Monday, July 27, 2015

GOP Elite Have Their Panties in a Bind

Yup, it's Trump. What I want is this arrogant, successful businessman and wealthy U.S.A. loving leader, who has the guts to say why this country is going to hell at a faster pace than most sit-com loving people realize. I do not agree with some of his arrogance but he earned the right to be heard. He did not intend to blanket all illegals who have been here because our leaders let them be here and who have made a success of their lives and contributed to this country.

Trump is talking about the illegals that swarm across our border every day, many of them already criminals and who get more benefits than the poor who are here legally. No other major country in the world has a more porous border.

A friend was concerned about his morals while at the same time admiring the Kennedy adulterers and Franklin Roosevelt, an adulterer. And many admire the Clinton's, both an adulterers.

Yes, iot is very true that unless you have walked in person's shoes, you do not know what they really think and why they believe there actions are justified. If they break a law; and thousand of laws are unreasonable, they should be convicted by a fact seeking jury of their peers or a fact seeking judge.

And, no, I have never been convicted of any reasonable or unreasonable law.

This country should be VERY tired of the good old boys and girls clubs that are running this Titanic. You scratch my back, then I will scratch yours. Unfortunately, if a politician doesn't succumb, he probably won't get reelected. I've been tired of it for years.

While I seldom listen or read Limbaugh, I did today, and he is exactly right. And no, I am not Republican but an Independent. However, I would vote for most any Republican over almost any Democrat although I proudly voted for Democrat SA Jerry Brady

My suggestion to the Donald is that he accept donation up to $1000 so he gets more people involved. He must not go this campaign with a small number or hard workers. If he realizes he won't get the Republican nomination and starts a third party, both he and the Republicans will lose. This country needs and has needed since Perot, is a sold thinking President, not incumbent to any special interests. But maybe this country deserves another Democrat. If you recall, I predicted a revolution in this country in the not too distant future. That is a major reason the this phony joke we have as are current president, wants us all to turn in our weapons. I suppose after the slaying of 5 people by a knife wielder that was noted in last week news, he and his ilk may start a campaign to turn in all knives.

Obama stills thinks he may someday lead a Muslim dominated world. And that world won't lead with compassion, a term so often used by those who claim to be DEEPLY religious but often need to look in the mirror for a long while as they reflect all their immoral acts committed or are still committing and have buried deep............

At 90, I'm still around to piss people off but this country badly needs a couple million younger people who mostly agree with what I blog.