Friday, September 27, 2019

Jewelry Theft Never Happened At My House

 Number one. I live in a RANCH house with NO upstairs which the JS reporter hinted where the jewelry was stolen and sex probably occurred. Number two. My wife is a confirmed alcoholic. When she cleaned out her lock box at a local bank about a month ago, she brought home the two pieces of jewelry she  said was missing. I had to report to the police on 8/01/13 because she said her two necklaces were stolen. No, the jewelry was NOT insured but I have notified my insurance agent.

Number Three. The woman I invited two my house was NOT a prostitute. She brought an older woman who she said was her aunt and a younger woman who was a college student. There was NO sex as the JS A-s-H  e. hinted in a big article in the JS.

No one ever congratulated me for having the courage to REPORT A SUSPECTED CRIMINAL ACT. The JS reporter never mentioned that thee police report stated the reason for my wife's absence was because she was in re-hab for alcohol abuse.

My intelligent wife is sick with alcoholism which is a most deadly disease. I have tried to separate from her, divorce her or leave her if she kept getting drunk.. Each time she promised to stop drinking. But she can't and eventually she got a DUI. Approximately 20 years we agreed that she wanted alcohol and I still needed the touch of a woman.

She entered Proctor but neither Proctor or her agreed on treatment and she left and will not go back. I have offered to take her to any place in the country and would visit her. No progress so far..

A number of friends have interviened but most have given up trying to help her. I thank all who have helped in so many ways. I can only see a bleak future for her who I still love and care for. At the time of this blog, I am her sole caretaker even though she is 20 years younger than I.

So sad for all concerned including my only remaining daughter, Nancy Cripe, who unfortunately lives about 150 miles away.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Widmer Interiors

I founded this company in 1964. A secretary and maintenance man and $2500 in the bank;and a $2500 line of credit with a bank and a small office at 313 S. Jefferson Street was all I because I had a franchise from Remington Rand Filing Systems. It has been recorded that my business was office furniture but office furniture and office supplies were added when I Re-located the business to the corner of Sheridan and Lake and then I expanded again to University Plaza.

I sold my business to a local person on March 1sr, 1992. Since then I have had no connection to the company except to collect what was owed me which was paid ontime.

Widmer Interiors is located on N. Allen Road. When I sold my business it was a $10,000,000.00 compny with a 3A1 D and B credit rating. The highest ratiing given at that time to a small business.

Widmer Facebook Comment Erased

I'll be talking to a fraud organization Monday. I am now going to post it again.

Widmer Feeling Better: Will Start Blogging Again Today - Subject Prostitution

Be AWARE. Rumors that can be confirmed that legalized prostitution IS alive and well in Tazewell, Peoria and Woodford County. Of course, prostitution  has always been in homes, motels, hotels, strip clubs, etc.and by a large number of the adult mainly population. No, I don't have adult shows of any kind on my computer but I'm 94 and have seen some of what you wouldn't share with your Mother and Father, wife or husband; girlfriend or boyfriend.

I get tired very quickly so this is as much as I will write and as soon as I consult with my libel attorney.what I can blog. However, as one strip club owner told me prsonally told me that "no advertising is bad" for business. I disagree.

Stay tuned.