Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peoria's Escalating Property Taxes

Here is a copy of another email just received from the person planning on relocating in Peoria from St.Louis, MO. I had just emailed him a copy of what I received from Peoria City Manager Randy Oliver calling attention that the City of Peoria only receives 11% of Peoria County property taxes, Peoria County receives 10%, the Peoria Park District receives 9%, all other bodies including I.C.C., Greater peoria Sanitary District, Library Board, etc., receive 10% combined and Peoria Public School District #150 receives an astounding 60%.

Here is his email:

That breakdown is very interesting. To answer your question, according to the St. Louis County website, the county's park maintenance budget for 2007 is $5,217,090 (that portion of the budget is provided here http://www.co.st-louis.mo.us/budget/Budget2007_Final/Line%20Item%204%20Park%20Maintenance%20Fund%202007%20Final.pdf ).

(Peorian's note: the overall Peoria Public Park District has an astounding budget of $49,800,000.00.)

On that particular topic, my wife and I both spend a lot of time at the gym, so I was happy to hear that Peoria had both a new Gold's Gym and the new RiverPlex. In researching the two I learned early that the RiverPlex was part of the park district, which was an immediate red flag. From all my past experience dealing with government owned facilities inevidably leads to frustration. Beaurocrats simply do not run enterprises such as this as effectively as private parties because, among other things, the financial motivation to please customers is missing (I know I'm preaching to the choir here).

In fairness, though, I was still going give the RiverPlex a fair chance at my membership fees and called to get information on membership rates, hours of operation, etc. After sitting on hold for 25 minutes, my intial reaction was confirmed, and I hung up without ever speaking to a person. With a new Gold's Gym in town, I will not even waste my time visiting the RiverPlex after that display of governmental customer service. There is a plethora of reasons why socialism has always failed its subjects throughout history, and those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It sounds like some of Peoria's officials need some history lessons.


thierry weir said...

So much for central planning...again.

The Soviets erroneously believed the problem with capitalism was that it produced for profit (implying exploitation) instead of for the people's needs thereby denying a basic capitalist principle that the only way TO profit IS to meet peoples needs.

Motivations are simple hence the collapse of the Soviet Union and the adoption by communist China of capitalist economics.

AdamB said...

the financial motivation to please customers is missing

The financial motivation to screw customers is also missing.

Generally that's not a problem unless it's a natural monopoly, or if regulatory agencies are not doing their job.

Anonymous said...

I see the county takes more tax dollars tha the national gold medal winner park ditrict. Arn't you on the County Board? What the f---. Get over your obsessesion with the park district and get our county taxes lower you hypocrytical old fart!

Anonymous said...


You are so stupid and your statement indicates you have no idea what Peoria County does. Come to our full board meeting tonight, and sign in to address the board and make a fool of yourself before the public.

Anonymous said...

Merle, is that you? You tricky little devil.

Anonymous said...

no it is me.

Anonymous said...

I was Googling local gyms, including Gold's Gym, and lo and behold, Merle's blog popped up in one of the links returned by my search. I find it laughable that Merle lied (as usual, to suit his own agenda) by acting as if he was just fumbling around looking for a gym to join and in this way discovered that the RiverPlex is a Park District facility - LOL!!! Merle, you were a vocal opponent of this facility before ground was even broken on it several years ago. You embody sour grapes. Just get over your vendetta against the PPD and use your time to do good work instead of wasting it by constantly whining about the PPD. You were elected to serve Peoria County as a Board member. Please focus on the many challenges that face the Peoria County Board rather than wasting your time fighting your imaginary battles. I continue to question your sanity.....