Thursday, November 30, 2017

"The Hill" Again Posts Democrat Shiff's Half-Truths About Sessions Testimony.

Read all the way to the bottom of the false headlines and you will see that Sessions had already answered the question. Democrat Shiff, a Trump hater, is another reason why DC is still called "the swamp".

Angela Lansbury - Welcome to the Crowd

Ms. Lansbury says her words were 'taken out of content". Now she knows how the viscous left wing mainstream media have treated our President and his family before and in his first year of office. We need more wealthy Conservatives to buy up the media and invite conservative writers opposite of Franken, Rose, Keillor, Sassone, Sherry Cannon, the  Clinton's and their motley lot.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Obama's "Unaccompanied Minors" Law Abject Failure

Many of these "South of the Border" children went directly to terrorist gangs like MS-13. Idea maybe sounded good. Especially to the unread and inattentive. Enforcement of the law under Obama, failed. Many of these "children", now grown up gang members, are being rounded up under President Trumps's authority, 214 from latest info, and sent back to their source of entry. But hundreds more;  recruited by gangs legally under this law, are still active and a threat to society. And a great cost to our safety and tax dollars.

History will name Obama as one of the worst American Presidents and Donald Trump will be near the top. The burdens Obama foisted on taxpayers is enormous and billions and billions are being spent to repeal and enforce. With an 147 identified number of terrorist groups in this country now, waiting or acting for the downfall of this once great country.

My Thanksgiving message to you, Barack Hussein Obama, is go away and shut up. You left disaster after disaster for President Trump to try to clean up. An impossible job, but one President Trump is accomplishing while under attack by those who applauded you and your ilk's, horrible performance.

The "Swamp" in Washington, is still a long way from being cleaned. Thousands of hateful Bureaucrats need to be removed from any political office.

Everywhere including Illinois among the top worst.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Charlie Rose Fired For Sexual Mis-Conduct? One Step Taken In Removing "Fake" News

When I first read him in a Democrat Tampa newspaper, his writing disgusted me. Maybe NOW will hire him as a publist. Or maybe he will change "colors" and write for the White Supremacists??

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bill Clinton - Lucky Guy Getting a "Blow Job" While Talking to Hillary on His "Secure' Line

And under the Presidential Desk. Wonder what Kim Hung Low thought about that??? And now some b.....s remember old George H. W. Bush brushing their skin tight clothes over their no panties Botox butts . The press didn't report the "no panties part"???

Trump May Have Momentarily Mistaken a New Zealand Offical to Be Trudeau's Wife - What a Fabulous Story

Such brilliance displayed by a third class, as classes go, by reporters. It it safe to touch an Asses ass? To late to apologize to the ASS if it happened 40 years ago.My Dad had a pair of white Asses on the farm. We sometimes patted them on their asses but usually you needed a 2+4 to knock some some sense into them. Hmm..

Oh, the news these days is so shocking. AP  or was it NBC that baited a General to appear live on TV to say he would stop Trump from starting a Nuclear war. Please show me an ACTUALLY CONFIRMED RELIABLE SOURCE WHERE TRUMP SAID HE WOULD START A NUCLEAR WAR. I won't hear back because my message is read by the instigators of FAKE NEWS. (about 50-50 these days)

Are reporters and left-wing mainstream medias concerned about Europe falling apart? They are?? I thought our biggest concern right now is who put their tongue in someones mouth. If that really happened the odds are she was HIGHER THAN A KITE. If not, why didn't she turn her head and close her mouth. Or, if she had her mouth open, why didn't she clamp down on his tongue.???

At least we are allowing Europe to take a comedy break and "forget all their troubles".Who is keeping an eye on N. Korea?  Mike Baker???

That's what Baker wrote about me when I was elected to the Peoria County Board. 7 times up for election and 7 times elected. 7th time I was ACTUALLY GIVEN A SMARZY ENDORSEMENT by Mike and Company. Probably forgot to say thanks. Darn.

