Monday, March 05, 2018

"Protect Peoria;s Water' Campaign Seems To Be Sponsored By Illinois American Water Co.

If so, I want my name withdrawn from the petition. While at this point I am opposed to the buyout, I do not condone IAWC sponsoring their own campaign under a false heading.  While the private company does PAY property taxes as erroneously reported by one Kim Komando in the February 16 issue of the Journal Star; since she supports the buyout and solicited by the buyout supporters,  she  intentionally made that error while neglecting to add the contributions made by the privately owned water company to charity and the countless hours of volunteer work.

I'm waiting to see if the judge has the guts to rule on the current PAAG, multi-millionaires all, lawsuit demanding the City pay, with taxpayer dollars, over $2,000,000. including 13 years of interest at I believe 9%, accusing the City of Peoria for NOT doing due diligence in 2005.

I'm waiting to see how much the due diligence will ACTUALLY  cost. How much over the $400,000 donated by multi-millionaires, all who would benefit by the City owning the water service. Once the service is given to the public, oversight would be REMOVED from the ICC and our already dangerous sprawl would be accelerated by wealthy farmland owners. 

Would the balance of over at least $600,000 for a new due diligence be born by the taxpayers?

Stupid question, Merle

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