Monday, March 05, 2018

A Partial Solution To the 'Gun Control' Problem

Highly recommend that the School protestors, Trump haters and blamers, NRA hating groups and the usually Democrat School Superintendents in cities the approximate size of Peoria, to ask the School Boards for the use of School buses to transport school protesters and followers, to and from Chicago where killings by gangs with guns are 2+ a day and wounding by gang turf battles are around 12 a day. Book them into hotels; suggest 3 days and two nights, in the areas where the greatest acts of violence take place. Fully fund them for meals only. No drugs of any kind to be consumed enroute or at any time during the extended visit. Send one Security qualified person per bus.

Visit at least 3 Police Precincts. Parent or Parents invited.

Arrange this over Spring Break so no 'learning' time is lost. If school time is lost, have them write a detailed dissertation of what they witnessed and and present, individually, to those students, teachers and administrators who didn't make the trips outlining what steps these Chicago visitors would take to stop the killings in parts of Chicago; killings 10 times greater than ALL school killings combined in just this one City.

In one year.

The NRA would be more than pleased to visit schools and present their position overall and on all unauthorized gun killings in particular at no charge to any school, students,  etc., who are vitally interested in how to handle 'gun control'.

Count it all towards a learning experience in the REAL WORLD. Most sensible taxpayers would happily support since everyone is looking for 'solutions'. Most of the solutions put forward so far are radical but many sane solutions presented,  I support..

What say, anyone???

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