Heard Laura Nightingale is no longer employed at the JS. Who will be next to be let go???

LeBron James Confirms What We Have ALWAYS known

If you are a really good athlete, you are going to play, "come Hell or high-water". We have always known that but thanks for reminding us, LeBron.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Just another attempt to embarrass Trump. Fortunately for a whole bunch of assholes, I am not President. Reminds me of an old saying, "If assholes could fly, the armed services and the airlines, would need no jets".

Republicans Can Do Nothing Right - Presidential Candiate Hillary and Her Impeached "Husband" Can Do No Wrong.

Treasury Secretary and his wife criticized by the way they look by the far, far, left wing Socialism bent Associated Press. And no greater love for the sore loser Democrats has ever been shown by the JS and their super-hero, the Washington Post,.No attention is called by these Socialist bent medias that show that Hillary and Bill have had the bags under their eyes, removed again.

Reminds me of an old Nursery Rhyme about Jack Spratt and his wife.

Getting sadder and sadder.

Moore Should Probably Withdraw From Politics Until These Charges Have Played Out

Doubt if he can sue if he is feels it is worth the hassle. Wait 40 years to make a claim that the sore losers love and probably instigated? And I'm sure those making claims need the money and publicity. For some, it is a tough life if you are never in the news.

Probably moving on would help his party. Also give him full time to enjoy what is left of his life. Strange, don't some of my readers think, that all these claims are coming forth in Trump's first 11 months (out of 48) in office.

Democrat leaders and their ilk will do ANYTHING to justify their loss last election. But if people want to put them back ion charge, this country will be flat out Socialist. Probably 50% want Socialism anyway.

I won't go into more details as to why. Would just insult so many as it would be difficult for me to explain without painting with a broad brush.

Sad state of affairs the way this country is going the way of England.

No, I am not a fan of Moore's politics but less a fan of his Democrat opponent.

Democrats and Their "Un-Proven News" Supporters Continue Multiplying

Courtesy of a friend. Merle

I find it odd that this story came up after the primary and after decades of service by Roy Moore.  Why did the Washington Post reporters wait until after no one else could be put on the ballot to run a 40-year-old story?  Isn't it also strange that a supposed sexual predator would have all of a sudden quit going after young girls 40 years ago?  Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Bill Clinton never quit.  Clinton couldn't control himself even when he was in the White House.
Who gave the reporters the story?  They certainly didn't come up with the story on their own, and the women didn't come to them, so how did they get it?  Did the Democratic National Committee funnel money to a law firm so it could pay someone like Fusion GPS to come up with this?
We know from DNC emails last year that there was a stable of reporters Democrats could plant stories with and that they would print the stories with few questions asked.  We also know from Ben Rhodes at the White House that the Obama administration could plant false stories on the Iran deal with reporters that they would run with no questions asked.  So who planted the story?

The Roy Moore story has a familiar ring and methodology to it.

Harvey Weinstein - Some Food For Thought and To Ponder

I have no direct knowledge of Mr. Weinstein's actions unless he admits them so I will not be a Judge or Jury. I have only once appeared before a Judge who found me NOT  guilty. But I was found guilty by hateful (and arrogant) people like Jim and Jerry Stowell and the local medias. But these this thing I do know. Women are great gossipers. So once Mr. Weinstein made an unwanted advance to a women, word should have traveled fast among the Hollywood women clan or clans. So why did they other women KEEP coming to him or let him come to them?

Heavy use of  the tons of cocaine shipped into the U.S.A. with alleged big users in Hollywood? Or are the heavy users in towns like Congerville or Goodfield? I hear it is expensive so it would seem logical that the rich would be the biggest users. Don't believe you will find meany of them in rural communities. But Hollywood?? What's cocaine got to do with these charges? Hmmmm

Interesting questions, Merle

Peoria City Installs New Sidewalks on Giles Lane and a Cross Way Over a Ditch On Sheridan??

