Monday, March 05, 2018

Socialist Teachers From Socialistic Colleges, Left Wing Media, Are Creating Socialistic Students

NRA a terrorist group, ban all weapon sales, turn in your guns, blame the gun, not the shooter, blame Trump, blame their parents and grandparents who might still believe in Capitalism and blame everybody but THOSE who would harm them. Kids know who is talking violence in the community, not just in school but kids usually don't mention evil to their superiors who they don't believe would do anything anyway.

What I print here has some half-truths. Kids may be smart or think they are smarter than their elders,(and some are) but many of them lack common sense. But all must recognize mental illness as a disease that must be controlled. The country and it's leaders, including our Senator Dick Durbin, who told me personally in 2004 that he was 'working' on the problem

NRA as a terrorist group? What baloney is being fed to those gullible. The members of this organization protect  communities all across America. It's the mentally ill and the criminals that kill innocents, certainly not the NRA. Governments are at work on better solutions but governments often move slowly as it is difficult to get agreement from so many politicians trying to please so many voters with different views.

We all know how and why so many people, including the young, like to showboat. Again, a lot of that is happening now. The shootings are very sad but this country like all countries, have a lot of mentally sick people with friends and relatives who love them and protect them but can't  always stop them from hurting themselves or others.

However, authorities must be notified of the mentally ill who are recognized as potential community hazards and violence. There is often a reluctance to speak out and do the right thing.

I understand the motives of the protesters but, again, their approach to the problems, is half wrong.

So sad.

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