Saturday, March 03, 2018

Chris Doscotch - Democrat Workmen's Compensation Attorney

Attorney Doscotch was featured by the Journal Star "IN THE SPOTLIGHT' on February 24. The JSEB always determines the LTE title of the writer's letter. "Providing Aid. Comfort to our Enemies" was the title of this WC tort attorney. Naturally, President Donald Trump is the victim of Attorney Doscotch's vicious attack.I quote him, among his other lies and half-truths, he ends his 500 word diatribe demeaning our President writing, " Make no mistake, Russia's activities are acts of war. Absent constitutional removal from office or resignation, Trump will be around for three more years. Let's pray that our democratic institutions, Robert Mueller and the people push back, and that we make it to 2020 without complete disaster".

Sure, we have free speech in this country and I could say that the traitor here is Dotscotch who is aiding the enemy. As an attorney, Doscotch should know their is NOT ONE IOTA OF PROOF in the year long effort by the Democrats to show that the Russians' elected our President.

Not that Doscotch, a Democrat former protege of Jay Janssen; Janssen a WC lawyer, is adamantly opposed and probably contributes to the lobbying groups in Springfield and D.C, to any relief to the employers who bear the burden of so many false claims. Years ago, an employee of my company received gen ours payments of YOUR and MY tax dollars from WC when he claimed and won that he injured his back picking up a typewriter. (A friend of mine asked how he could afford a new car days after he won his claim). Another employee claimed and won WC; saying she collided with another employee as she came around a corner and fell down. I note that she was about 100 pounds overweight.

Doscotch know that Trump and Rauner want to make changes to Workmens Compensation offering more relief from the victim employer. Doscotch knows that had Democrats been elected, he and his ilk have no problem with existing WC laws.

So sad.

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