While the roadbeds remain among the worst in the nation. School attendance is down because people are moving out of Peoria.

The cross-walk over the ditch along Sheridan is interesting. It leads into Donovan Park and the nearest cross street is Austin. It is also surprisingly marked with two SCHOOL CROSSING  signs yet I know of no schools within an approximate mile.

Who are the City Council people for these two districts? Please explain your rationale.

On 4/28.09, or 8 years ago, a former resident, in a Letter to the Editors of the Journal Star, wrote, "I lived in Peoria for 22 years and I understand the weather conditions. My last two visits were in December 2008 and April 2009. I have never experienced such poor roads and highway maintenance. It is a travesty that these problems have not been corrected. The wear an tear on motor vehicles in the condition that is the present time only result in added cost to this fine area of the United States".

He also asks what did Ray LaHood do during all those years in Congress an Secretary of Transportation and Obama? It is appropriate that the highway that divided Peoria forever is name after Ray LaHood. (My comment)

The title of his comments is "Poor Conditions of Peoria Roads a Costly Embarrassment".  How true. Another reason why Cat has moved their headquarters??

Why am I still here? Ask my wife. She likes the weather and high taxes.

Peoria, Il. 13th Worst Hospital Care In the Nation??

According to a survey listed today on Newsmax, Peoria is ranked 13th among the worst 25 in the nation.

Interesting. I will make no comment but the worst care I EVER had was at Unity/Methodist this year. Plus they billed my carrier $35,000.00 for my two day stay. Total time spent talking to the two  MAIN doctors was about 10 minutes. One of the two said I needed to stay a 3rd day was because of a prescription I needed. I asked if he could not call the prescription into my pharmacy and I could pick it up. He said said yes. I then pleaded to be dismissed. After some evident debate, I was dismissed. I called my pharmacy for the prescription. They never did receive one.

They did not discover my reason for admittance. Food was really bad. The Jello was OK.

At the other hospital, wait time in emergency appears to be 2-6 hours. Longest I had to wait was 5 hours. There appears to be a need for a 3rd hospital in Peoria.

The report indicates do not not catch pneumonia and go to a Peoria Hospital.
Look up what I blog on Internet.

Monday, November 13, 2017

America - The "Butt" Of All Anti-America Jokes Or The Hypocrisy of Decadent Hollywood and Sore Losers

Mainstream Liberal Left-Leaning media and NOW lead the scream, "Equality for Women" yet I see NO WOMEN playing major league professional football or baseball. I see few women refereeing men's football (NONE) and men's major league baseball. I see a handful of women doing outside construction work.

Why? Good question with an easy answer. And combat casualties are almost 100% men. Note I said "combat".

I once read much about  a woman as major professional race-car driver in this dangerous sport. Only one and no lonerer in the news? A clutch of  want to be be equal IN ALL WAYS. I also note that  most "me" women paraders, just a couple hundred parading anywhere, appears to be parading against Republican alleged "sexual harassers".  No Democrat sexual harassers?? Where are the "hundred's of thousands" taking the streets? And do Democrat women, like Hillary,  believe "oral sex" in the White House, was just part of Democrat Bill Clinton/s  job of pleasing all his constituents? With her evident consent. Last I heard, she did not divorce him.

There are a plethora of blacks that play predominant roles in society. Yet, with the exception of poor Bill Cosby, who happened to agree with most Republicans, I see no "butt" touching or fondling charges against any blacks. Blacks who are 95% Democrats.

In an age where it is alleged that 90% of young girls 14 or younger, have had some type of sexual experience with a boy or a girl or both?? And as a Spalding (now Notre Dame) woman once told me that there were more pregnancies at Spalding High than at any other High School in Peoria. What does this have to do with this blog? 90% of all the Democrats I ever met were Catholic. (As were the disgraced priests.)

