Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump and the RNC - My Goodness, Where To Start

Never in my life have I ever seen a political performance that Donald Trump, his staff, his family and all his enthusiastic supporters, put on such an entrancing show tonight. he made the longest acceptance speech, and me, a detail man also, noted that he never took a drink of water yet had the same strong voice he had when he first started speaking.

Absolutely amazing.

Yet I know his critics are already saying, "yeah great speech but where were the details". To even ask that question is a question of journalist stupidity that so many graduating journalists have been taught in colleges today.

All thru his campaign and during the convention, so many people described Trump as a detail man. He and his advisers are hard at work on the details every waking hour of the day. The details could not be described at ANY of his speeches as details go, they only co,me with all the facts assembled plus speech time to detail each one.

His critic will say, "where is all the money going to come from"? You did NOT hear him say that he would LOWER the National debt although he did mention how extremely fast it has grown and indicated a concern for this rapid growth..

What  his critics cannot say is that he brought the Republicans closer together during this Convention then they have been ever since he entered the fray many moons ago.

"Forgive his trespasses" as they are many. But his possible assets to this country far out weigh his opponent. The now OUTSIDER folks like Ray LaHood, Governor Kasich and organizations like the Christian Coalition, had best come to his support now and not wait till November. Why, if not, these NOW outsiders may be many years on the outside looking in. They should not be stupid enough to not realize that the choice they make may not be the Ted Cruz type, or dear God, not Hillary and Bill.

And yes, I've always accepted gays and blacks as they are people too with the same rights as straights. Unfortunately,  too many times they listen to the wrong "leaders". It is all right to peacefully disagree as that is the "American way". When I was in business I'm sure I hired gays and I certainly hire black and brown skinned people who mostly performed admirably. But lifestyles and color had no bearing on whether I hired or fired them.

Anyway, no matter how the liberal left-leaning media describe this Convention, it has been a tremendous success. And what a fantastic Trump family. And the Pence's are a near perfect fit.

Going to bed. Thanks for reading me and comment all you want but be sure to sign your name as I sel dom print anonymous comments.


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