Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pam Adams Column Revisted

I note our most liberal pacifist and biased JS columnist is making another attack on white people. Her article ends up with “What’s the Matter with White People?” The question could easily be reversed by asking “What’s the Matter with Black People?”
She writes that 25% of the troops in Iraq are black. What the writer leaves out that based on majority to minority, our prisons are also out of balance in population, the failures in the public school systems are out of balance, the number of people on welfare are out of balance, the number of pregnant teenagers is out of balance, the number of people unemployed are out of balance as is the number of uneducated, the number of truancies and the number of kids not listening in classrooms are out of proportion and lastly the number of people who murder and are murdered in Peoria and major cities across the country each year is out of balance comparing black and white population numbers..

She fails to mention that these mostly brave black people were not drafted but enlisted as did my nephew now serving in Turkey where he appears to be getting a better education than he was getting in the liberal college he was attending..

This writer also insinuates that white people are proud of the war. No, the majority of us are not proud to fight any war but we are not afraid to go to war if our government so decides that it is in our best interest as a country to do so. But we ARE proud of those of any ethnic group, race or gender, that serve and do risk their lives to protect people of Pam Adams’s ilk so that you can be employed (possibly because of the JS diversity policy?) and write the type of prejudiced drivel that is often seen in this writers column.

I note that the JS and other newspapers and media sources report of wide spread massacres in some parts of Africa. Some of this slaughter totaling into the millions has been going on for centuries. I suggest that people who have nothing better to do than stand on street corners or write drivel might not better serve humanity in countries with a greater need than this flourishing, free speech, and free economy country and this country that most of us love, the United States of America.

As a post note, my nephew Bill Greytak, Jr., knew the risks involved when he enlisted in the Air Force last year. I do believe that many who joined the National Guard were told they might be asked to serve in any capacity that their country felt there was a need to do so. I also believe that a few who joined the NG or any branch of the armed service did not believe they would be asked to serve in a militant position overseas. I’m sorry that it worked out badly for some, but life is often that way such as when a girl gets pregnant on her first sexual adventure or any youth becomes HIV positive as a result of a casual sex engagement, or young people die in out of control vehicle accidents that they did not expect to happen to them.

As to mistakes made in this engagement in Iraq; there were many made and many of us are unhappy with some of our leadership, but those of us who are educated enough to read history, realize major mistakes were made in every war ever fought by any country. (Mistakes, of course are usually of no excuse.)

I was recently shown an old newspaper dated 1919, I believe, and at the bottom of the page was a small article announcing that over 5,000 bodies were being returned to the United States in just one shipment as a result of our involvement in World War I. (My nephew Richard Witzig, he enlisted, is buried in the National Cemetery in Springfield, a victim of a Japanese pilot in World War II. His name will appear on the war memorial planned for the courthouse square, a small memorial for his sacrifice so that the ilk of Jack Ryan can stand on street corners spouting whatever it is he spouts under freedom of speech laws protected by our war dead and injured and their grieving families).

Most of the dead that died in the service of our country would be crying in their graves if they knew what some relatively uneducated and uninformed people are trying to do to their country.


Stormin' Norman said...

Instead of wasting time picking apart her arguments on an individual basis, I suggest quit subscribing to the paper, much like I did years ago. Admit it, Merle...the only reason you subscribe is to read the obituaries...

Merle Widmer said...


First I look at the "letter to the editors" to see what the "bleeding pacifist poorly educated liberals" are saying, then the comics so I can stay on the same theme and only then the obits!!

Good comment, though.