Friday, August 05, 2016

On the "Lighter" Side

Weston Meuth of Canton, Illinois, is confused about the "yellow flashing lights" at many Peoria Street intersections. So Weston, listen up. How did you pass your drivers license test? Yellow mean "caution" The flashing yellow" signals mean you can proceed only when there are no vehicles of pedestrians that you may hit or they may hit you. If you can't SEE a clear path to proceed, wait till your light turns green.

How was that explanation? If you don't understand now, visit the Drivers :License Headquarters in Peoria off Sterling. If you are still confused, please don't drive in Peoria. We have enough bad drivers living in Peoria without you.

Last I heard, the City of Peoria was going to install 17 more flashing yellow lights at intersections. They save thousands of dollars every month.

Thanks. Peoria City Council.

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