Sunday, September 15, 2019

Widmer Interiors

I founded this company in 1964. A secretary and maintenance man and $2500 in the bank;and a $2500 line of credit with a bank and a small office at 313 S. Jefferson Street was all I because I had a franchise from Remington Rand Filing Systems. It has been recorded that my business was office furniture but office furniture and office supplies were added when I Re-located the business to the corner of Sheridan and Lake and then I expanded again to University Plaza.

I sold my business to a local person on March 1sr, 1992. Since then I have had no connection to the company except to collect what was owed me which was paid ontime.

Widmer Interiors is located on N. Allen Road. When I sold my business it was a $10,000,000.00 compny with a 3A1 D and B credit rating. The highest ratiing given at that time to a small business.

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