Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Death Penalty

I recently stated my position on the death penalty to the local League of Women Voter (I am a member). They voted to abolish the death penalty. I’ll state my position again, as I did to them, in an article I wrote, “Letter to the Editors” of the JSEB back in the early nineties. I wrote “Remember the Victims” which read as follows: “Now that you have published the “pleadings” of some of our condemned murders, please print some of the pleadings of the victims.

Please don’t kill me!
Please don’t rape my wife and my daughter!
Please don’t shoot or stab us!
Please don’t cut off my genitals!

These pleadings are made with great grief (I would today add, with great fear and terror) All thinking humans favor the death penalty for the majority of heinous crimes.

Eventually, law and order will be restored in the world by people over the efforts of liberals (today, I would say pacifist bleeding heart liberals), in their failing rehabilitation programs.”

When the execution of “animal” Robert Alton Harris was publicized; he is the animal who told one of the two teen-aged boys he murdered in cold blood, to “Stop crying and die like a man”, "bleeding heart liberals" in the U.S and newspapers in Spain, England, Holland and France condemned Harris’s execution as a sinister spectacle and sadism. Most of us called it justice and the speedier the better.

Why don’t those convicted of premeditated terror murdering say, “Let us die like the animals we are?” No, the overwhelming majority of these murderers are looking for the “bleeding liberals” to save them and the “bleeding heart liberals” are succeeding.

For those very few convicted murderers that were poorly represented by counsel, spend your excess energy to change the system starting with paying the public defenders more money and fire them when they don’t do the job they are paid to do; they offer their knowledge and services to every alleged murderer to ensure they receive a fair trial.

I also would today add that a child being raped and murdered would not know what to say because their terror would be unimaginable. May also these “animals” burn in hell and all you who would merely incarcerate and rehabilitate them, providing for them for the rest of their lives and at the taxpayers expense these benefits; protection, housing, no taxes to pay, no work to do, free sex, drugs, gang membership fellowship, food, TV’s, recreation and medical care, move to France, Spain, England or Holland. The rest of us will get along much better without you.

For those of you who honestly believe that no matter how horrible the crime and solid the proof and still believe just incareration and in rehabilitation; I forgive you.

For you far left liberals who read and attack me personally and negatively on my blogs, my message to you is that you are the ones leading this country into the mess most of us with foresight see on the horizon. You are the ones saying “please bring our boys back from the Middle East” when we have the most violent record of accidental deaths per capita than any country in the world; over 43,000 deaths per year; 200 thousand since the invasion of Iraq, plus millions of injuries, just in vehicular accidents.

I want all people serving in one way or another in dangerous places in the world to return safely too, but not before they have helped bring the "outsider generated" violence to some form of stabilization.

Why are those who attack me "anonymously" so quiet on internal degeneration and so vocal about what you really know little about? I believe it is because you spend your time on mindless sitcoms,mindless political comedy shows, long texting messages and endless cell phones calls and watching CNN? How do I know you know so little about the Middle East? When I am at the library, which I am an average of twice a week, I check the date stamps on Middle East non-fiction books and see how FEW people EVER check-out these books.

Yes, I know you go to the Barnes and Noble, Borders, ect. and buy these books on the history of the ME so explain, in detail, why we need $35,000,000.00 in new taxes for EXPANDED public libraries?

All public libraries in Peoria still use the old fashioned “date stamp”. Lakeview has the self-check-out machines but few people use them for three reasons, most of the older people don’t like ‘machines”, (that’s why Lakeview doesn’t use the top and bottom shelf because it is “too hard for old people to reach or stoop) they don’t work a great deal of the time and it’s easier to just dump the books on a clerk and let the clerk do it.

If there was any doubt where I stand on restoring order and respect in this country, this should leave no doubt. And, no, I’m not posturing for any election; I never did and still got elected 7 out of 9 times.

I blogged on an article I read titled “Requiem for a Murderer”, before I started naming and dating my blogs. I believe it was late in 2004. I then stated “George Ryan, an alleged (now proven) liar and a crook, brought up the death penalty debate to try to cover up his disastrous term as Governor of Illinois. We conservatives must have our voices heard more frequently and demand that anyone of any age convicted of a heinous crime would be permanently removed from society within a reasonable amount of time." The “animal” Harris was on death row for 13 years. Our enemies have discovered how weak we are and we are paying for it all over the world, even in this country, and even before Bill Clinton’s terms in office.


AdamB said...
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Adam B said...

I am actually interested to know why you favor the death penalty. But you don't say why.

You address several issues besides the death penalty, but never really get around to why you believe in the death penalty and in which situations.

sweet betsy from pike said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Widmer. It seems like most liberals think warehousing heinous murderers at society's expense makes them feel somehow super-moral and lands them above the crowd. These are the same people who say that all life has value, meaning, validity, purpose, etc. yet desecrate the living with injuring disparagement.
Have an abortion is acceptable since there is no realized human meaning within the fetus but warehouse the murderer of a family of five until he dies naturally though his purpose in life is equal to the aborted fetus and yet has less potential. And I'm pro-choice...even as it concerns murderous criminals with rap sheets longer than my driveway. If we as a society want to get rid of a killer we should have a choice.

Merle Widmer said...


I believe sweet Betsy from Pike reflects my feelings.

Thanks, Betsy

AdamB said...

Well said. Thanks for the clarification. Obviously a very complicated issue (most thinking people would admit, anyway), and it's always refreshing to read differing points of view.

Another question I'm left with is why so many conservative stances are set in opposition to perceived liberal self-righteousness. I thought the "right" was supposed to be the party of morality and righteousness, but whenever the left stakes out the moral high ground, the right accuses them of elitism and "trying to set themselves above the crowd".

What is your take on this consistent conservative inferiority complex? Why is the left the ideology associated with the elite, when almost all of the true elite are highly conservative? Why is the left accused of moralizing and self-righteousness when the right is more closely associated with traditional religious authority?

I would allege that these traits are not confined to either ideology, but you are just as prevalent (if not more so) among conservatives (e.g. the stem cell issue).

ben said...

I must say, Merle, I disagree with you here. I think we should always take away as few of a person's rights as is prudent. In the case of a 70-yr old lady who shook her granddaughter to death, I think a secure looney bin or a minimum security prison is appropriate. For a hardened serial killer, but a lone wolf, a life sentence in max-security prison (possibly with a lot of solitary) would probably be appropriate.

The only case where I think the reasonable approach is to terminate somebody's life is if the convict will be able to continue directing others to commit crime from within prison, or if he is a bone fide prison escape risk, even in max-security lockdown.

As far as I know, it is well known that killing a convicted criminal via capital punishment costs more to taxpayers than incarcerating him for life. A cheaper solution where you don't kill the person (who might be innocent!) sounds like a winner to me.