Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sacrifice More Lives in the Mid-East - I Think Not

I won't be supporting any candidate who wants to send more ground troops into these religious and fiefdom hellpits. Obama is a murderer who (among dozens of other horrific actions he has committed, most deliberate) withdrew troops far to soon in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan will never end. Many of the generals who now call for more ground troops do so with the knowledge that they are safe in their promotions and pensions hideaways. The last highly publicized general like Patton this country had, was Petraus. I never or try not to lump all leaders together as we have many good ones; just not enough. And this great general was ousted because of an affair of which 25% of all married men admit to having and another 10 or so % wouldn't admit it for fear their name may appear in the survey results on Facebook. Does one think our leaders should be ABOVE this sort of thing? Has any country made worldwide public any leadership affairs except in England and France? Does anyone ever hear of any affairs Putin, China leaders and other terrorists had or are having? Oh, most think they they are not? Really? You can't count Eisenhower because he had a mistress, right, so many goody-too-shoes? While Churchill may have never had an affair may have been because he was happily married, was too much wrapped up in righting wrongs politically, or was afraid of being caught, or had a low sex drive, or loved his cigars and booze better than the "same old". I'm not endorsing sexual affairs or any other actions deemed illegal or unmoral but "shit happens", doesn't it? For everything else, we have security forces and attorneys, (about 30% of all adults are involved in "keeping and enforcing the laws"). Long ago, anyone reading my blogs, watched my performance as a public servant who was not subservient to any special interest groups, a businessman who succeeded against all odds including our ulta-conservative banks back then, as one of the angry people who early on saw this once great nation slowly slide into decline. We may still be the best nation to live in and we may be for a long, long time, but times "are a-changing'. If we have another huge depression like so many predict, the whole country will look twice as bad as Illinois and the direction this once great state is heading. As to mis-management in our military and secret service hierarchy, its there just like in almost all governments. If you talk to people who have served recently, watch Fox News TV and read other than romance novels and Peoples magazine or watch 'Fifty Shades' more than once, .....one realizes our security forces fight their own secret wars among themselves. Constantly. Do not believe those who claim if we do not stop them over there, we will fight them here. Well, they are already here and like the comic strip, 'them are us". Plus, don't think that if China and Russia are trying to steal our secrets, we have for centuries, tried to steal theirs. Maybe one reason China devalued the Yuan today knowing how it would disrupt our markets???? Enough said for one long sometimes rambling blog. But as has often been said, "there goes Merle again". Right, that's me. Free speech, yu'know.

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