Tuesday, June 03, 2008

America's Isolation According to Barack

I listen carefully to what Senator Obama is saying such as America is "isolated".
Question: If America is so isolated why are so many people trying to get to this land of opportunity legally or by "hook or crook"?

His whole speech tonight was socialist and populist. Free government money for all who have their hands out. Almost every program supported even by Clinton and Bush administration were wrong according to this demagogue.

We don't have free health care for all? He evidently hasn't visited a hospital emergency room on a Saturday night, even here in Peoria, let alone Philadelphia.

If he is elected the future of this country will be frightening. Keep following what is being uncovered about the "real" Barack Obama. Listen to black people like Juan Williams. Hope you have read his book "Enough". This book will not be required reading by the young college liberal students or recommended by their teachers.

For a man who preaches unity he sure hates everyone with wealth while collecting millions of dollars in income each year


dd said...

Yes, visit an emergency room in Peoria or Philadelphia on a Saturday night, or any night for that matter. All those undeserving welfare mooches with nothing better to do than go down to the emergency room and suck up some free health care at the taxpayers expense. Waiting around for hours for emergency care. They're probably faking or even if they have acute medical problems, its there own fault, right? And how about the ones that don't really have an emergency, they just want some routine medical care, and would rather hang around the emergency room than just make an appointment with their own physician like we all do. When are so-called conservatives and republicans going to get a clue. This kind of rhetoric, denying that there is a real systemic health care problem in this countryr, drives people to consider the more extreme solutions to the problem advocated by some democrats. The answer is not "socialized medicine", but leaving health care to the "market" like many republicans advocate, is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Part of Obama's appeal is the perception that he brings something "new" to the table. I'm not saying that I agree with this, but you would think that the republicans would engage the discussion with new ideas and not just just trot out the same old rhetoric about anyone who doesn't have health insurance is a lazy, welfare mooches and that attempts to provide better health care for everyone is "socialism". How about something new for a change? If you continue to deny that there is a systemic problem, and instead blame our woes on the poor, minorities, (illegal) immigrants, etc. your going to lose in November and beyond.

ep_blondie said...

Evidently dd has never visited an emergency room ever! Yes, there are poor people who are truly ill. But they are a lot more people who have sore throats, headaches, toothaches, and are in need of PREGNANCY TESTS who clog up local emergency depts all day and night. You walk into an ER and you WILL get helped as the hospital is FORBIDDEN from turning you away. Then you walk out and don't pay a penny. I call that one heck of a health plan. Obama says we're "isolated" - what about trade? He's against free trade! How are our corporations supposed to do business in this age without selling to a country other than our own???? And don't start with "Well, Pedro's working conditions aren't as good as ours so we shouldn't have free trade with his country." It would be disgusting to have America fall deep into recession all because some rich Democrats felt Pedro's situation was more important than ours. However that's a closer reality than we all think...

dd said...

Ep_blondie, you make a good point. Our emergency rooms are crowded with non-emergency patients. But if these people have non-emergency symptoms, why do they go to the emergency room for help. Probably because, as you point out, the emergency room has to treat them. What if we had a system where these people could take there non-emergency problems to a non-emergency facility. Maybe a clinic funded by public money, or maybe we could somehow have a basic level of health insurance for each person so that everybody could be treated the same with regard to basic health care? As for Pedro, I would like to think that Pedro and dd and Merle and Blondie and everybody can all someday have decent working conditions.

ep blondie said...

"What if we had a system where these people could take there non-emergency problems to a non-emergency facility. Maybe a clinic funded by public money..." Because I don't want to pay for their pregnancy tests! I would imagine I'm already paying...a new system would just take more from my family's living!

dd said...

Blondie, I think we can agree - universal health care, but no pregnancy tests. I'm on board with that.

Merle Widmer said...

Hi Blondie'

Peoria does have at least one free health Clinic called Heartland Community Clinic on the north bluff.

Believe there is a free dental clinic on the Southside also plus several homeless sites that will help with health care. Also, the Southside Office of Concern who now own the re-habbed YWCA will assist in getting free or low cost medical care.

And DD, you left out all the drug users and gangbangers who seem to flood the emergency rooms late at night and on weekends. And the pregnant 12 year olds with STD's.

White, black, and illegals are all there at taxpayer's expense.