Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama - Fundamentaly Dishonest

If I only believed half of what I read including one of his books, the man is a proven liar. Now that 5 Supreme Court Justices have made a correct interpretation of the our Constitution by upholding an individual right to bear arms, we supporters know that if this fundamentally dishonest man is elected to the top position in our country he will appoint 3 new justices the likes of Souter, Ginsberg, Stevens and Breyer.

Justice Scalia wrote that Constitutional scholars over the decades believed in individual rights. It is ironic that so many Democrats believe that the government has intruded too far into our rights, such as our methods of persuading terrorist oriented prisoners to tell the truth and save many lives, voting against surveillance techniques that do save individual lives and could prevent a nuclear attack on our country, stopping the development of more of our natural resources while alternate energy plans are incubating, protecting the rights of radical individuals who use violence to stop projects in which they disagree, demanding free medical care for all individuals except the wealthy and even the right of an individual to protect themselves from unprovoked attacks including attempted rape.
Yet these same Democrats and some Republicans want to deny individuals to defend themselves from those whose intent is to do bodily harm to an innocent.

I mention abortion as individual rights but I will not enter into a debate on this site. Also unions, which were formed to protect the rights of an individual even if that individual is worthless on the job, disruptive or files false claims against management.

My sincere respect for Judges Scalia, Roberts. Kennedy, Thomas and Alito. Also to Richard Anthony Heller and his supporters Shelly Parker, Tom Palmer, Gillian St. Lawrence, Tracy Ambeau, George Lyons and their lawyers Robert Levy, Clark Neily and lead counsel Alan Gura.

Be ever vigilant. If Obama is elected expect this decision to be reversed as soon as he appoints three new very liberal Supreme Court Justices.

A friend just reminded me that if we let men marry men, women marry women and legalize all abortions, eventually there may not be so many left leaning liberal Democrats in this country.



Peoria AntiPundit said...

Give it up. Obama is your next President and after the train wreck that has been President, I can only hope (and pray) the "Decider" doesn't do anymore damage before 01/20/2009. You are starting to sound like Faux News and the only thing older than that is their audeince.

Knight in Dragonland said...

Alito (age 58), Thomas (age 60) and Roberts (age 53), barring tragedy, aren't going anywhere soon. Kennedy (age 71) - the current swing vote - and Scalia (age 72) may step down in the next term or two. Stevens (age 88) is the most likely to retire soon, but he's on the liberal wing. Ginsburg is 75, Breyer is almost 70, and Souter is 68.

I guess I don't understand Conservative paranoia at this point in history. It seems much more likely that Obama, if elected, would be replacing liberals on the Court in his first term ... not conservatives. So what if liberals are replaced with liberals? Certainly there might be more to fear for conservatives if Obama's elected to a second term, but Kennedy and Scalia could certainly hold out for 8 more years ... look at Stevens!

merle widmer said...

We probably are paranoid because so many decisions become the law of the land by the difference of one vote.

If Obama is elected I'll support him and hope he isn't the person I think he is.

We already know that in four years, further movement toward socialism will do severe damage to our country.

Anonymous said...

"...the man is a proven liar." I don't see anywhere in your post where you show how he is a 'proven liar.' Seems to just be a dig at him when the article really has nothing to do with the man.

Anonymous said...

Let me see------Liar = Bush
What else is there to say.

Merle Widmer said...


I have about 6 posts on Obama. He is a proven liar and to Peoria Anti-Pundit, no one is going to be voting for W this fall unless your comparing W to Obama??