Friday, July 22, 2016

Gun Control is Bogus - People Bent on Destruction Will ALWAYS Find an Illegal Source

In fact, many of us believe that we should have a right to own a gun as a defensive weapon in our homes WITHOUT  the gun being registered. These weapons are also used in killings: knives, axes, hammers, ball bats, swords, ropes, wire, axe handles, etc, NONE of which require registration. And, no, the NRA is not in decline just because of the RAPID increase of minorities in this country.

Actually, the rapid rise of minorities, should cause gun sales to rise, especially as noted in Chicago where facts indicate that most murders are black people killing each other. The same is most likely true in other major cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, etc.

The taxpayer funded buy back program was a most stupid program. All elected officials who supported this program, should be voted out of office. Did they REALLY think criminals would turn in their guns??

It's people like these in leadership positions that have put this country in the current and pending biggest messes since the Civil War.

If the Clinton Cabal is elected, all of us still in majority, should be prepared to defend ourselves and locked doors won't be enough.

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