Estimates that most all of these "sexual harassment" charges; SOME (40 years) or more are politically sponsored from liberal (in all ways)  women accusrers who have allegedly seen or allegedly had more "pricks" than a porcupine or who were once "spurned' love wise or career-wise". by the accused.

Or, of course, the sore wrong party, losers.

I have an acquaintance who was in the midst of a contentious divorce. He baby-sit their 2-3 year old daughter while his soon to be ex and her girlfriend partied. Shorten the story: He was convicted of sexual assault on his daughter on claims by his ex-wife and "girlfriend" and sentenced to prison. His appeal was heard by a common sense judge who said "this was one of the worst mis-carriages of justice he had ever seen. The conviction was overturned and the wronged man moved out of state to get rid of the super-bitch..

It would please me if his ex-wife and her "girlfriend' would rot in Hell.There must be a Hell or 150+ trillions saints would now occupy Heaven. (HOPE THE SOIL IN HEAVEN IS RICH AND NOT IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RUINED BY EXCESSIVE USE OF MANUFACTURED FERTILIZERS AND THAT GOD CAN SORT OUT THE HYPOCRITES FROM THE SAINTS).

Those Anti-American (nick-named, "Agginers' Against Republicans") welcome all ILLEGALS to this country with open arms, few questions asked. Many who often are betrothed to a nine year old girl and often have the "marriage" consummated soon thereafter. And with multiple wives who they can divorce by saying three times something like "I divorce you".Sure, welcome millions of them to our "compassionate" shores. See what this country is like by 2032 or sooner. ( 174 ALLEGED TERRORIST CELLS IN PLACE IN THE U. S. A.) as I type. Being down deep Socialists, of course, as long as "they are the ones who have the gold; rules".

One benefit of an "open door" policy.  Probably have less sexual harassment "me's".

The left-wing mainstream media, made up of 92% Democrats and the Democrat leadership seem to find no great problem with their "customs" as they have open their arms to ALL (Hillary;'s platform) who seek entry into this ONCE great country.

So many wrongful accusations based on hate and not on facts. Or on partial facts. Remember the Duke University scandal? The accusers learned their stories are better believed if they gang up. So many innocent young women in our society that are "virgins" when they meet the man or woman they will eventually marry.

Ha, Ha.

P.S. My first blogs in 2004 stated that my blogs would not be "politically correct". Sorry to have lost so many "acquaintances. My teacher, through my grade schools days wrote in my Autograph Book, "True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare. False friends are like autumn leavers, found every where". Thanks, Mrs. Nellie Moline.

ACLU - Now Anti-American Run Leadership

At one time I supported some ACLU causes. Not today.

Have a Keurig Coffee Maker?

Join the crowd and smash it. Anytime I enter a restaurant today, I will ask if they have a Keurig Coffee Maker. If they do, I exit.

If stupid people would wait for all the facts to emerge, we would have a better country. Better yet, if they left this country and go to Somalia or Yemen.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Bradley University and Bradley Basketball Memorabilia For Sale

Includes picture of 1951 men's basketball team and members involved in point shaving and championship.  Basketball signed  by Bob Humbles and teammates. Dean Howard and W. (Bill) Hardin prints.  Print #18/150 1978 of Joe Stowell Senior evening by Lawrence E. Pelini.   Call 6188305647 Peoria, Il. Hersey Hawkins signed shirt plus other shirts and many miscellaneous items.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Sheep Huggers Have New Fuel - Blame the Gun, Not the Mental Case

No offense to the sheep. But it is going to become more wearisome as this type of attack in Texas will increase as copy cats search for their one day, or if not killed, many years of infamy. Sheriffs say that 75% of their inmates are mentally ill. Laws to protect a few were passed years ago that prevent mental health treatment or retention of a mentally ill person unless that action is perceived at the time of interview, to be violent.

