Sunday, September 09, 2012

General Dynamics - Jennifer Navarro

Ms. Navarro is Director, Government Relations (GR) at General Dynamics along with another GR person.

She introduced me to her boss who is a VP of Public Relations at General Dynamics and a former Colonel who served in Vietnam. Ms. Navarro has a background in nuclear energy and was 6 years a navy pilot.

General Dynamics is currently building at least one more nuclear submarine and is concerned about Obama cutbacks in defense spending. Obama plans to make us all equal with countries like Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Cuba.

You all know what is coming next if we don't vote this would be 'Premier of World Order' with the Capitol probably based in the Mideast. Events move fast in this world of high tech and world politics and worldwide finance.

Example: How many politicians and voters were aware of the manipulation of the libor rate now making headlines in world news like the Wall Street Journal with never or hardly a mention in local papers like the Peoria Journal Star?

Never forget that there are many good Muslims -- but most look to the Koran as being their guiding light and Obama is an ADMITTED Muslim.

One of those days when I didn't have my camera and I met so many people and trouble remembering names, can't read my own writing at times and am not blessed with 100% hearing. But I believe I got the General Dynamics info correct.

Jennifer Navarro on LinkedIn

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