for one long sometimes rambling blog. But as has often been said, "there goes Merle again". Right, that's me. Free speech, yu'know.

"Black Lives Matter" - Stupidity in Action

Here is what I think of the leaders of this stupid movement by stupid people. Black lives leaders should be splattered everywhere they surface by any manner available. Open season forever.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Yup, No Trump

The Donald is no debater and no politician. Arrogant, angry and hostile, but right in most of his beliefs as to what is wrong with this country and what he would do to restore our dignity. But divisive by attacking Rosie (who I can't stand either), calling EVERYBODY in Congress stupid and stating that he would not promise to support a Republican for the nomination to be our next president, killed ANY chance that the establishment would nominate him in Cleveland next year.

All candidates had good visions of WHAT they would do if elected which is what all politicians say even if they know it's not doable.

Yup, Trump is out and I have no idea who is in. However, there are 5 more debates to come and it's like the song, "It's a long, long time from now to September" next year when the voter has determined what Democrat or what Republican they will vote for who they hope will be our next President. Under no circumstance would I support another Democrat to lead our country. Whether or not, I probably won't be around to see if anybody can stop this countries accelerated slide to 'wimpism', a new term I have for the path our current leadership is taking. Obama will go down in history as the worst president to lead this country since Harding.

If any Democrat is elected, this country will be in deeper do-do by far than the mess we are in today. And that includes most state, city and county governments,especially in Illinois, Detroit,Baltimore and Peoria.

Yup. I watched all 5 hours and all the politicians except Rand and Donald, said all the things politicians are schooled to say. And yes, most of them believe what they say, doable or not.

Advise to Trump. YOU ARE NOT THE RIGHT PERSON TO START A THIRD PARTY. PERIOD. You represent a large number of angry Americans but you are to brusk and you do not come off well as a likable top dog in politics.Stick to your business acumen and use your billions to help elect the Republican nominee. May you will be named Secretary of State. You have the balls for the job.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Peoria Journal Star - Forgotten Headlines

I could list them by the dozens. But here is one that really stands out. Date - 12/15/2011. "Pioneer Parkway extension seen at TOP PRIORITY FOR CITY" written by John Sharp, a good reporter unheard of recently. Unheard of is also this TOP PRIORITY.

Expect it to surface again in 2040.

Or probably never as our National Debt will be $36 trillion by then.

Or more.