When my son, Mark, was considered a danger to himself and perhaps others, no organization that interviewed him considered him a danger to anyone.  Our entire family knew he was ill and addicted but were helpless to do anything. I even visited Mayor Ardis at his home and he brought in the head of drug eradication in Peoria and was told he had to first be arrested before they could take any action.Within a month of his last interview by Crisis Intervention and calls to 211 were of NO help, he killed himself while seriously considering taking others with him. I went to his bank in Abingdon to draw out his last $200,  (originally, he had $80,000) to get his car out of impound. The Peoria South side blacks had fed his growing addition, robbed him blind, wrote checks on his bank account, used his car to do whatever all drug dealers do, and the left his car parked in a no parking zone while he was drugged. out.

He asked me to help him draw money from his last Insurance Account, but I asked him to take me off as beneficiary and put his mother as benefactor in event of his death. He did and then asked to withdraw $1000 to pay off his Peoria drug dealers. I told him he would now need to get his mother's permission which I knew she would never give him. He then cried and told me the Peoria black drug dealers will kill him and me also. I did not back down

He retrieved his car (I had already paid to get it out of impound) and came back to my house saying he only had a few dollars left. I walked out his car and found a black man lying in the passenger seat which had been knocked down flat so it would appear there was only the driver in the car. I told the black that if he ever set foot on my property he would be just another piece of crap but a dead worthless piece of crap. My son stood up for him by saying he had a baby I hope he is dead by now. I regret the woman he impregnated did not get listen to organizations like Planned Parenthood that I support.

My son came back to stay over night. When he left the next day to go to Peoria Rescue Mission, my wife sent food wit him. Two days later, he killed himself. He was a good kid, a good young man and loved by his family. But drugs changed. He may have also been bi-polar. He is dead but not forgotten by those who loved him and tried to all ways to stop his addiction that turned him into a different person.

I hear, see and read about their great love for our dead sons. 90% or more are somehow involved in distributing mostly deadly drugs.

I greatly regret the recent massacres and the death of my only son. My son used a car to kill only himself.. Others use any weapon, cars, bombs, knives, etc, to kill others. I support nationwide concealed carry laws wish might have saved many lives and many more in the future.I support the legalization of marijuana. The heavy taxation of the legal distributors would pay for billions of dollars of preventative measure which all legal buyers would need to agree to attend drug addiction classes.

To some of my readers. Surely your denial that making by something illegal, it will be tested by 80% of all your kids, grand kids and great-grand kids. Peer pressure exceeds parental pressure especially where mothers are single and the bastards that impregnate them, are out dealing drugs, drinking and impregnating other woman.

Stop fooling your own mind. Does fooling your mind, ,make you sleep better?

NFL - Boycott All Games November 12 - I Intend To As I Did Yesterday

> National total boycott of the NFL is planned for Sunday,
> November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend.
> Boycott all football telecasts. 
> All fans, all ticket holders,
>  are asked to stay away from attending or viewing any NFL
> games on Sunday, November 12th; let the NFL play to empty
> stadiums.
> Pass
>  this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our
> military, some of whom came home with the American flag
> draped over their coffins. Continue with the weekly boycott
> of televised games, but let’s make this a day the owners,
> coaches, players, and advertisers
>  will notice.
> They
>  have a right to protest if they want to, but during the
> National Anthem is NOT the time or venue!  They 
> show an utter lack of patriotism and total disrespect for
> our Veterans – living and dead – and everything for
> which they put their lives on the
> line!!!
> If
>  you agree, please help this message go
> viral!

Friday, November 03, 2017

Sears Announces the Closing of 45 K-Mart Stores and 18 Sears Stores By end Of January

This is a new list. hope No store in our area will close now but don't take bets that Peoria will never be on a 2018 list..

Tax Breaks Help Trump? Sure. It Gives He and Other Entrepeneurs More Money To Invest and Hire More Workers and Pay Them More.

