Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bradley Sports Disapointment - Again 1/24/08

What a terrible disappointment after watching Bradley basketball last night to learn that two male players who participated in Bradley's close basketball win last night had been arrested at approximately 1:00 A.M. Sunday on alcohol related charges.

More disappointing was Coach Jim Les statement that both players had already served their punishment. What a travesty. It was not long ago that a Bradley basketball player was arrested on a drug possession charge and suspended for a season by, I believe, the NCAA. Bradley's athletic directer and coach went "to bat" for the "student" to try to get the association to reverse their decision so the druggie could continue to play for Bradley. Since the story died in the JS and I don't recall the player since listed in the lineup, I suspect Bradley lost their appeal.

Bradley's AD is quoted as saying "It's very disappointing, unfortunately underage drinking is prevalent in college athletics. But it's also prevalent in college society." What a lame excuse.

What is going on in our colleges today makes me very sad. As an ex-coach, I am appalled that Bradley is so desperate to win at any cost that the coach and AD have lost control of the situation.

A few years ago, Bradley recruited a good basketball player. Fortunately for the reputation of the school, he transferred. I believe if war came to this country, he would either flee to Canada or fight against the United States.

Be compassionate, some people say. Give them another chance. They had their chance. They were on a college varsity basketball team that many clean living young men would pledge their support and never break any rules. Or what weak rules does Les have? None, I suspect or the players would have been suspended for at least a couple of games if not for the season. "Prevalent" in sports, the AD says. Prevalent because of weak administrators and AD's, I say.

Where at one time I pledged 10% of my estate to Bradley, these days I do not even donate to this liberal college with it's killer pranksters and many spoiled kids who should be in Iraq or outside learning to work. (I don't overlook the majority of kids, many extremely talented and positive results driven, who go about the business of being educated and turn out to be responsible contributing citizens).

JS reporter Lonnie Schwindenhammer wrote an article titled "Too many people behaving badly" He writes, "across the Atlantic they are known as hooligans. Here we call them jerks, buffoons and criminals" and he just talking about the fans. In 2004 the Cairo basketball team was banned from postseason play. He continues, in Milwaukee, public school administrators banned fans from future games after a fight that resulted in 10arrests.

A recent study showed that almost one in 10 athletes admitted cheating. 13% said they tried to hurt an opponent. 31% said they had argued with an official. 13% said they made fun of a lesser skilled teammate. 27% had acted like bad sports.

Recent reports show that cheating is an epidemic in our schools, athletes, students, some teachers, principals and coaches.All our local public schools, I believe, are burdened with the cost of security all day at each school and most major athletic contests.

We recently read all about Cardinal baseball player Josh Hancock killing himself driving while drunk. Maybe some high school or college coach could have counseled him before he made the big leagues.

Recently a local coach resigned stating the reason being "problem parents". I know something about that because I was head coach in elementary and high school.

Then comes a passel of rich spoiled talented "looked up to" athletes like Vick, McQuire, Bonds. Sosa. LaRussa, Ankiel, Marion Jones, some local basketball players,the Decatur High School seven and the Idaho Falls Checkers baseball team who finished the season at the Red Lion Motel in Idaho Falls, leaving with pillows, remote controls, blankets and comforters.

Then there is the former Bradley basketball star who played in the NBA and stuck his former college coach with a four figure loan he never repaid.

I'm extremely disappointed in Bradley's AD and basketball coach. You don't build character by playing kids who have violated team rules unless you don't have any rules. Or is the school so desperate that they must win at all costs?

I hope someone passes this blog on to the new administrator and some trustees. Maybe post it on the JS Sports Forum.

Weak leadership all over this country has allowed past generations and present generations to become cheats, liars and shirkers.

It appears the inmates have taken over from those in charge and in some cases there appears to be no difference between them. And the fans don't seem to care, just as long as "their" team wins.


Sanford said...

Re: "More disappointing was Coach Jim Les statement that both players had already served their punishment. What a travesty." I couldn't agree more.

Neither Les nor Kavanaugh have the moral maturity and courage to instill confidence they are preparing their keep for adulthood. Thank God Glasser seems to see the bigger picture.

What I don't understand about your article, Merle, is the the implication that something 'liberal' is the root of the problem. Are Les and Kavanaugh liberals? I don't know if the are or not.

From my reading of blogs/Internet/PJS/etc. political affiliation has nothing to do with who wants to give the BU basketball players a break. My impression is its diehard Bradley fans who are "win at any cost" promoting some leniency. I don't know that "win at any cost" characters liberals or conservatives.

It behooves you to remember another rich "spoiled kid" who spent a good part of adulthood in a stupor, avoided war via privileged enlistment in the Air National Guard and fulfilled his military obligations in an indistinct (at best) manner.

Conservatives, over the last 7 years, take a back seat to know one when it comes to contributions to the decline of our society.

Merle Widmer said...

Thanks, Sanford for your kind remarks and questions. I only know that Kavanaugh and Les made a serious mistake. I do know that a large number of college professors are too liberal in their teachings especially in the past few decades. I should have made a distinction because I am a bit of a liberal myself. I'm probably still disturbed about a Bradley professor who addressed our social group and said he tells his students that "there are no truths." That would be like telling a depressed student that there was "no hope".

That Wilson was in the lineup allowed Bradley to beat ISU there probably is no question. That our permissive society is and is going to cost us dearly is also no question. I benched a senior and captain of my high school basketball team for staying out till 3 AM the day of the game in violation of team rules He thanked me for the lesson learned when I met up with him about 15 years later. His parents, influential in the community, I doubt. Liberalism with over protection and permissiveness, is my connecdtion to the AD and coach.

I will withdraw my comments on being liberal and restrict it in the future as I've done in the past to proven "bleeding liberal". That I might again contribute to Bradley is also a possibility depending on the diretion I believe the institution is heading.