Friday, June 27, 2008


Anyone who reads me know that I am not skilled in the use of my computer. One reason may be that I do not want to be because just the composing of my lenghty blogs is stressful.

it is also stressful to carefully compose an answer to a comment on my site and then I touch a wrong key or hit preview and publish but my return comment some times does not show up on my blog site.

I have published over 540 blogs that all remain on my sidebar archives. If you are a frequent reader you generally know how I feel on the subjects which you ask me to answer. I remind you that my blogs may not be in sequence because I may create a draft and finish it days later.

But instead of replying to your comment with my comment, I will write a new blog to dialogue with you if what you question is worthy of a continuing swapping of facts or thoughts.

Thanks for reading me. In politics, I many friends of all parties including many who don't vote. I wish they would but that is an individual right. Some smoke, drink and eat to much. I wish they wouldn't but that is an individual right. It is the right of individuals that have made this country the greatest country in the world. If it isn't why does everyone want to get in and no one leaves permanently, even those who our screwing this great country up and might fit in better in some other place in the world. I've mentioned exotic places like Zimbawee, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

In my regular life, it is how you treat me, if you are a contributor to our society as most of us still see our society and culture, if you are "basically" honest, and if you add something that most of us can appreciate and enjoy.

And yes, I have a right to own a gun and will have more reason to if this country slides more toward socialism regardless who is elected President.

I want to mention that as a Chicago Cub follower, I note more Cub hats and shirts being proudly worn. I'm a pragmatist, at least, I believe I am, so I suggest you not bet the house and your husband on a World Series title.

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