Elementary,. And allows them more money to buy more "material things". More to donate to charitable good causes. (Not all charities are good, including at least one in Peoria. Look on my search bar under "charities') Maybe help retailers to stop closing up shop.Brings billions of dollars back from overseas and spent here in this country. Collect more taxes, and the list of benefits go on. Please "all the people all the time"? The ill-informed still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny.

So sad.

Electric Vehicles - An Unanswered Question of Energy Savings?

How much electricity, gas, coal, etc., goes into the equipment, material, etc. is needed to produce an electric vehicle? Sure, I know it varies on the size, make, etc.  Just give me a fairly factual estimate. Thanks and think about my question. Might be important.

Rising Taxes? Read on

Go to any "Widmer Peoria Watch" blog and look in the upper left hand corner. There you will see "Search Bar" Type in taxes and hit "go".

Have fun reading why rising taxes have been on hand, on the horizon and now HERE..

Have a worry free fun week end.

Tax Increases Here and On the Horizon - I Warned My Readers Years Ago

On this site. and I correctly predicted rising taxes on this site. No problem for me. I will just ask the elite and the new 200 or so new millionaires in the Peoria area, wealthier than the poor can image, to increase their giving while I,  26 years retired, will decrease mine.And their new wealth is mostly due to the man most of the poor HATE. The left wing news medias and the leaders of the poor are the MAJOR ROOT OF THIS HATE.

Expect theft to increase while the rich get richer. Dozens of books have been explain the whys of this growing gap between the wealthy and the poor. Actually, I have been summing it up in my blogs over the past 13 years.

I'm going to stop blogging today assuming I've lost a few more readers because they ABSOLUTELY DISLIKE A PERSON WHO IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.

You don't like what's happening. Start a new newspaper that prints factual information and elect politicians who only do things to help them win their next election or pad their pensions. My pension is $132 a month. And, no, I'm not bragging but I will pay my taxes and try to encourage better and stronger and more common sense people to run for office.

Want the real facts? Read my 3300 NOT politically correct blogs.

Peoria, Il. Another Fat Food Restaurant Coming to Peoria?

Why no? Let the 40% of obese people eat there and let them pay the higher SALES  tax, not the surrounding residents, the majority who will never eat at another fat (but tasty, of course) food restaurant.

When I opened Widmer's in 1964, none of the politicians welcomed me with anything. Some banks, said, "we don't want you". Until I started adding employees and growing. I rendered a service. What is coming appears to be a place to add to your girth. And the business starved Peoria politicians and some business men like Attorney Bob Hall, who has a VESTED interest, say what's your problem?

You protesters against growth? Nah, I will just never eat in this tasty fat food place which some "Opinion" writers say is our option.  Let Phil Luciano add to his substantial girth in my place. It's his type of restaurant. Famous Daves may lose some of his business.

No, just in favor of more common sense in the political sector, badly lacking these days.Why doesn't the City just give them the two vacant Cub Food stores or convince owners of some of the 500, more or less,  empty commercial buildings in the area, to give them a now empty  building? No rent for 5 years.

Latest Climate Change Report Claims Most Change Is Caused by Humans

Ok, then explain to me why Glaciers came out of Canada and stopped just short of Eureka, Il., just 10,000 years ago and then retreated back North several hundred miles where they are still "retreating today. Probably to return in another 10,000 years from now.Don't add 10,000 years into your already stress minds. Explain please, and make it simple because I have a "simple mind".

Maybe Bison farts and left-over Dinosaur farts caused it to retreat. Maybe a lack of heavy human population caused the glaciers visit.

The U.S.A. is by far, not the greatest polluter. Plus, we have made more progress in controlling pollution that the top 5 polluters combined. Try China, India, etc., and the 237 active volcanoes in our world. According to history books, water has ALWAYS  occupied the vast majority of our Earth. Peorians, like me, who always followed my Dad's advice to build (or buy) on very high land, need not worry about the oceans rise or rivers flooding.

Life is very full of risks. Build close to water, buyers,land owners and renters, beware.

