Friday, August 05, 2016

Trump Trumps Trump - Smarten up, Donald, to the Way of Politics - It May Even be Too Late Already

Hillary and the Democrats carefully set and bait the traps with knowledge that Trump will step into these liberal media loving traps. And Hillary grins like a possum eating bumblebees.

And Trump goes on the defense, exactly where the Democrats want him to be. So minor incidents and the mis-leading liberal media headlines, which is about all the majority of Democrat voters want to read anyway, distract from the "major" negative stories surrounding the Clintons'.

Ok, Trump is everything you see and hear. But the choice of two poor candidates make it imperative that the Republican voters hold their noses, plug their ears, and vote for the party candidate who will pick the next probably two lifetime serving Supreme Court Justices. As well as bookoo Federal judges. Hillary will bend over backwards to support judges who will "equalize' all incomes, whether earned or not.

Extremely important for the survival of  a modified Capitalism and the slow down the rapid assent of Socialism.

No matter what ANY Republican says, he or they would never get the Muslim vote anyway, Nor the Black and Hispanic vote. Certainly their are an overwhelming majority of hard-working government many of who are Republicans, but there is and has always been a large number of slackers and shrewd businesspeople who live by sucking off the government tit.

I hope the Trump ads cite Franklin D. Roosevelt's incarceration of all Japanese during WW2. And, yes, I would rather have a Japanese family as a neighbor than 90% of any Muslims.

And constantly repeat that Trump said "vet the Muslims more closely" as we do not want what is happening in in Europe to happen here on a much larger scale than at present. But what would you except of the socialist college Journalism teachers  turning out socialist propagandists.

Nor that Hillary is the new female Pinocchio.

This presidential election is so sad. But I will still vote for the bumbling Donald over the corrupt and lying Hillary. And I absolutely hate the left-leaning socialists newspapers and "reporters" that buy their ink by the rail car load.

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