Thursday, August 06, 2015

Yup, No Trump

The Donald is no debater and no politician. Arrogant, angry and hostile, but right in most of his beliefs as to what is wrong with this country and what he would do to restore our dignity. But divisive by attacking Rosie (who I can't stand either), calling EVERYBODY in Congress stupid and stating that he would not promise to support a Republican for the nomination to be our next president, killed ANY chance that the establishment would nominate him in Cleveland next year.

All candidates had good visions of WHAT they would do if elected which is what all politicians say even if they know it's not doable.

Yup, Trump is out and I have no idea who is in. However, there are 5 more debates to come and it's like the song, "It's a long, long time from now to September" next year when the voter has determined what Democrat or what Republican they will vote for who they hope will be our next President. Under no circumstance would I support another Democrat to lead our country. Whether or not, I probably won't be around to see if anybody can stop this countries accelerated slide to 'wimpism', a new term I have for the path our current leadership is taking. Obama will go down in history as the worst president to lead this country since Harding.

If any Democrat is elected, this country will be in deeper do-do by far than the mess we are in today. And that includes most state, city and county governments,especially in Illinois, Detroit,Baltimore and Peoria.

Yup. I watched all 5 hours and all the politicians except Rand and Donald, said all the things politicians are schooled to say. And yes, most of them believe what they say, doable or not.

Advise to Trump. YOU ARE NOT THE RIGHT PERSON TO START A THIRD PARTY. PERIOD. You represent a large number of angry Americans but you are to brusk and you do not come off well as a likable top dog in politics.Stick to your business acumen and use your billions to help elect the Republican nominee. May you will be named Secretary of State. You have the balls for the job.

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