Failure of Projected Attendance Or Census in Partially Taxpayer Funded Facilities in Peoria - Why So Important?

Factual projected attendance at the PRM and the renamed Oberhelman Caterpillar Visitors Center missed by a mile. The renamed Dozer Ballpark has been missing attendance by a quarter mile. Heddington Oaks has 214 beds with an average census of 160, the PPD Riverplex lack of membership is adding to the Park District's financial problems (along with maintenance of the 31,000 foot Administration Building), the lack of attendance at the African Zoo and declining revenue from the golf courses, the maintenance of the the Park owned Playhouse, the strange and unreported census and financial situation of the Pere Hotel, etc.

Louisville Slugger Complex promised 600 to 800 thousand new visitors to Peoria. Hardly no mention of happenings in the JS this year. No word of any National Softball Tournament they were to capture ( nothing about Eastside sponsoring any National Softball this year). If I missed a National held here, I'm sorry an perhaps someone will comment on this site.

That fact is interesting after all the hype.

So retail sales are down with big box stores closing with at least one and maybe two closings in the next 12 months or sooner. If all these projected attendance from all over the region had come true, there would have probably been no closings of retail then and in the future.

I bought a sweater and a pair of slacks at a major retail store this week. I saw a TON of merchandise that looks unsaleable. Markdowns in progress will be expanded as in all other years, but with less buyers.

Peoria is called by the experts a "rural" community. Nationwide, many rural communities or cities are not doing well. Blame it on the Internet?  The enhanced use of hand helds' with more sophisticated devices on the way? Both and much more.

Or on the climate change which has been happening for maybe a trillion years. Might want to read the book, "The Worst Hard Times", by Timothy Egan, somewhat similar to "Steinbeck's"Grapes of Wrath", both books describing in detail the horrific event called the "Dust Bowl" caused by lack of common sense or greed, both by settlers and the government. And during the Great Depression. The pollution was 'dirt', not factory emissions.

Retail in most of five states as part of the Great Plains was not doing very either. For about 8 sad years.

One of the songs popular at that time was "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries". That is until the dust stating raining out of the sky over Chicago and New York, Then the song changed to "Life is Just a Bowl of Dust".The dust missed Congerville, but I watched the clouds of dust miles high in the air from our farm house doorstep. My wise Dad rotated crops, didn't believe in artificial fertilizer and too many pesticides, thus no dust bowl, that are ruining our once fertile natural soil; now and in the next hundred years or sooner.

We had drought and every type of pest that ate our corn and other crops. We didn't help the retail stores much then when income was $4,000 and expenditures were $4500 a year. With payments on a new 5 bedroom house built in 1923 and still in great shape today, Mom, despite bearing 9 kids, maintained both a garden and truck patch. Most city kids today don't live in a home with a garden, much less a truck patch that I would have to explain what one or both actually are to today's youth, especially from the SouthSide of Peoria.

Nope, life is not a bowl of cherries to 80% of the residents of this ball called Earth.

"National Inquirer" Type Left-Wing Medias - Why Aren't They Main Streaming the FACTS Surrounding Crooked Hillary??

If one want's to be see and hear the facts, the best source nationally, is Fox TV. This crooked and lying "b....h" and destroyer of innocents (along with George W. Bush) actually PAID certain Russian people to try to destroy Trump. I haven't seen much negative about her in the Peoria Journal Star or on Newsmax  Their everyday negative long columns are 90%  about Trump. I go to Lakeview Library and glance at the Opinion Page headlines and then keep slipping past the full page ads until I find something factual.

Which is seldom or rare except for the obits and most of the sports page.

Two JS papers at Lakeview.  How many daily readers?  Average is about a dozen. Sign-out slips show an average of 7 daily. The Sanctuary people take up the comfortable chairs. They appear to be sleeping and reading nothing. Wait till it gets really cold. All the comfortable chairs in 3 and maybe all of our taxpayer funded public libraries will have all the comfortable chairs taken by shelter seeking folks from opening to closing.

