Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'll Vote For Trump If...........First of Series

he kills HUD. Or fires all top management and replaces them with sane people. (out of the few left in the public housing sector) Privatizes our inept Departments of Transportation. I came up from the St. Louis area on Rt. 55 two Sundays ago. 5 miles south of Lincoln, I first saw a sign saying "left lane closed ahead". I, like so many usually thoughtful drivers, pulled over in the right lane. Cars kept zipping by as we traveled at around 20 miles an hour. About 3 miles further along, traffic speed had slowed to about 5 miles an hour, yet cars kept zipping by in the left hand lane. Finally I pulled back over to the left hand lane, sidled up to a big pickup truck and asked the driver to help me stop these inconsiderate drivers. He readily agreed and together we stayed abreast each other, stopping probably 500 vehicles trying to get ahead of all of us who were now crawling along about 2-3 miles an hour. We finally came to the junction to Peoria and saw what was causing the roadblock. There were no workers, just about 5 concrete patches that were probably thoughtlessly poured Friday as I did not see anyone working Saturday when i went to the St. Louis area. Along Rt. 55 in this 5 mile area, were approximately 1000 brand new barrels, not a mark on any of them. Why did signage start 5 miles away causing many of us to obey the signage and pull over to the right hand lane so early? No sign said the problem was 5 miles away. Finally one sign did say, 2 miles ahead.Is this something new in Illinois? Not at all. Those who manage seldom consider the driver in Illinois, Florida and probably dozens of other states, but Illinois is the worst I've ever seen in my million and a half miles I've driven or ridden in my life. Takes away the ability of the energy cartels to set the same prices at all filling stations, especially in Peoria, Il. He deports the babies of illegal immigrants, along with the mother or relative sheltering them, who illegally cross our porous border to drop their babies, as soon as the babies and mothers, are releasing from free hospital care. ( I spent 7 hours, 5 hours waiting, at a charge of over $13,000; in emergency at a local hospital). Now my carrier and are being charged this excessive cost to make up for all the freebies, illegals and those not covered by a totally unfair ObamaCare) Now, Donald, if you promise to do just a couple of these requests, which of course, you or no other new President can do, you get my vote. More to come from this angry voter; angry at the establishment, who use taxpayer dollars to fly on taxpayer funded aircraft. No paragraphs as usual.

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