Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vote For Bernie Sanders For President? Who, Me?

Surely I jest. I'd vote for Al Franken before I would vote for Socialist/Communist? Sanders. At least Franken is a comedian who is supposed to be funny, if not a good public servant. Over any Democrat, I would vote for the Donald, who absolutely has the Republican elite wringing their panties harder as they try to figure out who among the many Republican candidates could beat Smoky Joe Biden. You Democrats till think Hillary can win? Better read Michelle Malkin's, "Culture of Corruption", which was published in 2009. I recommended this book on this blog site in 2009 as Malkin is a brilliant thinker, talker and author. Malkin pulls no punches in publishing facts in this book, backed by 75 pages of footnotes. Many scary facts about Hillary and Bill Clinton and that was way back 6 years ago. She was one of the leaders who was early warning the voter of having elected the worst leader of this country of perhaps, all times. The shenanigans of bankrupt Illinois Democrat Congressman, Dick Durbin, who personally promised me he was hard at work on a solution for our mental health inefficiencies 10 years ago, are also mentioned on page 58 and 62. Sanders, another wimp who let the mad "Black Lives Matter" group of loud-mouthed 'know nothings' drive him off the stage and caused his address to his followers be cancelled. Many times, I have been called a racist by people who are ignorant of the fact that 2 of my best employees, Mildred Hopkins and Iva Hinton were black. Also, on my sales team, was Bobby Humbles. Bobby and I played tennis at Monte Carlo when I took he and his first wife on one of the many trips my company won. Bobby and I were also doubles partners; Bob stared on the basketball team I played on and sponsored as we won three titles at the Clubs at River City. Bobby is still my insurance agent today. David Booth, Dana Davis and several other black employees were hired by me. Former Bradley Professor Williams, his first name escapes me, thanks me for the work I have done in this community every time he sees me and he calls me his "mentor". Yes, Professor Williams is black and a community activist. I saw him at Lakeview Library just a few days ago. He, like I, am and have been, extremely concerned about the effectiveness of the leadership at Peoria Public School District #150. (Read my many blogs about the situations at #150). Back to "Black Lives Matter". What a stupid name led by the type of leadership I detest, black, white or any color. Of course, all sane people know that all lives matter, Good grief.

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