Except Peoria Heights Public Library which is the nicest and best laid out library in the area.

Bergdahl Walks Free After Causing the Deaths of 5 and the Taxpayers Untold Millions

Rejoining a family that is appears very anti-America. What a great Judicial System we have. If he is a mental case how did he get in our Security Service? Why didn't his Officers note his mental problems and have him discharged? Follow his career now and see how many more millions he will cost this country.

My greatest sympathy goes to those forever grieving families who lost loved ones because of him. I'm sure most of them would have preferred he be hanged. I would.

Being compassionate doesn't always bring the desired results.

So sad for me to see what is happening in this once great country.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Houston Astros Win World Baseball Series - Both Dodgers and Astros Make Cubs Look Like High Minor Leaguers

Fantastic series although 2nd Most Valuable Player pitcher Morton made the Dodgers look pretty bad from the middle innings on. First World Series in my memory where I watched every game. I blogged in early July that the series would be between the Dodgers and Astros with my giving the Astros the edge.

I personally would have picked Morton the MVP as he mowed the Dodgers down in the late innings but George Springer made the big hit as he had in previous games.

Should have bet the farm. No guts.

Seldom did either team' batter swing at bad pitches. Hope the Cubs were watching. NO chance for the current crop of Cubs to go further than winning their division next year. IF the current players can even win their division. I'll take some odds in January.

BelWood Destroyed - Site Now Covered With Grass, Had Potential Buyer??

According to reliable sources, then County Administrator and now Peoria City Manager, had an offer from a local business man to buy the then vacant Belwood Nursing Home for $500,000. It is reported this bid was never presented to the FULL 18 member board.

Instead, the taxpayers paid $1.3+ million to have the building destroyed. Only logical reason, and pay attention, is because as I have numerous times reported the $29 million to renovate BelWood was GROSSLY inflated. It supposedly would have been only $4-6 million for the new owner to renovate the 300 bed facility into some type of elderly living facility.

Did County higher-ups turn down this offer which reputedly cost the taxpayers around $2 million dollars? Name of the proposed  buyer is know to me but will not be revealed on this site.

Was all this done in a face-saving maneuver spear-headed by the then County Board Chairman and then Administrator Urich??

Peoria County is headed for financial disaster down the road. Wait and see. There are some County Board members leaving the board soon. Three, I believe. One Democrat and 2 Republicans.  I suggest voters support and vote for those who have a fiscally conservative resume.

Peoria, Il. County Nursing Home, Heddington Oaks, Has Lost $17 Million Since Opening Day

Insider sources. Chairman Rand, a strong supporter, with ALL Democrat County Board members, of tearing down BelWood, has been trying desperately to keep these figures from the taxpayers. With the help of the JS, of course.

County claims a balanced budget. Maybe true, but that indicates they "are kicking the ball down the road".

Wait and see. Remember the $200 million alone needed for the County Road building as printed in the JS.

Peoria Illinois Riverfront Museum (PRM) Misses Attendance Projection By 300,000 in First Five Years

Caterpillar Visitors Center missed projections by  250,000 in first five years.  (Source- Peoria County Chronicle). And no one is talking about the Endowment which was PROJECTED to be $10 million in five years. Insider source says Endowment is around $3 million.

Don't believe me? Look it up and correct me by e-mail, phone or blog comment.

You won't see any of this information in the JS.

Really not interesting. This has the way the JS has NOT reported news in the interest of the taxpayers for the past 20 years.

NewsMax Constantly Publishes False Headlines

Easy for the left-wing mainstream media to do. Just juggle a few words and figure most people won't read the rest of the article. Today's headline by NewsMax is a prime example. Read the headline and then read the truth from a very reliable source. NewsMax  says they are NOT RESPONSIBLE  for article written to them but they still post them with FAKE headlines.

JS not far behind because they are "married' to the left-wing Washington Post.